Three Upcoming Samsung’s On Their Way to Magenta

For those of you who aren’t yet in the Android/Blackberry/Windows Phone/iPhone/Smartphone camp, T-Mobile has still got you covered. T-Mobile and their mighty fine manufacturing partner Samsung are set to release 3 handsets this coming summer covering a range of designs. First, we have the T359 shown above which will replace the aging T349. Coming with a 1.3 megapixel camera, full html browsing and oddly added in, active sync exchange mail support. Kind of an interesting addition to the device but hey, whatever floats your boat. All these phones will find a home in T-Mobile stores right June 23 of this very year.

The T479, pictured above will replace the Gravity 2 and will conveniently be known as, drum roll please…the Gravity 3! With a 2.0 megapixel camera, HSDPA 3.6 3G support and as one of the better selling franchises in T-Mobile history, the Gravity 3 has plenty of mass appeal. Originally, we had heard of two-color variation, Indigo and Rum, however as soon above we know one to be the blue/black combination but no word on if the Rum variant is still forthcoming.

The last but certainly not least of the tri-fecta of upcoming Samsung devices is the T669. With a resistive touch screen, onboard Dolphin browser and a 2.0 megapixel camera the T669 is certainly a phone that strides the thin line between smartphone and dumbphone. Apparently this phone with also have an “optimized” version of Touchwiz, whatever that means as Touchwiz certainly failed to find its niche after the Behold 2 dropped.

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  • phoneguy

    Not bad for some feature phones…

    • Tim

      Well, I used to work at T-Mobile, and just got hired at AT&T. You can’t appeal to everyone. Pick a segment and market it aggressively. What’s the old saying “sell on price, get beat on price.” AT&T and Verizon don’t appeal to everyone, and never advertise price. They are adding subs in the millions in a down ecomony. T-Mobile and Sprint are losing the bread and butter “post paid” subs. Here in Ohio AT&T has superior coverage and a much larger 3G footprint over T-Mobile. When I worked at T-Mobile they pushed the android phones as I-Phone killers. We all know that if/when the I-Phone looses it exclusivity it will be the #1 selling phone on every carrier it’s offered. T-Mobile is a glorified LEAP.

  • Futurvisionary

    Yea… This pretty much nails the coffin…. EVO is out in a few short days… Bye bye TMO!!!! Keep your toys….

    • nell_z

      Why is that? Theres still Emerald, an opportunity for the N1 to be sold in stores and the Palm phone thats coming, plus more phones. And, there are people (like me) that came to T-Mobile because of how pissed they are at Sprint. I for one won’t be going back, I don’t care how great the EVO is. There will be better phones.

      • Oce

        Promises, promises.(rolls eyes)

      • gabe

        I agree nell_z, I left sprint because there service sucked. A friend lived right across the street from the Sprint store and I couldn’t even get service in his house. Not to mention when I went out of town. So you may get a bad ass phone but your service well suck ass.

    • morrell89

      your right t-mobile keeps playing games with all these “toys”… either they come out with a htc android super phone this summer or im taking my business elsewhere. tmo started android and we have THE WORST android phones WTF!!!!!!!!!

      HTC Incredible here i come…….

      • Vinchenzo

        OK… Have fun going to another company for a phone. Don’t worry that the TELECOMMUNICATIONS company has horrible service, customer care, TRUE Coverage, etc. Just remember that you got the phone that you want but lost the value in plans and the coverage you need.

      • jon doe

        u go head and pay more u idiot

      • jnone 22

        wtf get of tmobiles ass there android line up is fine the mytouch the nexus the cliq the g1 …etc and why go on a tmobile blog if you hate it so much

  • jmts80

    Not bad for dumb phones!

  • wasup

    LOL,this is not even “mid-range” anymore, LOOOL

  • chris

    what about the t959 (Galaxy S)???? That is the only phone I want from Tmobile unless by slim slim chance they get the Desire/Bravo

    • jpb1972

      Im with Chris,
      I am waiting patiently to check out the galaxy s! Had the HD2, it sucked, sent it back. Only hope the us production unit comes with a camera flash……

      • kai

        bite your tongue….hd2 is a great phone…..theres some things u need to do get it going…(cookies, wifirouterapp, skyfire i.e.) but still, its a great phone…

  • Shorty

    T-mobile is only a great carrier, bring your own phone though!

    • nell_z


  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    A fine lineup for budget phones. Wish they had these when all I could afford was a $50 phone. What will these be, $100?

    More important, this shows the Samsung/T-Mobile relationship is strong and healthy.

    Does this indicate the Galaxy S will be a certainty? I think so.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    A lot of you nose in the air type seem to forget that there’s lots of people who cannot afford even a $200 phone. So these are hot looking for those who want to appear to others that they have the latest and greatest.

    The T669 will make anyone feel better about him or her self. When in a group of friend he won’t be embarrassed pulling out that phone.

    All of these look like they could be prepay models too.

  • Brandon

    I work at T-Mobile and believe it or not as much as all of the employees and a huge customer base want the most cutting edge phones there are still thousands of people calling DAILY who do not want a fancy phone… some people still use phones without cameras from 2002… I know it’s hard to believe but you have to appeal to everyone.

    • Johnny

      I second that… Most if not all of the people who post on this site are so out of touch with reality… The majority of consumers would love nothing more than to have the best phone out there, but none of them want to pay for the data plan nor do they have any clue on how to operate a high tech phone. I personally think all of these phones will be a great success at T-Mobile.

  • effdee1121

    tmo already has a bunch of feature phones.

    • Galaxy

      But most of them suck..

      • jonnyblaze

        With the mytouch slide and the garmin phone coming out, its very hard to say that tmo has no good android phones. After demoing he mytouch slide, all I can say is hold on to your hat.

      • kai

        mytouchslide is all well and good….but still wish it had a snapdragon… sure it has no lag out of the box but what about 2 months down the line?

  • J-Hop2o6

    the last phone (T669) kinda looks like the Samsung Bigfoot that was rumored to come last summer/fall.

  • soon2TMO

    after seeing these phones… i suddenly think that the Galaxy S may come in 4TH quarter…

    oh pleasee..

    fine , at least bring the Desire or the Xperia X10? the sony logo looks like an emerald orb? hahah speculation much..

  • soon2TMO


    i just read this article..

    i hope everything it says is true! and that the galaxy S is coming this july..


    cant wait!..

    sorry about my numerous post about the GS.. LOL

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Well I won’t recap everything said before, but a July release as predicted about a month ago, so this falls in line with that prediction.

      Also, at CTIA the SGS had the green colored theme on the home page.

      T-MO Project Emerald (that happens to be green?) + SGS at CTIA has a green theme = SGS in July. ;)

      Behold the green, bow to your green master:

    • Sweezy

      This is great and all…but I wish Tmo would get some type of exclusive! What’s the big deal if it’s coming to all carriers

    • jpb1972

      No need to appologize, as im sure many are awaiting this device. I will be ordering that puppy as soon as its available, unless something else comes out.

  • tmofan

    soon2TMO has it correct Galaxy S drops in July, I know I’ve seen it live and running with t-mobile branding. As well, although I won’t be buying one my sources tell me that the iphone will launch within a month. Stop whining about t-mobile keeping a new current line of phones that appeal to the whole market not just the fastest newest thing. Every phone is outdone by the next new thing and these days you might hope to be on top for a few months at best.

    • Steve Jobless

      Your sources forgot to mention the ink is still wet on the deal AT&T just signed to keep the iPhone exclusive for the year… Idiot. What’s the deal with people just trying to sound cool. As if they actually “know” people. Ever seen the movie Drop Dead Fred?

      • nell_z

        But that deal is being revisited via Apple as we speak right now. Apple can’t deny the fact that Verizon and T-Mobile customers have begged and pleaded for the iPhone and everyone is tired of AT&T’s horrible network. Apple has a few things going against it, which is the reason they’re revisiting the contract: (1) Apple and AT&T monopolized the iPhone in which they promised customers only 2 years with AT&T, not 5 and (2) millions of customers are lashing out at Apple for not allowing their iPhone’s to work on the T-Mobile network via 3.1.3 update. Jobs would be a complete retard to allow the iPhone to exclusively stay with AT&T any longer.

        I personally like Android better because of widgets, but this would be healthy for T-Mobile especially, so I’m all for it.

  • Patrick

    why are people getting SO upset? the hpone this this post says is “FOR THOSE WHO AREN’T YET IN THE….SMARTPHONE CAMP…” did you expect these to be smartphones? You know…no every phone on sprint or verizon is a smartphone. T-mobile has to release regular phones too….for you know….regular people. Geez….they just released the HD2, next the garminfone(though its a terrible phone in my opinion…its still a smartphone), they’re releasing the myTouch slide(which EVERYONE says is the best android phone to date due to having the slightly more powerful processor AND a good physical keyboard)….give em some flippin credit.

    • Matt_TX

      Give them some credit? LOL Have you not heard about the incredible or the Evo or the LG Ally? MyTouch Slide ya thats competing TMO keep it up… LOL

      • nell_z

        The Ally, quite simply, SUCKS! It can’t even compete with the Samsung Moment LOL. Dude, T-Mobile has some good phones in comparison to other carriers. The MT3G Slide may not have the same processor of the Droid Incredible, but it does compete nicely with the Droid, but with an enhanced Sense UI. Why is that a bad thing? The HD2 is a great phone with lots of features pre-loaded. Again, why is that a bad thing? T-Mobile should have all the credit in the world by being such an epic carrier and still providing low costs to the consumer. Watch the EVO rate plan go up too. LOL!

      • Melissa

        I actually heard the data plan will be more expensive for the Evo because of the 4G speed.

    • davidohio

      i agree. it seems like most of these clowns think t-mobile should ONLY carry high end expensive smart phones and nothing else. When I worked there I sold maybe twenty percent smart phones and the rest mid range or free phones.

  • G333NJ

    Can I get the HTC Desire , Samsung Galaxy S or Dell Streak ( mini 5 ) ?

    I’m tired of seeing these pre-paid phones geezzzzzzzzzz

  • king moses

    screw the evo and the incredible, the phone is good but the service sux

  • db

    How many kiddie phones will TMO come out with? OMG, I am getting really fed up with the phones they are releasing. It’s like a joke now.

  • bubbles hotness

    This is a joke right, first they have 4 versiins ifmthe mytouch and now these samsung ohines suck. I am done with t mobile, They will always be in last place. They need to get some decent hardware devices,UGH. I can no longer sit back annd wait bye bye

  • Sanjay

    Wow, T-mobile loves the low end phones. They have tons of these in the stores. It’s so funny that they have had the HD2 out in stores for so long but not belt holster to carry it. Also, with teh HSPA+ network upgrade underway why don’t they sell phones that have that so we don’t buy phones that then have to be replaced in just a few months. I would have a problem now buying the HD2 for a whopping $549 knowing that it has WM 6.5 and no HSPA+ capability. I had the same problem with buying their smartphones last year that did not have 3G while they were upgrading their network. Then I get the TP2 and it was outdated 1 month after I got it.

    • tmo rep

      1) the HD2 is $449.99 full price. 2) please read what you type before you post it, it looks as though your “of the retard”

  • DannOfThurs

    At this rate I’m going to start looking more seriously at EVO 4G :*( I don’t want to but I really am going to need something stronger sooner….

  • DavidJAX

    I love the hate on this site. So many people ridiculing someone because they want to go to Sprint or pay more. Who cares? It’s none of my business what you do with your life. I say go for Sprint! go for more money.

    Let’s be real Tmo does have the worst phones and nothing they’ve released has been a game changer.
    I’d love the Htc HD 2 but the truth is it runs on WinMo which has very little apps that I want. So no go

    Project Emerald? Please *rolls eyes* just like Project Black? Whatevs
    for real though I priced out my same plan with Att and would pay 80 bucks more per month that equates to 960 bucks per year. Ummm no

    I digress people are people so why should it be that you and I should get along so awfully

  • Elias

    These phones look really nice. Look, for every 1 person that drools over and actually buys the HD2, there’s probably 10 people on family plans that get the Gravity 2. The last one, T669, looks like a Highlight but with a keyboard.

  • Spindle

    To those who scoff at these phones, a lot of us living in this recession don’t have money to fork over for data plans! I would be perfectly happy with any of these to replace my aging Samsung.

  • J

    Funny how people get upset because a phone they don’t care about gets released. This is no where near the best phones T-Mobile has in development. These are simply low end phones to replace older ones. The lineup is renewed every summer with these types of phones.

  • Flgirll99

    These phones don’t look too bad but they aren’t what I’m looking for. I understand not everyone is in the market for some super feature rich phone, but I am. I really hope that we get the Samsung Galaxy S.

  • The Truth

    Look most people who get a well advanced phones (evo, incredible) don’t even know how to use them, then u switch carriers, then you pay too much, then you cancel, then you sell the phones u thought were so great (mess up your credit) and come back to a cheaper pay cell phone company. And its THE TRUTH everywhere. I love magenta and I have faith in the new age cell phones coming out, some people don’t even care for high tech phones. But I really do believe magenta has something big up its sleeve.

  • tmorep

    why are people hating? do u know how many people walk into our stores and want their kids to have a full keyboard but not the internet? keep them coming tmo, kids and families need service too not only all these lil kids complaining that sprint has this and verizon has that blah blah blah….

    idiots this wasnt a post about smart phones……. and btw please keep on giving us ur $200 ETF since its such an easy way to make money, yes its one less customer but most likely you’ll be back…..

    • Steve Jobless

      I hate it when people claim that they work for T-mo or so-so company. I will not do that to you my friend, that last little bit about the ETF was classic. Well said.

      • tmo rep

        pull your head out of your tech a$$ and realise 90% or more of the population doesnt care about processors or super amoled screens. they want key boards, and cameras

    • Matt_TX

      You do have a point… However, it’s the Superphones that get them in the stores, and the dumbphones that get the contracts for people who find smartphones too complicated or too expensive. Think of it this way, car lots get you in the store with luxury cars and SUVs’, but end up selling the Rav-4 because their credit is bad and they don’t have enough for the Lexus payments… See how this works?

      I hate Apple but their marketing is superb. Someone somewhere has an Iphone, and here’s how it goes. Smartphone Noob- Hey what’s that? Apple Douche-Oh nothing just my Iphone check it out, apps, full web, email all that. Smartphone Noob-What network is it on? Iphone Douche-AT&T. Smartphone Noob-*Goes to AT&T and switches carriers to AT&T for the Iphone not knowing Android even exists.

      Again, see how this works?

  • Mark

    I was JUST trying to help somebody figure out what phone and plan they wanted for T-Mobile when switching from AT&T to save money. Some of the idiots complaining about “How many dumb phones do they need?” should take a stroll over to AT&T’s website and see how many “messaging” type phones they have. Put in a search for “touchscreen” and “Full qwerty” on the same phone, see how many come up on AT&T’s website. Now check out T-Mobile and see how many match that criteria? Now how many of those few that come up are phones which do NOT require a data plan? If somebody wants a good messaging phone with a touch screen, T-Mobile is not the way to go. Not until these phones come out at least. I have a Nexus One(Love it) but I understand that the masses don’t need that type of phone. She is now NOT switching because she wants a touch screen WITH full keyboard and her husband wants the same. As of today, a descent phone which matches that criteria on T-Mobile means data plan. Neither of them use data on their phones. AT&T has plenty of phones for them, T-Mobile doesn’t. These phone would help to fill that huge void currently in T-Mobile’s lineup.

    • Jonathan:Brazil

      sorry, but i did not understand what you were trying to say. . .

      • Mark

        Let me make it simpler for you…LG Neon, Samsung Flight, Samsung Impression are all available on AT&T which have a touch screen and hardware qwerty keyboard. None of which require AT&T’s $30/month data package. The so called “messaging” phones. That is what the MAJORITY of people want. The majority of customers still don’t need/want data on their phone and can’t afford/don’t want an extra $30/month charge on their bill. They do however want a full keyboard for texting and would prefer to also have a touch screen. Find me a phone on T-Mobile which has full qwerty and touch screen and does NOT require data package. So T-Mobile is currently completely lacking in the most popular segment of the market. The Samsung T669 shown above fills that exact void. T-Mobile as a business needs that phone or something similar more than they need a new high-end smart phone.

  • tato22

    so many greedy people that just want for them other people need phones to some people cant pay that much for a phone relax if you dont like what t mobile has well bye bye go to the next company in a matter of months ill see you back in t mobile

  • Giles

    Im guessing Tmobile wont release any high end phones as they might become too popular and sell them. They would then have the problem that they have sold alot of good smartphones but they dont have the network/coverage to support them.

    Ive been waiting months for a high end phone from tmobile, got the HD2 twice and returned them both as they both froze on me making them unusable for work.
    I have always bought my own phone from UK to use here but they dont support 3g.

    Im giving Tmobile till end of June to come out with a high end Android phone and roll out 3g or im out of here.

    Yes i will pay more to go else where… but would you rather pay less and not get the service you pay for or pay more and get what you pay for?
    I think im going with the latter after paying less for long time now.

  • yogs

    Tmobile sucks!!!!!!!!!

  • yogs

    Come on tmobile
    If you guys dont get something good.

    Im going over to att and getting iphone 3gs/iphone4g

    think about your customers

    • The Truth

      haha again i stand on my point, people go ahead and leave, pay more. You probably dont even know what to do with a smart phone. or just want it due to the fact that “you” want the latest phone, and not know any specs of it, or are going to regret it because t mo, verizon, sprint, will come out with something better. it doesnt matter cause “you’ll” keep wanting more and more and buy any new phone that comes out.

      • Giles

        @TheTruth Keep telling yourself that maybe you will believe that yourself one day.
        I have had smartphones for almost 5years now i probably know more about smartphones than most on this site.
        I like tmobile but im paying for something im not receiving and you think thats good??
        Sure ill pay more at AT&T or Verison like $10-15 more a month, but i will get what i pay for….I pay over $100.00 a month right now with Tmobile for edge network. If tmobile gets better down the road will i come back.. of course.. i go where the phones/service are. Im not a tmobile fan boy like you. Im not a fan boy of any company

        Funny you have a name like The Truth when all you spew is fan boy trash.

      • A dude

        @Giles Its funny you’ll be one AT&T/Verizon but follow a T-moible blog close enough to reply to peoples comments. I hope you realise your on here to pick on T-mobile and anyone who supports it for no purpose but to state assumptive non-realities. Oh, and go F your self

  • @giles i totally agree wit u im also paying like $100 bucks for edge service ..i live in san juan puerto rico.. if t-mobile doesnt bring 3G over here ima have to switch to at&t or claro or sprint.. we do not have verizon over here because verizon got bought out by a company called claro.. n besides claro has video calling on their 3G network all of their phones have front facing cameras at&t doesnt have video calling so yea i dont think u guys have video calling in the states which is weird because puerto rico is part of the usa …

  • shakarak

    Everyone acts like the processor is everything

  • Craig

    I’m happy with T-Mobile and there prices, but I would love for better reception in my Area, because its back and forth from Edge to 3G. Which can be annoying. As far as there devices I’m fine with, but why buy it when I won’t get full use of 3G.

  • AndroidMaster

    I noticed that on the Samsung Gravity 3, the keyboard is missing an ‘I’. Is it because these pictures are concepts?

  • Kidemerald

    These are my lil bros TMO is releasing. Im the big guy you will buy!! See me in middle of june with july 3rd release. As for the complaints, be a little more patient. Not every human can afford these bloated data only prices. They will for me!!! And yes, you can turn off my touchwiz.

  • The Truth

    Fan Boy??? haha u act like im praising t mo…your idea is just ridiculous, well ur tired of EDGE then upgrade…come on pick up a 3G phone or are you on an old style BlackBerry? First Dash? Tmo wing????? come on buddy, jump on the modern train, smartphones are my thing. You seem like a fan boy and your always on the Band Wagon. Good Luck being satisfied buddy, I know I am.

  • NiiDiddy

    this are the kinds of phones from Samsung that makes me cringe. but i cannot be picky – these devices are not for me since i am an advanced smartphone kinda guy. Galaxy S is more like it…

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