T-Mobile USA iPhone Rumors (Again)


Here we go with another rumor pertaining to the iPhone, T-Mobile and our hopes and dreams for its arrival. Whatever you think about the iPhone, its appearance on the magenta network would certainly give a boost to a fourth place T-Mobile.  Deutsche Telekom CEO Rene Obermann hinted in an interview today that the T-Mobile USA branch is indeed hoping to land a deal for the iPhone.   Speaking to the Financial Times, CEO Obermann didn’t detail any specifics regarding the talks but hoped to have a deal in place as soon as late 2010 or 2011.  Interestingly enough he emphasized that Android would “support the network in the meantime.”

While, of course, Apple declined comment for the story and never discusses future carrier plans, T-Mobile is a likely partner though certainly not the anticipated front-runner.  With the largest customer base in America, most expect Verizon to pick up the next iteration of the iPhone though with technology similar to that of AT&T, T-Mobile is a more likely fit.  While Android fans on T-Mobile may lament the arrival of the iPhone, there would be little question as to whether or not it could help the T-Mobile USA branch.  The iPhone brings the customers as AT&T has discovered with consistent records of customer adds every quarter.  With AT&T network troubles prominent in the news and T-Mobile making vast improvements, it might be opportune for them to seize on AT&T troubles. For the moment, it’s all rumor and speculation but when the Deutsche Telekom CEO speaks, we listen.


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  • Halo

    Word going around today is that Apple will begin selling iPhones at full retail price with no AT&T contract required. While Apple has been offering the iPhone at full retail price, a contract with AT&T was mandatory.

    Bear in mind that unlike some reports [or tweets] this doesn’t mean the iPhones will be sold unlocked, or that you’ll be able to use it with your favorite wireless carrier. You’ll still tied to AT&T.

    The device is fully priced at $499 for the 8GB iPhone 3G. The iPhone 3GS will be priced at $599 and $699 for the 16 GB and 32GB versions respectively. Apple currently sells completely unlocked iPhones at full retail price in many countries around the world, including France, Spain, Hong Kong, and Poland.

    On the other hand, all iPhones sold in the United States are locked. However, it’s said that it’s not that difficult to unlock an iPhone.

    It is not entirely certain if the announcement by AT&T this morning to carry Palm and Dell smartphones has something to do with the decision by Apple not to require an AT&T contract anymore when purchasing a new iPhone.

  • http://iphoneauctions.com.au/ jolie styvers

    As far as I know, Apple and AT&T has a deal regarding this and have been in contract until 2011. If this rumor should be true, then, this should come into fruition early 2011 or late 2010.

  • SiliconAddict

    NO NO NO NO NO. Keep that POS off of T Mobile’s network. We’ve already seen what happens when a network gets b slapped by Apple’s hardware. Do not let it infect T Mobile’s

  • a loyal customer

    I called several t mobile stores. One of the store managers know for sure that t mobile will be getting the iphone this coming august.
    He confirmed it- they received a memo from corporate

    • David

      No such memo exists, you don’t think such a memo would have leaked 100x over? People who believe such things likely believe Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny are currently having tea time somewhere right now.

      • emppa

        hey david i have yo say that it does exists because 2 of my stores have it

        • David

          I don’t remember what you are referring to…certainly not the iPhone…NO CHANCE two stores have T-Mobile iPhones and the rest of the world doesn’t know about it.

    • Rifleman

      There once was a fable about a character known as Chicken Little who managed to convince a bunch of mental lightweights that “The sky is falling”.

      It’s now mid-August and the iPhone is nowhere to be seen.

  • http://www.yoursolarlink.com IPhone user

    So, are we getting IPones on T-Mobile or not???

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  • TheTruth

    60 percent of T-mobile customers have been with them longer than 4 years. Ive been with them 7 years. Smaller is always better. Screw Verizon & ATT, they suck.

    All the people who use them are flip floppers chasing to get the “new cool phone” T-mobile is legit and loyal. We don’t want trash on our network. Enough said

  • http://www.itrix.info itrix

    OK I think this is good because the more company/carriers that offer iPhone service and products the less the consumers will pay since they are competing with each other for customers. The company with the most attractive price and service will generally get more customers.

  • saguviper

    Does it matter anymore. CNBC and others have announced that Deutche Telekom has sold TmobileUSA to ATT. That means iphone for all tmobile people that want it, cause when iphone 5 comes out, that will have quad band support to enable service on ATT towers and Tmobile Old towers.