Project Emerald Details Emerge, Possible Sidekick Successor Running Android?

Earlier this week we provided our viewers with exclusive details on the upcoming “Project Emerald“. Although there was much speculation suggesting that Project Emerald was the Samsung Galaxy S, our sources tell us that HTC is in fact the manufacturer. Our source is also claiming that the device is to be called the “Sidekick Twist,” though nothing has been finalized; so as usual, that is subject to change. Additionally, we hear the device will boast Android OS 2.1, a 1 GHz Processor (Snapdragon?), with a front facing Camera and a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED display. This new device will also be flaunting 16GB of onboard storage with T-Mobile preloaded apps for active lifestyle oriented apps. So, basically, given the description, it seems to be a Sidekick handset made by HTC. Coincidentally, PhoneDog has run the exact same detailed description this evening so with not one, but two sources running the same gambit of info we think we are getting warmer on “Project Emerald.”

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  • not4sakn

    Why do so many people insist on having a full keyboard? Do you realize how heavy a device with a 4.3” screen and hardware keyboard would be? Even the Cliq and G1 with its smaller 3.1 and 3.2” screens are bulky and heavy due to the fact they have keyboards. I have both the Mytouch 3G and Mytouch Slide, the slide is the same thickness of the original but slightly heavier due to the keyboard and it has a 3.4” screen. If this new device has a keyboard it will be a huge brick. No thanks!

    • Joel

      I agree completely. Surprised how excited people are about a physical keyboard. I personally think this all sounds too good to be true. Why would Tmo come out with this phone right after the Mytouch Slide? The Slide is supposed to be a big flagship device. Why then kill the buzz on it so quickly? I’m still aiming for the Galaxy S.

      • Vinchenzo

        No… the MT Slide is a mid-tier. Just like the original MT. A flagship device would be the HD2 and the soon-to-maybe-released Samsung Galaxy.

      • Bigs12

        I love the keyboard. yes it makes the phone a bit bulky but some ppl don’t like all touch screen phones, i sure dont…the only phone that might make get use to it is the SGS

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        I don’t agree Joel. The Slide is a continuation of an existing model with higher specs, but I don’t consider it a flagship device at all. If one looks at the processor and other factors as indicative of flagship status, the Slide will not even come close to other devices.

    • tande04

      And I in turn would point to the Droid, the M1, or any of Toshibia’s QWERTY sliders.

      The keyboard isn’t inherently a huge brick. There are plenty of ways to keep it thin and incorporate the QWERTY.

      • chotpy

        Seriously. I just like being able to type without constantly staring at my screen. I also like that if my screen stops responding to touch, I have a keyboard and *hopefully* a trackball to use as backup.

        I honestly care too much about the weight of it as long as it works well and it’s pretty.

      • John

        I don’t care if it’s pink and called the douche, amazing specs are there, all the people bashing the name, are the same ones that were bitching a week ago about no phone selection. As a wise man once said,”A rose by any other name”

    • pimpstrong

      Why do I insons having a KB? I guarantee you I could out type you with my TP2 while your using an HD2 or EVO or PSP or probly even a laptop KB. Point is Like Chotpy said, I dont wanna type while constantly staring at the screen trying my damndest not to make a mistake. You can feel a mistake on a real kb but not on a virtural. T9 anyone? Swype anyone? Hell no BOTH assume the wrong words and then u gotta correct it or pick the right word from a list. thats retarded

      • Omeer

        @ John- LMAO @ “I don’t care if it’s called the douche” haha.

      • tortionist

        Dude you’re way off base on Swype. Swype gets most of the words right, unless you don’t know how to spell and it’s a lot faster than qwerty. No need for a ridiculous qwerty keyboard. Try it out some time for a while before you bash it. I swear by it. I’ve tried all other input methods, and Swype is by far the best one.

      • 2FR35H


        I guarantee any competent person with swype can out type you.

        Its fast, its accurate.
        Oh and as for feeling a mistake the vibrate feedback feature is on there as well I can feel when I have made a mistake. Its completely pointless to use a real keyboard.

        The only time it brings up a list is when you yourself don’t know how to spell or when words are close together

      • pimpstrong

        Man whatEVER about this Swype stuff. I have Energy Rom on my TP2 which comes with Swype so I have the right to bash it. Swype fans the the words “Spit on art” and watch what happens. If I type it on my big spaced out hardware buttons then I will get exactly that “Spit on art”. Swype gives me options options and options and slows me down drastically.

      • pimpstrong

        type* the words “spit on art”

    • Cammy


    • yes man

      because some people dont have small fingers. its a pain to have to correct every other word like i have to all touch devices

    • Jay’s Girl

      Some people (mostly women) have nails and can’t type accurately on a capacitive screen and we need the slider to be able to type a text message in less than 10 minutes. lol

  • mike

    seriously who cares if its called the sidekick. its just the name tmobile would use. its going to be running android according to this so basically its just going to be using the sidekick name.

    umaluver- i agree with you. i dont care what they call this phone. they could use barbie dolls to model this device and i would still purchase it, and i have a nexus one right now. great device but i miss having a physical keyboard.

  • NolaDude

    I think the Galaxy S would be a great addition for the company, but I hope that’s not gonna be the only high end offering. I personally have never had a Samsung phone that wasn’t complete garbage…the most recent being the wife’s Behold…that thing is a joke, the touch screen is horrible. So although it would be tempting, I don’t think I could lay down the cash to take a chance on another Samsung device.

    As far as the Nexus..too late as far as I am concerned, it’s almost gonna be old news by the time it actually hits the store shelves, lol. Plus, I like the Sense UI….still hoping for the Desire :)

    • 2FR35H


      Umm nope try that its already one of the first phones with Android 2.2 that alone will keep it selling. Adobe employees only have it for now though but Nexus is going to surpass the 6 month new phone rule. Not to mention 2.2 runs 450% faster oh yeah best believe it will sell like lemonade on a hot day.

  • Rick

    Well if both the Galaxy S and this Sidekick Twist are coming to T-Mobile it will mean a couple of trips to the store to compare them and decide. I like the physical keyboard on the G1, but I suspect that is most due tot he size of the device, a bigger screen and my fat fingers may not need the keyboard. On the other hand, I’d prefer an HTC device over a Samsung.

    The good news though, is high end Android devices with T-Mobile, its about time!

  • Joshua

    CRAP! I do not want a phone for rich teens, I am a fan of HTC and with handsets like the Desire, Evo and incredible out there I wish T-mobile would have a offering like that. Seriously considering becoming a sprint customer……

    • Vinchenzo


    • adc12356789

      it seems like no ones happy with tmobile im glad there gettin the sidekick twist and still people r complainin if u dont like it then leave

    • tato22

      bye bye i see u soon lol no other has the plans tmobile have

    • pimpstrong

      what an idiot. We’re talkin bout an EVO for Tmo(maybe, hopefully with a KB) and he’s bitching

    • Omeer

      @ Joshua- wait before you leave (I hope you do leave btw) let me point out the stupidity of your reason for leaving. Just because it’s called a sidekick it’s suddenly a phone for rich teens? Look at the specs of the phones you used as an example. The desire, EVO & Incredible all run the same OS, snapdragon processor, AMOLED screen, android 2.1, Sense UI etc. etc. There’s nothing about these phones that says “I’m a phone for grown ups”. In fact, based on the specs aforementioned the sidekick twist is actually supposed to be the best of the pact. I guess you don’t want 16GB of memory instead of the incredible’s 8GB, you don’t like a 4.3″ super AMOLED screen instead of the 3.7″ AMOLED screens of the incredible and desire, you don’t like a front facing camera and a physical keyboard? You’re absolutely right this phone is for kids. Have fun with your grown up phones on other carriers and oh don’t forget the grown up bills as well. Good bye :)

      • Dave

        JOSHUA – OWNED!

      • Reece


        this response is epic enough I don’t have to respond to the idiots yelping out “OMG IT’S A SIDEKICK! FAIL!”

      • Damian

        I agree with Joshua partly, not with the leaving tmobile, but with the not wanting the galaxy s if its the sidekick.

        Facts are the sidekick name is a device accompanied with teenagers who parents bought them a cheap garbage device so they can text and be on aim whole day, or adults who cant grow up, that are attracted by pretty colours on their mobile. Therefore the name sidekick is already tainted by that image.

        I know for a fact as an adult I dont want to have a phone that some little 14yr old girl sitting next to me on the subway have. That in itself sorta takes away the value of my phone being a “business class” device. And worse yet, if it does become the sidekick guaranteed that it is going to be super cheap and almost every little kid would have it.

        Chances are you guys who didnt agree with Joshua arent past 21, and if you are and willing to walk around with the name sidekick and proudly use it … i dont know.

        Another analogy of thinking of this would be, you walk into a car dealership. Two car companies have their super cars there, Tonka and Bentley. Would you choose the Tonka car over the Bentley?

    • Trent Large

      Wow.. I hate people like you. I can see you now, a week ago, on here complaining about how tmo doesn’t offer any high-end smartphones, and now they are planning to offer (looking at the specs) BEST android phone on the market, and your still whining. Get a grip man. I don’t know where you got the idea that this is a rich teen phone though! Any teens that got this phone would be overwhelmed by all of those features. Just because it is called the Sidekick Twist means nothing. Sidekick has always been a very popular name for t-mobile, and as they have a tendency for grouping there phones by teir, maybe this will be the name they use for high-end htc products. I sure hope this is true. You leave if you want, ill get me one of these devices will you quietly weep on your Evo….

      • pimpstrong

        @ Damian, I would sure love to know what phone/specs you consider to be a Tonka or a Bentley. You can’t possibly be saying an EVO named Sidekick Twist is a Tonka…

  • eckoman10301

    Isn’t danger the company that makes and/or develops the software on sidekick owned by microsoft?
    Sidekick was supposed to be discontinued with the introduction of the mytouch slide. I don’t think its a sidekick.
    Microsoft is now focusing on the kin and the zune phone, and improving microsoft os phones.

    • pimpstrong

      MS doesnt own “Sidekick” they own Danger Tmo could have named the MT3G the Sidekick if they wanted to

  • Doc

    I don’t care what it’s called but I do care what it looks like. I think that’s what alot of people are saying. Not so much that it’s named “sidekick”. We don’t want it to look like a sidekick. I personally thought they were ass ugly phones for 14 yr olds. If they slick up the form, ALOT, to make it grown and sexy, I’m in. And from what HTC has been putting out lately I think (and hope) it’s highly possible.

    • JaylanPHNX

      I agree both about form factor and about trusting HTC. If HTC is making this thing, I doubt it’ll be the brick the others were. I’ve handled the MyTouch Slide, and it was way lighter and better built than the comparable Moto Cliq. It may be a real brain-teaser picking between this and the Galaxy S. I kinda prefer no keyboard (one-handed typer, here), but sense is cooler than Touchwiz (though the new version of that doesn’t look half bad at all). Weight, form factor, price, and HSPA+ may all be deciding factors.

  • bryan

    im so dying 2 see wut this phone will look like. but with those specs this phone seemes like it will be really EXPENSIVE! i hope not. i dont have alot of money lol

    • pimpstrong

      Just as “expensive” as the HD2 or the EVO. I’d gladly pay $500 outright for this phone. Hell look at the Nexus One at $530 with less specs and still no KB.

      • 2FR35H

        Who cares about keyboard?

      • BoomBoomBang

        People that likes keyboards?

      • 2FR35H

        And who are they really? a small population

      • http://MIKERIOSISAWHORE.COM Mike

        @ 2FR35H, I’d say a good deal of people do. Look at RIM’s (a predominantly qwerty phone keyboard maker) market position in the smartphone category or Motorola Droid sales numbers for all of the proof you need… Also look at Microsoft, one of the authorized form factors for Windows Phone 7 phones is a slide out key board phone not unlike the Droid… Do you honestly think that the people at Redmond would make this form factor acceptable for running WP7 if it wasn’t a form factor that sold? I’m sure they have a ton of market research that supports that decision, like Tmobile (if this proves to be true). When talking about cellphone manufacturing for the US, you have to think big picture in regards to ALL of the diverse markets found within. Carriers and OEM’s can’t base a manufacturing decision on a hunch, personal opinion, or anecdotal information. There is a ton or market research and statistical data generated and referenced before any modern device is even thought up, much less made and then released into the wild.

        Maybe Tmobile doesn’t want to be Apple and AT&T? Maybe Tmobile realized that there is a lot of money to be made at all levels of the phone rainbow that the combination of AT&T Apple have overlooked? Maybe Tmobile has positioned itself as a value branded carrier, and maybe releasing only high-end slate like devices with premium plans hurts it when you consider the majority of it’s customer base? Maybe Tmobile realized that not everyone wants a slate like device? Maybe not everyone can afford the device cost and plans associated with a iPhone/Incredible like device? Maybe they see the flexibility the Android platform provides with form factors, and want to hit every market segment with a variety of devices running different tech specs in different form factors (read: not only slate). Maybe not everyone shares your opinion, or has your same needs as you (the business sector immediately comes to mind)?

        To answer your question: I care about keyboards, at least until a phone with a PSP GO like form factor is released…

      • pimpstrong

        Well said Mike. (who cares about a keyboard) pff.

  • mike

    great keep the good phones coming tmobile, makes my job selling them a lot easier

    • Dashi

      HAHAHAHAHAAH I Agree 200% Tmobile Has Great Plans But Without Top Of The Line Plans We Won’t Go No Where

  • david

    I think it sounds like an all around great. This would be a flagship phone for T Mobile. I have been one of the negative ones in the past. If this phone for real it sounds good to me. I won’t lie, I have thought about going to sprint just because of the EVO. BUT if this phone has what they are reporting then this phone would make me wait to stay.

    • Testament

      Same here. I hope T-mobile is smart enough to release the official spec’s before the new iPhone comes out. (I personally would never buy an iPhone) I know quite a few people contracts up and debating on leaving AT&T.

      • http://MIKERIOSISAWHORE.COM Mike

        Yeah, I’ve had Tmob for about 6 years now and am lucky if I can get .5Mbps (down) while at home and using their 3G. Driving around Los Angeles my connection constantly drops down to Edge, with speeds on average around .5Mbps – 1Mbps (down). While at the girlfriends in Pasadena I consistently average speeds in between 2Mbps – 3Mbps (down)?… My 3G service with Tmob is a mixed bag at this point. I know that Tmob’s theoretical maximum download speeds are supposed to blow everyone else’s away eventually in the short term (with HSPA+)… but as it now stands I’m not really blown away with the service I’m receiving now, and I live in a major market. While Sprint doesn’t have 4G either in the LA area, I know that their current 3G offering is better than TMob’s service in the LA area in general, and with 4G promised by the end of this year I only stand to win.

        I’m really torn TBH whatever the case. I’m just not in love with the EVO form factor. I really want/need a keyboard on my phone since I game a lot and use the Dpad+keyboard combination on my CLIQ almost exclusively for gaming. Aside from the CLIQ right now, there aren’t many choices for me on either Sprint and Tmob. Also, anything above $80 a month for cell phone service is starting to get excessive IMHO, and both carriers prices fall right in line with my price expectations whatever the case (even when you figure in the extra $10 a month for the EVO). Plus, with Sprint I’d be GUARANTEED a new phone every year at the new customer discount pricing just like in Europe (provided I sign a new 2 year contract with it and even wanted one every year, which I will). Whatever, the case it’s not a problem for me IMHO within the initial 2 years of a Sprint contract since I save more money getting a subsidized phone now (not to mention getting a better plan with more minutes, earlier nights, more text messages, and truly unlimited web) and then another phone in a year with Sprint at a cheaper price, versus staying with Tmob and buying a new phone outright this summer and another in a year). With Tmob I’d have to buy a new unsubsidized phone now since I just upgraded last November to get the CLIQ. The price in the long run for me if I made the switch to Sprint for the EVO now when figuring in the ETF fee would be roughly the same over the next two years vs if I decided to buy the Sidekick (unsubsidized) and stayed with Tmob. I figure I’ll get the EVO 4G when it comes out and try it out for the 30 day trial period, and if I don’t like it I’ll return it and keep my grandfathered tmob plan (1000 anytime with unlimited nights and weekends for $39.99, 400 text for $5.99, and unlimited Android web for $24.99 totaling about $85 and some change after taxes), or keep it and be locked into the introductory 4G rate plan with Sprint which they may JACK up after the other big three catch up and announce their own prices… With something like this the consumer always win. Choice is good! Everyone should take off their fan boy blinders from time to time to see what the competition is offering!

  • Russ

    It doesn’t say in the announcement that the phone will have a physical keyboard…. I assume it will, but that seems like a terrible idea considering how big that would make the phone and especially with new technologies like Swype.

  • tmorep

    I work for tmobile and just went through “Project Emerald” training.. and it was for the Mytouch Slide.

    • Galen20K

      you liar.

    • Dashi

      BS They Have Not Had ANY Trainings Except Maybe To Sell Or I Would Have Knowen I Work They’re And Even If They Did Have A Training about The My-Touch Slide For The Tech Support People They Would Have Never Used The Word Emerald In The Training For The Shear Fact That It Builds More Momentum Keeping EVERYONE Guessing

    • irko

      hahahahahhah i loled

  • going_home

    The powers that be studied the sales figures and low and behold more Android phones with hard keyboards have been sold that those without by a large margin. The people want a hard keyboard and not just a virtual one. So get over all you keyboard haters.

  • Takeda Shingen

    I’ve been contemplating switching to Sprint for the EVO 4G, but I think I will now wait to hear more details about this new flagship phone. I love T-Mobile’s customer service, rate plans, and coverage area, but I’m so jealous of seeing other carriers get the best HTC phones.

    It’s about time T-Mobile gets a Snapdragon phone. I was an early adopter of the G1, and it’s time to step up to the next level. I don’t know if I need another physical keyboard if Swype is as good as I hear (much more positive than negative feedback).

    • tortionist

      Swype is totally awesome. Physical keyboards are a thing of the past if people come to use and realize how much better Swype is, than a physical keyboard.

      • Cybersedan

        I second that, I see these people post and beg for physical keyboards and I remember when I thought I could never live without one. I’m still amazed that I can punch out emails and texts faster using swype than I can/could on any physical keyboard. I will take time but people will realize.
        The only issue will be for people who want to run emulators and gaming can be tricky without keys, otherwise the whole slide out qwerty is all but rendered obsolete thanks to the likes of swype, shapewriter and others.

  • Jake

    A keyboard is necessary for deaf people. The sidekick line is used for the deaf community. It’s a must have because that is an important way to communicate. That’s why a keyboard is needed. I worked for Tmobile, my main sidekick user’s were the deaf. I even learned sign language to better communicate but believe me when i tell you if they needed to communicate something quickly to me they did it through text with their sidekick.

    • 2FR35H

      No its not theres a speak to text feature so….. it really is NOT a need

      • Aston

        you idiot. deaf people can’t speak like people who can hear. they sound their words out correctly.

      • Aston

        they don’t sound**

      • 2FR35H


        YOU are an idiot because I have personally met a few deaf people through out my life and they speak just as good as you or I. Either way that still doesn’t mean that they need a physical keyboard. They are DEAF not BLIND man there is no need for a physical keyboard. If they have eyes they don’t even need speak to text nor do they need a physical keyboard because swype works just as well so try again.

        If they are blind and deaf then they obviously don’t need a phone.

    • 2FR35H

      Wait hold on back track for a minute what? what the hell does being deaf have to do with typing???

      • Ktwist

        The sidekicks are just easier for deaf people to use because all they do is type. A touch screen could possibly make it harder for them to type on, not so much now with swype but hey, too each their own. I personally love touch screens but if they put a TP2 keyboard on that bitch, I’m all in for a KB.

    • 2FR35H

      If they are deaf what are they doing with a phone??

      • Jess

        Dude are you a jerk, or just an idiot? I have several deaf friends who use Sidekicks, only one of whom can speak even remotely clearly. While they may not be able to hear, the phones are insanely useful for texting, internet on the go, and emergency use. Why the hell shouldn’t they have a phone?

      • BronxBebe


        I do hope one of the cell makers or at least this one will replace what we lost.

        I hope you heard that loud and clear to see how ignorant your mind is to the deaf community cos we’re people too.

        Thanks to those standing up for the deaf community and being understanding.

  • bubbles hotness

    This will be epic, a HTC mutant Android sidekick device, sign me up. I cant wait to see this.

  • Taylor

    if there to be another sk coming out, i would indeed STOP whatever im doing to go buy that phone! (mytouch 3G user.. sad day for me to change phones…)

  • Mr.mts

    The mts is beautiful I use it and love it sidekick twist would be great snap dragon is awesome aswell but. Mts is great u guys will see when it releases its just a beautiful hamdset

  • bigc17

    Finally, it took all this time for T-Mobile to want to release something people will actually want, no offense to the HD2 but, this phone sounds better than the Evo 4G for Sprint. Sure this phone may have a lot of the same specs as the sci from the 4.3″ screen and 1ghz processor, to the front facing camera and the android os but, I can tell this phone will be better. For one, tmos plans are cheaper, hspa+ is faster than sprints 4G network, which doesn’t cover a lot of people right now and tmo is going to cover over 185 million people, this phone will probably have Android 2.2 w/ flash and a WiFi router, this phone has a qwerty and a virtul keyboard, 16gb onboard storage, not just a micro sd, and tmo doesn’t over charge people like the other companies do. This sounds like thephone that will make T-Mobile the second or third largest carrier by January or something. I just hope this phone will have a hdmi port, a WiFi router, a 8mp+ camera and 720-1080p video capabilities, video calls(not a need) and some sort of office mobile maybe, haha.

  • 2FR35H

    I can only imagine how fat this phone will be.

  • phillip

    now nobody can say t-mobile doesn’t have any top quality android phones n i totally agree with bigc17 this phone sounds like a beast and with an 8mp with flash and true hd quality capture t-mobile’s plans, hspa+ network with this t-mobile will b #3 or #2
    in national carriers

  • ah

    quick question guys this phone is really to early to tell but i have an hd2 and am satisfied with it but really miss having android? should i wait to see more information on this phone or just say f it mytouch slide?

    • 2FR35H

      well no one knows what this phone looks like yet so wait

  • k

    I don’t care about the weight. Give me a QWERTY w/ a Ghz processor over a pretty high-res camera-phone anyday.

    One huge reason, modding with the keyboard is just so much easier.

  • mZimm

    If this comes out this summer there is no way I’m not getting it. Is it by far the best phone out there? Certainly not. However, it is definitely by far the best phone that T-Mobile has gotten since the G1, and on T-Mobile you’re almost guaranteed that it will be the best phone for at least another year…this isn’t Verizon, where Droid owners now are having some buyers remorse with the Incredible coming out only a couple months later.

  • davidohio

    i am all for it as long as microsoft has nothing to do with it at all!

  • iBustCherries

    Oh please, oh please have a full hard QWERTY!!!

  • iBustCherries

    I agree with Bigc17 This phone will be a game changer for a lot of people. I can already see a lot of AT&T people jumping ship because of A spotty coverage and B there is a rumor swirling that the iPhone 4G isn’t coming to T-mobile but going to Verizon exclusively leaving AT&T with “old tech”. Now if they could only get a awesome ad campaign where Charles Barkley is taking a crap while on this new Sidekick device and before his flushes he takes a look back and it is the other big 3 in the toilet… and then he flushes

  • Iceryder

    well the training for the phone has started and it will be awesome, sidekick is just the name but MS bought danger the platform on the sidekick. T-mobile will continue to make regular sidekicks because most of the company’s base is sidekick believe it or not it is. When the outage happen you guys wouldn’t believe how people called in about it they never call in becasue they dont have issues with the sidekick except the ones made by motorola. But HTC making a sidekick with android os, this is going to be a juggernaut of phones depending on the ram tho it will be better than the nexus one no phone out there will be able to compete with it

  • En2Mente

    The Motorola shadow is comming out with both a 4.3″ screen and a full keyboard. From the pics i’ve seen it’s pretty thin and sexy so it’s not impossible. Its also ok to dislike sidekicks, but when it first came out, not only did it make history, but it was also T-mobile’s best selling phone for a few years. I’m a sidekick user im very excited over the fact that it’s comming out with android 2.1 instead of the limited danger OS. Also lets not forget android 2.2 with froyo is right around the corner.


    went back to using my N1 yesterday and realized that i can’t go back to a screen that small, then i realized the N1’s screen is terrible with the responsiveness, i had to press it several times to launch a app. i can’t wait to sell it for this new 4.3in beast. i just hope they put a better battery in it and not the one thats in this HD2. surprisingly that is the only complaint about this phone, this just might have the best responsive screen on a phone and i’ve had them all.

  • MyTouch 3G Slide User!!!

    No where in that message did it say the phone would have a physical keyboard. Just because it’s names Sidekick doesn’t mean that it would be a official “Danger” Sidekick. This may be the best android for to come out prior to the HTC Evo from the idiots over at Sprint!!!

  • wasup

    I’m still sticking with the Galaxy S, the phone should be called beauty and a beast, most beautiful phone out there on the outside and a beast under the hood, this so called android sidekick sounds pretty sweet, but 4.3″ with a keyboard, for me that’s just too much, but choice is always good, especially when it comes down to quality choice, lets just hope all these rumors are true.

    cheers :D

  • SteveBerman

    T-mobile’s 3G sucks outside of any major beltway. I’m sorely disappointed. I mean it’s not even as good as At&t’s (which i’ve also had). Verizon may be getting my money if they can ever get a phone I’d actually want.

  • Anmol

    Why are people keep going on about Galaxy, when it SAYS CLEARLY ITS MADE BY HTC!!!

    I think its an android variant of the HD2, perhaps a GSM version of the Evo??

  • PandaMonium

    I’ve had all of the sidekicks released and after the sidekick crash I got a G1 since then I now have behold 2 and a mytouch. I don’t think a qwerty keyboard is necessary. I agree that it would make the device much heavier than needed. I think a neat idea for a new sidekick would be to have to swivel screen with a touch keyboard under the screen. They could have a touch swivel screen and a second screen beneath it. A dual screen sidekick would really up the multitasking game of the sidekicks. BUT I don’t know what two screen would do to the weight and size of the device ;)

  • nkog

    too bad its running android. windows mobile is the best phone os you guys are blind.

    • irko


  • Cybersedan

    Is it comedy hour already, or did I miss some sarcasm somewhere lol.

  • bigc17

    I’ve been looking for more info about this phone on the web everywhere and i even tried to find the htc Q3-Q4 2010 roadmap to see if it was some type of prototype of the phone available and still didnt find anything, just the same specs i saw when this new story first came out. Yes, i know that we haven’t actually seen the phone yet but, it says made by htc and we all know that htc makes some of the best so called superphones, if not the best phone maker. I really could care less what the phones name is, as long as the specs are of the highest caliber besides, if i really don’t like the name of the phone, i’ll call it whatever i want to, i always thought the volt, bolt and voltage. This phone is already better than the samsung galaxy s and the sidekick twistor whatever htc and t-mobile are gonna call it isn’t even out yet, i can just tell it will be a winner. Oh yeah, if i hear anything else before someone else does, I’ll be sure to post it on here for you guysl to see.

  • tmogangster

    Why is everyone saying this phone(that isn’t anywhere near being real) has higher specs than the EVO 4G? They’re the exact same specs. 1GHZ Snapdragon, 4.3″ screen, front facing camera, Android 2.1, storage is expandable. What does this [as-of-yet] to be announced phone have that out-specs the EVO 4G? And a keyboard doesn’t count because that’s purely a “different strokes for different folks” kind of thing, as evident by many of the previous comments on a physical keyboard.

    • Mercer One

      It is probably the same phone as the EVO, doesn’t HTC make the EVO? The only thing that will be better is the coverage, customer service, and probably for at least the next 6 months, faster coverage with HSPA+. This is TMOnews you are on, not SprintNews. This is Sprints final sprint towards success; lets see how they do with the EVO. LOL I’m just playin’ I don’t care that much at all about these things… Just glad TMo is coming around with some decent smartphones…

      • DannOfThurs

        Yeah, specs do scream HSDPA version of what the EVO4G is. TBH I wasn’t imagining anything different and when EVO4G hit I was wondering where the HSDPA version was, since HTC is usually pretty good at making models for different frequencies….now the question is are we looking at limited (7.2mb) or full (~21mbps) HSDPA+ support ;)

      • tmogangster

        Actually, it was recently provin’ in a survey that Sprint has better coverage than T-Mobile. The only one out of the big four that beat Sprint was Verizon, and they share towers anyway, so that’s a win/win. It is nice to see T-Mo getting better devices, though. I got the G1 on release day, October 22nd, 2008. Took T-Mo long enough, but I’m sure the patience will pay off.

  • bigc17

    I know i commented on this phone before on what i think it should have but, i thought of a few more things that it should have. 1.) A HD screen w/ HD video playback 2.) The regular HTC Sense (because the espresso sense UI isn’t the greatest to look at 3.) A keyboard just like the one on the LG Ally because that’the best keyboard I’ve seen in a while), that’s if they even put a qwerty keyboard on this monster of a phone because they didn’t mention a real qwerty keypad on here 4.) More preloaded apps than the HD2 like mobitv and the blockbuster app 5.) And oh yeah, that unanswerable feature t-mobile was talking about putting on its android phones(if It’s available by that time).

    • Wilma Flintstone

      I agree with everything you said. Except, I’d want a Detachable qwerty keyboard like the LG Versa has (Not in design but a qwerty that you can attach and detach). That way, ALL people could be pleased and after my dealing with WinMo, I am sooooo ready to jump ship to Android but I want the Sense UI that’s on the HD2, not the Android Sense UI because I honestly think that it isn’t the best design at all.

  • Comicaze

    A qwerty keyboard is a must for gaming. There are nes and snes emulators that need the ability to program keys. Without a keyboard, you severly inhibit the gaming potential of your phone.

  • SEFan

    SOUNDS like a great device, a back-in-the-game powerhouse phone. For me the name Sidekick has some negative connotations, but it is a familiar legacy family of phones for T-Mo, a rather popular family if memory serves. So why not let this new flagship device be a Sidekick?

    So, a great device, but not for me. In fact this new device increases the probability that I’ll finally defect from T-Mo. I personally don’t like physical keyboards. I have been waiting for the killer touchscreen phone from T-Mo, and am not seeing it. This new keyboarded device makes it more likely that I won’t see a killer touchscreen phone in the near future. Heck, given T-Mobile’s glacial pace of introductions, not in the middle term. I’m tired of waiting..

    On the other hand, maybe Google will hand off the sale of the Nexus One to T-Mobile. That phone would suit me just fine.

    • ezrider

      Stick around for the galaxy s man. That’s a powerhouse of a touchscreen phone if there was one.

  • Jordan

    Preeetty pleeeaaasseee don’t be a slider! I’m begging you T-Mobile. I’m on my knees here. Just go all touch screen please! You already have the My Touch slide. Don’t ruin this for us. I’ve been waiting for this phone for a lonng time. Thought it was going to be the Desire but after some intel from HTC, we know that its not going to make it to any of the big carriers in the U.S. But please…

  • tmofan78

    sounds too good to be true, but anyhow i have a feeling tmobile will bring out good phones by summer and the holidays. my contract is up and i have no plans on leaving tmobile, they are the best and im staying with them as long as possible.

  • JackHandy

    I have spoken to quite a few people at T-Mobile and they have all stated that the new device will be from HTC; beyond that, they had no comment…

    • irko

      come on can u get something out of them?

  • bigc17

    This device is going to be legendary with or without a physical keyboard. Just looking at the main specs of the phone should persuade u to get it this summer. Yes, you do need a keyboard for better gming on most of todays phones but, everyone doesn’t want a keyboard and some do want a keyboard so instead of the lg versa keyboard like wilma flinstone had said, why not just make 2 seperate sidekick twist models. The Sidekick Twist, and the Sidekick Twist Pro, one a qwerty keypad and one w/o a keypad, Doing this T-Mobile will make everyone happy.

  • J-Hop2o6

    4.3 in. Super AMOLED screen?!! I CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS PHONE!!! hopefully its all true, other than the “Sidekick” part.. but its prolly a marketing this to get more customers.. the Average users+Sidekick Users+Power Users

  • Carlozx

    Bigc17 totally agree with you I think by doing this it will make tmo really recognized and I have had a lot of sidekicks and I want a keyboard but my other homeboys jus want a full touchscreen phone

  • Bigc17

    I read somewhere about a feature that the Evo 4G has where you can turn the htc sense on and off to switch between regular android, and android atop of the sense ui. I think that this feature should be on this htc superphone because everyone doesn’t like sense ui, but most people i know do. Oh yeah, sense this is going to be the greatest android phone when it comes out, it should have touch senseitive buttons and keys like onvthe droid, n1 and the evo 4g ect, what other features do you guys think this mamoth of a phone should have.

  • Dashi

    @ Bigc17

    Only Problem With The On/Off Sense On A Phone Is That 80% Of The Users Will Never Figure Out How To Turn It On Or Off Which Means Tmobile Already Flooded Customer Service Line (From The HD2 Most Likely LOL) Will Be Getting ALOT More Complaints IF Anything It Should Already Be On The Phone But You Should Have To Download A Widget From The MarketPlace (Free) In Order To Turn It On Or Off

    And Another Thing A Detachable Keyboard Is An AWESOME Idea But It’d Make Me Take A Look At The Device In Order To Make Sure It Feels Sturdy But With A Detachable Keyboard They Could Do A Lot Of Different Customizations With Like Different Color Keys And Such Which Would Make More People Interested In The Phone