So Why Aren’t You Buying The HD2 Again?


I have to say that I’m a little puzzled by the comments I see regarding the HTC HD2 and its upgrade possibilities or lack of them. A number of you have expressed complaints over the lack of a Windows Phone 7 upgrade path for the HTC HD2 and I have to really wonder why.  I get it . Windows Phone 7 looks cool, seems to function far better than Windows Phones have up to this point, but it’s all an unknown now.  You can’t sit and say I don’t want to buy a phone because it’s not going to be given something down the road, especially when that something is a complete unknown. In that case, don’t buy another computer, another car or another television because the model will change on you in the future.  Might there be improvements?  Absolutely!  What about Windows Phone 8?  Someone somewhere is in a room working on that project right now so maybe it’s worth waiting another 2 years for that to unveil.  The actual realm of knowledge regarding Windows Phone 7 is slim pickings at this point and, while it’s disappointing to know that the HD2 isn’t going to be upgraded in the future, it’s not a reason to skip the purchase.  The phone is amazing.  I’ve told you so  myself and it’s a phone that has plenty of longevity should you purchase it, Windows Phone 7 or not.

I really don’t understand the disappointment some of you are expressing.  I just don’t.  Windows Phone 7 looks great, but how does it actually function in a real-world test environment?  Will it offer the features you want and a market that has the apps you require?  While the last part may be an inevitable yes, it’s still not reason enough to not buy the phone.  The HD2 is a terrific smartphone.  It’s a lean mean fighting machine and it’s got the goods to play with the big boys.  Not buying the HD2 because it’s won’t follow an upgrade path to something you don’t even know you really want is just plain silly.  Failing to pick this up for that reason alone will only allow you to miss out on a perfectly good great smartphone.  So I hope some of you who are hesitating see the light, get into a store and try it out or just buy it because I told you to do so.

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  • lp894

    Know what kills me, people have no problem buying a computer that they KNOW in 6 months will be “outdated”, but they buy it anyway because “it’ll last a while. There’s NOTHING that WP7 will do that will make it as an OS last any longer than WM 6.5. In addition to that, if you want the upgrade, do like MOST of America does with computers and get an illegal upgrade. About 50% of the ppl I know who own Windows 7….have an illegal copy(which you’ll get 0 support for if you try to get support for it). So if you want WP7…..just go to XDA when it becomes available, and install it from there. Seriously ppl…a 1ghz processor in ANY phone will by no means be outdated anytime soon.

    Go look on craigslist and see how many ppl still want to buy the Touch Pro 2, or the FIRST BB Storm. You know why? Because people still want them. “outdated” or not. The same reason you can still sell a 2ghz computer…cause people still want them and use them. For the average business customer(which lets face it, that’s the people who use WM the MOST) they could care less about WP7. Microsoft is only trying to bring in the “younger crowd” to make WM “cool” like Blackberry has managed to do(thanks to BBM LOL!!!!! which if it wasn’t for that, I’d sell my Bold in a hot second). I switch between my Bold, my TP2(because it runs a REALLY good version of Android…better than my G1 lol), and my HD2.

    • Lindsay Vonn

      You don’t have to sign a contract to get computer. To get a cell phone you usually do. **except T-mobile’s even more plus… that alone refutes that arguement

    • YanivC

      David said it the best… you dont wait to buy anew car or computer because 6 months down the line a newer one is coming out.
      I got my HD2 and I can honestly say I EFFING LOVE IT! I love it more than my Nexus One, more than my Droid, more than my Storm or Curve.
      First an foremost its a great phone. The Nexus One was a garbage phone, and I think people are forgetting that the phone is the primary use of the device.
      Droid wasn’t too bad but Im a bit over Android at this point.
      Its an awesome OS but all this fragmentation thats going on is very annoying.
      Finally I can run WinMo on a beast and not worry about issues.
      Thats always what the problem was with WinMo. Not enough hardware to run the dang OS.
      Ive got it running CoPilot, Play Station emulator is EFFING AMAZING. Bluetooth works flawlessly on it. Its just overall a great phone.

  • Jose

    Hey, I was all set to buy one today and had been for like three months. This device looks awesome and a perfect upgrade for my G1. But then HTC went and announced the Evo yesterday, and frankly, that blows every other device ever out of the water by a long shot. 1 GHz processor, 720p video capture with HDMI out (!), 4G WiMax support that allows you to use the device as a wifi hotspot (Meaning I can play PS3 games off my phone (!)), Android 2.1 with Sense, that much nicer 4.3 inch AMOLED display, much larger battery capacity (1500 mAh vs. the HD2’s 1230), 8 MP camera, 1.3 MP FRONT-FACING camera for video calls (!)…I’m sorry, T-Mobile’s been good to me for the past four years, but there is no way in hell that I’m not switching to Spring for this thing. It is everything I’ve ever wanted in a device, and it’s not even hypothetical anymore. No more compromising. It’s right there! I can have it in two months!

    Anyway, that’s why I’m not buying HTC’s HD2. Curiously, it was HTC themselves who talked me out of it. Not sure if that’s good for business, but whatevs.

    • Ktwist


      The Screen on the Evo is not a AMOLED, it’s a TFT display. I’m with you though, the evo is everything you could want in a phone. Problem for me is Sprints 4g is not in may areas, and it’s Sprint. To each their own though:)

    • Omar

      Hahaha are you insane? Do you really think you’re going to play PS3 games off of your phone? First off, 4G Speeds are going to be just incrementally better than 3G out the gate while the deployments become more widely available and stable. Secondly, and more importantly, is that even though cellular connections are getting much better download and upload speeds, the latency is still much too high to do any online gaming that requires the responsiveness seen on PC’s or game consoles. Sorry! More importantly, even though T-Mobile tends to be behind the times in everything from phone selection to data speeds and coverage, I would still take a hard look before you get yourself signed up to Sprint.

      • Jose

        Sprint’s system is WiMax based as opposed to Verizon and AT&T’s LTE, meaning that these issues are quite a problem, even though coverage won’t be as big. Regardless, to call something “4G”, the standard requires at LEAST 100 mb/s; that’s ten times faster what I’m getting in my dorm room now.

        Of course, even if I’m wrong about this aspect of it, that only means that the Evo itself (and not things hooked up to it) will be mind-numbingly quicker than anything T-Mobile offers, both because of its second generation snapdragon processor, and because of its 4G radio. I know you’re fighting the good fight; T-Mobile has the best prices and customer service, but awesome is awesome and I see no reason to stick with a provider who in the end is only taking my money if I could get something better elsewhere.

    • lp894

      fyI….with Windows Mobile you can download a FREE app that will turn your phone into a wifi router….in addition, you can already do that with any Android phone out there as well so long as you have it rooted.

      • Jose

        What good is that if you’re on 3G?

    • 4ty-phive

      The Evo has officially trumped this phone. So, instead of upgrading to an HD2, I’ll wait for the Tmo version with android on it.

    • Nate

      Sure the phone is gonna be awesome but isn’t the point of having a phone being to use it sprint’s coverage sucks and im sure most people would agree are you even sure you would be able to get any data in your area.

  • mZimm

    Really the reason I’m not getting the HD2 is that I’m not a fan of WM in general. Maybe WP7 will change that down the road but after using my G1 since its release I don’t want to go back to a Windows Mobile phone because as much as I’m tired of my hardware I still see Android as being far superior to WM. I just wish T-Mo would come out with something better than the G1 running Android that I can upgrade to on a family plan. The G1 has been out for a year and a half and they still haven’t released anything on T-Mobile with better specs. It is really disappointing, honestly.

    • Aaron

      My feelings exactly! Can’t wait for 1gh processor on T-Mobile family plan!

    • tortionist

      Actually, the MT3G 1.2 is much better, with it’s swype keyboard, more memory and responsiveness. I wouldn’t buy the HD2 because it is so freakin’ wide. I played with a demo at Walmart. It is astoundingly huge. There’s no way i’d get it. Besides, Android rules. I’m waiting for the HTC Bravo to come out. That one will rock.

  • Quasar

    I was thinking the same thing when people said they wouldn’t buy the Nexus One because of phones like the Incredible. Ultimately, though, it just comes down to what each individual person wants in a phone. I chose the N1 because of it’s features and what I perceive as its advantages:

    Large 3.7″ AMOLED screen – HD2 screen is not AMOLED and makes the phone a little too big for me.
    1Ghz chip
    512 MB RAM
    On-screen keyboard only
    Noise cancellation mic
    Stock Android (Because the N1 is sold directly from Google, it will likely be the first to get any future updates of Android, like froyo, well before other phones. Android is also more customizable/flexible than Windows Mobile 5.6 and Windows Phone 7 without hacking the phones.)

    These were things that were all important to me but not necessarily important to other people. Some people will want a physical keyboard. Others will want Sense even if their phone takes longer to get an OS update. People who want Windows Phone 7 will wait to buy that. If the HD2 has all the features that a person wants in a smartphone right now, then they will buy it. There really is nothing wrong with any choice a person makes as long as they are informed of the options and know what they really want. Sure, it’s inevitable something better will come along soon but in the meantime, I will have been using my N1 for many months before that, and when I’m ready to replace it in a couple years, there will be something even two or three times better out by then.

    • Omar

      You make several well thought out points here. I hope you’re enjoying your Nexus One!

    • tortionist

      Anyone who wants a physical keyboard hasn’t tried swype. It is so much faster than a qwerty keyboard.

      • lp894

        swype is EXCELLENT…but it’s MUCH faster to type on the TP2 or G1 keyboard if you’re going to be using any combo of letters/numbers/symbols because you can just hold shift/alt and get what you need. on a virtual keyboard, you have to constantly keep switching back and forth between letters, numbers, and symbols

    • randy

      those are the very same reasons I got my N1, the upgrades and all! +1 to you

  • Eric

    It’s not the lack of WP7S upgrade-ability that caused me to change my mind. It’s just that I’d rather have a phone that will continue to be supported (not only by the company who makes the OS, but most importantly, by developers), than one that will not.

    I was originally waiting for the HD2 alongside everyone else, but after realizing how bad WM 6.5 app support was on my Touch Pro 2, I decided to get a Nexus One on Monday, and I haven’t been happier with any phone than in the past two days. In the end, I just realized that the HD2 was more or less the same experience that I had on my TP2, but with a bigger screen and a faster processor.

  • T

    I totally agree with you. I don’t care what will or will not happen in the future, you never know! I bought the HD2 from Walmart on Monday, coming from a former iPhone 3GS owner…. IT BLOWS THE IPHONE AND EVERY OTHER PHONE OUT OF THE WATER!!!!!!!!!!

    • Tmo Rep Mich

      exactly!! every single feature on this phone is smashing the Iphone 3gs!

      1 GHZ proc…
      5 mega pix cam with flash …
      download and rent movies from blockbuster…
      watch cable television…
      Huge screen!…
      ton of Ram…
      full HD video recording….
      Removable battery…
      removable storage…
      high resolution screen…

      the only thing thats not up to par is the App store isn’t as large as the Iphones App store…
      besides all of that its a powerful beast…i used this phone for a month before it lauched and i tried running multiple programs at once to slow it down like legacy WM devices and cannot!!
      I could care less about WP7…im loading android 2.1… lol

      • tortionist

        It reminds me of one of those scientific calculators.uugghhh.

  • patient

    Its like buying a laptop with Windows XP/Vista and not being eligible for free upgrade to Windows 7. It’s bull! It wouldnt matter to me if it was upgradeable any ways because I’d rather have an Android

    • lp894

      just cause microsoft doesn’t make you eligible, doesn’t mean you cant install it anyway.

  • Green Robot

    I’m not bying it because I don’t wanna and you can’t make me….

  • Green Robot

    But seriously: Seems like most people are not buying it not because it isn’t upgradeable to wp7 but because they simply prefer a high end Android device that HD2 clearly is not. It is just that simple.

  • Green Robot

    But seriously: It seems that most people are not buying it not because it is not upgradeable to wp7 but beacuse they prefer a high end Android device which HD2 clearly is not. It just might be that simple.

  • Green Giant

    But seriously: It seems that most people are not buying it not because it is not upgradeable to wp7 but beacuse they prefer a high end Android device which HD2 clearly is not. It just might be that simple.

  • Green Robot

    What’s going on with this website today? I constantly end up with double posts. It is not intentional and I apologize.

  • John

    Just came from the store and played with it. It’s a gorgeous screen, the size is fine with me it doesn’t feel to big in my hand and I can still one hand swype (I love that keyboard) It’s not to heavy, and the sense overlay is alright.

    However, I prefer having multiple screens, and more freedom of being able to personalize my phone, on an android OS. Just feels to stiff OS wise for me.

  • http://Tmonews Wojax2

    Oh sure.. Oh sure.. What? it happened to me also! What?it just happened to me also!

  • JazzYodle

    Me not buying the HD2 has nothing to do with it not being upgradeable, I just prefer the Android OS. Functionality of an OS is key to a phone. I would REALLY like it if a great Android phone would come out on Tmobile like that EVO beast. But you’re right, the fact that a phone will not be upgradeable to a next generation OS, one that may not even be out until the end of 2010 shouldn’t keep people from purchasing a phone, otherwise you’re gonna be in a constant waiting game. HOWEVER in this case 6.5 is poop and has its issues. To know that Windows may potentially be coming out with something thats not poop in the future would make me a little upset. This hopefully will not just be any old OS upgrade but will be a complete revamp of a sad OS.

    • Tmo Rep Mich

      honestly 6.5 on this phone is incredible idk what microsoft did to optimize 6.5 on this phone but they did a damn good job..imo…maybe the older devices were just underpowered and didn’t have the technology to run on and device properly till snapdragon came out…trust me every since I began working for cell phone carriers I carried a WM device and had issues with it bogging down over time and with this phone it doesn’t even blink when put under a load…

      • 4ty-phive

        It’s not what ms did, it’s the spec bump

  • Cracker

    Four letters: N900.

  • Cracker


    Four characters: N900.

    • tortionist

      Nice save.

    • dial7

      7 characters: garbage

  • Ahh Yo!

    The only thing bad about the HD2 is that they could have installed at least a 16GB HDD in addition to the SD card slot and improve the battery life. I really could care less about the Windows 7 OS. It’s not like I’m going to use it as a computer. That’s way I have a home computer for.

  • Lee

    Bought it this morning!!! Android is cool and easy to use, But all you fanboys kill me. Bunch of tiny, Generic little icons that you can drop anywhere for a Homescreen. I’ve owned a G1, Mytouch, Iphone 2g, And a T-Mobile Dash. I am not in love with any OS, I have my likes and dislikes about them all. Bar none, This phone is SWEET!! I’m Glad I bought this phone. And you know what? I’ll probably end up owning another Android Down the road and feel no need to bash any other OS as a reason to switch up. Thank you MS and HTC for creating this great phone for me to play with for a year!!!

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Same here, I have a G1, used BlackBerry, and also lots of WinMo devices.

      My belief is that 99% of the posters on here cannot have an intelligent discussion on why they like or dislike the various platforms. They are just infatuated with Android or the iPhone and probably have used only an Android.

      And it’s beyond me why they hang on these sites and deride the product. Like I said before, I don’t go over to the Android community sites and post comments on why I think Android is a platform for the non-serious, fun and games crowd, former Sidekick users. Those who complain about a handset being $25 more than what they think a device should be priced.

      Those who will wait in line for three hours to save $5 on auto fuel, with the car running. :)

      • HC

        Hi, I’m an Android fan who used a Windows Mobile 6.1 Device (and a Palm before that). That said, Android has the most momentum going forward and its not hard for consumers to get excited. And yes, you are right, games are a plus on the platform because it allows me to lose the PSP and the DS Lite in the quest for casual gaming.

        Also, ItsMichaelNotMike, the site is for T-Mobile fanatics, which will inevitably include Android and Windows fanboys. Drawing overarching judgements like “They are just infatuated with Android or the iPhone and probably have used only an Android” is somewhat misguided.

        I like Windows Mobile. Its powerful and open to customization. However, I and probably some other Android fans is reassured by Google’s support of Android from Day 1. Google Maps with free Navigation? Google Voice? Etc. I like the synchronization and I like the speed at which Google pushes out updates. When I was on my WinMo device, I ended up having to learn how to flash ROMs from XDA-developers in order to have any hope that my device could be current.

        I did walk into a TMobile store to play with the HD2. Its an impressive device and worthy of a strong following but in my opinion the device is way to large. I prefer devices like the Droid and Nexus One which are built around a smaller 3.7 inch screen.

  • DJK53

    Patiently waiting on the next iPhone!

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    To all those pretending to know about WinMo and Microsoft’s intentions.

    WinMo has the largest support community on the planet. If there’s a problem, somewhere there is an answer and a fix.

    MS is not abandoning WinMo. Search “Microsoft dual platform” on Google.

    Do people really think that come November MS is going to ram WP7 down the throats of its business and professional customers? I don’t think so.

    Besides, MS uses WinMo as part of a complete package for business and professional users, you know, people who pay billions for licenses to use MS Office. Do you really think MS is going to tell corporate America that they now have to use the social and fun oriented WP7 on their business devices?

    For the non-professional/business user, yeah, whatever makes YOU happy is what counts. But don’t for a moment think that your personal use and opinion is what matters when Microsoft makes decisions about WinMo’s future. For you they are coming out with “party time” WP7. For the business and professional user they will continue development and support of WinMo.

    Just don’t buy a business-oriented device and wait for WP7 handsets.

  • Lee

    @ItsMichaelNotMike ^5 and a +1 Too that lol.

  • Jaimito

    Depends if u need a phone now or not. My smartphone just died, and I need a phone. I don’t want to wait another 3 months. This phone has what I need now, and it looks the best on the market. Plus at $99 with a 2 yr contract, this is a steal. 2 yrs later when 4G+ is nationwide, then I’ll upgrade. But for now, this thing is the perfect phone for me. The sense interface look slick, doesnt look anything like WM 6.5.

  • JG01

    It is not of matter of WOW cool features! It more in line with, I have spent a lot of money on this phone, so I want it to last me for about 3 years. When Windows 7 comes out, a lot of developers will be focused on creating apps for Windows 7 and will NOT write for Windows 6.5, so I will be stuck with the apps that are currently on sale ( an there is not that many – like the iphone or android). So the hardware is great, but what can I do with it now and in the future? This phone seems to have life expectancy of about 1 year ($449 for a year). If I bought a TV of a laptop for that money, I could have it for years before needing to upgrade hardware to take advantage of new software features. So, for me, that’s why I’m not buying it. As I said before, stick android on it and the problem is solved…Samsung is comingout with some great phones….what about the new iPhone in June!

  • John

    I will say that I chose the Nexus One over the HD2 because of the end-of-life cycle that will come too quickly, and the sad part is because of software, not hardware. Microsoft is investing an enormous amount of money in WP7, so they are going to politely shut off support for WM6 to encourage users and developers to use their new platforms.

    The Nexus One, and android in general, is less likely to end its life-cycle due to software being outdated.

    Just my opinion.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      “Microsoft is investing an enormous amount of money in WP7, so they are going to politely shut off support for WM6 to encourage users and developers to use their new platforms.”

      The above is a statement of fact, not opinion so permit me to respond accordingly.

      Do you have any evidence whatsoever about the second part of your statement?You don’t so it’s a crock of BS.

      I don’t know how people come up with this nonsense. What are people doing, sitting on the toilet and thinking “I know, I am going to post on here like I know what I am talking about. I’ll say that Microsoft is going to shut off support for WM. That sounds cool and authoritative.”

      You do realize that there’s not a statement from Microsoft, HTC or T-Mobile on the Net that supports what you are saying.

      You know how stupid that sounds, that MS plans to cut off support for WinMo users and developers.

      You do realize that WinMo is for the professional/business user. It’s not for people who would use Android. Android is not a business/professional platform. So comparing Android with WinMo is moronic.

      And here’s something else to consider. Since many business and professional users are lawyers, if MS was doing as you say, those people who spend millions for MS and WinMo products would sue Microsoft instantly as if by magic if Microsoft dropped support for WinMo. And they would also sue for fraud and false advertising for Microsoft selling WinMo products, trumpeting the support WinMo gets, while in the background plotting to shut off support.

      I guess you are saying that these Microsoft pages are all a bunch of lies and a Microsoft con:

      Do you even know the difference between applications for WinMo versus the party-time Android OS? What business applications are there for Windows Mobile?

      Do you know how much money developers make selling applications to the professional and business sector? Do you know if those applications are also available for the Android platform.

      The fact is, many professionals (doctors, lawyers, accountants) will buy WinMo based handsets ONLY because of the WinMo applications available for his or her profession. Do you know how much those applications cost (hint: it’s not $2 to $5 like on Android, it’s more like $500 to $750 per device license).

      Yeah, tell the millions of doctors, lawyers and business executives that Microsoft is abandoning support for their WinMo based handsets. (I know a doctor who uses a WinMo device with an application that writes prescriptions and prints them out via Bluetooth, a program that cost him $1200. He will be very interested to hear your statements about Microsoft’s and the program developer’s plans. Oh wait, I have that wrong. MS’s plan to encourage developers to use WP7. Guess they want developers to see the fun of using Facebook and Twitter during the workday and build that into the programs. LOL)

      • Chester

        A lot of people that write these comments only care about the newest and best. Many could not fathom that I have and will continue using the same blackberry until it no longer meets my needs as a proffesional. I am not interested in BB OS 6 at this time unless it proves to make me even more efficient. I tried a mytouch slide….that phone just annoyed me with is fun and jovial screens and apps…I need a work horse not a toy. I agree with your statements regarding WinMo. You don’t need a 5 ghz snapdragon processor, and a new AMOLED multi-touch screen to be efficient you need a tool which is BB and WinMo.

  • Adam Miller

    I have a nexus one. The HD2 is lackluster at this point.

  • Chris

    I’m not getting an HD2 because Android > Windows Phone. And I love the myTouch 3g I’m rocking. Waiting to buy a Nexus One (I’m a little broke at the moment….. :( )

  • analog spirit

    Well, I went to T-Mo on Wednesday, to see the HD2 and see if it would work for me. They were completely sold out, as I expected, with only the demo unit there for me to take for a spin. Bear in mind that this was the first time (ever) that I had used a WinMo device, so I approached it with an open mind and had no bias or preconceived notions about it one way or the other…
    My first impression of the device was that it was absolutely outstanding as far as the hardware is concerned. That screen is just gorgeous. It’s big, yet not quite too big. The touchscreen is nice and responsive, and just flows nice and smoothly when you navigate around thru all the various apps and functions of the phone. My big hands felt right at home with it, except that, strangely enough, I found it hard to type on (more on that in a moment)… It’s really well put together, with a nice, solid, high-quality feel to it, tho I’d sure hate to drop it and damage it; due to the size of the screen and the weight of the device, I’m thinking one 3 to 4-foot drop would most likely smash the glass screen, which would be tragic…
    On to the software: The software had a lot of really nice features, but I found it really un-user-friendly and frustrating to try to learn how to use in some key ways… When I was trying to type on the keyboard, whether in portrait or landscape mode, despite the big screen, I just found it hard to type on; I don’t know why. I was making all kinds of typos, and kept having to go back and fix them, which was annoying. I have actually had an easier time typing on the iPhone, the Droid, the G1, the BB Storm 2, and my old BB 8320. I don’t know if it’s just me, or if it’s got something to do with the layout of the keyboard, or the way the software is designed, but something about it just didn’t feel right. And the whole OS just felt somewhat over-complicated to me, and just lost me at times.
    Whenever I evaluate a phone that I’m considering buying, I use my “10 minute test;” I allow myself 10 minutes to try it out and see if I can figure out all the basic functions of the phone within that time, and get a good feel for how it works. I figure that if I can’t figure out how to use a certain make & model of phone within 10 minutes, then it’s not user-friendly enough for me. So far, all of the BBs (except the first Storm, which was just awful), the iPhone, the G1, and the Droid (the only Android phones I’ve ever messed with) have passed the 10 minute test for me. But 30 minutes later, I was still fighting with the HD2’s keyboard, struggling to get it to do what I wanted it to do. So I just said “Screw it,” and gave it back to the T-Mo lady at the counter, who basically ignored me and didn’t seem to care to even try to help me or answer any of my questions about the device. Maybe she didn’t know anything about it either. Suffice it to say that it failed the user-friendliness test for me.
    I was really impressed by its multimedia functions, tho I probably wouldn’t use them that much, except for the music player. My only concern was that I have a lot of music stored in my Mac in iTunes, and I’ve been hearing that the HD2 isn’t compatible with iTunes (could that be solved with SyncMate?). I don’t watch a lot of movies or video, and I’m not that big on all the social networking-type stuff (e.g. Facebook and Twitter), so I don’t have that much use for it. I just don’t have time for most of that stuff anyway…
    I’m admittedly not that tech-savvy (I still play my old LPs on my turntable that’s older than I am!), so I’m not really into hacking and modding my phone. I just don’t want to *have* to do any of that. The HD2 seems to me like just the phone for a long-term WinMo user who *is* tech-savvy, who likes nothing better than hacking and modding their phone’s OS. But it’s just not for me. I just want to be able to quickly learn how to use a device right away, and have it do what I want/need it to do right out of the box, with no hacks or mods necessary. I do like to expand the capabilities of my phone and customize it to suit my needs to some extent, but mainly I need the thing to “just work,” sync/play well with my iMac, and be user-friendly, durable, and reliable.
    So far, my recent positive experiences with testing the Android platform have led me to conclude that an Android phone would suit me better. But the Nexus One just strikes me as too buggy, and I don’t like the way Google are selling it and then not supporting it adequately. And I’m not that interested in the iPhone anymore. Right now, despite having 3 new phones that just came out, T-Mo still has no phones that I want, which sucks, ‘cos I love my T-Mo Even More Plus no-contract plan, and have no intention of ever leaving T-Mo if I can help it. I just wish they had a better selection of phones…
    So it looks like my almost 3-year-old BB 8320 will just have to do for now (pathetic, isn’t it?). It’s agonizingly slow by today’s standards but still looks good for its age and still works fine, so I’ll just keep on being patient and wait til T-Mo finally gets a phone that I actually want, and don’t feel like I have to settle for. Now, If HTC made a GSM-compatible version of the Evo and brought it to T-Mo, I’d probably buy it straight away, without any hesitation.

    • ekv

      couldn’t agree with you more.

      i’ve been a loyal tmo custy since it was voicestream, and even spent a while working for tmo in IT. i’ve always had issues with the choice of phones they offered. i understand the market they were going after, younger generation and those with less than awesome credit [flexpay?]… but these days, it appears that they are trying to pull some heavy punches and play with ATT/VER with respect to high performance phones.

      i was a big fan of android from the get go. had a G1 for quite a while, but found it lacking something… so back to my E71 i went. then android 2.x came through, and i found it finally had many of the features i really wanted on a phone [can’t stand the iphone, though i do appreciate the market drive it has presented, with app store and having many 3rd party companies recognize the importance of having presence in the phone app realm… this is from a high level! hate apple’s closed door philosophy]. i was very tempted with the nexus one, and was just about to buy and then the 3g issues were coming through. so i waited. i was getting tired of my e71, so i opted for a cliq xt as i wanted back on android [yes, i knew it wasn’t running 2.x, but it’s coming]. i found the screen lacking, but a good little phone with fairly fast response for an older proc.

      well, i returned the xt and got the hd2 yesterday. after spending too many hours trying to get it to sync up with my contacts via gmail, calendar via gcal [both my company and me personally use gcal], searching for apps that are avail in android market to install on the hd2, and just general setup of the phone, i noticed a number of things.

      1) yes, the screen. it’s pimp. fantastic response.
      2) i’m of the group that believes the random screen freezes are winmo, not sense.
      3) sense does an amazing job at masking the deficiencies of winmo, but i never was a fan of outlook, and i don’t like my gmail being routed through outlook and not having a native gmail app on my phone.
      4) there are too many times, as a power user, that i had to interface with the classic winmo screens. yuck. it made me realize how long i’ve been working with linux/mac… and i’m a command line kid and i can’t stand the native screens
      5) the camera is amazing!
      6) i agree with analog_spirit, the touchscreen keyboard works, but it’s just not intuitive. and i love swype… still, there were times when entering in login information proved to be a disaster since entering form inputs collided with the keyboard covering the screen.
      7) did i mention the random screen freezes? i haven’t had one happen that required a hard reset, but compared to the antiquated horsepower of the xt and g1, i was really frustrated!
      8) lack of support with itunes [not an apple fanboy, it just works, songbird is a nice workaround on my linux boxes, just doesn’t fit the bill entirely] was a real downer
      9) what a major frustration it was to get my contacts to be listed first name, last name! and no global merge for facebook contacts? i’m not a huge facebook person, but c’mon!
      10) in the end, yes, winmo is highly customizeable. sense makes it for the most part so i don’t have to see the ugly betty of winmo, but too many strikes for non-intuitiveness.

      caveats i have include i don’t care wm7 isn’t being officially supported on this phone, i consider myself pretty adaptable [coming from symbian, rim, android phones], and really wanting to give this phone a chance.

      in the end, i just find that the phone would be killer if it had an optimized os [sorry winmo 6.5… you’re optimized over your previous siblings, but you’re still out of date]…

      and that’s why i’m returning the phone and waiting for tmo to release a powerful phone with the right combination of hardware and software, whatever it may be. and yes, i’ll be honest, the Evo did leave a bad taste in my mouth… c’mon tmo, i know how you operate… if you want to pull punches, you better be prepared to throw a solid punch, not glance off your competitors. i’m still here… just waiting impatiently for you to land a big one.

      • analog spirit

        @ekv: So the HD2 has no support for iTunes? Are all WinMo phones that way? And is there any way around that? Any phone I buy is going to have to support iTunes, as I have a lot of music in there, and it’s been working well for me. As I said, I don’t use a lot of media functions, but I do like to plug my phone into my car stereo and listen to music while driving.
        Oh, that reminds me: Are Android phones syncable with iTunes? And do they sync and get along well with Macs in general? If so, I might just cave in and get a Nexus One, once HTC and Google start supporting it better, and get the rest of the bugs worked out of it (once they come out with Android 2.2, perhaps?).
        One of the reasons I originally wanted an iPhone was so I could easily sync it with my iMac and not have any issues with that. Plus I like some of Apple’s more useful apps. But I want nothing to do with AT&T, or being locked into anything! I don’t want to get an iPod touch, because I don’t want to have to carry two devices. And I like being able to remove and swap out my battery if need be! So I’m not really interested in the iPhone anymore, especially now that that Evo is coming out soon. (Now THAT’S a superphone! T-Mo needs to get their own GSM version of it ASAP!).

  • RWWackoStu

    There is just one reason I wont buy one, and yes it makes me a snob – It’s not a Blackberry.

    • analog spirit

      Well, at least you’re an honest snob. ;) LOL!
      But seriously, BBs have their strengths; when it comes to being a basic communication device (i.e. phone, texting, e-mail), they just do exactly what they need to do, and they do it well. They even do a good job of rocking the tunes as a music player as well.
      I consider BBs to be the AK-47s of the smartphone world; they’ve been around for ages, they’re all over the world, the design is old, but still very efficient and effective, they’re generally more affordable than most other smartphones, they’re so durable (mine is still going strong after 2 and a half years, after having survived thru snow, rain, sand, fine dust, and extremes of temperature both ways), they can take heavy use and abuse, get really filthy inside and out, and still work just fine (like mine has been doing), they’re relatively easy to “field-strip,” clean, and re-assemble (well, at least my 8320 is; I’ve gotten pretty good at “field-stripping” and cleaning my 8320 over the years. The newer BBs aren’t as easy to fix yourself, from what I hear), and they just keep right on working. Ever since I updated my 8320’s OS from 4.2 to 4.5, it’s been very stable and reliable…
      Sure, they have their weaknesses (outdated OS, crap native browser), but then don’t all devices? Now, if RIM made a truly awesome touchscreen BB (I’m thinking, a capacitive touchscreen Storm 3 on T-Mo, similar in size and functionality to the HTC Evo, perhaps? Let’s pray and cross our fingers for that!) with a truly awesome new OS, I’d probably stick with tried-and-true BlackBerries indefinitely and not go Android, which I’ll probably end up doing very soon if they don’t get it together ASAP.
      Sometimes I’m still kind-of tempted to just cave in and get a 9700, but that screen and keyboard are just too small and cramped for me (I don’t have that problem with my 8320’s keyboard, as RIM kindly left enough space between the keys to make typing easier). If RIM would’ve made the 9700 the same size as the 9000 (I loved that bigger keyboard and screen!), I probably would’ve gotten one a long time ago…
      So, in conclusion, it may not be that you’re a snob; you just know that BBs work for you and you’re sticking with them, and there’s certainly nothing wrong or snobby about that.


    I have to completely agree with this article. I have been anticipating this phone since the rumors started flying about it coming to TMO US. I was literally standing in line yesterday morning to get one and a day into it, I’m seriously glad I did. Sure, when WPS7 was announced & the HD2 wasn’t going to get it officially I was a bit bummed. And man, was I ever hesitant for a few seconds when I saw the EVO. BUT 1) WM6.x works great and this phone is even better than I hoped – I love SWYPE and the screen is amazing. The processor is blazingly fast for everything I’ve wanted to do. 2) I’ll be eligible for an upgrade in 12 months & can get the 2nd gen WPS7 phones next year IF I want/need to upgrade; and 3) I don’t care WHAT phone is on Sprint, I’m not switching carriers, especially to Sprint where I live, so although the EVO is awesome and I’d LOVE to have the HDMI out & front facing camera, it’s irrelevant to my current situation.

    The analogy to me is you buy a brand new porche dreamcar, only to find out they are coming out with a souped-up version this summer and the one they have in the works for this winter is going to make yours pale in comparison. If you have your dreamcar, why lust after something else? … be satisfied for just a minute before you go trying to upgrade your dreams…your lust will never be sated and you’ll never be happy.

    Get the HD2, enjoy, and who cares what “IS COMING OUT” – hey don’t forget that there’s an iPhone 4 coming out this Fall too I’m sure…BFD!!!!

  • Bigg

    Why does it matter what phone sprint bring? They still losing a gazillion customer every quarter. I got all the best phone on the market right now (N900, N1, HD2, BB9700) I’m happy with what tmobile bring out so far, give us some more high end android, wm7 and iphone by the end of the year and Tmobile will be golden. No way in hell I would switch carrier for 1 phone, esp sprint.

  • lp894

    Android is a more FUN OS than WinMo, but by no means is it BETTER. At most it’s on par. You have to remember, it’s only been within the past…….2 days that HTC and WinMo are releasing a phone and trying to brand it as a “cool phone”. They never cared before because most of the people who use WinMo(as stated billions of times) and business customers. Me being in IT, I LLLOOOOVVVVEEEEEE my G1….couldn’t have gotten a better phone. But I often times find myself switching back to my WinMo phone because it makes work WAY easier. Joining domains, RDP,, it can be used on WM), sharepoint, outlook, ect. Work is just SO much easier using my TP2 than it is with my G1 or my TP2 running Android. Android and WinMo are 2 of the best OS’s out. Don’t believe me about WinMo…..look at how long it’s been around. And don’t start with the “it was the only thing available” cause Palm was VERY big until the introduction of the iPhone, and Blackberry has ALWAYS been big. WinMo has stood the test of time, and gradually gotten better.

  • Armytank

    Nokia N900

  • chicago081

    Wikipedia says the HD3 will have a retail of $1000. Totally insane.

  • ed

    hd2 now $100 on amazon. told ya suckers!!

  • ginastarke

    Why am I not getting it?
    1) Because i’m waiting for the next HTC android phone- hopefully also with sense. I love my Mytouch, it’s lighter and more pocket-friendly than the HD2- so I have no problem waiting a while. That said – I really want the netbook!

  • Mike Hawke

    I agree with a few of the posts made. This device would’ve been primetime had it beeen given an android OS on it. Having a device as massively spec’d as the HD2 with wm 6.5 is like having a porsche 911 turbo driven by an amatuer driver who can’t drive a manual transmission. Android is the future. Windows Mobile is not. Plain and simple. Sure HTC’s sense interface cleverly gift-wraps windows mobile 6.5 so that I’m believing i’m getting a different windows mobile experience but a gift-wrapped turd in the end is still a turd. I think that smartphone manufacturers ESAPECIALLY HTC need to start offering android options for OS’s on their future devices. Kinda like how Google did it with the Nexus. Sell them online and allow users to customize the device. All in all the MAIN reason am not buying a HD2 is simply the lack of android. After using the G1 aka Godfather, I can’t go back to anything else. The customizability, third party support and overall polish of the android OS is unmatched.

  • Mark

    I don’t get why you don’t get why people aren’t getting the HD2, and I especially don’t get why you’re so pissy about it. It should be pretty clear: It’s a dead platform. Before the phone is even released, you know that no more apps or upgrades will ever be made for it. If you’re going to drop that much $ on a phone, it should at least be able to install apps, and be upgraded. iPhone, Android, and WebOS all upgrade their OS to add features and add value to the phone. This one does not. Despite HTC’s efforts to put their very attractive Sense lipstick on this pig, it’s still a pig. Especially when phones like the the Nexus One, HTC Desire, or HTC Evo are here or just around the corner.

  • ms. Matrix

    It has Windows on it, that’s why I won’t get it. I had the Dash 3G and hated it. So it turned me off big time. It is a nice phone, but like someone else said its to wide. With no android, its just a no go for me. I like to customize my phone, so I’m happy with what I got. (Cliq xt). If Tmo had got the Evo, the maybe I would consider it.


    The LOOOONNGGG Wait was worth it! OMG the screen is awesome! I’ve read the posts above and think that one phone (in this case the HD2) isn’t for everybody (Their loss not mine) I have a friend who wouldn’t consider anything but a BB (but when I set MY new HD2 down yesterday he picked it up and started playing with it, I think I heard him say “Damn this is awesome” several times ;-) I finally put a PW on it so he couldn’t use it) I’ve used the android phone (G1) it’s a fine phone just not for me, and the whole Crackberry thing I just don’t understand, I’m using exchange at my work and am very happy with the integration with Outlook, I’m in construction and I’ve destroyed more than one phone I like the fact that I can grab a new phone and be back in business with outlook with very little effort. If I didn’t have this sort of job an android would work for me and if my company was huge then maybe the Crackberry would be better.

    BOTTOM LINE-Get the phone that works for YOU! Don’t complain about this phone if you don’t like it get your own damn phone that makes YOU happy!! I really don’t care what works for YOU make yourself happy stop complaining and go by a N1!!

    As far as WP7 goes that MIGHT be an awesome phone but by the time that phone comes out my HD2 will be close to retirement, no, I won’t be waiting in any lines to be the first to get it, I’ll wait to read about that one and see what problems arise once it is released.

    I’ve had my HD2 less than 24 hours now and have all my contacts e-mails and texts dialed in, I love what the Sense UI does for Windows. I’ve tried to make the screen freeze and only have managed to make it slow down. Had movie playing in background and an internet page opened then looked through contacts and many other apps open it never froze.

    THIS PHONE IS A KEEPER (Till the next great thing)

  • Reece

    Quite simple,

    Android won me over and thus this phone as high powered as it is, is not what’ll win me over to another 12-24 months with T-Mobile as I linger off-contract.

    Never had anything against Windows Mobile but fact is it’s lameduck status (even though Win Mo 7 is unproven and ). Meanwhile I’ve grown quite attached to Android since it first came out. Thus it would be the Nexus One that would win me over but alas, buying it means scrapping any good plan you established with T-Mobile

    This phone’s Android cousins the Nexus One and Evo 4G however would win me over easily – unfortunately those options involve abandoning an established plan one way or another. T-Mobile needs to fix that ASAP

  • Rob

    One Word: Streak.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    I posted a demo of the HD2 camcorder feature. It’s one fine machine, this HD2 thing.

  • coffeeisgood

    Came from a G1 and bought two HD2s (me and the wife) and returned them today. The phone is very pretty – inside and out, runs fast, etc. but i guess i’ve become to reliant on google apps (which scares me a bit). First – google calendar. The G1 calendar app shows multiple calendars (my wifes and mine, some co-workers, etc.). For my family this is a must have. The only workaround I found for the HD2 was oggsync which runs like 30/month – no thanks. Turn-by-turn – again, there is an app for it on the HD2 but a monthly fee. Not that I am a day-trader but the google finance app shows live streaming stock quotes – the HD2 app front looks nicer, but the content is not there. I have become hooked on google voice, scoreboard, shopper… and least important i guess, but it is fun to use with the kids – google sky map. I guess I have come to the realization that my phone use is more reliant on data apps vs. entertainment apps. I’m not crazy about android or anything, just the google apps I guess. The HD2 is a perfect entertainment phone for sure though… so like the previous posts – everybody’s phone needs are different.

  • abe

    im getting this phone..deadzone taken care of…..ipod+truphone+hd2= HAPPY DAY. now i just have to come up with the money, LOL!!

  • Maddy

    Why am I not buying the HD2? Because it runs Windows Mobile, which makes the hardware capabilities irrelevant.

  • ballekom

    I luv my HD2 I dual boot android froyo on it to play games or boot wm6.5 to do other stuff