Nexus One, Official


Remember, Rememer, the fifth of January (wait, that isn’t quite right).  Well, at long last, today is the day.  Google has gone all official with the Nexus One, and with it a host of information.  So, we decided to put it all in a nice recap.  So hang on past the break, I hear it’s quite a trip.

UPDATE: In these times, it’s all about conservation, so I have decided to link all the hands on experiences and reviews to this one post, so keep checking back.

PhoneDog – Hands on (I’m sure they will have all sorts of very detailed reviews coming soon)

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Let’s start with stuff that we already know.  The Nexus One is made by HTC with a bunch of involvement with Google.  You could buy it now for $180 on a two year contract or $530 unlocked.  You can purchase this phone direct from Google at their web store.  Speaking of the web store, you can do some live demos online, all transmitted through the tubes of the internet, somehow, and all you will need is a Google Account.

Now, for the basic specifications and features (see picture or read on).  It works on T-Mobile’s now faster 3G (yes, this does deserve its own sentence).  The Nexus One is powered by the now famous 1 GHz Snapdragon processor.  All action (you know, drooling over and typing on, and the like) will be done on the 3.7 inch, 480×800 AMOLED screen, which is beautiful.  On the back you have a 5 megapixel camera with LED flash, capable of MPEG-4 video and direct YouTube Upload.  You will also get GPS, stereo Bluetooth, 3.5mm headphone jack, a compass,  two mics for “active noise suppression,” light and proximity sensors, an accelerometer, and a fancy multicolor LED in the trackball for notifications.  Oh, and it’s thin, 11.5 mm (so thinner than a #2 pencil).

Now, for the software side.  The Nexus One will come with Android 2.1, which looks to be a better version of 2.0 (which is awesome).  It will come with five homescreens (yes, please), live panels, and the new card like view of the homescreens.  There will also be a snazzy 3D photo gallery, which will background sync with Picasa (go Google).  Voice commands will be implemented everywhere, including in every text input box (yes, texting while driving is bad, don’t do it.  Keep your eyes on the road, please).  Oh, and apps can be installed onto the SD, so no more rooting for just one feature.  Of course, no multitouch in Google Apps, still no idea why, but this shouldn’t be a deal breaker.  In addition, Google Earth is coming to Android, YAY!  On a completely different side note, Google is planning on bringing EVERY Android phone to 2.1, if they can support it, :(.

Lastly, I would like to leave you with a pleasant review of the Nexus One, by one Lucky guy over at Engadget(I hate you Josh, just kidding…..but seriously).  We also have a hands on by Gizmodo.  As more people get the Nexus One, we will surely do a Review roundup (so look for that).


  • jtomm

    sorry google. too much work and not the plan i want. i tried. damn.

    • bigs12

      you can change your plan after you get the phone….

      • Janey

        TRUE, but you will have to PAY BACK the unsubsidized cost. This was verified by Gizmodo today.

        People are PISSED about the prices.

      • rayen321

        You can. Call a tmo rep.

  • Syko

    Woohooo!! Just ordered my Nexus One!! (Unsub & Unlock)

    After reading some of the comments, I think most people don’t understand that this entire sale have nothing to do with Tmobile but with Google! Why are people flooding the Tmobile Customer Care folks when you are buying from a Google’s website, NOT a Tmobile’s website. I can understand that people may have questions about the plans (switching, upgrading, etc) but don’t jam the Tmobile Customer Care with stupid questions regarding the Nexus One! Direct all your questions to Google Nexus One Customer Service!! Anyway, that’s my two cent!

    Live from California, USA! I’m Syko, have a wonderful day.

    • obe1

      true very true but where did google get that plan out of thin air no tmobile had to say this is the plan we would like new customers on right so thats why i was one of the ones calling tmobile to clrify to me why would i be stuck in choosing only one plan to begin with

    • bigs12

      I AGREE

      • bigs12

        sorry i don’t a agree i commented on the wrong person…..but T-mobile didn’t choose the plan and it doesn’t matter anyway cause you can change the plan after you get the phone, you just have to change it to an EM plan if you got to the EM+ plan you will be charged an ETF from t-mobile and what ever contract you have with Google….

  • Dave

    I got an unlocked nexus one on the way! Regretting getting the “engraving” though… apparently it can take up to 72 Hours… i want mine now!

    • beej

      Yeah, and you won’t be able to return it if you have any problems. But really? If you weren’t sure you probably wouldn’t have bought it the first day, right?? :) Just ordered mine. Can’t wait to get it on Thursday (since I know it won’t ship until tomorrow at the latest…)

    • Smokeater980

      I ordered one as well. Overnight delivery and it was on my doorstep this morning. A great phone for Tmobile users!

  • Paul Roberts

    not t-mobile UK though :( is this due to the merger?

  • JBLmobileG1

    I really hope Google makes it up for the current G1 owners who are unable to upgrade and keep their current plan by atleast letting us be able to save apps to SD without having to root our phones. Hopefully the 2.0/2.1 o/s update is true… at least I will be content because for me this is the only real downfall to the G1… that and the battery. Hear me Google… we want apps to sd please.

  • sortamad

    i personally think this plan crap is so ridiculous. I’ve been following this phone since it was first rumored and was so hyped on getting it. I just got off the phone with tmobile AND htc and they both told me that i could not get it because i was on a family plan (which makes no complete sense on why google would want that) and i think it is just plain ridiculous. If i were to go on my own line, i would be paying the same thing that my father is paying for 4 lines. I really wanted this phone but im not ready to shell out $530 on a phone because i dont have all that much money. Man i wish they would just make it easier on the both of us and let anyone wanting to upgrade just DO IT! I’m so furious right now i dont feel like doing anything else. O and by the way the htc lady said that maybe in 90 or 120 days google will change their requirements for more plans to be accessible. (for some reason though i have a feeling that its still going to cost us a lot for a simple upgrade)

  • Manny

    Will it be shipped today? i ordered mine as soon as the site was up.

    • -ray

      I believe it will.. We were probably putting in our information at the same time… lol

      My status says not yet shipped, but they are three hours behind me so it will probably be updated later once Fedex get the phones.

  • Uche

    This phone is now for early adopters, i will wait for a few months and see if they will reduce the price for this phone

    • NiiDiddy

      Ah – good point. It’s only natural the price drops…eventually! I’ll wait…

  • chilimac

    I agree. I really wanted this phone, but I can’t see myself buying it. The subsidized option would have been great, but the 500 minute plan makes no sense for me (I have a family plan currently). I just can’t see myself shelling out $500 for this phone. SUCKS!!!

  • Josh

    I just got off the phone with t-mobile and they were cool and helped me out they changed my plan to a standard and so i could buy then after they will change it back no problem

  • RussianSolja

    I Ordered mine for shits and giggles. ill test drive it for the first 14 days and see if i like it. whats the worst that can happen? i just return it. :)

  • Nexus One so frustrated

    No family plan option, this is ridiculous, outrageous! Also google storefront needs live people behind it. T-mo tells me I can get the phone at the subsidized price, google storefront says, either I don’t qualify or I must pay more because I’m an existing customer, and/or I must pay more because I already have a data plan, or I must just buy several unlocked phones. In these economic times, many families just can’t shell out $1000-$1500 for two or three phones. The subsidized plan is best for families that use more than one phone. I have always liked google, but I am quite frustrated. I thought they would have thought about families as well as individuals. I guess they’re telling me to get an Iphone, problem is I like T-mobile, and don’t think I would like AT & T. I have had great experience with T-mobile and have never felt like they nickel and dime their customers. I’m actually a heavy google user as well, and have been embracing their products and services, because they have been the superior experience. With the current acquisition options for a family, I may have to look at the Iphone, don’t get me wrong, I have a macbook and love it, and have a love/hate relationship with apple already (love their stuff, don’t like their prices or their closed system philosophy. Intuitively, I want to go android/google (open system) and stay with T-mobile, but feel I may be economically forced into an Iphone with AT&T, a situation I didn’t think google/t-mobile would have me considering. I can’t believe the dilemma I’m in, I was all set to go to the Nexus One and never look back, but it would have been too simple.

    • stopcomplaining

      Dude wtf is your problem,were you born to bitch? Waaaaaaaaaaa waaaaaaaa waaaaaaaa shut the fuck up n buy the nexus one or settle for a mytouch,or fine go to att and spend 20 bucks more a month on a plan or teice as much on an unlimited plan…..everyone wants to complain grow up

      • Mat

        Thank you, Google is not special, every company limits options for purchase especially when your already a customer. Google is offering a phone, from them, that is unlocked! And better specs than anything so far, if you want an Iphone when it was new it was 500+. So like the man said shut the fuck up and either buy one or don’t.

      • Scritz Mcgritz

        Shut up If you have a problem with his complaining don’t read his comment.

      • Rale

        @Stopcomplaining Aside from being rude and a childish, you are totally oblivious to the implications of this approach, loss of revenue, huge dent in customer service reputation for t-mo, etc. And you are yelling the most, complaining about complaining.

        The plan and the roll out are a complete disaster. Just ask t-mobile customer service report. They are losing long time customers very fast. T-Mobile would be better of not even providing the service for this device. I hope that t-mobile does not take your attitude.

  • thechemist

    Thanks Tmobile/Google. You leave us with these options? My family plan contract is almost over. Time to jump ship. I’m so dissapointed.

    • Otto

      Dunno what you’re complaining about, at least you got options….T-mo employees have to pay the $530 regardless. Seriously you want the phone? Save up a couple of months then buy the phone, just because you can’t get it now doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. Throw a garage sale! You’ll have your Nexus One in no time! Honestly if you crunch the numbers you save so much more money buy purchasing it unsubsidized. You just have to look a bit further into the horizon then how it’s affecting your pocket book right now.

      • Scritz Mcgritz

        you only save $130 dollars at the end of your two year contract. You will not have so much money left over. Know what your talking about. And no idiot is going to have a garage sale to purchase a phone.

  • money mo

    Im ordering mines tomorrow before all the verizon people start thinking about it!!!! Thinner than a number 2 pencil, google voice on every application, noise surpression, THANK YOU GOOGLE!!! APPRECIATE IT..

  • RussianSolja

    There are two ways of buying this phone. either you pay $530 bucks or you sign a two year contract to get it for $170. if your on a contract already you cant upgrade to this phone and you will have to buy this phone out right. trust me i’ve tryed getting this phone for $170 and i couldn’t because im on a non contract plan. so i cant ever go back to a contract plan as of yet. until t-mobiles terms of service change. Like Said before in a few comments above me. Quit trying to call T-Mobile about this phone… The only thing T-Mobile covers/supports as far as this phone goes is PLANS and some Tech Support. EVERYTHING ELSE GOOGLE HANDLES!!

  • MaxLaw

    QUESTION: What is the best horizontal belt clip for my newly ordered Nexus One….like the horizontal so that it does not dig into my side when I sit down. Also, the clip for the belt should be suitable for wider belts or for thinner ones.

    • just some dude

      I havee learned from my G1 and MyTouch to not get the magnetic button ones, they freak out the compass at least for the first minute or so than it re calibrates to the earths magnetic field. no biggy but in the long run it may crap out the compass. Velcro for me, or some kind of snap.

    • umaluver

      heres a tip: stop wearing your phone on your belt. you look like a douche.

      thank you.

      note: this also applies to the blue tooth headset you constantly walk around with in your ear.

  • Corey

    Well… I will be switching to Verizon. I was considering buying the phone at full price and switching to the Everything+ family plan… but it turns out that T-Mobile will charge me $35 per line!?!?!

    Total B.S.

    I can save some money by switching to Verizon anyways…

    • Titty!

      Really? Okay, uhh dont hate. uhm; ha $35? Yeah that’s called a migrating fee. Old news. & Not expensive! Come on, cheapness.

    • Natasha

      and Verizon will charge you a 35 dollar activation fee, and you’ll be paying at least 35 more dollars month with them … How does that save you money?

    • B Dogg

      False. Verizon is the most expensive carrier in the industry. I’m not saying that they aren’t a good phone service but they do have the most far out pricing of all the cell carriers.

      • Corey

        The company I work for offers a coperate discount through Verizon. No activation fee, and and the price/month is at par/cheaper than T-Mobile.

        Only reason I have stuck with T-Mo so long is that my wife goes though a lot of cell phones and it’s just convient to swap the sim card into a new phone.

  • mike

    is the nexu hspa+ compatible ?

  • Steven

    I ordered one early this afternoon and it shipped today, I’ll have it tomorrow! I can’t wait!

  • chaoscentral

    Hey Andrew fix your post!!! Installing apps to the SD card is not possible as of yet. They clearly said in a future update it will be possible. Don’t want people to be mislead now ;)

  • USMCJeff

    You guys enjoy your phone cause I can’t it because im leaving for Marines bootcamp on Monday !

    • 9ooyan

      sucks dude, good luck.

    • just some dude

      Good luck over seas bro, and remember don’t volunteer and keep your head down.

  • z

    another GD corporate FAIL. i’m so tired of mobile GD bullshit in the usa. current customers SCREWED. the only “plan” offered with it is a shaft job. way to go goog/tmo. FAIL.


    no UMA, i’ll wait for the verizon version. all my contracts are up this year and they have this thing called a network adapter.

    i’ll stick around ’til then on the outside chance that google voice comes through with some gizmo5 magic.

  • http://Tmonews Wojax2

    Why is everybody bitchin about t- mobile? It’s really about googles greedy asses!. Their corporate greed , is starting to remind me a little like apple. You all know t- mobile would never try to purposely screw over their costumers( unlike a LOT of service providers). When the htc hd2 drops , you’re gonna see a completley different purchase option- and a lot easier too. This is all about googles greed. First they say they wouldn’t have a phone, then they do. Now that they have a phone , then they want to lay in the sack with an not- so consumer friendly ,and arrogant service provider( verizon). Don’t get me wrong, I most likely will become a nexus one owner- but people don’t blame t- mobile , because we all know they have treated us fairly good.

  • Luke

    I got my tracking # says it will get here by 3pm today!!

  • Luke

    I remember when I first bought my iPhone 2g back when I was with att and in the forums everyone was bitching about the price and the plan, but look how many people bought it at full price back then. If you dont like the plan buy it unlocked and use it with your current plan you will still save money in the long run. As for all this Verizon talkgive me a break do you really think your gonna save money. If T-Mobile’s rate plan for this phone runs 79.99 then you can put your money on Verizon charging you 99.99 on there network to get the phone subsidized lmfao!!

  • cj2185

    Can’t wait until I get my Nexus One today!

  • kevin niven

    Nexus One Order problem! Telling me since I have 3 lines with t mobile i wont get the discount on my new line of service! I dont get it? Its a new line not a family plan. Tmobile said “yes i known but your not a new customer” $500 LOL

    • nkog

      hahaha thats funny!

  • SexyNexy

    WOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO just got mine!!!! charging think i’m have an O

  • just some dude

    man it took a while to order kept on getting please try again. anyway I paid the full unsubsidized price. Spoke to tmo they said it is just a matter of swamping sim cards and my $80 unlimited everything plan talk, text, and web, carries over. And in the long run the price turns out to be cheaper than going for a contract.

    Got the best android phone out there my cotract is up no renewal and keeping my existing plan. life is sweet.

  • Ricardo

    how can i run andriod 2.0 on mytouch 3G?

  • Ricardo

    how can i run andriod 2.0 on mytouch 3G? email at

  • Justin

    So I’m confused after reading a bunch of posts…can I buy it unsubsidized and switch my sim card in and still be on my Family plan?? Or do you have to be on an individual plan for it to work???

    • Kitpogi

      You can buy it for its full price and use the same sim and you’re ready to go…it’s like buying or upgrading a new phone.

  • Kitpogi

    Sad to say, the only way to get the phone is to either purchase it for it’s full price of $529 or open a new line or upgrade the current INDIVIDUAL plan. So what it you’re currently on a family plan? Tough luck, you don’t have any other options but to purchase it for its full price….It’s a sleek phone but I think I can wait for the SE X10. If I’m paying that much for a phone, might as well get the best phone maker in the business, SE….no offense to HTC.

  • Thanzig

    I love how the majority of people are blaming TMO for the price of this phone when it is a phone sold directly by Google. I could see a reason for outrage if TMO was selling the phone directly and left us with these options, but that is just not the case. That is essentially like complaining to your cable company because you have to pay an outrageous price for a new flat screen.

    At least Google did attempt to partner with carriers and provide other options. Try buying an unlocked phone directly from Nokia and see how far you get with trying to get a subsidized/upgrade price.

  • Janey

    Reports are that only NEW customers get the $179 price.

    The T-Mobile forums are also full of complaints about this issue already.

  • http://Tmones Sonny

    google is so messed up for screwing t-mobile customers over, I justed called t-mobile and they said i cant get it for the upgrade price cause its just partial. I have to buy the whole phone, which i would never pay 529.00 for a cell phone. Very upset

  • USMCJeff

    Thanks people remember enjoy your phone.

    Damn bootcamp is will suck in this weather. Parris island, SC here I come.

  • Scritz McGritz

    Does this phone come with insurance? I can’t buy a phone without insurance.

    • Otto

      Nope, PHP doesn’t cover the phone since it’s not sold through T-mobile distribution channels. Wow, I know what I’m talking about? *Gasp*

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Have any of you seen the ETF (Early Termination Fee) for this device? Here’s the article on

    “According to Google’s terms of sale for the Nexus One, both Google and T-Mobile will charge customers an early termination fee for breaking their contract. Google said customers who buy the Nexus One for the T-Mobile contract price of $179 will be charged $350 if they cancel service within 120 days. That $350 goes to Google. T-Mobile will also apply an ETF of $200 to any customer who breaks their contract with more than 180 days remaining on that contract. The total ETF can hit $550, which is more than the unlocked version of the Nexus One costs ($529). Those who buy the unlocked version at full price won’t have to worry about these ETFs.”

    Sorry, but this Nexus One keeps going downhill everytime they speak about it now. What’s next, Only Unlocked Nexus One buyers get the real GPS (After buying it for $100 more from google even though it’s free on the net)? This phone has lost it for me.

  • Galen20K

    This is my Very First Post from my BraNd New Ne×us! OK have to charge the Battery now!

    Posted from HTC Ne×us One on T-Mobile

  • Waaaaaambulance

    Oh my goodness… all this damn crying. If your an existing customer you have to get it unlocked, big deal. If you can’t afford it, save for it. All of you talking about I can’t afford to buy it unlocked so I’m leaving T-Mobile are fucking idiots. That’s the terms of buying the phone so deal with it. I want one and my only option is to buy it unlocked. I can’t afford to spend $530 right now, so guess what… I’m going to save $530 and buy one when I can afford it. Some of you are just plain cry babies, grow up!

    • Scritz Mcgritz

      Dude shut the fuck up! I’m happy your an idiot for purchasing a phone for half a K.

      Oh and btw when you break your $500 phone I hope you have another half a K to purchase a new one. Fuck off you loser.

      Somebody Call the Waaaambulance.

    • Robert

      I got news for you, Braniac.

      If you CAN’T afford the phone now… truth is you can NEVER afford it.

      So to say you’re going to ‘save’ up is a joke. Stop blasting other people… in fact THOUSANDS of other people that obviously have a problem with this when in fact it is quite unfair.

      First and foremost NO phone costs this much to make so it’s a HUGE profit margin for Google. Or are you one of those that honestly believes that diamonds cost thousands and furniture costs hundreds and cars costs 10’s of thousands to produce… and oh yeah… a little phone actually costs $500 to make as well when they can make and sell computers for the same price that have 5 times the processing power.

  • terry

    majority of the idiots complaining here, are the same ones who pattern lock themselves outta their g1 and forget their information. stop complaining, you want in on the best tech, there is a price to pay. otherwise you wait til it’s no longer new, and at a lower price.

    • Scritz Mcgritz

      You get the same advice for the Waaambulance up above you rude comment. What is up with all the negativity on these blogs. You guys are all geeks. Why can’t you geeks get along?

  • Pixiwish

    Someone who has the Nexus One needs to help me with a very important question. You see I have the Behold II, it is great despite what you may think and in my opinion the Nexus One may not be that big of an upgrade and not worth the money. However I like the phone and want one my main draw back….HTC internal speakers. I have had G1 and Mytouch before the Behold II (yea I buy them at cost) the HTC phones have terrible speakers and I my Behold II is great I can stream my Pandora and fill my room with sound without needing attachments. So with the Nexus One did HTC fix all of their usual hardware downsides? My camera would have a flash, I don’t need a stupid headphone adapter, but no one has said anything about the speaker please help !!!!

  • rayen321

    I got mine today, it’s awesome!

    • Pixiwish

      How’s the internal speaker?

  • USMCJeff

    That’s what she said lmao

    Sorry guys I just had to do it!

  • -ray

    Got mine this morning and I must say that I am very impressed so far.. The great thing about buying it unsubsidized is that if something else better comes along on Tmo, then I will get it subsidized.

  • Justin

    A bit off topic….can you turn the phone and get the keyboard in a landscape setting when using txt messaging or email?? Seems like this would make a slightly larger keyboard…

  • T.P.

    I don’t even care, the bigger concern for me is that when you trail the competition you are at there mercy. T-MO has to agree to these terms to give us a phone we would crave, which would bring there total of smart phones we would crave to a whopping 2, while the evil empire AT@T anounces seven more smart phones including 5 new androids. Hopefully the upgrade in 3G speeds with sight for 4G will improve our phone selection, but as long as we keep working from behind, T-MO will never catch up!

  • TmoAsian

    Dude, Dude. Guys. I think google will change this cos so many guys are outraged at the pricing and the contracts, including me. I’m not getting the phone, but I’ve followed the phone ever since it was announced. And It’s not tmo’s fault goog simply picked a plan from tmo, and they told them to sell the phone only with that particular plan, and if they didnt listen then tmo would lose the rights to sell the phone. I’m not saying its true, but I’m guessin. I am assuming they are trying to make the phone more exclusive, much like aston martin did with the cygnet.