Looking To Download HTC HD2 Update Early?

Update: Looks like the secret is out and T-Mobile pulled the update link down!

It was just yesterday we offered up some info on a forthcoming HTC HD2 update but our sources went to work and discovered a link to grab it now. We cannot yet confirm if this is the “official” download link but it’s up on the T-Mobile site and available for the taking. We still don’t have a breakdown on what exactly this update entails but hey, what could go wrong? If you are feeling experimental and risky, hit the link below and get cracking on making that HD2 even better!

Software Version 2.13.531.1

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  • Mike


  • Alejandro

    Ale alejandro ale alejandro

  • joe

    this is gotta be fake i dont even have a 15 imei its a 17 digit one

    • se30chris

      You’re wrong.

    • beastly

      Just leave off the last 2 digits. They’re irrelevant for most purposes.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Then don’t download it.

  • HR

    My IMEI off the box is 15 digits.
    And this is the URL for Tmo roms.

    It’s legit.

    • Frank

      well if you look at the listed one in the phone it’s the /01 at the end of the imei and it’s not really a tmo link it’s an htc link for tmo.

  • Mista

    I’m download the update now and it’s not fake

  • billy

    Can’t download…..link times out.

  • David

    @mista….let us know if the update is real or not because i dont wanna download it and it be a wrong update or something and mess up our phones

  • se30chris

    It’s a real update only given to employees of T-Mobile first.

    I’ve had it now for a few days. The texting lag issue has been fixed. Thank you HTC. Finally.

  • se30chris

    Also, you will have to back EVERYTHING up. It will delete everything you’ve ever done on the phone.

  • Mista

    I did download the update yesterday from xda-developers and i update phone with so far so good.The phone doesn’t freeze anymore

  • Mista

    The update doesn’t really add anything extra it’s only to fix the freezing issues so y’all can download it too

  • Andrew

    What do you do if your IMEI is 17 and it asks for 15 digit..

    I Entered 15 of the 17 digits and pressed enter and it will still allow me to download it..does it matter? haha

    • Johnny

      you have to leave out the the last 2 digits out. just type in the first 15 digits… last 2 usually ends in /01 or something like that… those 2 numbers are irrelevant…u can also find the 15 digit number on your box.

  • Mista

    now i need the mytouch update

  • Francisco C.

    I Tried downloading the Update, but now it says I don’t have permission to open the page. any suggestions?

  • Francisco C.

    Nevermind, Safari wouldn’t let me access it. Tried using FireFox and it is downloading now.

  • David

    Just spoke to tier 2 support at Tmo and they said the updates been pushed back, didnt know til when. Also when it is ready it will be an OTA no something you have to download. So whover uses the link provided above. GOOD LUCK .

    • se30chris

      Like I said earlier, the link was specifically for internal use only. So far, it’s been a life changer. I haven’t had this thing freeze up anymore.

    • efjay

      This is incorrect information, WM does not support OTA updates, there is no way to apply a ROM update without running the update from a pc. Apart from cooked roms and radios, of course but no OTA.

    • david

      You keep waiting for the OTA and let the rest of us know when you finally get it.

  • jshin

    dont need any update here, running Energy ROM GTX with cookies home tab editor, runs uber fast and flawlessly

  • Mista

    Chirs is ppl

  • Mista

    chris is right ppl

  • Andrew

    Its real. They even added new things from tmobile like a my account application.

  • Mista


  • chrisrj28

    To the person that said it would be OTA, like posted WinMo does not do that, plus HD2 updates are roughly 200mb+, do you really think Tmo would try to push that OTA to every HD2 user?

  • ghouse

    the link doesnt work anymore =(

  • Mack

    What do you suggest using to back up the phone, and what will be backed up? Text message, apps, contacts, settings, etc?

    • jack

      does the link work for u?

      • Mack

        Yes, already downloaded it just waiting before I install it.

      • Mack

        Yes, I’m just downloaded. Waiting on more infor before I install.

  • cdrobinson83

    so htc messaging doesn’t take forever to load conversations anymore?

  • wantspeedindc

    I should really know this, but I’ll ask anyway. If I have programs installed to my storage card, but I use the update and thus reflash the rom and go back to factory settings, will the programs still work when I pop the storage card back into the phone? (you need to take out the storage card before you do the update it says) Thanks, I downloaded it 5 mins ago in case the site disappears.

  • Robert

    cant download i have a mac only…. :-(

    • ghouse

      same here :(

  • chrisrj28

    I would suggest downloading Microsoft Myphone to backup your text & contacts, it’s free in the WinMo marketplace. As for installed programs on the sdcard, no you will have to reinstall the apps once you update your phone. The datat will still be on the card but your phone will not see that until you reinstall.

  • Mack

    Thanks Chris! I think I’ll just download it and wait a day just to make sure there isn’t any issues with this update before I install it.

  • Chrisrod09

    Installed the update to my T-Mobile HTC HD2 couple hours ago, definitely see an improved of performance to my device, fixed freezing issue, make sure to back up all your information before updating your device, its not fake or anything, device is up and running like normal, installed my tweaks back on device and everything seems to work perfectly fine. The messaging from HTC does not lag anymore to load messages, everything is up to speed, no more lagging or having to wait due to freezing anymore. I recommend anyone who can get their hand on the update to update their device and will definitely see an improve to their device.

    • Joe Pa

      Sounds good, I downloaded at work and put it on my memory stick just in case they pull the update for some goofy reason. I’ll install when I get home. Sounds promising.

  • T-Mobile Manager


    • efjay

      Mr Manager, WM does NOT support OTA updates, sounds like you are confusing the HD2 with something else.

  • jshin

    another good ap
    ur data id pim backup find it at xda

  • chrisrj28

    Can anyone with the stock update confirm what radio you have now. Any noticed improvements yet? I am wondering if it really is

    • longer

      Yes, the radio is


    been using kumar rom for s while now just update from the xda site and be done with all this madness. galaxy s or Dell mini 5 please……..?

  • mike

    what version was the original software

    • Mark

      From Settings/Phone Information/Software Information/ROM version,
      original: 2.10.531.1 (82076) WWE

  • ghouse

    does anyone know a way to get this update on a MAC?

    • chrisrj28


      You can always flash from your sdcard if you feel comfortable. All you need to do is open the .exe and extract the .nbh file. Rename it LEOIMG.nbh and place it at the root of your sdcard. Turn off your phone, then turn it on holding the volume down button, it will go to bootloader screen (3 colors) and then a grey screen. Press power button to start the update, dont interrupt it and then when done, press the reset button under the battery cover and you are golden.

      But if that is too much for you I don’t know how else to make it work. Never used a MAC

  • Jeff

    I can also report that the freezing issues are gone (so far). It’s a little faster/more responsive with other apps open. The freeze issue was nearly a dealbreaker for us (we own two, wife and I). Texting doesn’t seem to hang either.

  • wayne

    i noticed screen alignment problems after update……..hope this helps you guys….
    The screen option in settings is hidden on the T-Mobile HTC HD2. You can make it visible in the registry

    Set the value of “Hide” to 0 (currently it is 1). Then the screen option will be visible in the system folder under all settings.

  • zmoboss

    What about the dreaded 3G->E->3G->E thing ? Does this hotfix address that ?
    It really is a big issue on my handset.

  • james

    Those who downloaded and updated to new Ver. Beware,

    Touch Response is worse on this Build, Old Ver is Super Fast, This one Does Lagg little when you go to Start and Programs,

    The Worst thing about the latest one is ” TOUCH RESPONSE IS WORSE, YOU HAVE TO PRESS HARD in order for you to get to the Programs to Open or Use’ Test it Urself and Find out. I’m Going Downgrade, because of the HORRABLE Touch Response.


    • mrgibbs

      Sorry to hear you are having probs James. I have had none of those probs. My HD2 is like a new phone, much faster and more responsive. I highly recommend the update.

    • HEMI 922

      @ james, how can i find downgrade of version 2.10.531.1 ??

  • hd2 user

    ya i noticed the touch response is not as good as it was before the 3g i noticed myself that where i live i still get no 3g and im suppose to get 3g honestly i think its the antenna cellphone manufacturers will make handsets with the anttena at the bottom everytime i buy a phone most of them are like that and i end up with problems allways i hate it i wouldnt say its the provider

  • rich

    fixed some issues still freezes on messaging

  • Matlock

    Am I the only one who after the update cant sign in to the Facebook client on the phone, not the app but the actual client for the phonebook!?

  • Mr. MultiMedia

    The hottest apps for the T-Mobile USA HD2 are found here http://www.mobileunderground.info/showthread.php?t=704&page=1 ……

  • james

    Stay away from this Update, Lot of issues with this rom, Some people who says they experiencing no issues, but they all have the touch performance issue, you just not noticing because of other programs you installed.

    If anyone wishes to go back to the orginal one heres the link


    • arizdegenerate

      wow, I’m glad you can tell me how my phone performs without even seeing it. Are you psychic??? Also I have nothing else installed and have played with the phone. I do NOT have touch performance issues. Not saying everyone should jump on board but there are improvements to touch and lagging. The only issue I still notice is the signal bouncing all over the place. 5 bars of 3g down to 1 bar of edge and everything in between without the phone moving at all

  • Looking4

    I am glad they are working on these issues but I am still have 3G/data connection issues. Any other issues that I was having (response lags, etc) are gone. The response to touch is less sensitive but I am OK with that because before it was way too sensitive for me and I was making lots of mistakes.

  • will

    I can honestly say I like this update a lot more because I was having so many problems with the phone locking up and I would have to do a reset on the phone just to get it going again because it wouldn’t even let me unlock the phone. Now the phone runs like it should have when I first bought the thing. :)

  • TheMadHatter

    The only problem I am experience is using Dutty’s Task Manager. At time times i have to slowly press the upper right corner, besides that its fine in my case.

  • Matlock

    Nevermind, powered phone off and turned back on now Facebook client works. Just updated, so will check and see how the update works over the next few days. Dont really care for update though, since im going the cooked rom route. But will be good to deter customers from returning phones at work though!

  • Joe

    Was the “MyAccount” feature always there?? I dont remember having that icon and seeing it open before the update..

    • james

      OK, Heres what i found out,

      After installing the New Rom, I had issues with Touch Performance, So i went back with Old Rom which came back the Phone, Now Guess what… After Going back to the Old Ver. New Ver Goodies stayed behind :), My Account App, Tmobile Help Widgets, Also the SMS Bug also fixed.. So i guess after installing the New Rom and Going back to the Old Does make a big changes. So Those who installed the New Ver Rom, Try the Old One Back see if you guys experiencing any Diffrence or Any Goodies Stayed Back…:) I posted a LInk where you can find the 2.10.531.1 ROM.