Dell Lightning Dropping On T-Mobile?


Those fine boys at Engadget managed to get their hands on quite a doozy tonight with a leaked slideshow offering up images of a future Dell Windows 7 phone.  The best part?  T-Mobile 3G!  T-Mobile 3G!  The part that’s better than that? The specs: 1GHz QSD8250 Snapdragon processor, WVGA 4.1-inch OLED display, five megapixel autofocus camera, 1GB of flash with 512MB RAM plus 8GB of storage on a MicroSD card (non-user-replaceable, we’re assuming), GPS, accelerometer, compass, FM radio, and full Flash support including video playback.  Um, yes please, may I have another?  With a release date slated for the 4th quarter, Engadget is betting on a Windows 7 launch phone and we tend to agree with their thinking.  We also tend to agree that this thing looks pretty damn slick.  HTC HD2, eat your heart out.

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  • alt-mobile

    Sooo…I used to come to this site every day to find out about new phones/new happenings for T-Mobile. But now I just come to read a bunch of people acting “hard” and talking lot of crap to other people through the comfort and protection of the internet (not to mention the super heated debates about the same topics that never seem to get old, excellent…).

    Anyways, I digress. This phone does look pretty sweet (especially the specs under the hood!). I also do like the fact that it has a keyboard (what can I say, I am a physical keyboard kind of guy) however, I’m not a big fan of the Shadow like sliding upwards to access the keyboard (would have rather liked it to be like the TP2, but then again, just a personal preference).

    I can’t WAIT for this phone to start falling in to people’s hands so that we can see some reviews of it and see what kind of damage it can do.

    • Ryan

      I used to come here for the trolling and the flames but with serious posts like yours I’m not sure what to do.

    • Vbol

      You must not go online much at all. All everyone does is act “hard” and talk crap. It’s bad enough that Engadget has started turning off comments when it gets too bad.

      Enjoy Internet 2.1, all the cool stuff of internet 2.0 now with 80% more a–holes!

    • Blargables

      i blame teens with no friends

      • sorandkairi

        I second that or rather adults with no lives either or!

      • Blargables

        ahh, true true

  • H Young

    Looks like everyone is bashing Windows phone 7 so I’ll add a bit of common sense analysis. For me, Android is the best platform but suffers because the best apps and developers are still iPhone first. Windows Phone looks interesting because it standardizes devices. One thing that keeps a lot of the big apple developers from doing Android versions is that they have to develop an app for android 1.5, 1.6, 2.0, 2.1 and on each screen size, etc. Time will tell but if the apps jump on board with Windows Phone 7 I’d jump back there from my Nexus one. My only complaint has been the fact that all the really nice apps are only on iPhone. Yet even with the iPhone 4G specs, I can’t go to that platform because it doesn’t really support all the things I can do with Android. IMO, I say wait until mid 2011 and we’ll see something interesting shake out. In the mean time I’m an early adopter so whichever really sick phone comes to T-Mo next I’ll sell my N1 and get it, whether it be another Android phone, the iPhone HD or Windows Phone 7. Eventually someone will get it right. At least the competition takes us to a place where companies have to add features to the phones rather than hold them back. Remember the days when a phone had a camera but no MP3 player, or a MP3 player and no GPS. This all is a win-win for the consumer.

    • B

      The upcoming Android 2.2 is rumored to clear a lot of that fragmentation nonsense up. The Nexus One, even with it’s minor issues, is still my favorite current phone, and if what I read about the feature list of Windows Phone 7 is true, I’d rather keep my HD2 than anything new coming out with Microsoft.

  • cj

    If it going to be in the forth quarter, why does it have old specs. The 1GHz Snapdragon processor, with 512MB RAM, and five megapixel autofocus camera. And 8GB of storage on a MicroSD card. I believe by the forth quarter of this year the 1GHz should be updated, it will be getting a little long in the tooth by then. And five megapixel, not 8. The Sprint Evo 4G and couple other phones by then will have them. I am just sick of these phones coming out with the same specs. And such an late launch window, it should be better. It is set for a little over 6 months can’t we start seeing better. Maybe you guys are thrilled T-mobile, is getting Windows 7 phone. But is makes any better than the HD2, it with the same specs 6 months from now. It will all ready be obsolete, by then and will be talking about the HD3 and Iphone 4G2.

  • Laz

    @cj, a little long in the tooth, you are correct. The issue here is the hardware is most likely ready to go but WM7 has not been released yet. As H Young stated above, every phone that is hitting the market is pushing the envelope on what phones can do and ultimately will benefit us the consumers!

    • remixfa

      i dont quite get how its “long in the tooth”.. LOL 1 ghz snapdragons are only in the “lamborghini” class phones right now. soon, it will be in the midrange phones like the cliqs n droids n such. When that happens they will push out those 1.5ghz dual core chips that were talked about a few months ago, creating a new super high end. Its a cycle. Being tech geeks, we’re ready for the next thing as soon as we get the newest thing in our hands, but the market isnt that fast :)

  • UzukiC

    If 1ghz is long in the tooth, got to feel pretty bad for those kids running around thinking their Droid is the coolest phone in the universe. :-) I don’t suspect 1ghz will be less than top end at least until Q2 2011 – and if it isn’t, 1.3 isn’t going to feel like a gigantic improvement. Should be the perfect price point to drop a new model phone on a new OS, and I’m very excited to see how it runs!

  • threetee14

    saying 1ghz is getting long in the tooth is a bit much. Only ultra super high end phones have that right now. If u look closely, only the HD2 and the droid incredible are the only phones sold in US stores that has it. Heck, incredibles not even out yet.

    Sometimes people forget how fast that processor is, especially when used right (check out incredible’s reviews on the speed of that phone.)

    • JBLmobileG1

      Don’t forget…. the Nexus One has a 1Ghz processor in it. It was the FIRST phone to even have that fast of a processor in it in the US and might have been one of the first (or few) world wide.

  • bored2nite

    am i the only one that finds it weird (if not “replaceable”) that in the slide it mentions having a MicroSD card slot? like obviously is has one for storage… but to mention it almost seems like “hey u can add your own kids!”

  • Iceryder

    i mean everyone is talking about the protcessors and such but that processor doesn mean anything if it doesnt have enough ram to make the processor go to it fullest extent. when we get a 1g ram and 1 1 or 1.3ghz processor then we can start raving. i mean the 512 works but the phones could be so much better and run way smoother. i am just saying

    • clocinnorcal

      Exactly, Im curious to see how the Samsung Galaxy S it going to be, with its rumored faster 1ghz hummingbird proccessor and dedicated GPU. Not sure on the RAM though, ive heard rumors of up to 8GB. Hmmmm

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Have fun not being able to Multitask and having to scroll over just to read the rest of the menu words. WP7 has promise but they seriously need to fix alot about the OS. I won’t change off WM6.5 until I see that WP7 is better and right now, Xbox integration is not a deciding factor for me.

  • gary

    They want your money.

  • Lukas

    Awesome I want it.

  • hecg55

    hey so this is prob a noob question (please dont bash on me) but the hd2 will be upgradeable to windows 7 mobile when it comes out right??



  • jshin

    The HD2 will be able to run a ported version of 7 but will not get the official os upgrade.

  • jshin

    Also the slider is not a design I like so I will still be on the lookout for my next device.

  • Vinny

    Long in the tooth, hardly, certain companies are putting out netboooks running on android and snapdragon processor. That is one muscle bounded combination that can go along way.

  • Myclevername

    Why all the focus on chip speed and megapixels? WP7 will not be amultitasking chip eater and who needs an 8 mp camera? So you can email 5MB pictures to people and eat up your data plan and have pictures that have huge files sizes and crush your friends inboxes? 5MP is plenty. Everyone is obsessed with bigger chips and more pixels and 95% of the people who get these phone won’t even read the manual.
    “Here’s your Ferrari kid!..too bad you don’t know how to drive yet.”
    And apps? Apps are like toys…fun for a while then you get tired of them quickly and stop playing with them and want a new one. I need about 10 apps to really enhance my phone and after that I’m just goofing around with them.
    Just my opinion.

  • RJ

    Just came across this site. I have been with T-Mobile for a few years now. I received an invitation from them a few months ago to answer survey ?’s on what I would like to see on a new super fast phone. It was a long survey & one of the questions was to help pick a name for the phone. I ranked their names 1 to 5, and then submitted my suggestion. Lightening or Lightening Strike. Funny. I wonder if I actually helped pick the name?
    After I was with TMo about a year or two, they offered me their Loyalty rate of $49.99 for unlimited talk. Very nice.
    A couple of phone problems over the years, mainly with my G1 Android. Excellent customer service & support. Very nice rep’s on the phone.
    So I see a missed call from 1-877-275-1735. I called back & it was TMObile. they wanted to tell me they were cancelling my service. They said I ROAM too much. I live in the same house, (25 years), travel the same routes, and use about 1600 min per month. Nothing in my calling or call patterns has changed. So anyway, the bastards say they are shutting off my service on Sept 13th. I use my phone for my business so Thanks TMO. I now need to find a new carrier. Buy a new phone. A new car charger, etc, etc. Soooooooooo F.O. T Mobile. You stupid bastards.

  • Ancient VB Master

    The Nexus one was not the first available mobile with the snapdragon processor. That honor lies with LG Expo…