HTC HD2 Update Coming Soon?

We can’t really confirm any details at this time but a little birdie gave word yesterday that the HTC HD2 is going to receive an update in the coming weeks. Expected to address various bugs and most importantly address issues of the device freezing our source was short on details. That’s all we have to go on for now, but as soon as we get wind of more details, we’ll get it out the HD2 faithful!


  • longer

    Very nice, I love my hd2.

  • brad

    god i hope this is pushed out very soon, I’m tired of my hd2 freezing!

  • Emiliano

    It’s true. It’s is built on a 2.13 base. Some Chefs are cooking already with it.
    You can download it from XDA already:


    Well, I already changed the ROM and fixed the problems, but hey bring on the updates.

  • enveed05

    Apparently a 2.13 Ship ROM has been released and is posted on the xda-developers site. Not much in the way of details. Apparently it’s still WM 6.5 (not 6.5.X) based. No word on the radio version. I’m very interested to see how this gets rolled out, there are no OTA updates available for WM.

    • Emiliano

      People take the 2.13 ROM base that is out and incorporate it into the latest 6.5.X builds.

  • wantspeedindc

    Less freezes would be good.

    • Ryan

      Maybe the up grade will be Android 2.1 LOL

  • Me love you long time hd2, bring on the update

  • Emiliano

    Upgraded radio too vs.

  • jdog

    woohoo Android 2.2 for Nexus One……oops wrong phone sorry guys

    • binfartin


  • mike

    a htc rep told me that the sense ui is getting updated

  • Rafael

    Finally, I hope it does fix all the freezing problems. I hope they make it android capable that would really help. Windows market sucks….

    • If you want Android Check Sprint HTC EVO, it kicks HD2 Ass!!!!!!! That’s why I sold my HD2 and I’m buying the EVO!!!!! yeahhhhh!!!!

      • APlayerfromtheHimalya

        HDMI (which you may not use) a lot, 8 meg camera ( better crop ), and WiMAX (not covering the us). It just runs android, which is the plus…

      • ReadingGood

        The EVO is cool… Sprint is not. So I’ll stick w/ my HD2, Thanks. Tell Dan Hesse we said hello.

    • Sean


      If you don’t like Windows Market, guess what? There are DOZENS of sites dedicated to apps for WinMo. Google is your friend…

  • JazzYodle

    Good, I had to flash a rom to my phone so it wouldn’t freeze several times in a day. Bout time an official update came along.

  • Deke218

    This is a beautiful thing. According to the folks over at XDA, it fixes the 3G in/out thing which was my only problem with the HD2.

    • KAF

      Same here!

    • Frank

      That’s the same issue that I’ve been having. Thank the gods. It’s about frakking time.

    • ReadingGood

      I feel like I’m missing out becuase I have NO problems w/ my HD2. No freezing, no 3G problems. I’ll take an update anyway just to shut the MS-haters up.

  • This is Brand New Update…TMOBILE HAS PHONES AND YOU CAN UPDATE !!!

    I ordered mine today Hoo-Ray for me,!! will have it Monday,now i dont have to leave Tmobile :)

    get one before there gone again.

  • John

    By the way i think that update is already available at xda developers under the tmo hd rom section.

  • Oh, please let it have a new radio ROM. Please, please, please.

    • lol

      damn youre ugly..

      • hahaahaahhaahahahahaha dude im cracking up..lmao

  • maryd

    I’m selling my HD2 and Droid….let me know if you’re interested :)

    • Herinel

      how much for the droid? I might be interested.

  • nicole

    good! maybe I’ll start liking my phone again. if the freezes don’t stop, I’m selling the damn thing.

  • Phalosopher

    the update will be MUCH NEEDED! until then im gonna continue to use my mobile shell 3.5.3… virtually flawless…

  • Chase

    I just decided to sell/trade my hd2. too bad. all I really like about it that you can’t get elsewhere is the screen.

  • iBustcherries

    The freezing with mine got so bad I traded my phone out for a Nexus One with some guy one Cragislist. But if the issues are addressed then I will go back to my HD2


    FU*K the HD2, my phone freezes at the min 2 times a day. Like wut the HELL, I pay the outright price for it and it does this. This is some BS, windows DOES not need to be an O/S, they SUCK! The PHONE its self is good but its windows thats FU*King up this phone. I wouldnt tell anyone to buy this phone!

    • Inuyasha

      Funny…mine works flawlessly using the stock ROM…

      • bobomojo

        Same here.

      • HD2_SUCKS

        Mines dont at ALL, heck it just froze on me now…POS

      • ReadingGood

        Yeah, I don’t get it either. The problems are not widespread. I’ve had zero problems w/ my HD2 and have had it since day one of release.

  • Samuel

    Where do you go for the update ? or is sent out over the network. Im new to this. And I just got my second HD2 and now its starting to freeze a lil bit.

    • Frank

      Probably like the other winmo updates for T-Mobile.

    • Frank

      Like the other WinMo upgrades through T-Mobile probably:

  • mr.jones

    had freezing problems till i downloaded the spb- shell 3.5…havent had any problems since…its been 3 weeks…

  • efjay

    Still on stock, working fine here with 2.09 radio.

  • dave

    What about flash, don’t see any upgrade for use with Opera.

    • JD

      oh flash would be nice!

  • Jerry

    id never sell my hd2 for just duel boot..prob solved…as for the text message program sucks on the hd2..always wrong..never responds to my touch correctly and jumps all over the place through the thread as im typing…just got a replacement…hope it helps.

  • Jerry

    and as for flash…just download skyfire….thats no secret.

  • Jerry

    as for flash…download skyfire..thats no secret.

    • dave


    • bobomojo

      Skyfire flash is laggy. is it because my hd2 does not have enough ram?

  • Ernie

    After all I went to get the HD2, after how T Mobile acted towards me trying to get my situation with my order cleared up… Then when I finally got the HD2 having to Reset it every single day because of it freezing and it being sluggish and slow even with its Snap dragon I had to return it.

    I have said good bye to T Mobile and have moved over to AT&T. T mobile broke my heart, was with them since 2003.

    But luckily there’s an app for that…

    I Love my iPhone 3gs!

    I have had my iPhone for close to 2 weeks now and no problems with it, no freezing up runs super fast! Email, iPod, Camera, Video, Web, Phone, Texting is super beautiful on the iPhone! Its worth every penny. I am very happy now.

    The HD2 hardware was beautiful but the software is really bad.

    Just my opinion you guys here in TMONEWS knew what I went through to get my HD2…

    Big Love Guys!

  • Mack

    Thank you Jesus!!

  • Yes! I love my HD2. It just freezes maybe once every 2 days when texting and I have to restart the phone. Other than that everything is perfect! So when this update comes there should be no more problems.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Well I mentioned this in here and elsewhere about three weeks ago. The update is mostly HTC Sense. Basically, and as those of us who actually have the HD2, HTC Sense conflicts with the programs that came with the TMOUS HD2.

    The was confirmed because the Touch Pro2 running 6.5 with HTC Sense did not have problems.

    When I talked to T-Mobile tech support (about a one hour conversation) he said that HTC Sense is the “culprit” on our HD2s, why we are having crashes, lag, camera issues, freezes and other problems.

    Apparently T-Mobile is getting a number of returns of the HD2 because people have had issues. (I can’t blame these people, this is a flagship device and should work out of the box. It should not require a call to tech support within a week or two after buying it.)

    That’s something to be said for the iPhone, while Apple keeps tight control over the iPhone and apps for it, no way the iPhone would have experienced the kinds of problems people have suffered with the HD2.

    (For the conspiracy lovers out there, was the “Sold Out” sign on the HD2 really a silent recall by HTC to fix the bugs. ;)

    Sidenote: Personally, I think HTC Sense conflicts with MobiTV and other apps that came on the TMOUS HD2. For example, I had volume issue, where my HD2 would decrease down to zero, on its own.

    HTC Sense has a volume interface. After I deleted MobiTV the issue went away. When I performed a hard reset that reinstalled the MobiTV app came with the HD2, the volume issue is back.

    I love my HD2 and to do it over again I’d buy it. But I know how to work on these things and I don’t notice the hours I spend trying out this and that and fixing things. For the average user I can see them saying to hell with it.

    By the way, I believe it’s HTC Sense, NOT WinMo 6.5 that’s the issue. HTC Sense pretty much takes over the device and IMHO the engineers made sure that 6.5 and HTC Sense worked well. It’s those apps that TMOUS tossed in that are the culprit. (And of those Mobi TV is THE app most guilty. As much as I like the program it acts really goofy and buggy most of the times I use it.)

  • Phalosopher

    MOBILE SHELL 3.5.3.. GET IT!!!!

    • HD2_SUCKS

      HOW??? Where do i go?

      • Wilma Flintstone

        it’s in the Marketplace or just google “SPB Mobile Shell” and it should take you there.


  • ggfb20

    Wow, this is insane, people act as if highly advanced phones exisit without issues. I applaud T-Mobile and HTC for moving so fast to release an update. I am a long time Windows Mobile user and have never witnessed a major update released so fast. Just think, the TMO HD2 officially released on 3/24/10 so by my calculations that would mean it has only been in the public hands for less than two whole months. So people calm down and be a bit more patient. After the Sense UI is fixed (ie. texting and freezing) and also the 3g/Edge switching issues addressed, what will people have to complain about. This phone was highly anticipated, is still sold out, and has plenty of options, sit back and enjoy the ride. I believe all of the major carriers will be releasing a signature phone with exclusive rigts in the near future. If you are with TMO the HD2 is it for you. I love mine and will continue to use it. I trust that at worst we will eventually get a 6.5.3 update as well, and the entire world knows that XDA will get us that infamous WP7. (Although I may just decline the WP7 on my HD2)

    • HD2_SUCKS




      Come on, lets be serious! This is a sad issue because the phone should have been tested for things like this, FREEZING while txting! WHO DOES NOT use a phone like the HD2 for txting; I’m guess the ppl that tested the phones didnt have this issue. THEY MUST GOT THE GOOD WORKING HD2’s? OR DID THE JUST RUSH THIS PHONE OUT TO THE PUBLIC?

      DONT GET ME WRONG the HD2 is a good phone but Sense UI/Windows should not have been put on this phone, PERIOD! I bet the iPhone didnt have this freezing/3g problem, nor did either DROID. When the issue is fixed then I will be HAPPY until then, this phone can kick ROCKS!

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Well said and good points, despite your corny screen name ;)

        Like I said, I know how to take these things apart and put them back together, so I don’t notice the amount of time I put into it. For example, yesterday I said it was time to start over so I matter of factly performed a hard reset.

        I too paid full price (with tax $500). For that kind of money EVERYTHING should have worked out of the box. While I did not complain too much, it was totally unacceptable that two programs (MobiTV and I think Borders) needed updates before even getting to use the apps. And the first update attempt of MobiTV gave an install error message, the second install took, but the program would not let me open it to use the TV, and only after the third install did it finally work.

        Now I have had a lot of phones since the first PDA smartphones came out in 2002. I can accurately say that the HD2 was the most buggy phone I have ever had. It’s a great phone and I will keep it (until my six months runs out, the average time I keep a phone). But no way a phone so expensive and state of the art should have had the problems it did (and still has).

        HTC needs to own up to the problems, smack those third party app who dropped the ball on making sure the apps worked with HTC Sense, and get the update published ASAP.

  • Nova504

    Well this is all good and gravy, but I still cant get a HD2, and Im pretty much losing interest!

    • Oreo

      Sell you mine no problems works well even with the stock rom very well taken care of

  • 00grim

    well i hope the new update will fix the signal issues i am having on my recently unlocked hd2.

  • Chris

    Im a tmo rep and customers have complained about their hd2 lagging and freezing. 99% of the time this is happening is cause they have too many text/email messages. If you have over 1000 text messages in ur inbox its probably time to get rid of some. Get rid of at least half and you shd notice a difference.

    The update is probably supposed to correct this issue, allowing people to have as many inbox messages as they want.

  • Reece

    It’ll be interesting to see how much longer WinMo 6.5 will continue to receive updates. Would only be right that it continues to get updates & patches for @ least 16-18 months. Of course, anyone who’s a pro user will benefit from the community support of XDA Forums to squeeze the most outta this thing


    i flashed kumar 2.0 rom with 2.10 radio and now this phone hums along like its supposed to. 6.5.3 is nice and there are a bunch of tweaks you can use ex. my lock screen has the weather, flip clock and a notifications bar on it. just play with different roms and radios and see what works, i think ive tried every one. on a side note do you guys think we will be able to use the battery that comes in the evo, its a 1500mah beast.

    • longer

      Most likely not, if you look at the back of the evo it has a different back cover and seems to be a little thicker. The evo back also has a kickstand, you can get a 360 view here:

    • bobomojo

      I got a 1600mah off ebay. gets a little boost.

  • bryan

    The majority of freezing / lagging issues have to do with the HTC Messaging app. If you check out XDA many users are disabling the HTC messaging app and using the stock Windows 6.5 messaging app and this fixes the majority of the issues. The only issues I have had on my HD2 have all been related to the HTC messaging app (specifically using microsoft myphone to backup text messages causing sense to lock up).

  • B’more

    I complained about the freezing thing and other problems to t-mobile their best offer/solution is we will send you a replcement instead of dealing with the prolem, but they keep on lying and pretending not to know that the hd2 has problems , I tell you what, if you are thinking of buying one think twice because the problems outweighs the likeness again think twice.

  • Ron

    YES!!! Please bring it on. The freezing is a real pain!!!

  • Jshin

    Also, there is a nice little opera flash mod you can do, working great for me. I have never experienced any freezing with my HD2, maybe because I flashed a custom ROM the 5th day I had it? Also for those looking for a bunch of FREE good apps for WM check out OPEN MARKET. It’s like Windows Marketplace but way better because the apps arent crazy over priced they are ,,, free =)

  • Damia

    I can’t work with this phone anymore. I’ve flashed several different roms and it’s still lagging, texting is unbearable and the constant freezing and soft resetting is beyond annoying. I’m selling it :-( Wish I didn’t have to be but I’m sure a better phone will come around.

  • Raadius

    Lil too late, I gave up on the phone. I had two of them, cause nothing but headaches, return one, got another, same problems as the first. Plus, with the Evo 4G coming out in a few weeks, the HD2 will be the red headed step child.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Those who have solved their problems by installing the SPB Shell (user interface), that proves the issue is with HTC Sense.

    After I installed Cookie’s Home Layout and Tab Editor (a different user interface) my issues were resolved too.

    Sidenote: Check out my new look on my HD2:

  • bigc17

    Finally, Something mostly every HD2 owner wanted, an update. I love HD2 and i got mine on the first day it was released but i was having those freezing issues too so this is a help for us HD2 owners. I’m just suprised it took Tmo so long to respond to these issues because when your slow about fkxing your customers problems, that is what makes you lose them. Sorry Tmo but, that’s how it is. Man, i was about to go to sprint and see about the HTC Evo 4G if this problem wasn’t fixed soon but now, if the update fixes the HD2 problem, i’ll keep it becahse the HD2 and Evo phones have wifi routers/hotspots but the HD2s is free, the Evo 4Gs is $30.00 more a month extra plus the $80.00 for everything else whixh is $110.00 total in all ehoch i refuse to pay aw well, my HD2 is just as great a phone.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      That’s why I chuckle about people blindly going to another carrier, just for a phone.

      Even if it is a great phone, the carrier usually gets you on the service end, charging a fortune to use it.

      And realistically, geeks tire of a phone maybe three to six months into ownership. So then what? They are stuck with the carrier, at least for two years. Then they are at the mercy of whatever handsets the carrier has at the time.

      And if on a two year contract, the carrier won’t sell the next hottest handset. Oh wait, I’m wrong, they will sell the handset to those people, at full price. LOL. Add that into the cost of ownership.

      That’s why I always laughed at people going to AT&T to get the iPhone. Some people are paying $3500++ to own that thing.

      And of course, those people can enjoy Sprint’s lousy customer service. :) They say they have reformed, so please come back. Yeah right, like I believe that a company who for years abused customers can change over night. No thanks.

  • TmoReader

    I find it hilarious how tmobile reps deny anyone having problems with the HD2 when you mention the freezing issues and minor complications with the phone. So funny.

    Can’t wait for the update!

  • chicago081

    Have not had ANY problems with my HD2 and I have had it since the first day of release. Listening to Sirius satelite radio right now with an app that was made just for Winmo.

    • dzway

      which app is that?

  • Which Way is Up?

    I’m excited about this update, I feel it is long overdue considering how many people are having issues with their phone. With that being said, I remember on my TP2, not one glitch, freeze or major issue as with my HD2. However, when I upgraded to 6.5 with Sense via the official update page on T Mobile’s site, my phone ran slow, significantly more RAM was being used and I felt that I was better off with the stock ROM. Here’s hoping this ROM update will correct all known issues and provide the experience we all should have!

    *I really don’t care about your EVO rants and Android running on the HD2, etc. If you bought an HD2, you knew it was runnning Windows 6.5, you knew it would not be officialy upgraded to Windows 7 and you might’ve known about the EVO. BTW, I will be getting an EVO as I have Sprint through my employer, and my HD2 will still be with me. As a T Mobile customer, this phone is THE best in hardware specs and will be THE best once the issues are sorted out.

  • erod

    just come out with a flash player plzzz.. i want the full browse experience! why cant they just add that and il be great with the hd2!

  • erod

    flash player ???

    • John

      For FLASH PLAYER, on your web browser go to and download it on your device…it has FLASH already on it. it’s also a great browser btw

    • John

      For FLASH PLAYER, on your web browser go to and download it on your device…it has FLASH already on it. it’s also a great browser btw…I’ve been using flash ever since touch pro2 came out.

  • Darrell

    I had the same freezing issue.. It was due to memory leaks via sms application in the sense ui.. here is the update.. BRAND SPANKIN NEW FROM HTC AND TMOBILE>. back up phone cause it will restore the phone.. It is 100% legit from the carrier.. For tmobile uSa only/./..

  • James

    The link is for the Dash. It says enter your 15 digit IMEI number. HD2 has 17 digits. What is the correct link?


  • James T

    I updated my phone on friday, I have to say it solved all or most of my freezing issues. Though one thing issue got fixed I now have an issue where my data connection gets turned off at random or when I send MMS messages. Anyone having the same issue or any ideas as to how to correct it?

  • Anastasia

    how to make MMS pictures BIGGER ?!