Quick Look At The T-Mobile HTC HD2

You guys asked, and we delivered. Yup, that’s right. We’ve got some more exclusive T-Mobile HTC HD2 goodness. Above you will see a quick look at some of the HD2’s multimedia features on a huge 4.3 inch capacitive touch screen. Leave your thoughts in the comments!

Sidenote: The video above was taken with another T-Mobile HTC HD2. Definitely shows how good the video quality is.

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  • Photoman

    Yes it does have a zoom

  • chrisrj28

    Yeah it does indeed have a digital zoom and the quality really is that good. I used one personally and tested those very features, it really is quite the breakthrough. The only comparable video recording I have seen is on the Nexus 1, and the fact that this phone has a much larger screen will make video watching an even greater experience.

    Thank you Dave, ME that really was getting out of hand, I never actually threatened the poor guy. I just made a joking statement and he really got his feelings hurt by it.

    @justsomedude like I said I do not need to apologize for anything as you really are becoming a nuisance, I welcome your opinion on your N1 as it’s a great phone but your constant negativity to anyone not sharing your fatalistic attraction to the N1 or Android is a bit ridiculous.

    • Dan

      Chris, you don’t have to justify or feel regret for anything you posted about “just some dude”. You did us all a favor by posting that joke, in so, making David the Managing Editor notice how big of an annoyance “just some dude” was being to the rest of this forums members. Thank you Chris! and David, I hope “just some dude” was banned!
      BTW, I really can’t wait for this phone any longer, I’m gonna jizz on it once I see it in person.

      • Inuyasha

        I hope you aren’t going to be at my local store…I don’t wanna see that! lol

      • patient

        Don’t forget to bring a towel

  • Josh

    Please stop leaking information. Because of you, people T-Mobile has no trust for their employees, and they learn about new products from such sites. This video is clearly taken on a counter at a T-Mobile corporate store. Whoever you are, you don’t deserve to work for that company. Shame on you.

    • DotNetCoderAZ

      I seriously doubt that leaking information about upcoming devices is a reason for any corporation to not trust their employees. If this were 10 years ago, then I could see it being valid statement, but most companies now-a-days rely on these leaks for viral advertising. What better way to get the word out early and generate a huge amount of interest in a product than by having an “employee” leak information to some news site without having to spend a dime on it? I guarantee you that almost every major company in the technology market (broad as that may be) does it. Look at Apple with the iPad? Or perhaps Google “leaking” information about the N1 months before it’s release? Trust me, these companies know exactly what they are doing to generate buzz and business about their products.

      • tortionist

        Amen to that.

    • TmoNinja

      99% of leaked information comes from T-Mobile employees. We’re techies and as such we love to share. Showing a video of a phone and how it works that’s going to be released in less then 2 weeks is no problem. The phone was out in Europe first, only thing new is a few tweaks. Don’t get your panties in a bunch.

    • TehAndroid

      How are they leaking info about the HD2? There is a FAQ site with all the info there. I work for T-mobile and I don’t have a problem when info about phones are released. The thing that pissed me off was when the new rate plans were leaked but that was something different.

      I’ve been showing the phone to customers if they come in asking about it. I actually think this is a good thing because god know T-mobile won’t advertise the thing so we need to generate excitment for it on our own.

      • DotNetCoderAZ

        Nice to see the TMO emps chiming in… Was it the bashing or the “non-trust” issue? ;-)

    • Flgirll99

      At this point the phone is going to be released soon so I don’t think it really matters. If anything, it only helps increase sales by building up the anticipation. People always want what they can’t have right away.

  • Stargate

    You guys already know that you can get a copy of the “WiFi Router” app at the bottom of post #1…. HERE http://www.mobileunderground.info/showthread.php?t=704

    I forgot to tell you guys about the “BIG ONE”, you can get a copy of the new TCPMP player HD2 WVGA version app, see post # 341 for the download…. Also a beautiful photo of the new TCPMP player HD2 WVGA version is there too. See post #3 for the new Saturn Liberty 5 channels in stereo movie/TV app, works on the HD2 like a charm, see the photo…

  • coolmen777

    Wandering what Nokia N900 folks this of this phone? I am having a hard time deciding which one to get. Like the WinMo & Sense UI, but also like hardware keyboard and Mozilla browser on N900. Would it be a smart choice to get HD2, sell and upgrade to N900? Anyone that has N900 played with HD2 in store and wants to comment what they prefer?
    I do have grandfathered TZones so N900 would same me some $$ in long term (no need to get $30 data plan). Thanks for any input.
    BTW, what happened tgo video? Seems to have limited distribution… Missed it? Can anyone re-upload? Thanks.

    • waiting4hd2

      Reader “Deaconclgi” would be your best bet to answer this question…he has a n900 and he did have a hands on with HD2 at his local TMO store…Happy decision making :)


    you cant watch the video ! wtf it says its privated. lame

    • Alex

      @ THE BEST
      It will be back shortly.

  • Chris

    I would also have to say that the video capture capabilities on this bad boy are better than I expected! Can anyone confirm if the pink spot is an issue with the US version?

    And on a kinda unrelated note, does anyone know the name of the song or artist playing in the background? Me likey =P

    • Alex

      The pink spot is not an issue with the US verison.

      • Chris

        Awesome! I simply can’t wait to get the HD2. I’ve considered taking a couple hours off work the morning of the 24th just to make sure I can get one but realized that I’d just be getting myself into trouble by playing with it all day at work lol.

        I’ve been a customer for over 6 years and I’ve noticed that there tends to be a difference in the phones offered when compared to other carriers. To think that we’re actually getting an upgraded & improved version of the device (compared to the UK version) and with more perks makes me wonder “What’s the catch?” But so far I see none =D I’m not complaining whatsoever, but I’m still trying to figure out how T-Mo pulled off getting this device exclusively…or at all for that matter.

    • http://None Thom

      The name of the song is “Breathe Machine”. Youtube it.

      • Alex

        The name of the song is Dreamscape by 009 Sound System

  • victor

    If you look at tmobiles website, I just happened to glance at the hd2 page. ON the very bottom of the description it says, and I quote ” †On approved credit. $112.50 down payment, plus 3 monthly payments of $112.50, required. 0% APR. Taxes & fees additional. Available only at T-Mobile-owned retail stores; see store for details.
    ††On approved credit. $22.50 down payment, plus 19 monthly payments of $22.50, required. 0% APR. Taxes & fees additional. Available only at T-Mobile-owned retail stores; see store for details. ”

    Here is the link: http://www.t-mobile.com/shop/phones/Cell-Phone-Detail.aspx?cell-phone=HTC-HD2

    There is no given price on the phone, other than this. Does this mean the phone could be in the upwards of $450?

  • LSxChevelle

    Full price is 449.99… I was playing with the phone over the past couple days and it is very impressive. Besides the screen and web surfing it will lose its appeal quickly with me because I’m an Android fan. If someone can get this working flawlessy on Android I would be thrilled!

  • tato22

    was up with the video guys ?

    • Alex

      It will be back up shortly.

      • tato22

        thanks dude

        • Alex

          No problem! The video is back up!

        • tato22

          alex how do i change the pic next to my name with one of my pics ? thank for if you help

  • chrisrj28

    Yes I can also confirm that the pink spot is not an issue here. Crystal clear pics

  • Jason Mc

    will this have flash built in???

    • DotNetCoderAZ

      What kind of flash? Adobe Flash or flash LEDs for the camera?

      • Jason Mc

        sorry i mean Adobe

      • DotNetCoderAZ

        Flash is “technically” not available for WinMo 6.5. It’s not a matter of the hardware, per se, but the operating system.

        YouTube does have a WinMo app that works pretty well though.

    • ColoradoGray

      Flash lite. it can do Standard webpage flash and play many flash games, but can’t, say, stream hulu.

      It also has 2 LEDs that provide a super bright camera flash… which can be used as a flashlight….


        I believe you can also download skyfire browser for free. Skyfire has flash built in.

  • Stargate

    I would be truly pissed if T-Mobile would not get the HD3 exclusively, yeah, when the time comes….(lol)

  • Ricardo

    I just came back from the tmobile store on Kings Hwy in Brooklyn where i played with the phone. This thing is a beast, an absolute beast. Picture taking is beautiful. Video is beautiful. The screen is amazing. Transformers on it was great. Mobitv was otay but im guessing that on wifi it is much better. The phone is very fluid. i was thinking twice about purchasing this phone because i’m on the even more plus plan and have plans of purchasing other things. But after playing with it and the VK ( which i never liked but love its size on this phone)i think im about to say goodbye to my cliq and welcome this to the family.

    • DotNetCoderAZ

      Like you needed a reason to drop the Cliq? ;-)

      Seriously though, yeah… I played with one this morning at my local TMO store and OMG!!! SenseUI on a device that has the true horsepower to back it up is simply amazing! I have SenseUI on my TP2, and it’s nowhere near as fast… I’m totally addicted to this phone.

      • Ricardo

        A month ago i would have never said that, but after this last update and the fact that i might not see 2.1 for another 3 months has me vexed. I am terribly vexed. I figure i sell my cliq, eat the loss and marvel at a truly exquisite phone that has the potential to last longer with me then any phone i’ve ever had. The G1 survived for a full year(great resalability).This might brake that record. That screen is so beautiful. Sidenote- I’m such a phone ho and i can’t help it.

      • DotNetCoderAZ

        “A month ago i would have never said that”…

        That’s how I felt about my MT3G until I started really looking at this device. I love my MT3G and I love all the roms available for it, but it just doesn’t have the horsepower that I want (and NEED).

  • Photoman

    Come the 24th My Cliq is outta my presence for good.

  • ag

    The video is private? Terrible.

    • Alex

      It will be up shortly.

      • ag


  • WMisbest

    video not working here~ It is private lol. NBD though I already know this will be in my hands asa it comes out.

  • SugarMouth


  • RCornelous

    Well…looks like the video has been pulled yet again!!!!

    • Alex

      The video is back up!

  • ag

    Damn that is beautiful phone. But I am not a fan of a dying Windows 6.5 platform. I need a new phone! I just don’t know what to get!!

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Well I had the G1 with the latest Android and the update from last week. That was a very nice phone. It was blazing fast and there’s lots of nice apps for the Android OS. But I sold it a few days ago while I could still get a high price for it.

      Anyway, I was in the T-Mo store pathetically looking for evidence of an HD2 about each sales rep (the reps thought I was suspicious looking at all of them instead of phones. I was waiting for someone to say “Cheese it, the cops.”)

      To deflect suspicion I looked at a Samsung Behold II. I thought that was a very nice phone and it’s priced right.

      You also might want to stay put or get something used on eBay to make do until October. Next holiday season should be really exciting. All the handset manufacturers/platforms will come out with fantastic handsets, many of them to compete against WP7.

      To be sure, Qualcomm at Mobile World Congress specifically said that it is working with ALL its partners/platforms to come out “later this year” (that’s a direct quote) with superphone handsets sporting Qualcomm’s next generation processor (that will have DUAL 1.5GHz Scorpion cores. And I suspect phones with HDMI ports!)

      If you can wait until October-November that is going to be a crazy good time for smartphone/superphone shopping.

      • tortionist

        You have the right idea. That’s what i’m waiting for.

  • manushka

    SF Bay Area Maggie Shops atill claim they no nothing and do not have one. AAARRRGGGHHH!

    • tchez27

      I was in the SF Bay area this past week for business and they did the same thing to me. Luckily I live on the east coast and was able to get my hands on a demo device here. I suggest calling your surrounding towns to see if other TMo employees will be cooler than the SF Bay folks. Don’t they realize they’re just hurting their sales. As consumers we’re more inclined to purchase from the guy who looked out for us. Wise up, TMo employees.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      What is it with our Bay Area? We are supposed to get all the good stuff since we are, after all, in the Silicon Valley.

      Maybe they really hammered into the CSRs heads that they better not violate confidentiality.

      Oh well. Thank God TMoNews is posting all the videos and pics. That has somewhat helped me deal with not seeing it in the flesh.

      Sorry Bay Area people, it’s like a marriage. You don’t get any until you are married.

  • Simone

    got a chance to play with the HD2 yesterday. I was on the fence until I held it. It is big, but since I am a kind of big guy it felt nice in my hand. The screen looked great and it moved quickly. Yes I want WM7 but that is still about 1 year away. By the time I am ready for another upgrade the bug will be out of WM7. I am definitely getting it, not sure about the wife. It would be difficult for smaller hands to hold it comfortably.

  • tchez27

    I finally got a chance to give this bad boy a a test drive. It is a lot bigger than I thought it was. I have pretty big hands so I thought I would have trouble with touchscreen typing but the screen size really helps, in landscape mode anyway, the portrait mode wasnt so easy but Swype helps quite a bit. The only negative thing, which is only negative because I’m not used to it, is the placement of the space bar. I kept wanting to go to its traditional designation for this button but its located off to the right of the keyboard. Does anyone know if Swype only works with the pre-loaded keyboard app or if it can also be used with downloaded apps?

    Also, I know there are a lot of WinMo fans in here, but the rep told me he’s already seen a video of someone sporting a fully functioning Android OS on the HD2. Is anyone aware of such a link/video?

    • DotNetCoderAZ

      “Also, I know there are a lot of WinMo fans in here, but the rep told me he’s already seen a video of someone sporting a fully functioning Android OS on the HD2. Is anyone aware of such a link/video?”

      There is a build of Android that runs on the HD2 using haret.exe. I don’t believe anyone has done a complete port as of yet. However, once this thing launches, I will bet that it would be within the first 3 months we see a fully running ROM.

      “Does anyone know if Swype only works with the pre-loaded keyboard app or if it can also be used with downloaded apps?”

      Swype is a keyboard replacement app, so yes, it works with all apps that use the standard keyboard. The only app I can think of that won’t work with Swype is Waze (it uses it’s own keyboard).

      • tchez27

        Thanks DotNetCoderAZ, useful info.

  • Bsanto

    So i just got back playing with the phone OMG!!!!!!!!!!! :P this phone is beatiful and puts and CRAPDROID phone to shame oh and if JUST SOME DOUCHE has something to say about it im right here you small insecure ASS!!!

  • crissy

    is this an android phone? Because I want to get a new phone from Tmobile but I don’t want to pay the extra $40 month just for some stupid android features.

    • Alex

      No, it isn’t an Android handset. Although it still requires the $30/$40 required Smartphone plan if you purchase it with a contract.

      Btw: The HTC HD2 is a Windows Mobile handset ;)

  • http://twitter.com/phenomenon_7 Phenomenon

    Does the HD2 work as a WiFi hotspot?? I have heard that it was capable of broadcasting a WiFi signal but I’m not sure.

    • DotNetCoderAZ

      Yes, although “official” support for it remains to be seen.

  • chrisrj28


    Yes it is indeed capable of that, just about every WinMo phone is. It requires a third party app that can be had for free but it works great. I have it on my TP2 and my wife uses my 3g on her Iphone all the time. My son hooks his PSP too lol

    • http://twitter.com/phenomenon_7 Phenomenon

      Great, thanks!! How well does it work?? Is the signal strong and reliable enough for a laptop or is it just more along the lines of a novelty??

      • DotNetCoderAZ

        @Phenomenon: It works just fine for a laptop (multiple ones even). I have had 3 laptops all connected at the same time. Granted, it wasn’t the speediest internet connection, but it worked.

  • http://ranieufamilydental.com duperpudge

    This phone is awesome. I went to my local Tmobile store and I got to see the phone first hand. At first I didnt think I was going to get it d/t all the wp7s nonsense, but this phone is so awesome in real life that it doesnt matter. the screen is big and the picture quality is good and shutter speed is fast. its so cool. i cant wait.

  • Robert

    I played with this phone in the store and oh man! wonderful PHONE!!!!!

  • trife

    Anyone know or want to take a guess at the price for the lowest tier of upgrades? I just re-upped on a 2 year contract back in Nov. with the BB 9700. I don’t mind renewing for another 2 years since that’s only 4 months ago, but just curious about the pricing. Any help is appreciated.

  • http://Tmonews Wojax2

    Everyone needs to breathe a bit.. Gentlemen this is a blog about cellphones. Let’s all act like adults and let’s quit acting like we are trying to premote our next heavywieght fight.. We have an huge event coming up within the next week in a half with the release of the hd2 and Dell mini to our own magenta. This should be an exciting time for us tmo subscribers.. We need to quit infighting, cuz we’re starting to sound like some bitchy- whiney verizon and AT&T costumers. And that ain’t good. Let’s stick to the subject here fellas, because we get enough bitchin from the wives and girlfriends. And Wilma flintstone you probably get it from your boyfriend or husband also..tmonews ruullzzzz!!!

    • Wilma Flintstone

      Um, I’m a Dude. I just use the name Wilma Flintstone because I couldn’t think of anything else at the time and it just seemed to stick. So just wanted to correct you on that Boyfriend or Husband crap because I don’t swing that way. I Like Women. K, Ciao.

      Now, I agree with you, Tmonews does Rule!!!

      Now what’s this on the Dell Mini? Is that the Netbook or the Tablet Phone? I don’t care about the netbook but I am interested in the Tablet Phone.

      • Alex

        The Dell Mini 10 is a netbook and it’s definitely coming to T-Mobile.

        Refer to this for more details on the Mini 10 netbook: http://www.tmonews.com/tag/dell-mini-10/

        There are also rumors of T-Mobile USA getting the Dell Mini 5 which is supposed to be a tablet/cell phone with a huge touch screen. Refer to this for more details on the Dell Mini 5: http://www.tmonews.com/tag/dell-mini-5/

      • http://Tmonews Wojax2

        Sorry bout that. Brother- the name just confused me a bit, didn’t want to offend any women on this site, if there were any.

      • Wilma Flintstone

        Totally understandable.

        Oh ok. I’m getting the HD2 next week but I am interested in the Dell Mini 5 as well. I am thinking of the best way to get them both. I thought about getting the HD2 unlocked and saving my upgrade for the Dell Mini 5 but there’s really no information other than in the link that confirms:
        1. That it’s coming to Tmobile
        2. The Release Date
        3. The Pricing of the Dell Mini 5.

        So that may make me just buy the HD2 on contract and get the Dell Mini 5 unlocked. What do you think would be the best course of action in this situation?

  • phalosopher

    Yea how do I put my own pic up Too?!

  • Phalosopher

    Im thinking(hear me out) that BIG event tomorrow will hopefully allow the phone to be preordered on the 17th which is one week away from the 24th..?! That would be AWESOME if they did that..

    • Wilma Flintstone

      Now, that would be friggin’ sweet!!! Bring on the Preorders and early releases!!!

    • Joe Pa

      Man I hope so!

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Also, did anyone else notice the Slide Fail at the beginning of the video? Hi-friggin-Larious!!! HAAA!!! I’m still buying this phone.

  • chrisrj28

    Yes that would indeed be awesome to have pre-orders, I have not been this excited to buy a phone since the 2007 Shadow lol

    My wife is even on board with me getting it which is strange for her, I think she’s just trying to justify the two purses she just bought lol

    • Newcleus

      That’s hilarious Chris. Sounds like a common justification.

  • Michael

    They already have the demo on all my t-mobile stores. I’m not going to check it out. I want to experience it when i open it myself.

    • Joe Pa

      Same here.

  • JBLmobileG1

    You know that’s pretty cool that you can use a WinMo phone as a wifi access point. Maybe that’s how Microsoft will intergrate Windows 7 with the Xbox… you could use your phone as a hub to go online with it. I think Sony could create a PSP style phone and add this feature so you could link your Playstation 3 to it. That would really work well once Tmobiles high speed network hits nationwide. Does anyone know if the Android phones are capable of this and when I could get the app? I know they have apps to use your phone and tether it to your laptop but not as a wifi hot spot. On a different subject… where is the Cliq XT… I thought it came out March 10th and here its the 15th. Was it delayed? Maybe it will have Android 2.1 after all.

  • IKE

    if this is true all the better http://crave.cnet.co.uk/mobiles/0,39…9305256,00.htm

  • Oce

    Went to my local Maggy today to play with HD2 1 more time, and they were a little hesitant about bringing it out for me. After playing with it a little, I was going to show my wife the Transformers movies but when I selected them it said “media not found”. Thought someone had deleted them but I discovered that some low life had swiped the sd card; reps didn’t even know it till I brought it to their attention! Pretty sure I’m the last one that will get to hold that demo unit. Know wonder they’re so hesitant about displaying such high end devices. Only takes one a$$hole to spoil it for everyone. Do they not have cameras inside? Hope they do and can identify the loser that took the card. :/

    • Joe Pa

      If I was the rep who was letting a customer demo the phone, I would have never taken my eyes off the phone. Shame on the low life who swiped the SD card, but the T-Mobile rep should have known better.

  • Lebron1189

    The phone is jus beautiful like there are really no words to explain it. When I saw it I was jus like WOW!! Please let current customers preorder this Baby!

  • chrisrj28

    Wow, someone taking the sdcard is pretty lame. When I was looking at the phone the rep there did keep it in his site but only b/c we were discussing it. I could see maybe if there were only one or two there and a customer came in with a need they would divert their attention long enough.

    I hope that doesn’t become a trend, and I wonder if the movies are locked to the sdcard somehow to prevent pirating the movies

  • phalosopher

    The ONLY reason why they were so lax about me peepin it while I was there was due to the fact that I knew/know both guys that work there prior to being employed @ tmo.. bc one went to the back and one had customers.. so virtually I could’ve done anything.. but who does that?! Smfh.. one will mess it up for us all..

  • manushka
  • http://twitter.com/phenomenon_7 Phenomenon

    @ DotNetCoderAZ

    Thank you for the information. This phone must really be a beast.

  • MLB1906

    Let me just say that I got my hands on this phone today in a Tmobile store and this phone is hot!!!! This will be enough for me to leave the Blackberry nation lol!

  • sanethin

    well the blockbuster app be free??and what apps do it comes with if any one no can they give me some info on it plz.thanks

  • mike

    is it really that hard to keep the camera still maybe this guy never heard of a tripod- he should quit doing phone reviews i dont how many people actually sit through the whole thing

  • ov1

    If it was android based id be the first one in line. For those of u who don’t feel comfortable will keeping your phones in your pocket, it does fit in the same case that I carry my g1 in, sdk case. I got to use a hd2 this weekend and it was the sweetest phone I have used, but as I stated its not android

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    OK, I am a day late and a dollar short on commenting about a hands-on with the HD2. But I stopped by the T-Mobile store by my post office box and asked if there was an HD2 I could look at. The guy I asked whipped his out of his shirt pocket. :)

    Very nice, blah, blah… The size is smaller than I thought. Not much bigger than my Touch Pro2. Yes, display is the selling point of this device.

    Also like the responsiveness of the capacitive screen.

    Since I have been using WinMo 6.5.1 and HTC Sense on my Touch Pro2, the HD2 was unremarkable in that regard. Was like buying a new car that’s the same as one I have.

    He showed me the movie playing. Wow, this is indeed a media player. Bright, sharp colors.

    So I am getting it for its multi-media capabilities. I am canceling my Comcast cable TV and will be using Mobi TV to watch MSNBC on the HD2. I also play movies a lot on my handsets, so this will be great (I used to buy portable DVD players that cost $600 and played on screens smaller than the HD2!)

    Oh… it was a lot thinner than I first suspected. Over all it is small enough that one will not look stupid talking on it.

    And it’s heavy, one drop on to a hard surface it is toast. Since it does not have a lanyard hole or loop I am going to have to make one, maybe drill a hole through the metal cover.