New Samsung Android Phone Coming


Well, well, what do we have here?  It looks like a new Samsung phone has received approval by the Bluetooth SIG.  See that “T” with three numbers after it, yeah, that means it is T-Mobile bound.  Now, the sheet is a bit misleading, stating that it is the T959 and then later the T939.  Either way, it should be an interesting Samsung phone.  Speculation has it that this is the Galaxy S, but since that passed the FCC as the i897 I’m not so sure.  As of now, the rumored specs include the Android OS, the TouchWiz 3.0 UI, Bluetooth 3.0, a 4 inch Super AMOLED touchscreen and possible a 1 GHz processor (if it does follow the Galaxy S).  Sounds great and all, but isn’t it about time that we see some HSPA+ phones to compete with that HTC EVO 4G?  As always, leave your thoughts in the comments!


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  • big iz

    well all this back-n-forth is cool.. but the bottom line, if you’re android savvy at all, is if the hardware is what you want, get it… the fact that its running of the Android OS, means that you can customize the hell out of it, and make look like whatever you want it to look like.. so touchwiz would not be an issue… i just want the best hardware possible for my tmo carrier… thats the best screen, and the best processor.. maybe the best camera too.. (extras are hd data ports, and and headphone jack).. whatever they put on it, will likely be wiped in the first week or so…

  • Matt

    This phone will be dead in 7 months in time to roll out the T979. F**K SAMSUCK!

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  • dell streak review

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  • Prateek Panchal

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