Phonedog Unboxes The Garminfone

Noah, of fame is back at it again with another unboxing and this time around, he is giving some love to the upcoming Garminfone. Now I have to admit, more of you have sounded off in the comments with interest in this device than I would have originally thought. So without further ado, watch the above video and let us know in the comments if you are still keeping this on your radar.


  • hiddengopher

    windows 95 is almost as ugly as that UI

    • andrew

      i wish tmobile would let the people vote for the phones

      • effdee1121

        ^^agreed. that UI is HORRIBLEE.

  • frank

    played wit this fone….abs. terrible…wat is the point of an android fone if u cant personalize it….fone is garbage…if i wanted a gps i would by 1 if not id use google maps gps cause its 1000x better then this fone….this fone is going to end up sittin on the shelf wit the dust bunnys….garbage fone i cant even believe tmo would do this….very disappointing…waitin for the mytouch slide to hit the store…fone going to be a billion times better then this only thin is that i wish it had a bigger processer…but w.e….tmo…shame on u for take this fone on! you should let the people decide on to what should be in the fone..GIVE ME N1 PLEASE!!!

  • david

    Like in the movie “Field of dreams” if you build it they will come. Well for us with Tmob phones. If you give us the phone we really want we will stay. But its looking like it might be time for a change.

  • Joe blow

    As I have stated before…this is still android…ahome and fresh face still work on this phone just like any other android phone so if its the ui you dont like get over it.

  • Nova504

    Thats Android, looks like a whole new OS. I dont see any resemblance, other than the apps. Dont seem to be customizable. Just a Failure to me!

  • king moses

    I have used the phone and it is complete garbage

  • mike

    its not that bad

  • TMoEmployee

    You idiots are forgetting what the device was meant to be, and that’s a GPS device with a phone.
    I’ve used the phone also. It’s very snappy and directionally useful. I know with Android, you are looking to fully customize. But that’s just not happening to fullest for this device.

    It may be garbage to you, terrible to you or horrible to you. But it may be wonderful to the person that travels everywhere all day. Sherpa and Google maps aren’t all there is to navigation people. It’s just a company taking advantage of Androids strong OS, with their own twist.

    It’s contents are built around extreme navigation. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. Don’t say it’s terrible. Just say, it’s not for you. Cause, the phone is actually pretty nice, in my “opinion”. I’m not going to buy it because, I do prefer some of the more customizing capabilities Android offers.

    And if you’re going to say crap like, it’s garbage. Give me a reason. And don’t say, I don’t like the UI. Cause then you look like an idiot. Say it doesn’t work, functionally against what it was meant for. Then we have a valid argument.

    • ORLY?

      “extreme navigation” you can’t be serious. Let me just ask you why someone would look like an idiot questioning the UI when as we have seen in the last 4-5 years it can make or break a phone and/or OS. I also question it’s functionality based on it’s specs alone, we all know that 600mhz does not make for the snappiest of experiences during real life use of Android, so I’d like to see how it multitasks a phonecall, gps and a few apps running in the background. I can’t find any RAM specs easily, but I’m guessing 256mb or less. If this phone came out a couple years ago, then I think it would be a decent phone. Just because it fits a small niche market doesn’t mean it’s going to be a good product. You don’t need to take it as your personal mission to tell others how they should feel or express themselves.

      • TMoEmployee

        First off Orly??? Why am I even responding with a name like that? I’m assuming you haven’t even touched the phone, right? So please….. Enough said!

      • beastly

        Actually, the processor on my 9700 is 624 mHz, and it runs multiple apps all day long just fine. I have no doubt the Garmin will run several apps at once on its 600 mHz processor without falling to pieces.

        At any rate, the UI is definitely not for me but, surprisingly, I instantly thought of a few of my trucker friends who would love it. Include the ability to tether (which is available on Android- sort of: and truckers will go nuts for it. I’m not sure how many truckers will be comfortable rooting the phone and installing tethering apps, though.

        At any rate, the UI is not going to appeal to younger or more tech-savvy users, but older folks who want easy access to a few commonly-used functions might find it a good way to make use of Android without having to step too far outside their comfort zone.

      • ORLY?

        @ Beastly

        Comparing processor speeds across OS’s doesn’t work. What does work is looking at other phones with similar specs running the same operating system. Let’s take the Droid for example. I have definitely heard a lot of complaints in regard to multitasking with the Droid.

    • ORLY?

      How is that enough said???? I brought up a few reasons why I didn’t like the phone based on other phones with similar specs and instead of refuting anything I said, you act like because you’ve played around with the phone my comments don’t hold true. I’ll tell you what, after this phone releases, if there are not any complaints abouts about lack of RAM and ability to multitask without lag I will eat my words.

  • TMoEmployee

    And to the rest that may have something to say. It’s clean and simple.

    If you don’t like it, don’t buy it! I just get annoyed with your forced views on a product you haven’t even touched yet! It just might be a piece of crap. But, until real life shows us that, keep your non-factual comments as mere premature opinions.

    Thanks, and have a nice day.

    (saying this while walking away)….. Orly??? WTF….. *smh* LOL!

    • deeone

      i feel you too muuuuuuuucccccccccccccchhhhhhhhhhhhh lol idiots never tried the phone but they complain all day long, WTF. travelers will love it, 3.5 is also big enough for some people.

    • ORLY?

      Stop whining.

  • Green Robot

    I’m not buying it.


    I also work for t-mobile in Michigan and this phone has good and bad things about it.


    Navigation w/o a T-Mobile signal, we all know that t-mobile is working on coverage but it still has its areas. This phone uses 4 other signals to get your exact location and guide you where you need to go.

    Screen size is perfect, all touch screen phones should come with this size screen standard on them.

    Comes with a car charger and dock.


    You can not make calls while the GPS does not work.

    No 3.5m jack.

    The android system could have been put on a little better.

    • TMO

      Actually you can make calls and use navigation at the same time as long as your call is on speaker phone. Second, people of coarse this phone isn’t based around the customization that android has become popular phone, its purposely based around navigation! The UI is perfect for what the phone is. Honestly I can see this phone being a huge sell, i bet a lot of people will pick a navigation-first device, which is something they actually use, over a pure smart-phone device which they don’t take advantage of the power it has anyways.
      — sorry TMOBOY the only reason I responded to your post with this is because you said it wouldn’t make calls and do navigation. I have witnessed it doing just that.

      • Green Robot

        I have a feeling that this phone is going to become one of T-Mobile’s more spectacular failures. Care to make a wager…?

  • yogs

    and Garbage

  • Xsster

    This phone will probably be under 10% wanted phone for consumer. FAILED

  • AndroidRRR

    WOW did anyone even watch the whole video? @ about 5mins 12secs in he clicked on widgets and it takes you to a more standard android interface with 5 screens.

  • thguy

    if you hold the home key it takes you to the 5 screens to add widgets etc like every other android phone. this phone is just another android offering and will appeal to the 40-50 year old person who wants a smart phone but cant really understand most android devices.

  • TMobileemployee

    Every needs to calm down a bit, this is actually a fairly nice phone. Is it for intense Android Fan Boys, well obviously not. Is it for Android fans, probably not. But it is a nice phone for someone looking for a very nice GPS device.

    This GPS device is significantly more accurate than using Google Maps, it offers features found in a $400 Garman standalone GPS model. It comes with maps of both Canada and Mexico, which most GPS units dont come with. You can customize the announcement prompts with your own voice, or say your kids voice. You have true built in exchange service for outlook users that will sink email, contacts, and calender over the air.

    Its actually very responsive for a device. It is a 1.6 build, but it feels like its an eclair build. exchange, pinch to zoom, etc. I didn’t say it is, just feels a little like. screen rotates both directions.

    you still have android, it just has a garmin UI, so you can still have access to what ever features and apps you had on any other Android phone. Thats the widget screen, so you can have the 5 home screens for customizing. You can also access that screen by holding down the home key.

    there are other cool things about it, but I’m going to write a full on review. I’m just saying this phone is going to sell. Its not going to be another HD2 or even a Mytouch selling phone, but it will sell as much if not more then a Cliq XT or the DASH 3g.

    I know the store I work at is excited about it.