T-Mobile First Quarter Results Are In

T-Mobile reported their first quarter results and we will just get the bad right out of the way. T-Mobile lost 77,000 customers in the first quarter of 2010 compared to a net addition of 415,000 customers in the same quarter of last year. That’s the bad, the good news is they are still making money. With 5.2 million customers using 3G-capable devices and data ARPU up 16% from last quarter, T-Mobile is still poised to make a surge in their 3G offerings with HSPA+ right around the corner. With 185 million people expected to be covered by HSPA+ by the end of 2010 and the first handsets coming in the next 30 days or so, T-Mobile we sure hope you get your marketing game rocking and rolling, like now.

Press Release:

BELLEVUE, Wash., May 12, 2010 — T-Mobile USA, Inc. (“T-Mobile USA”) today reported first quarter of 2010 results.  In the first quarter of 2010, T-Mobile USA reported OIBDA of $1.39 billion, compared to $1.38 billion reported in first quarter of 2009. Total customers served declined by 77,000 in the first quarter of 2010 compared to 415,000 net customer additions in the first quarter of 2009.  Additionally, customers using 3G-capable converged devices continued to increase significantly during the quarter.

“As T-Mobile USA continues to drive data as a revenue growth engine, we experienced meaningful traction in the first quarter of 2010 by getting a host of next-generation smartphones into the hands of our customers.  Products like our popular myTouch 3G and HTC HD2, coupled with our industry-leading data value message, continued our strong year-over-year data revenue growth,” said Robert Dotson, President and CEO, T-Mobile, USA.  “We also continue to make real improvements to reduce churn of our most valuable customers, and we are making major leaps in expanding our HSPA+ footprint – the fastest and soon-to-be the most widely available higher-speed network in the country.”

René Obermann, Chief Executive Officer, Deutsche Telekom, said, “T-Mobile USA achieved a slightly higher margin and strong data ARPU, despite a challenging and highly competitive business environment.  In addition, the strong growth in customers with 3G smartphones, plus expanding the HSPA+ network and pipeline of innovative offerings, positions T-Mobile USA to capture the data opportunity in the United States.”


  • T-Mobile USA served 33.7 million customers at the end of the first quarter of 2010, down from 33.8 million at the end of the fourth quarter of 2009 and up from 33.2 million at the end of the first quarter of 2009.
    • In the first quarter of 2010, total customers served declined by 77,000, compared to net customer additions of 371,000 in the fourth quarter of 2009 and 415,000 in the first quarter of 2009.
    • Compared to the fourth quarter of 2009, the number of net new customer additions decreased due primarily to T-Mobile branded customer losses (total wireless customers excluding mobile virtual network operators (MVNO) and connected devices).  In the fourth quarter of 2009, branded customer additions benefited from strong holiday sales and the launch of the new Even More and Even More Plus rate plans which feature unlimited voice, text and data services.
  • Net contract customer losses were 118,000 in the first quarter of 2010, broadly stable compared to 117,000 net contract customer losses in the fourth quarter of 2009, but down from 160,000 net contract customer additions in the first quarter of 2009.
    • Sequentially, seasonally lower gross additions of branded products were offset by connected device growth.
    • The decrease in contract customer additions compared to the first quarter of 2009 was due primarily to fewer FlexPaysm contract customer additions.
  • Prepaid net customer additions, including MVNO customers, were 41,000 in the first quarter of 2010, down from 488,000 in the fourth quarter of 2009 and 255,000 in the first quarter of 2009.
    • In the first quarter of 2010, lower MVNO net customer additions were the primary reason for the sequential and year-over-year decrease in prepaid additions.  MVNO customers totaled 2.1 million at March 31, 2010.
    • Additionally, seasonally fewer gross branded prepaid customer additions caused lower sequential prepaid net customer additions.
  • Contract customers, including connected devices, comprised 79% of T-Mobile USA’s total customer base at March 31, 2010, consistent with the fourth quarter of 2009 but down from 81% in the first quarter of 2009.


  • Blended churn, including both contract and prepaid customers, was 3.1% in the first quarter of 2010, down from 3.3% in the fourth quarter of 2009 and was consistent with the first quarter of 2009.
  • Contract churn decreased in the first quarter of 2010 to 2.2% from 2.5% in the fourth quarter of 2009 and 2.3% in the first quarter of 2009.
    • The sequential fall in churn was due primarily to the fourth quarter being seasonally higher due to the holiday season, consistent with previous years.


Stick Together Highlights

  • During the first quarter of 2010, T-Mobile USA received the highest ranking in the J.D. Power and Associates 2010 Wireless Retail Sales Satisfaction StudySM – Volume 1. Building on a legacy of recognition reflecting T-Mobile USA’s commitment to delivering an industry-leading retail experience, this is the eighth such top ranking from J.D. Power and Associates in the Wireless Retail Sales Satisfaction Study’s past 11 volumes, dating back to 2004.
  • T-Mobile USA launched the HTC® HD2 which features a comprehensive mobile entertainment experience, offering the largest touch screen on a smartphone in the U.S. and comes ready with access to eBooks, movies, television programs and more.
  • T-Mobile USA is leveraging its nationwide 3G network through new devices such as the DellTM InspironTM Mini 10 netbook and the T-Mobile webConnect RocketTM USB laptop stick.  The Dell Inspiron Mini 10 is T-Mobile USA’s first netbook and features built-in access to T-Mobile USA’s 3G wireless broadband service and Wi-Fi capability.  The T-Mobile webConnect Rocket USB laptop stick provides customers with seamless connectivity to the Internet via Wi-Fi or T-Mobile USA’s 3G wireless network and is the first HSPA+ device from a national U.S. wireless carrier.
  • On April 21, 2010, T-Mobile USA announced the upcoming, exclusive availability of the new GarminfoneTM, the first AndroidTM-powered smartphone fully-integrated with Garmin’s navigation experience.
  • On May 4, 2010, T-Mobile USA announced a new addition to its exclusive line of AndroidTM-powered T-Mobile myTouch 3G smartphones – the T-Mobile myTouch 3G SlideTM.  Anticipated to be available in June, the new myTouch 3G Slide combines a slide-out QWERTY keyboard with a high-performance touch screen powered by the latest Android software.


  • Can you say stagnate! They still making money which is good, unlike ATT these numbers are more realistic.

  • allen

    This is so simple, T-Mo:
    Get phones people want.
    People don’t want Windows based phones. Windows is not sexy. Windows is yesterday. It doesn’t have to be Apple (although, that is the standard for sexiness, it seems), it can be HTC.
    But, why do I want a “garminphone”? I’m an early adopter. You don’t think both my cars already have gps? And if they don’t, then the 3g + Google maps works just fine, thanks.
    We don’t want the Cliq or the myTouch whatever it is.
    Don’t tempt us with the Nexus One but make it so impossible to get that we just hate you for it. (Can’t get it through the store, have to buy it online, termination is abusive, only for new customers.)
    When a phone that has features people want does come out, um….get it.
    We hear noise about the Incredible, it looks great. We want it. Oh, hi, Verizon.
    We hear mumbles about an iPhone for T-Mo but nothing concrete.
    There’s a rumor about the Desire. But we’ve been burned so much and left at the alter, I don’t believe we’ll get it.
    Just get us the Desire and/or the iPhone and you will see people streaming to your service.
    Or fold and merge into a company that will give us what we want. (watch them merge with metro PCS now)

    • J

      I’m not a windows fan at all, but considering the HD2 is constantly sold out you cannot say that people don’t want them.

      • Anthony

        You realize that your statement means NOTHING without being able to quantify the actual number of phones produced? I’m tired of hearing “sold-out” as proof of success for a phone. Do you honestly not realize how stupid you sound using that as proof?

      • J

        You call my statement stupid yet you have no proof to state that no one wants it. Maybe you don’t want it, but you are the one sounding stupid making a blanket statement.

      • rushmore

        Only because the HD2 and EVO are made in the same facility. HD2 volumes were low to begin with, so constrained supply. HTC is not gearing up for EVO, so dual production. They run these pups in big batches for efficiency.

      • 30014

        I have to agree with Anthony. My guess is the hd2 is always sold out because tmo keeps low inventory of it. They are trying to create false hype around the phone. I have yet to actually see anyone with the hd2.

      • rushmore

        Should have been “now gearing up”. HD2 sold pretty good, but please consider Tmo is not exactly a huge customer base. Everything is relative ;)

      • Josh

        As an employee, I can assure you that the reason we do not have any HD2 handsets in stock, is not because of the demand, but rather T-Mobile not having the supply for it. Since its release (almost 2 months ago) my location has only received about 15 phones. And just to add to it, we have not received ANY shipments for the HD2 in 2 weeks. People do want them but, T-Mobile simply is not meeting the demand for the device.

      • Anthony

        J says:
        May 12, 2010 at 12:09 pm

        You call my statement stupid yet you have no proof to state that no one wants it. Maybe you don’t want it, but you are the one sounding stupid making a blanket statement.


        Are you slightly retarded or just being a troll?

      • Frank

        @Anthony If you hadn’t read previous articles, the Garminfone has dedicated maps and navigation, so just because you don’t want it does not mean others will not. Personally using Google maps since my G1 pre-order came to me, I can safely say it’s garbage when there’s an area with no reception.

        Cliq/Mytouch Clarify, “YOU DON’T WANT ONE.” Obviously some people do because I see people using the Cliq, Cliq XT and MyTouch 3G all over the place.

        Apparently people do still want Windows mobile phones because it’s still getting into customers hands via the HD2 and doing well (whether it’s due to low inventory stock or just really high demand). I own an HD2 now, and have enjoyed the fact I can modify the bejeezus out of my phone and the screen is ever so lovely.

        Really, complaining about the Nexus One? How is it T-Mobile’s fault when GOOGLE AND HTC (not T-Mobile) make the phone and Google chose not to sell it through standard distribution channels? That would be like blaming T-Mobile because Nokia decided to sell the N900 through their own distribution channels.

        It would be nice to have every advanced phone come to T-Mobile, but they would not be able to afford it. So they must balance varying types of phones, phone features, what the company can afford, and what their general base of users will probably want. So it’s impossible to get every phone out there (not to mention when other carriers license/are willing to pay more for a device).

        And rumors. You’re going to let rumors upset you. That’s your own damned fault. That’s why they are rumors.

        In regards to the Windows mobile, it’s not so bad, especially with the fact that there’s so much software and different ROMS available. Coming from different operating systems (WinMo 5.x->6.5, BB OS4.5->5.0, Android 1.0->1.6, Symbian S50 5 series), they all have their faults and some of them are still not so pretty.

        @30014 I own one, my brother owns one, several of our friends do as well, and also I see more and more people with one in their hands. Maybe it’s because I’m in SoCal where I get to see a larger variety.

      • 30014

        Frank I’m in Atlanta not some podunk town in the middle of nowhere. So your “I’m in SoCal” rant carries no weight. Like I said I have yet to see anyone with the hd2 and I don’t expect to see anyone with it. Most of us know winmo is old news. No upgrade path to windows 7 lost the hd2 a lot of potential buyers.

      • Alex

        i work at disneyland and i see on average 3 hd2’s a day…and i see a bunch of people come and go in any given shift. It’s not really false hype, it’s real. People are amazed by the phone’s screen and that’s what turns heads. I have an hd2 and people at school and work are like, “hey is that the new hd2?” how do people know about it? it must be popular because before when i had a mytouch which actually sold many units, no one knew what phone it was.

    • @Anthony
      Your so angry calm down Jebus, get over yourself. J has his/her own opinion respect it.

      • Anthony

        Feel free to put emotions into words you read online, that’s fine.

        He said, “but considering the HD2 is constantly sold out you cannot say that people don’t want them.” Do you not see the unbelievably LARGE fail in logic there? He wasn’t stating that as an opinion, but trying to state a logical conclusion that because they sold out, then we cannot say people don’t want it”.

        Ultimately though, I have no clue why I am wasting my lunch time trying to talk logic to this board.

      • Shannon

        I know, right? J made a simple statement saying that a phone can’t be doing that bad if it’s sold out and Anthony comes back calling him retarded and telling him how stupid he sounds by saying that. To me, it makes perfect sense… a phone’s sold out so obvously somebody must want it.

        Just a question Anthony… do you get bullied a lot and you get into forums to take your frusterations and anger out on others or are you really this much of a “badass” in person too?

      • Joe


        Apparently you don’t comprehend the fact that saying something is “sold out” does not necessarily mean its popular. By your logic, if they made 100 and sold out it would be popular…because it sold out.

        I think the point was that you can’t know how popular something is unless you know how much it sold. If the original poster said “the HD2 sold XXX units and is sold-out, so it IS popular” I don’t think anyone would have a problem. However, he didn’t say that.

        I know it’s a difficult concept to grasp.

      • Shannon

        Hey Joe, I’m not necessarily saying that because it sold out, it’s popular. What I’m saying is that when something sells out, it usually means that it’s because people want whatever it is that’s sold out.

        Who knows, maybe T-Mobile only had 100 in stock. But I doubt it. The “false hype” excuse is BS. I’m sure that T-Mobile had as many HD2’s as they thought they needed. They were wrong… it was more “popular” than they expected. You think they want to have to tell people that they “don’t have the phone you’re interested in, go see what Verizon/Sprint/AT&T has to offer”?

        Yeah, it still makes sense to me. Sold out generally means… popular. Or at the very least, more popular than expected.

        But Joe, the OP was saying that nobody wants a Windows Mobile phone because it’s old news. We know that how, because WE don’t want a Windows phone? Most people see a nice looking touchscreen phone and don’t know the difference between Android, Windows, Symbian, or whatever. They just want what is cool to them and if it’s Windows Mobile, then it’s Windows Mobile (Windows… a name they are VERY familar with). To say it’s NOT popular because WE don’t like it is silly.

        Bottom line, the HD2 sells out. To me, and you can call me an idiot for believing this, that means people actually want it.

        Joe… I know it’s a difficult concept to grasp.

    • jabombardier

      I want the mytouch whatever it is.

      • Tree Frogs

        Me too. Sounds so mysterious…

    • mark

      “”People don’t want Windows based phones. Windows is not sexy. Windows is yesterday. It doesn’t have to be Apple (although, that is the standard for sexiness, it seems), it can be HTC””

      i think what you mean to say is not windows but ANDROID because if “it can be HTC” then here you are..

      HD2, touch PRO 2, shadow Dash3G…guess what all windows :)

    • Tree Frogs

      While I agree that T-Mobile needs to get phones that people want in order to be successful, I can’t follow your logic as you scrutinize some of the most sought after handsets that T-Mobile has ever sold (Cliq, MyTouch). I don’t love windows mobile, but I see a ton of people with the HD2. The iPhone is old news and I doubt that T-Mobile will ever get it. More people use android devices right now than iPhones.
      This means that the iphone won’t drive enough sales for t-mobile to cover the loyalties that they would surely owe apple. ATT is willing to pay apple a grip of money to maintain exclusivity. If apple could make more money by putting the iphone on other carriers, then they would have done it already.

  • JP

    Hey…Maybe that’s what Project Emerald is. Hello TMo customer. Thank you for your long and dedicated service to TMo. We’re happy to announce we have developed a partnership (sold) with …….

    If so, maybe that’s a good thing…. Hummmm

  • How are the other subscribers doing? Is this a tmo problem, or a nation wide economic problem?

    • tmogeek

      VZW=1.5million adds, ATT=1.9million adds, Sprint=75k net loss of subs.
      VZW with the Droid and ATT with iPhone is kicking Sprint and TMUS collective arses.

  • reveillazn

    I don’t think its just phones that people want, though it is a big issue. Why buy a 3G phone when you don’t have 3G in your area? The perception and reality that T-Mobile has a weak network really paralyzes them. And they need to make it easier for existing customers to upgrade. HTC HD2 is not even an option for me to upgrade to on the website.

    • rushmore

      Best to the point post so far in this thread :)

      Tmo “leveraging” 3G coverage is comical. 85 million- yes, but concentrated in tight areas.

  • jdog

    Wait WHAT did Google sell 100,000+ Nexus Ones on T-mobile and didn’t the HD2 sell out like 3 times during that quarter. This report just doesn’t add up. Maybe the HD2 didn’t sell out it was just a bluff by T-mobile to make people think the were selling like crazy hmmmmm. If this report is true I wouldn’t put it past them, desperate times call for desperate measures.

    • jdog

      Also I didn’t say anything about the Nexus One because different companies outside of T-mobile showed the possible sales figures but no one but T-mobile could confirm the HD2. If anybody can come up with some sales numbers for the HD2 please post the link. Also I think it was Admob that said how many Nexus Ones were sold because they could track how of them were being used to surf the web.

  • zapote21

    Here are some thoughts…
    Someone at TMO needs to be fired… I believe, and this is MHO, that someone at TMO didnt think that superphones would sell. They saw the N1 not sell well at Google without asking why…
    So then they got the HD2, and this theory proves correct, since TMO was totally unprepared for the sales… That thing is still constantly out of stock…
    Hey guess what TMO? People DO want superphones in your stores.
    Can you imagine the influx of customers and sales if TMO would have released the Desire now???
    Unfortunately, they went with midrange, Slide and Garmin… So now, they are stuck. They cant announce anything big because it would undermine the sales and release of the Slide and Garmin…
    So even if they have learned their lesson and plan on releasing a superphone in the future, we will have to wait at least 2 to 3 months for that… And the customer bleed will continue…
    Just my humble opinion…

    • rushmore

      I would like to know Tmo’ actual HD2 sales, since it is more likely a prodution batch was ran and now another is being ran, in a juggling process with the EVO, which Sprint is getting. Unless HTC reports are wrong, both devices share the same facility.

      Just imagine how many HD2’s would have sold if the HD2 was Android. THAT would have been big sales. Either Tmo screwed up, or HTC was locked into a deal with Sprint and Tmo got the consolation prize.

      Two devices with Android makes more sense than one with it and another a very dead OS.

    • tmogeek

      TMUS has no demonstrated clout with the phone mfg’s. ATT has the iPhone exclusively. VZW has the Droid and Incredible exclusively. What does TMUS have? The HD2 for WinMo, and the CliqXT for android. Pathetic. The N1 is an epic FAIL as far as sales numbers for TMUS. Vodaphone gets to sell the N1 on the web and in their stores in the UK. TMUS needs a topline smartphone or expect to see VZW and ATT’s net adds to continue growing.

  • I love TMO so it does me good to hear that they are making money. I’ve lucky enough to never have a problem except when a rep lied to me and TMO honored her lie because she documented it on my file. Go TMO! Please get the Dell Streak ASAP; I would love the monster phone!

  • rushmore

    Tmo is not in that bad of shape. They are holding on to their low to mid consumer base, but bleeding out the high end customers. If Tmo were to have a lot better 3G coverage this time next year, brings some better devices out and keep their prices as is- they could turn the down trend around.

    The one thing that is lame though is the “leveraging 85 million people 3g coverage). That is high population areas only and Tmo’s 3G coverage map looks like a pimple faced teenager ;)

    People are mainly with Tmo due to price and nothing else. 3G is a bonus for those that have it and sparse unless you travel within a city that has it. Heck, an actual data connection is a luxury in may areas.


    As a T-mobile sales rep I can tell that 90% of the customers that are switching out of Tmob are doing it due to lack of coverage and weak 3G. Don’t get me wrong i love t-mobile, but realistically it doesn’t have good 3G coverage at all. I live 5 miles from NYC, coverage map shows 3G everywhere but half the time i’m on edge. Sprint on the other hand has no new good phones(evo didn’t come out), but they still manage to survive by roaming off of Verizon towers. Once T-mobile gets their coverage up only then it will bring a significant amount of new customers.


    Oh and one more thing, T-mobile pushes new activations way too much. They pay attention to upgrades and keeping the old customers happy a lot less than they should. And everytime someone calls cust service, they offer long term customers to get out of contract and switch to the even more plus plan. which doesn’t help t-mobile in a long run

  • It’s the devices stupid! Its like T-mobile just doesn’t get it. Offer better devices and attract customers. Offer BS and continue to shed customers.

    • Steve-o88

      You are right on!!!! They really don’t get it. Come on now Tmobile…this is America. No where in America does selling the same thing over and over works, but Tmobile seems to think so. It’s like Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint are selling PS3’s and Xbox 360’s, but Tmobile is expecting us to by Sega Genesis and Super Nintendos all because they are nice (customer service). Really? In the long run, customer service is really not that important compared to phone selection and coverage. I’m tired of Tmobile treating us like idiots!!! THEY KEEP SELLING THE SAME PHONES OVER AND OVER!!! STOP SELLING ME SUPER NINTENDOS WHEN EVERYONE ELSE HAS PS3’S AND STUFF! America thrives off of innovation and new ways to do things…please get the memo Tmobile. Lol.

      • Tim

        @Steve you have to understand that TMO doesn’t have 3g coverage like the other big three companys do. Let’s say if they have the EVO or the incredible right now, their network coverage would make these phones look like garbage. They don’t have the network to back up these super phones. Just look at the nexus one 3g issue for example. This is why they keep making mid range phones for the customers. I’m a guy who used to have a nexus one with TMO, but now I have a Droid incredible with Verizon :)

  • jmts80

    Devices and coverage are probably the main reason Tmo is losing customers but like I said b4 “we get what we pay for.” Also as long as they are making money I doubt we will see the changes we want to see.

    • Green Robot

      I’m not sure about that. I honestly hope that loosing 77,000 customers instead of adding 415,000 like they did the same quarter last year does matter to the execs over there and that they will finally face the reality they’ve been denying for so long that customers actually do want high end devices that they see available on other carriers. Will see how thick their bubble walls really are or in other words how strong their denial is.

  • tl

    Tmo has a decent handset line up and adds plenty of new customers each quarter. The problem is churn. Not only is the 3G coverage the smallest of the Big 4, The 3G bandwidth that the company owns does not penetrate structures very well. So people get frustrated with that experience and move to another carrier.

  • bl

    tmo is suffering badly from poor 3g coverage…as people go more and more to smartphone they just say screw it to cost…they just want their device to work and work fast…tmo has great pricing but sorry coverage…i have 3g and my phone is on edge half the time…im going to jump back to verizon even though i hate them because i want speed and good coverage…tmo only out is to offer an everything plan including web for $50 period…they wont do it so there you go…so long tmo…

  • yast26

    I am sorry guys but its because the lack of superphones. I been with tmo for 5 yrs and to tell you the truth I am going to verizon next week. I am tired of tmo bs plus they screw me up
    in my two lines. Plus getting the nexus one impossible. I have to drop my family plan so I can get it?? Come on. Have fun fighting with tmo

    • J-Hop2o6

      Google’s fault.. or u can buy it from google FULL retail.. or look on craigslist or something

  • Tamaratee

    This just proves that Tmo needs BETTER phones. The growth referenced “last year” was due to the G1… come one corporate heads read the tea leaves.

    I don’t know what negotiations are needed to get phones like the 2 droids and the EVO, but Tmobile is fallin’ short… BIG TIME!

    • Steve-o88

      You are so right….sell a sweet phone and bring in 415,000 new customers or be retarded and lose 77,000. It’s not rocket science Tmobile…you are a PHONE company, so why not bring out some cool PHONES? Lol.

  • If T-Mobile wants to see growth, they need to beg and plead with Apple for and AWS-equipped iPhone 4th Gen device.

  • Patrick

    You REALLY can’t say people don’t want the HD2. The fact that it’s sold out says SOMETHING….in addition…it’s not just T-Mobile having a hard time keeping it in stock. Even Asurion doesn’t have very many. No matter how LOW inventory of a device is, if no one wants it, no one wants it. When I worked at T-Mobile, it took us almost 2 months to sell out of the cliq, and we had phones that never sold out at all(Dash 3G, highlight, galaxy) but the TP2 DID sell out. If people don’t want it…people won’t buy it.

    Fact is…for business purposes(ESPECAILLY in the IT industry) nothing is more fluid with work than a WM phone. No matter how “compatible” other phones may be, they simple don’t offer the same flexibility. The only thing that really comes CLOSE is a BB. Windows Mobile itself isn’t “old news”. The interface for WM isn’t even “old news” anymore. I actually prefer it to the android interface. Really the only reason I want android is because the browser is faster, and I want a few apps that aren’t available for WM. But I personally am AMAZED at my HD2 and everyone who’s seen it is just as amazed as I am.

    I’ve never had a phone that didn’t have occasional lockups. My girl has an iPhone and HATES it because she says it freezes on her all the time and she just got it 3 months ago. Each phone IS different…I don’t care what anyone says. So each person’s experience with each phone is different. I HATED the first dash that I had because of problems with it…but after it was replaced with….another dash…I loved it. DOnt say people don’t want it simply because YOU don’t want it. However, in STORES…I’ll admit t-mobile stores don’t get nearly enough inventory. Here in indy they only get about 8-10/shipment…BUT…they all sell out as soon as they get them. which means people DO want them.

    Side note….do a lil math real quick. Lets say there are 2000 T-Mobile stores across the nation(which is probaly EXTREMELY low considering there’s over 50 within indy alone) and lets say they all got 5 phones(which we know for a FACT some stores got more). Each store was sold out before noon the day of the release. That 10,000 phones in 1 day. To me….that means people want the phone.

  • mmafighter077

    I think the pink (magenta as they like to call it) and white colors and their “stick together” ads are not appealing to people. People want to see cool ads, interesting ads NOT simple ads. Like the motorola droid commercials are perfect examples of a great commercial .

  • Hurlamania

    MARKETING why don’t they get it i see 1 T-mobile ad and 35 ata4t ad’s them 1 T-mobile ad after Ive seen 39 Verizon ad’s. They have so much to offer in advertisement. This is a war. not that they should go nuts with there ads like the other idiots do but have more… and have meaning. It seems like the phone manufactures are putting out more ad’s and then a small text at the end avalible at T-mobile. WTF is that about sell yourself… your the best thing going today and people don’t even know it. I know someone that went to sprint to try and get a HD2 what does that tell you… I have to stop now before I get out of control with this rant… Hire me T-mobile I’ll do some ad’s for you.

    PS at least they don’t lose half a million like sprint…

    • tl

      That would make sense if TMO wasn’t signing new customers, but we are getting as many as we ever have. The fact is, we just have a very hard time keeping the ones that we have now, advertising isnt going to help that. (although I do strongly agree that the brand message is shallow and mixed) You have to attack both sides of that net adds equation but customer retention is extremely weak, the reasons for that are hotly debated.

      • Tpavey

        Well said. Retention is a problem. Look what Sprint gives to “Premier” customers. Full upgrades yearly. First access to new devices. That is how you keep customers. Secondly, you get this status with Sprint after having a 6 months of a qualifying plan (all data plans qualify). This means that I can get a new phone with full discount every year there. Phone discounts cost the company money, and I don’t think that T-mobile needs to do this, but perhaps $15 data after 6 months of service, or something.

        Good customer service keeps people from leaving when something bad happens. For the majority of customers, customer service does not affect retention. Coverage, price, and device availability do. People also like to feel wanted. If you give people a discount after they are with you for a year, or some other quantifiable perk, they will stick around because they will lose that perk if they leave.

        Some examples:
        Fast food places with frequent buyer’s items.
        Frequent flyer miles.
        Cash back with a credit card
        Car companies giving extra cash back for loyal customers.

        Unless T-mobile overhauls it’s perks for existing customers they will continue to be net negative.

  • jabombardier

    I think it is straight up with coverage more than anything if the bulk of lost customers were in weak coverage areas. I hardly think it has to do with the coolest phone factor as to use Sprint as an example, they had and probably still have mass exodus of their customers leaving because of extremely terrible customer service, meanwhile they have a slew of hot to trot smart phones compared to T-mobile. But then again problem areas differ with each company as for the cool phone factor is the reason why so many flock to AT&T for the iPhone. But as far as T-mobile increasing the size of the network, that is wishful thinking. I believe there is a lot of red tape to go through with the FCC and local municipalities in allowing Cell phone coverage to expand. So I guess they can only strengthen the network they have and buy another cellphone service provider if they want to expand in an easier way, I.e. the purchase of Sun Com. But I nust be wrong. But overall I think their problem lies with coverage mostly. Or its a combination of reasons.

  • Brie987

    I have been with Tmo for 4 years, I like Tmo, I like the prices but man I hate their choices in phones. I feel like Tmo is the “TJ Max” of phone carriers, rehashed, renamed,”New” phones with old specs. I still have my G1 since the beginning, it’s an old phone but I rooted and have a great ROM, but alas I have to update and I really don’t see anything coming out soon that i would want. Nexus is great but I love my qwerty, the Milestone for Tmo would have been perfect but alas Verizon gets it. Who chooses the phones for Tmo, suck, SUCK, SUCK!!!!!! The My Touch Slide seems promising but 600mhz :(

    • jmts80

      hahahaha TJ max is dead on what Tmo is =/

  • Ern

    What about my Faves? Why did they do away with that? That was my number one reason for joining TMO last year. Luckily I did it one month before they changed their plans so I got to keep my Faves. Maybe that’s why they got so many customers last year and haven’t gained as many this year. The second reason I went to TMO was the G1 and I love the phone. TMO should do what they are doing and get their mid range phones for people like me who don’t need anything spectacular, but they should also appeal to their customers and get the super smart phones. The it’s like people I know have left TMO and went to verizon because of the Droid, or the Incredible. If TMO got some Super Smartphones into the hands of TMO customers, they might be able to show other people what they can do and then gain some customers in the end.

  • redwoodflyer

    What MVNOs does T.Mobile partner with? I thought most of them were with Sprint?

  • wasup

    oh man, whats gonna happen when the iphone hd drops on att, evo on sprint, and the incredible on verizon is already taking a piece of tmos pie, not to sound pessimistic, but unless tmo drops a really good phone this year and better their 3g service, it doesn’t look like a good year for them.

    • jmts80

      Yeah but we have the My touch 3G slide and its awe-…oh wait it can’t compete with any of those phone u mentioned =/

      • wasup

        yeah, a potential new customer walks into a tmo store, and says : I’ve just been to the att store, they offer the iphone hd, it’s frekin awesome, then I went to verizon and they have this really sweet phone, the incredible, it really looks incredible, then made my way to sprint, and man oh man, the evo, no explanation needed, so…, what you got ?,. ….Well yeah, but we have this mytouch and garminfone, it has navigation in it. …hm, ok thanks

        :D, still love tmo though, will never switch

    • jmts80

      Yeah I won’t leave either. I will just have to rely on unlocked phones

  • Oce

    I’ve been with Tmo a while and have had G1, TP2, and now the HD2. I haven’t had much trouble with coverage in general but the lack of 3G has really been a bummer. I like winmo and the HD2 but would really like an Android superphone. Family planner so N1 is a no go. I think the strong sales of the HD2 are a result of the lack of other superphone choices on Tmo. Like I said, I like winmo and the HD2 but given a choice, I’d rather have more app choices and Android. Also been using unlocked iPhones since released and wish Tmo could somehow lock a deal with Apple. I know there are haters, but the iphone OS is the most appealing to the masses. The numbers don’t lie. I hope Google has learned its lesson now that both Sprint and Verizon are ditching the N1 in favor of their own flavor of Android. Had it been handled correctly, the N1 could have been a big winner for Tmo. But now the window of opportunity is gone. Right now, the only thing keeping me from jumping ship is my grandfathered plan and @home service. But with the lack of 3g coverage and better phone selection, that may not be enough to keep me. We’ll see.

  • methodz

    TMo is like the K-mart of the big 4 wireless providers. why do i stick with them!

    • jmts80

      Lol same reason we all shop at walmart/k-mart its cheap

      • jabombardier

        i am sticking with them because it is cheap, the 3g coverage is wonderful in my region, i get more of a rate plan than i would with verizon, i still like the smart phones they offer, and lastly, when i leave the country, the phone works while i can’t do that with a verizon or sprint phone. verizon has the sweet spot with android options, at&t has the iphone but i find whats more important is the rate plan and decent coverage rather than an expensive super phone and pay more and get less on a plan. thats why i stayed with t-mobile for the past 8 years.

  • pcjnyc

    I still think for T-Mobile to reverse the course and add post paid customers, they need to offer the iPhone.

  • JBLmobileG1

    Question for everyone…. what does the US and Tmobile have in common when it comes to the cellular industry?

    ….. the answer? Well, the first phone call placed from a cellular phone actually came from the US. How come though we are always the last to get the latest and greatest phones? Heck even our HD2 was out in European before here wasn’t it?
    Now this is where Tmobile comes in… they were the first to get Android YET seems like the last to get a decent Android voice…. not even the MyTouch slide can touch what other carriers are releasing. Don’t get me wrong… I will probably pick up the slide but only because its the best thing that Tmobile has coming out (that isn’t a rumor ) and I don’t really want to switch carriers because I like the plan I have.

  • JBLmobileG1

    sorry I meant phone not voice. But aren’t I right? First in one thing and yet last when we were the first. There that sounds about right. LOL

  • Reyes

    Tmobile is like the younger sibling that gets all the hammy downs. Phone selection is one of the main reasons people leave the company, but Corporate is too blind or naïve to believe so.

  • Chris

    I’m one of the customers who left. What broke the camels back was poor upgrade availability (couldn’t get the Nexus One without paying full price) and problems with 3G network with Nexus One. T-mobile doesn’t really care about retaining long time customers (I had been with them for over 6 years). Although T-mobile offers cheap plans, their 3G footprint isn’t great, their customer service not particularly helpful (never was able to solve my problems with my blackberry or N1). Switched to AT&T and although the coverage in some areas is poorer than T-mobile, the overall experience has been much better – with data speeds 3x those on T-mobile, no connection errors and dropped data transfers with a much larger 3G network. When T-mobile upgrades their network and adds more towers to handle increased traffic I might come back.

  • Wireless King

    Let’s be clear,..a net loss is never good for a carrier with less than 40 million, T-Mobile is on the decline. To the people who work for TMO….the time to jump ship is coming, don’t stay around. I left TMo to work for VZW. WHAT A BETTER COMPANY!

  • Ace

    The reasons are many and vast as to why we lose customers:

    Our advertising is weak.

    Our coverage is lacking. I live in San Diego and rarely have 3G.

    As a previous post stated, we are like K-Mart. That is the customers perception of us at least. When you want Armani, you don’t settle for Wrangler.

    Again, it’s the phones……what shape was AT&T in before the i phone? The HD2 was successful on paper because of being “sold out” but if there are only 2 M&M’s in the bag don’t brag that you ate the whole thing. Stock levels are a joke. Also, I wish we could sell that stack of them that are in the return pile.

    Treat your existing customers like they mean something to you. Our churn is a joke.

    Stop with the Flex,EM,EM+ BS. We attract the low end customer because of this crap. I think we lose the same amount of customers to Cricket as we do to the big 3.

    We accept second tier phones from the companies beacuse that is what they will give us. Don’t you think HTC wonders how many G1’s they could have sold if they launched on Verizon instead?

    I love this company and have been with them for 5 years as a manager but I can finally see the writing on the wall. Mr. Dotson, it is time to walk before big daddy makes you run.

    Being the low cost carrier only took us so far. we have had ample time to correct our mistakes. Instead of bold leadership, we get new rate plans that are so confusing and restrictive to the customer,they don’t understand it.

    We need to change the customers view of us and we need to start now.

    7-11 sells alot of coffee but they ain’t Starbucks.

    • nikb

      COMPLETELY agree with you Ace, no better explanation than the one you gave. When i want quality I dont buy “Made in China”, i buy “Made in USA” or “Made in Japan” or “Made in Germany” or “Made in India”. Tmo NEEDS to better their quality. I have been with tmo since 2001(customer) and its just been getting bad to worse. They NEED to better their phone line ups, they NEED to get their coverage much much better and they need to clean up their act and start afresh. Very strong leadership is needed to turn around this company, else the future is very predictable. Look at Sprint, its the same story……first crappy service and then the CEO jumps to the tv and is making a joke of himself…….making statements about giving stuff what everyone is giving……30 day return policy etc etc. Man you need to do what Lee Iacocca did to chrysler. Thats how you turn around a company. Customer are crying out lound for QUALITY SERVICE, not senseless rate plans and conniving techniques to retain them.

    • tmogeek

      Ace you are correct when you say TMUS has a weaker network and weaker phones.

      TMUS is the 7-11 of the wireless world. TMUS will never be in the class of VZW or ATT. DT will not spend the money to put TMUS on par with those players.

      But that’s not a bad thing. TMUS needs to offer the best network where it is, not where it might be. TMUS needs to offer a wide range of phones to meet the needs of all of its subscribers.

      TMUS must differentiate itself to be attractive. 1st with Android was the right kind of move. HSPA+, UMA, MyFavs, EM, EM+ and PCC were right moves.

      TMUS needs to continue to differentiate and carve out a solid 4th place in the wireless world. Innovative rate plans, interesting phones, useful services, award winning customer service will secure TMUS’ rank in the industry.

      Up for consideration: Calling party pays. Low cost neighborhood rate plan.(By town or zip code) Same number on multiple phones. Femtocells. Roaming on ATT when no native coverage is available. A youtube channel to show customers how to use their phones. Software on smartphones that will report dropped call detail, post the location to a google map with an incident# that can be tracked. (opt in)

      And lastly….never, ever, move the call centers to India.

  • Oce

    Tmo seriously needs to let go of the notion that phone selection can’t make that big of a difference. The iPhone phenomena has soundly put that debate to rest. The iphone has single handedly rescued ATT from ievitable economic disaster. Where I work, I know of no one that has ATT that does not have an iphone. And with everybody pricing smartphones aggressively, it makes absolutely no sense to release subpar phones at the same price point as iphones, incredibles, evos, etc. Couple this with weak 3g coverage, and it is easy to see why Tmo has a net loss. Honestly, I’m at the point where whoever gets 3g service in my area first between Tmo and ATT is who I’ll be going with. Cheap prices and good customer service can only get you so far.

  • mad dog

    Tmobile Garmin phone: $199. Sprint Htc Evo: $199. Does everyone see what’s wrong with that? And they wonder why they lost customers.

    • 30014

      I see what’s wrong with it, other carriers are offering high end phones for the same price that tmo charges for its mid range phones.

  • Truth

    Tmobile does well in nyc because the ghetto people can afford it, In nyc alone i am sure 40% of tmobile customers are smart money savers the other 60% are on welfare,ebt and public assistance trying to show off with their sidekicks and beat down g1’s! We need a better class of customer and then the $ will come!

  • chicago081

    Tmo needs to improve their coverage. I have no problem with a web connection from 5:30 am to 8 am, then after that it is downhill for the rest of the day. They are going to lose a lot more customers it they don’t improve the network. As they say in the Verizon commercials, “A smartphone is only as good as the network it’s on.” Very true.

  • chicago081

    Network is so bad I look for a open wifi network, usually no luck.