T-Mobile’s HTC HD2, Better Than The Original


First, reread the title… no, you are not crazy and neither am I.  For once (or so it seems) a US bound headset is actually going to be better than that of it’s brother from across the pond.  In this case, we are talking about the HTC HD2.  The T-Mobile bound version will be getting a nice jump in ROM (from 512 MB to 1 GB), a jump in RAM (from 448 MB to 576 MB) and will come with a 16GB microSD card, all powered by that wonderful 1 GHz Snapdragon processor.  So yes, it does sound like this will be fast.  As a side note, it should also be mentioned that the T-Mobile USA version may be the only one to get Windows Mobile 7.0, or just Seven (depending on what Microsoft calls it).  If Windows Mobile were my thing, I would be all over it, I guess I could make an exception for this HTC Sense laden, monster piece of hardware.  Larger image after the break and leave your thoughts in the comments!

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T-Mobile HTC HD2_Part1_wm

T-Mobile HTC HD2_Part2_wm

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  • Sgt. Cell

    The updates are great, by why not increase the battery size as well? This seems to be the only complaint on the import versions. I’ll pre order as soon as possible, lets go T Mobile (and HTC).

    • Shifter

      Clove has announced some more information regarding accessories for the HTC HD2, which they call the most popular HTC device of 2009.

      Of particular interest to me is the HTC HD2 Extended Battery (HTC-EBATHD2), which they expect to arrive in February 2010 and which promises to double battery life.

      What really has me interested however is the kick stand which comes integrated, something which I often miss when I contemplate using the device for watching a YouTube video. The larger battery capacity should also help make this less of risk to the device lasting the day if used that way.

      Whether this design touch is worth the pricy £52.88 the official extended battery will cost is however certainly debatable.


      Also, you’ll find plenty more accessories at the following link.

      • Bdar

        The original HTC HD2 Car Kit “CU S400” was one of the factors that originally sold me on the device. I’m disappointed seeing the screenshots of the current iteration of the Kit. The original came with a custom back plate for the phone that docked onto a disc at the end of the Kit. This charged the phone and automatically switched it into handsfree/navigation mode. In these screens of the current model it appears that they’ve done away with this and have a more traditional plastic cradle that holds the phone and may or may not even charge the phone without the user hooking up a charging cable on their own.
        HD2 still looks amazing though. Can’t wait for March.


      Well there is a replacement battery that comes with a kickstand. It gives twice the juice

    • HeLLkAt31

      The battery you say??? My worry is how the hell am I going to carry this monster?! I’m going to have to get a back pack for this thing!…

  • Cybersedan

    @Sgt. Cell

    I agree, I am concerned about the battery size.

  • alex

    I don’t know – if we are also getting the diamond3 then I might go for that instead of the HD2. A 4.3″ screen sounds nice, but a 3.7 amoled screen sonds almost just as good. Throw in HD video recording on the Diamond3 and better battery life and I don’t really see the need for the HD2.

    • Galen20K

      Exactly, the AMOLED screen on my Nexus One is just Breathtaking and really wish the HD2 had the same type of screen with that said the Diamond3’s screen is going to look BRILLIANT!

    • B-Mobile

      Alex, thats my main issue my 2 yrs runs out Aug 2010 and I’ve been going back and forth over the HD2 and the Obsession/Diamond 3. even with the increase of Ram/Rom and SD Card the Obsession has 4GB of internal memory plus a smaller brighter AMOLED screen which will prob = better battery performance, what does the HD2 have left to entice me except an xtra large non AMOLED screen, o yea wifi router need that 2

  • http://merdwerkz.com emm333arrd33

    seems like yet another powerful and fun all touch htc product with an inferior OS and battery. cmon htc. work on providing extended and usable power for these devices already!

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      On battery life complaints: There is not a smartphone on the planet that has not generated the same complaint, millions of times, battery life if poor, please, more battery life.

      Does anyone think that the carriers and manufacturers are unaware about this issue? LOL. Come on, if there was a way to make a smartphone with great battery life, they would do it.

      The fact is the manufacturers are stuck between a rock and a hard place. People want small smartphones, but great battery life. But the current technology prohibits it.

      Phones can only be so big before consumers reject the phone as being too big. (Consider the extended battery, like for my Curve and now T-Mobile Touch Pro2) When the extended battery is installed everyone says “Oh, that’s too big, oh that’s butt ugly with that big battery.”)

      Add to that what people expect on a smartphone and it gets even more ridiculous to expect or demand good battery power. Think about it, people want:

      Phone calls;

      Net access;

      To play varied media;



      Play games;

      E-mail and texting;

      And a huge display.

      Google any of your favorite phones (even the precious iPhone) and “battery power complaints” and you will see that every smartphone since the beginning of time have had battery complaints.

      So quit with the battery complaints and take the pain. (Or buy an extended battery. Unless you own an iPhone in which case you can’t. LOL).

    • Sanjay

      How can you say “inferior OS” if its Win Mo 7 and that has not even been released yet? Sounds like a bias irregardless of facts?

  • Ben

    Don’t know if it’s been spread around yet, but here’s a video of the HD2 in action (Euro version, I guess) made by http://www.theiphoneblog.com for the 3rd annual smartphone round robin.


    Android fan here, but this thing rocks!

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    As little as a few weeks ago there was whining and complaining about T-Mo not having any handsets worth mentioning. Some people retorted to wait till 2010 for surprises. (After all, T-Mo is very good at keeping secrets.) Now look at the known upcoming lineup, absolutely fantastic!

    With this new news on the HD2 it’s obvious T-Mo is planning on making the HD2 debut a big deal. To include a 16GB microSD chip, that’s amazing. That tidbit alone will make the news. Take that iPhone, that comes without a microSD slot and limited capacity that can’t be expanded, unless you buy a new phone. LOL.

    I’m hoping that this evidences the predictions on here a month ago, that the HD2 will debut in April and that it will include WinMo 7.

    I suspect that Microsoft will treat the Mobile World Congress like Apple’s annual conference, a time to announce the HD2 with WinMo 7.

    • Mark

      Hopefully NOT the 16Gb Class 2 from Sandisk! Class 2 would be painfully slow.

  • dsim91

    all i can say is i cant wait to get my hands on my HD2 and winmo7

  • Victor

    if only it wasnt WinMo!!! :(( i woulda liked for it to have Android.. :( ive had a Blackberry Curve 8900 for almost a year.. ugh idk if i should get it.. it seems sooo awesome… if it ddnt have Win mobile…

  • Sanjay

    The Touch Pro 2 has HTC Sense which to me seemed much like the TouchFlo 3D. I have since bought and installed SPB Mobile Shell 3.5 and it is much better and worth the cost if you are going to have a smartphone. It just has more customization options.

  • Sean

    Does anyone else notice what appears to be a discrepancy between the two pictures?

    The first reads: Internal Memory: ROM 1GB, RAM 576MB
    The second one reads: Storage: 512 ROM 448 RAM

    Why the difference? Is this a clever photoshopping or just a typo that’s not been updated?

    Either way, I’m so ready to buy this puppy! My Wing…ugh, Wing, is way past it’s last leg. Running 6.5.3 on that is tough, but better than the stock 6.1 T-Mo ROM. I’m seriously looking forward to having the horsepower to take advantage of the UI & apps.

    • Scoring

      Um… did you read the actual article?
      Seriously, that kind of thing scares me. What do you do when its time to vote for politicians, or sign a contract? Yikes!

    • ndy500fan

      The Top picture is from the HTC US web page.
      The Bottom picture is from the HTC Europe web page.
      I’m sure they included the Europe page because the US page has very few pictures of the phone.

  • DK Brothers

    Here’s the offical HTC page:

    The folks over at XDA are not happy about this.
    HTC is SHAFTING us, US HD2 to have 576Mb of RAM & 1Gb or ROM!

  • Marc

    Can’t see any of the older answers.

    • kershon

      I was checking the comments on this post last night on my bb. Tried the native browser and then opera mini. Could not find the link to the older comments. Now I’m on my comp and still no link. Can somebody put the link to the older comments on so we all can check’em?

  • http://tmonews BenNYC

    Hey everyone,
    I wanted to ask some questions. I’m so ready to retire my T-Mobile Shadow and been eagerly awaiting this baby here the HTC HD2. I was going to buy the Nexus One but had a ton of issues with Google costumer service so I’ll pass. I guess I’m just wondering what is the big difference between having a Window’s phone compared to a Google phone you know the pros and cons. I hear people say do you really want a windows phone but they never give feedback as to why is it a bad thing to have a windows phone.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    I have been lusting over the HD2, mainly because of the large display and power.

    Alas, I am leaning toward passing on this. Main reason: lack of a keyboard.

    I have had the T-Mobile Touch Pro2 since August and I can count on one hand the number of times I have used the touch screen keyboard over the physical keyboard.

    This is mainly because I can’t seem to press the correct keys and if I am careful that slows my typing down.

    Word is that the large 4.3 display provides a bigger keyboard, but I don’t know if that will make a difference for me.

    So we shall see. I may have to wait for the HD2 with a keyboard or other models coming out. A number of hot new Snapdragon phones with keyboards are coming out this year so we shall see.

    For now, last week I ordered the BlackBerry 9700. My girlfriend will have to make do with her G1 (my old discard) until something else comes along.

    Since we here in California get a 30 day tryout on phones (30 day buyer’s remorse) I may try out the HD2 to see what I think of the touchscreen keypad.

    Just thinking out loud and putting a mark in the column of people who really want a keyboard on this fantastic phone. (Sidenote: any bigger the HD2 becomes a mini computer or a really small netbook. And any bigger we will look really stupid talking on it. LOL).

  • TopOfNewYork

    Wow, nice but Im probably still passing. Depends on the price. Im not buying a phone that I would have to keep for at least 2 years to justify the expense if there are twice as good processors coming out this summer….Spring is just to late I cant say it enough but releasing a phone 6 months after it was released by the manufacturer is just poor timing and doesnt make any sense from the seller or buyers perspective. I would have copped in November but I just cant really understand why I would pay a high price for an old phone.

    A dual snapdragon with at least as much ram and rom as the proposed HD2 Im there.

  • sortamad

    lets remember that all these upgrades come at a cost…

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Can anybody confirm if the Tmobile version will still have the secondary camera though? If not then this is pointless to me as I really want a secondary camera.

    • ig0tno0dles

      Read the spec sheet at htc.com

      • Wilma Flintstone

        That’s only the spec sheet for the HTC version, I want to know about the Tmobile US version.

      • Wilma Flintstone

        My bad, it is the Tmobile version but it still doesn’t say if it has a secondary camera.

    • edgarock1

      yeah that’s truth and also what about stereo bluetooth?

  • david

    WHY wont they put freaking android on this instead of winmo. I dont hate winmo like most as I have used it for many years. But after switching to Android I will NEVER go back to winmo! Please put Android on this! will sell farm to buy!

    • WinMo Hell No

      Once you go Android, you never go back…lol

      • Peter

        Yes also when you go Android, you will back to Windows Mobile and you will never look at Andorid again…


      • Chris Clark

        I went Android, and went back already…in a matter of about a month. :) So this isn’t true.

  • DJ LU

    T Mobile You guys need to give us our HD2 already and stop tripping man!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.grabspecialsale.com nongpla

    for sure … i will get it … like it a lot…

  • Jay

    Why are you guys all scared of WinMo on this thing and lack of Android on it? Don’t worry, it has Sense. Don’t sweat the lack of Android, HTC putting Sense on the HD2 brings out the BEST parts of WinMo and some of its parts that are better than Androids, and even brings some of Androids great parts into this phone.

    WinMo has its ups, and yea it has its downs but HTC did a good job of hiding WinMo’s bad parts with Sense dominating the phone. It’s gonna be amazing, 4.3″ screen, Snapdragon, a lot of RAM and Sense, can’t wait to get it. All I really needed was an AMOLED screen, would’ve been the icing on the cake. And a physical keyboard too I guess, but I’ve given up on a new beast phone coming out with a physical keyboard. I have a G1 but I’m all but ready to give up on waiting for a beast QWERTY phone and I’m going to get the HD2 the day it comes out and might get a Nexus to pass me by till then.

  • efjay

    Why would anyone want a device that MANDATES you sign up with their email service and be restricted to their online services and not even be sure what personal data is being tracked? I guarantee if Microsoft required you to have a hotmail account before you could even use your phone the same android lovers would be up in arms saying how evil they are. But google gets a free pass becauee people cant see beyond their hatred of MS and blind love for anything google related.

  • http://tmonews.com BenNYC

    I’m going to get the HTC HD2!

  • edgarock1

    this phone will come with stereo bluetooth? anyone

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Of course. Any high end smartphone, and even low end ($199 phones) have stereo BT. Only the budget phones don’t some with stereo BT nowadays. If a quality smartphone did not have stereo BT that would sink sales faster than throwing the phone into the ocean.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Forget it. I’m getting the first one to come to Tmobile whether it be the X10 or the HD2. Hopefully I’ll still be able to keep my current plan with it as well. Anybody know the release date on any of those?

    • Wilma Flintstone

      Well at least to hold me over until the dream phone Motorola Shadow comes to Tmobile *Hopes it happens*

  • WayneT3

    All right then, it’s settled; I’m gonna get an iPad AND the HD2…that ought to keep Steve Jobs AND Steve Ballmer happy…oh, OK, I’ll be happy, too…

  • vtec

    This is the best news I’ve heard in a long time. I had to purchase my Touch HD T8285 from Australia and connect it to AT&T because no US carrier had the guts to bring flagship HTC devices.
    The beauty of WinMo is that there is a lot of great people at xda developers cooking roms and tweaks.

  • mimo

    I just want to know two things
    1- how much will this puppy cost?
    2- when the hell is it coming out?

  • papito007

    i mean whats the hold up with the HD2 the best phone in t-mobile’s lineup and they are guarding all the info on this phone like their lives depend on it and all us loyal t-mo customers Patiently!! for this phone to be released and we gettin alittle tired of waiting on this phone if they make us wait any longer alot of people are gonna go else where for another phone..

  • papito007

    Well I hate to say the “I talked to someone at the store” scenario, but I did speak with a T-mobile store manager about the HD2 and according to him the HD2 will be in stores mid March (which we all knew). I’m thinking it will drop the week of March 15. All I know is that I can’t wait until then!

  • Todd

    I hope I can get this bad boy from Best buy….I have a $300 gift card I want to use towards it.