T-Mobile HD2 Sold Out?


Update: Looks like there are still some stores with devices on hand, but it’s certainly moving quickly so you better act fast!

Word coming down from all sources is that the HTC HD2 is sold out across the board in retail stores. You might have some luck if you call around but as we hear it, it’s sold out, sold out, sold out.  We’ll update this as we learn more!


  • ExtraGiddy

    I’m soooo glad I changed my mind and got up early this morning to get this phone. I’m so excited! This phone is beautiful! 1st in line. People were buying this thing by 2s. Both stores by me were sold out before 10!

    • MoJo..HD@

      I GOT MINE!!!!>>..up early and first in line to get the first 2 at my store..!!!!

  • mike

    why would you want tzones when you can get the whole internet, tzones on a hd2 what a joke, if you must have tzones go back to a 5 year old flip phone

    • mrbuyit

      Why would you want to pay $30 for whole internet when you can use Tzones on 3G including tethering for $5.99? It is grandfathered and was designed to work on non-smartphones but it works on Bold 9700 and Dash 3G without a problem and supports full 3G.
      The reason is to save $25 a months (more the $500 over 2 yrs). New Web2Go won’t work on smartphones ($10) but TZones should work – just wanted to see if anyone tried it because I take a jump!

  • Matt


    When people refer to t-zones, its just edge service, same internet.etc BUT it’s only $5 a month if you are grandfathered in.

    So people who have horrible 3g service in their area, its actually pretty awesome

    • mrbuyit

      Well, all I can say is that TZones is not for EDGE-only phones. Once the network is switched to 3G, there is no way to filter EDGE signal to those with TZones. Being grandfathered is beautiful (just like still having myFaves). Wish someone would reply and tell if it works! My TM store refused to allow me to put in my SIM to try!

  • Anthony

    Are you getting paid to sell the HD2? It seems pretty unanimous that the HD2 isn’t “sold out, sold out, sold out” based on many of the posts and calling a few stores here in Chicago. Not to mention that the quantities that were at each store (5-15?) isn’t exactly something to brag about “selling out”.

    With T-mobile screwing their customers today by changing the early upgrade there is no point to for me to pay $450 for a phone that some can get for $100 with a new activation. I have a feeling that this phone is going to be eclipsed for Tmobile shortly at CTIA.

    • john

      sometimes things change, if you’re on a family time plan with more than 89.99 per month spent you’ll have a full upgrade anyway.

      • Anthony

        Sometimes things change? They day of supposedly the “best” phone in the world is released and it changes over night by luck? Stop being so naive.

        I spend about $150 on my family plan with 2 blackberry’s and add-ons. One phone is at 24 months and one is at 12 months. On my 12 month phone YESTERDAY I could upgrade, but today not so much.

      • john

        Not being naive. These changes were put into training a month ago. Besides, the privledge to do early upgrade was just that a privledge. The early upgrade plus is still there too if you’re at 18 months.

      • Anthony

        The “privilege” (sometimes you can’t just sound out a word) to receive my $150 every month is just that, a “privilege’.

      • beej

        I was told by Online Customer Care that I didn’t qualify for the full discount, but I went down anyways, and without asking for it, they gave it to me. You may have already gone down there to try, but if not, see if you can get the full discount.

      • john

        Well, if you are spending 150 a month, and its been more than 12 months since your last upgrade, you should have the family upgrade option. So if you’re really spending that much you should already have your phone. The fact that you are posting a complaint indicates either you haven’t called in or you’re lying about your amount you spend.

      • Anthony

        john says:
        March 24, 2010 at 7:09 pm

        Well, if you are spending 150 a month, and its been more than 12 months since your last upgrade, you should have the family upgrade option. So if you’re really spending that much you should already have your phone. The fact that you are posting a complaint indicates either you haven’t called in or you’re lying about your amount you spend.

        1) I’ve never heard of the family upgrade option
        2) When I log in to my Tmobile account and try to upgrade my phone, I don’t get a full upgrade. Please see a number of the other posts here with the same problem
        3) The fact that me posting a complaint online only yields 2 possible options shows according to you loses all your credibility. No, I haven’t had time to call in because the fact is that they changed the early upgrade thing today and I think that is shady. I also, as noted, don’t really want the HD2 since there are going to be a lot better options coming out over the summer and into the fall.

      • JD

        Because the “old” upgrade plan is still on the website, they said they would honor it when I asked politely.

      • MoJo..HD@

        LOL!!!!!!ANTHONY>>> I’m lovin my Phone….lol…and for your last statement about not wanting the HD2….if you didn’t/don’t want…then why are you so mad..shut up and stop complaining…BY the time summer and fall come around you will be able to update…lol…chill buddy..

  • Kevin

    Anyone able to get the blockbuster app to work? Seems to be the only thing not working for me. It updated itself to v2.33, but now it just tells me that I’m offline and I need to connect to my cellular service network or Wi-Fi which I clearly am. Anyone else seeing this?

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Is it my computer or was T-Mo News down AGAIN for the past few hours? Tried to log on and got that T-Mo “temporarily available” message.

    They need to find another hosting company, this is very hillbilly being down every so often.

    • DotNetCoderAZ

      I was going to say something about that too… if it’s not the Temp Down message, it’s the cannot connect to database message… WTH TMONEWS?

  • DK Brothers

    Off topic for a second…

    Is anyone besides me having a problem getting Google Maps to load? Mine has been saying “loading” for two hours. Guess I’ll just reinstall it.

    • justsomedude

      Or get a Google phone LOL

      • Doug


      • beej

        Wow, Justsomedork, I didn’t see this comment coming from you!

  • bahhumbug

    no way no how! no apple in my hands! heck no ms fone either!. and as for ms shooting them selves in the foot “no upgrades over lack of buttons” let that be put on the tombstone.

    whats next rotary fones you can take with you?

    let them eat poor sales just like google when they decided to toss out all of the “pre existing” customers and only give deals to the newbies.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    THIS SITE NEEDS TO GET A NEW HOST. THE SERVER IS SO HILLBILLY. The site has been down from time to time all morning. Been getting that “Can’t find a node” message.

    • David, Managing Editor

      There is certainly a problem with the hosting going on, I’m working to rectify it but its not the quickest move in the world.

  • Kevin

    Has anyone got the blockbuster app to work? It upgraded itself to v2.33 and not it just says that I am offline and need to connect to my carrier service network or Wi-Fi which I clearly already am. This is currently the only thing that doesnt seem to be working. Anyone else getting this?

    • Green Robot

      Hey maybe they went bankrupt like they were going to. Did you check financial news to check?

  • matt

    Damnnn, I’m soo jealous of you guys and pissed at myself. I was on my way to work and was thinking, should I go now, or just wait until lunch? (BTW I’m in NYC, downtown area) I figured I’d rather be on time for work and just go on lunch at 12, they should still have it. So I get there at 12 and they say, “we only got 13 phones in, they were gone within 30 minutes” GGGRRR now I have to call CS and order one over the phone and wait for it :-(

    • Jay

      If you pop into Queens, Jackson Heights / Elmhurst area, you might get better luck if you want it today. My location only sold about 2 by the afternoon.

  • happyhd2’r

    im so happy I got my hd 2 before it sold out and I took advantage of the bogo and got my mom one too..it is amazing and so is swype I love it

  • DK Brothers

    Matt, If you went to the store at 170 Broadway, I got one of the 13 they had.

  • chaoscentral

    got mine this morning :) so glad i did lol this thing is a beast. getting it didst exactly go as smooth as i had liked but i got it and am writing this content from it :)

  • mike

    my local store still has 5 left

  • JD

    Sold out is the least of my worries. Mow when I log into My T-mobile, I’m told that none of my lines are eligible for an upgrade. I called 611 several time over the last few weeks to confirm that 3/4 are, and I had upgrade options for those lines up until noon today. T-Mobile, you’re making me angry!! Anyone else having this problem?

    • lvcrazy

      yup same here, this sucks.. i have to go back on april and check if i can still do it.

      • beej

        I’d at least try…online may not have as much flexibility as the stores or 611…

      • Chad

        I checked to see if I was eligible at midnight last night and the site said I wasn’t. I entered a chat with a rep and they said it’s a problem with the site. If you were eligible you still are. BTW, I got charged $249 plus an $18 upgrade fee. What happened to a smart phone upgrade every 12 months being charged the same as new customers? G1->HD2 = $249!?

    • JD

      After calling and telling them that the early upgrade plus information is still on their website, they said they would still honor it and offered it at $199. Be persistent but polite, and you’ll probably get it for less.

      Apparently they changed their upgrade schedule as of today. Very sneaky TMo, very sneaky…

    • codester

      called yesterday to confirm my full upgrade with cs. they confirmed that I did and would get it for $199. got to the store this morning to purchase and was told $249 + $18 for upgrade fee. politely told rep my story with cs. they looked up the notes on my account and saw that they told me the lower price. walked out 20 minutes later with the hd dos in my hand for $199! wrote this message on swype with the new beast!

  • Gentilly Woods

    Got mine at 10:06 this morning in Memphis, TN. Glad I did got there when they opened at 10:00. While setting up my new phone, 5 others walked in to purchase. Only 5 in the store. Sold out by 10:20. Whew!!! Beautiful phone :-)

  • josh

    I went in today and got a bogo without being out of contract I’m at 18 months

  • http://jjvtech.com jjvtech

    Can you tether the phone? I would be nice if you can use your 3g network on your laptop.

    • aLb3Rt

      tether and use it as a wifi router. i’ve actually tried it. pretty cool!

  • JBLmobileG1

    @ Matt… why not just try your local WalMart? They might still have it in stock. I know at mine we still have a few with the first selling at cost. Most people I am sure went to the Tmobile store first but why not try WalMart? If your upgrading or adding a new line its only $148.88 with a 2yr contract. I would say the only real downside is that we don’t offer the BOGO deal buts its still $50 cheaper and you can’t beat that.

  • geonex88

    enjoying mine, glad I made the investment.

    • Anthony

      Buying a phone =/= making an investment

  • Chuong

    Went to a store near my work to check out the Nokia Nuron. The HD2 was sold out and the last two who picked them up were still there to have their phones set up.

  • Joe Pa

    So I popped in my sim card from my MT3G in my HD2 and everything seems to work. It reads 3G up topp, So I guess I don’t need to call T-Mobile Customer service and do anything? Is this right? By the way…this phone is the bees knees!!!!

    • Dalton

      Why would you..? Your sim card works for any phone on T-Mobile…

      • Joe Pa

        Yeah, I thought I heard something about different servers for Android and Windows phones. I can’t tell, though it seems fast as hell to me.

  • http://hiphopthugz.com nkog

    i picked mine up today but the rom is garbage it crashes and freezes like crazy. xda here i come!

  • Happy Camper

    I upgraded from my nokia 2110 ( http://www.gsmarena.com/nokia_2110-24.php ) to the HD2. Almost the same specs except HD2 has bigger screen. Giving my HD2 a month to test it out. if it is not what I expect, I will be going back to my nokia and watch transformers on it.

    • Green Robot

      That is just plain hilarious. Best post of the month by far…

    • beej


  • Ceddy Ced

    Phone looks nice. I dont know though. I already have one pet peeve. Nice sunny day outside with my phone…. i couldnt see shit on the screen but my handsome face smh. Good thing i got 14 days….

    • Joe Pa

      Did you check yes when it asked for the Google tracking option in the setup?

  • gargoyle999

    anyone figure out wifi tethering yet?

  • RayLebron

    I got mine early. Sadly I discovered that the my unit was previously used by one of the sales representative. I went back later, after work, and asked them to replace it for a new one. Thankfully they did and things couldnt be any better. Great phoje by the way.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      That would really frost me, selling a used phone as new.

    • sdot00

      I wonder why they would have done that?? Most of the stores got 2 demos or at least 1….that’s not typical of a TMO corporate store…but I’m glad they took care of it for you!

      • RayLebron

        When I went back to the store a representative told me that another representative opened the phoje and inserted his sim card to show the phone to someone. I noticed my phoje was previously used when I tried to make a call. I noticed that it had a lost call, I called back and ask the guy who picked up the phone if he worked for TMo. He told me he did. Thats when I decided to go back. The phone was in perfect shape and I dont know you guys but if I’m going to buy something that’s new I want to be the first one to try it.

  • Ricardo

    Got there at 9:30 and no one was there. By ten, 7 people were behind me. When i got in, i had trouble getting it on my account so the overided the problem and i was good. I asked the clerk how many they got. He said nine, so i looked back at the line and it was to the door. I shook my head and walked out with my baby. Hulu works nice on skyfire. How did you guys get swype on the phone cause i don’t see it?

    • gargoyle999

      you get to swype by tapping on the triangle next to the keyboard graphic that brings up the keypad. And you can select phone keypad, compact qwerty, full qwerty or swype.

    • gargoyle999

      you get to swype by tapping on the triangle next to the keyboard graphic that brings up the keypad. And you can select phone keypad, compact qwerty, full qwerty or swype.

    • gargoyle999

      you get to swype by tapping on the triangle next to the keyboard graphic that brings up the keypad. And you can select phone keypad, compact qwerty, full qwerty or swype.

      • gargoyle999

        ugh….sorry. keeps timing out, didn’t think it went though.

  • esco

    sucks so bad…i was one of those guys who was too far back in line to get it. I cry salty tears of regret. :( went to like 5 stores and they were all sold out just when I got there.

  • cu2cool

    Got mine at 9:30AM (EST) today. Noticed that when it’s sending or receiving data, there is noticible lag. (especially with the weather) Things I miss already off the bat from my MT3G/Android OS:

    1.) Google sync (Contacts, Calendar, Gmail)

    That is all, but I really do miss it. ='(

  • Marcus

    My local store got 12 in today and I got there around 1 and they sold out while I was paying for mine.

  • Lujan75

    finally a device that will satify all the critics, this phone rocks!!!! the droid and N1 dont even compare!

  • Jose

    Thats right, had to order mine from tmobile website. Saw it and tested at radio shack. Great phone.

  • Mike D

    I got my HD2 today! I got there at 8:45am and by 9:45am all 10 units were gone! SOLD OUT!!! I do think that T-Mobile really short changed themselves by ONLY sending 10 units to their stores! However, this phone is BETTER than I expected! By far the BEST phone I’ve ever owned. Now if only it had Google Maps with turn by turn voice!!! In due time…Google will probably release it this summer… fingers crossed.

    • Cu2cool


  • justsomed?de

    Sold out already? I hope people understand this this just came out and for it to be sold out now means that Tmo had no confidence in it so they only had very few units to sell. = Fail and dead in the water.

    • Shayne Carlos

      and this is a bad thing? atleast we didnt have to wait in long lines like iphone peeps did, which sold out in a matter of seconds..

      • pookiepook

        well there are dumb asses who did wait from like 12 the night before for the iphone fortunately i did the opposite my smart 16 year old ass pre-ordered it in time for it to arrive at ma door Friday morning at 10:30 am june 16 =D

      • pookiepook

        june 16 2009 **

  • http://tmonews.com BenNYC

    HTC HD2 is sold out in every T Mobile store here in NYC. I had to order mine on line from T Mobile.com I will have it by Monday.

  • jtg205

    Imao hahaha to all you losers who bought this crap. Seriously tmobile gets all the leftovers all the other carriors dont want. Have any of you seen the sprint evo aka supersonic its amazing 4.3 inch screen 8.3 mp and the winner android. I just dont get how rational aperson must be to buy this window mobile crap when it will not upgrade to wm7. so please tmobile get something like the sprint evo.

    • Matt

      Too bad I can’t downrank here, that’s the biggest fail i’ve seen all day

    • Shayne Carlos

      im sorry to inform you but tmobile is home to 2 of the current most powerful devices “AVAILABLE” android && hd2, the evo isnt availble yet and by the time it is something tougher will appear…obviously no1 cares that it doesnt “officially” upgrade to wp7s..because its being sold out all over..EPIC FAIL MAN..
      we need a :hater: button lols

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      JustSumDud… is that you? Sure looks like you: the moronic writing style, misspellings and difficulty typing because of the three front teeth missing.

    • Steve

      one the evo is nice..but 4g doesn’t work everywhere…just cause it’s 8.3mp doesn’t mean it’s a good camera….and sprint sucks…and the evo is basically a hd2 with android which if we all wanted it could be put on the hd2 anyways

    • mrkhan

      what is above epic fail? all-encompassing fail? universal fail? whatever it is, this idiot nailed it. Yes the evo is nice, but then again:
      -at the end of the day, you’re stuck being a sprint customer.
      -8.3MP? Really? So you can do what, take even larger grainy picures with bad light? If you want to take 8MP pictures, get a camera.
      -Android-still a year or so from being really sorted out. Plus i don’t care to contribute to Google’s ongoing campaign to know what everybody does and when… WM6.5 isn’t that bad IMO. Everyone who badmouths it is probably wearing engadget-colored glasses.
      -4G? yes, but slower than HSPA+, and on a technology not being adopted by any other carrier, so have fun with that evo and its epic win-ness.

  • tucker

    we have 5 of the HD2 left at my tmobile limited in hurst, tx.

  • dizzylena

    I got to my tmo store downtown 10 minutes after opening, there were 8 people ahead of me in line. a few of them walked out with two by the time I left an hour later there were at least 10 people waiting in line.

    I can’t seem to get my phone numbers from my sim card to transfer over. is anyone having this problem? everything else is working great.

    I downloaded mobile netflix, very nice! I love the slacker radio way better than pandora. glad to see it came preloaded. it works just like my g2 slacker radio. think I’m going to sell that now…

    • dizzylena

      I should say in downtown CHICAGO

  • chrisrj28

    Yeah my buddy at the local store called me at 10:20 when his store opened at 10:00am. They had already sold 14 of the 20 they got in. Then I called at 11:45 and they were all gone, my lunch was at 12:00. Now I will have to order and wait, oh well.

  • Vinny

    Went in to get mine today and was reminded by the Tmo rep that the HTC trade in rebate has been extended until may. This is for anyone interested: https://www.recyclerebates.com/htc . Has anyone done this rebate in the past? Does it work?

    • JD

      Yeah, anyone with details about this rebate? Leaving an HTC for this one, if that matters.

  • Matt

    Ordered and waiting too, hopefully express shipping will get it here by Friday, I hate being patient.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Tip of the hat to those who got their HD2s today.

    But my concern is to actually order an HD2 before they run out. And I hate lines of any kind, airport, movies, T-Mo, you name it, I hate it.

    For that reason I ALWAYS order through 611. I called this morning at 3:00 a.m PDT and secured my order. From past 10 purchases I know it will arrive by Friday or Saturday. I am fine with that because I know I got one.

    Sidenote: See my posts in the other thread, but here’s some tips if you want to buy over the phone.

    1. Call at the time that CC opens. E.g., I knew they were open at 6:00 a.m EDT, so I had to call at 3:00. Don’t think there’s no hurry.

    When the Pearl went on sale in 2006 they were on backorder within a half day on debut day.

    2. When they have your order make damn sure they give you an order number and write it down. Only with an order number is it confirmed the computer saved a phone for you. Order numbers are spit out at the end of the transaction.

    3. If you are an Even More Plus customer, the CSR has to e-mail you an e-mail with a link that will go to a page where you digitally sign the credit installment plan. IF YOU DO NOT SIGN THAT AGREEMENT THE ORDER WILL NOT BE PLACED. SO DON’T THINK YOU CAN AVOID THAT.

    Look for that e-mail in your spam folder online or on your computer. Confirm with CSR when they have you on the phone that the e-mail HAS BEEN SENT. You should get it while you are still talking.

    Look for the e-mail for the next hour or so if you don’t get it instantly. Remember, no e-mail = no signature = the T-Mo computer will NOT process the order = no phone for you.

    Make sure the CSR spells the e-mail address out to you and does not insert .com where .net or .org may be applicable.

    The above got all screwed up when I ordered a BlackBerry 9700 where TWO CSRs misspelled my e-mail address that has “sanfrancisco” in it. They spelled it “sanfransisco.” So when I checked why no e-mail like they said would be arriving, they said “oh, keep looking for it.” End result, no phone for two extra weeks. I was livid.

    Bonus sidenote: Based on the CSRs saying the Hd2 was selling quick via the phones, I suspect the HD2 will be on backorder by the end of the day (611 time).

  • NCole

    I HEART THIS FREAKN PHONE!!!! Does anyone know if Best Buy, Radio Shack, or Walmart carry any accessories for the phone??

    • http://hiphopthugz.com nkog

      my tmobile store had some cases and screen protectors for it. i also got a blackberry car charger and case for 12 at the tmobile store. threw the case away and use the car charger for the hd2! lots of accessories on ebay and other sites for it.

      • NCole

        @ nkog thanks a mill:) My Tmo in Ok had zero accessories! But I will hit up the online sites…:)

    • Wilma Flintstone

      Hey NCole!!! Have you installed SPB Mobile Shell on yours yet?

      • NCole

        Hey Wilma Flintstone!!!!!!!:) I haven’t done that yet:/ just now getting to play with it, soon an very soon:) Have u installed yet?

  • sarah

    HD2 is amazing!!!!! As far as it goes for early upgrade plus, it was surprising for employees also. Just wait till 18 mos, (still 4 months early!)

  • ExtraGiddy

    Hey, Is anyone having trouble getting Active Sync to work properly? I had the Wing connected and it recognizes it fine, but the HD2 it does not. I’ve done all the so called troubleshooting including uninstalling/reinstalling AS. I have too many contacts/calendar items to try to do this manually. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks.

    • Vinny

      Active Sync and Google Sync worked fine for me. You do need to have Outlook installed and setup on your PC for Active Sync to work properly though. At least that is what I had to do.

  • Mista

    I just got mine suckers

  • David

    got mine when store opened this morning ay 10am and i am loving it to death,much better then the g1..my store only had 7 on hand in the store and they were sold out in 5 mins,it was ricko

  • chicago081

    Walked into a TMobile in downtown Chicago at 11:15 this morning, walked out at 12:00 with a new HD2, boom, bada, bing, just like that. I like the phone but it takes getting used to after using a old razr phone for the past 5 years.