Nexus One 3G Problems?


Now that you’ve finally managed to get your hands on the HTC Nexus One “SuperPhone”, its time to put it through the various tests, at least that’s what I usually do when I get a new toy to play with. Word has it that a very large amount of users are experiencing problems with 3G connectivity. Specifically, the phone constantly switching between 3G and EDGE networks in areas that would normally have full 3G coverage, getting poor 3G coverage in general, or more often, both. Its a new device, and every piece of technology has some sort of problem. One user over at the Google Mobile Support Forums, compared the 3G reception of the HTC Nexus One and the T-Mobile G1, yielding results that favored the G1. If I could take a wild guess, I would assume that this is probably related to problems with the internal radio, a software related issue, or something totally different.

Are you experiencing 3G problems? Let us know in the comments!

Google Mobile Support Forums

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  • Mike

    I can confirm this. I had a G1 and had solid 3G in Orlando, FL. Now my Nexus One seems to drop it, sometimes even going to GPRS for a sec before picking up EDGE. Hope it will be fixed soon :(

    • Dj

      I have a G1 in Salt Lake and mine always goes from 3G to E and back. The same things happens to a friend of mine. I doubt its the Nexus One.

  • WootRoot

    I thought it was just me, but my 3g speeds are SIGNIFICANTLY slower on my N1 for 90% of the time (200-300kbps on the Nexus, where my G1 is getting 800kbps+)

  • Nex-O

    i’m in philly and i haven’t noticed anything out of the ordinary i’ll repost if i notice anything

    • Nex-O

      ok…walked the dogs for bout 45 minutes playing with the n1 and i did not notice and 3g/edge toggling my test’s averaged 839 down 362 up…

  • mattyboy247

    I have been noticing some issues… though I just attributed it to my coverage at my house.

  • justinhub2003

    all good cincy on a nexus one.. also loving that i can use the htc keyboard on it

    • Nex-O

      i took off the htc keyboard cause of the horizontal length…dont know why it bothers me that it wont go all the way across…

  • Sufian

    No issues w/the nexus one switching over to Edge here. Speedtest’s app gave me these speeds just now: 907kbps down, 737kbps up.

  • Vap1d

    I haven’t used my G1 since August so can’t compare to that, but it seems to get a little better signal than my Samsung i7500 which I thought was a little worse than my G1. I haven’t had the N1 long enough to notice switches between networks, however one thing I did see, it was sitting on my desk and I went in to About Phone -> Status and I saw it switch from UMTS to HSDPA (which my i7500 *never* displayed, it just always said UMTS)

  • Galen20K

    I noticed sometimes my Nexus One jumps from 3G to Edge for a minute but jumps right back soon after and no my G1 never had done that in the very same places.

    Sounds like a minor software update is in order.”

    LOVE the PHone tho!

  • John Vehikite

    I can… not confirm this since I can’t upgrade to the Nexus One… New idea: Upgrade to the HD2 when it comes out, sell it on Craigslist, then buy me the N1. What do you think?

  • Steven Y

    I got my Nexus One today.. played with it for about 20 min and realized that it is NOT all it’s cracked up to be. Especially since all Android phones will be upgraded to 2.1 ..what’s the point?! Plus not having a physical keyboard is SUCH a deal breaker. Getting my money back.. less the RIDICULOUS restocking and shipping fee.

    • CMK

      Just curious, @Steven Y, why did you buy the Nexus One if “not having a physical keyboard” was a dealbreaker? Did you think it had one?

      • Steven Y

        NO. I knew it didn’t have one.. but I thought the hardware.. screen and version of Android would be enough … but it isn’t.. The speaker is weak and the camera is mediocre. Besides the LED flash, it’s not worth $530.

    • http://tmonews james

      @ steven Y u my man are pathetic seriously… if u knew it had no keyboard why da f*ck did u buy it huh??????????

      • Steven Y

        James- Poor is the man who’s pleasure depends on the permission of another.

        Grow Up.

    • Galen20K

      Steven never bought the Nexus One. If he had he would have seen how Accurate, quick, and Easy to type on its soft Keyboard. He also would have seen how SPectacular the pictures look and how great the LED Flash works.

      I call TROLL on Steven Y.

    • Johnny

      @Steven Y Why go through the trouble and expense of getting a Nexus only to give up like a little baby after 20 mins? Also all Android devices won’t be getting the 2.1 upgrade by any means… Also, your dealbreaker was no phys keyboard?! Did you not look at pics b4 you ordered it….

      What would please you in a phone? I’m confused..

    • just some dude

      i think steven is bullshiting, he never picked one up, he was just waiting for something to come up so he can bitch. did i nail it steven, yup i think i did.

      but its cool man i understand your curiosity, you can look around hear while your holding that crap win mobile phone of yours in your hand.

  • Daniel

    I’m getting better signal than with my Mytouch in my house.

  • steven Y is an idiot

    like i said. steven y is an idiot

    • Steven Y

      #1 I am NOT an idiot.
      #2 I thought I would give it a try. Ever heard of it?
      #3 Just because you live in your mom’s house and can’t afford to live on your own and probably haven’t had a relationship beyond a computer doesn’t give you the right to judge anyone. ..but since you opened the bag.
      #4 If you love the Nexus One so much… download porn into it and make love to it. …if you haven’t already.

      I am getting my money back.

      • fck_Steven_Y

        You stupidass your the one that is think he’s living with his mom and your telling him not to judge? Learn to do some research before you buy things then. If not go cry to your momma who gives a damn you duMb fck.

      • http://tmonews james

        hunny u are an idiot =))))

      • http://tmonews james

        also dont even start with moms seriously how pathetic ..ur 15 or wat?? cause u act like one lets talk bout moms omg grow uppp ….

      • Spike

        I think if Steven was a troll, he’d start spouting some BS about iPhones or Blackberries.

        Its whatever, only way any of you will know if he’s a troll is to get a Nexus One and find out for yourself. No reason to act like a bunch of fags.

  • HD2soundsGREAT

    Google of all people is killing the android buzz. I hate winmo, but HD2 no matter how much it costs will beat the hassle of

  • chris

    I have been using the phone and it has never had 3g issues in Chicago. I find it to actually be a bit quicker with regards to the 3g. Love the phone and have no problem purchasing this device at full price! Its the android experience as it should be.

    • ken

      hey chris,
      i live and work in the loop and am thinking about buying this phone.
      what’s the possibility of meeting up at a starbucks or something so i can see how it works…
      i would be ever so grateful and would you buy you that coffee!

  • James Birken

    Ever since T-Mobile “upgraded” their 3G network, 3G reception in New York has been spotty at best. My G1 constantly switches between Edge and 3G when it always used to have a solid 3G solid. It must be on T-Mobile’s end.

  • mark

    I recieved mine today. The 3g coverage is must more limited than my g1 or my touch. It’s not a speed issue for me. When I have the coverage it’s fine but forsome reason the coverage is much more limited. This issue is going to kill the battery. i will wait one day to see if it improves before calling google.

  • Brian

    I am ordering my Nexus One tomorrow. Unfortunately I have had to wait due to waiting on a paycheck. =P Anywho, My G1 has always switched between Edge and 3G in my house even though I know I have had full 3G coverage in my house. But, that could be due to several factors, and that is just what I have seen.

  • Geraldine

    My myTouch does this all the time.

    The RF on some HTC devices can be way poorer than others.

    For example, as much as I don’t like my BlackBerry 9700 because of poor media and browser capabilities at least the 3G signal was solid.

    On my myTouch3G, it constantly fluctuates.

  • Danny

    What I was thinking also:

    Perhaps it’s not a hardware problem? Perhaps T-Mobile just needs to beef up capacity. Some areas where they launched 3G has very limited capacity and not all sites have 3G lit up pending future fill in projects. Call it doing the bare minimum just to claim they have 3G running in the given market.

    If a whole bunch of users purchase this device in any given area, it may strain the network just like the iPhone did but on a much smaller scale of course.

    • Sloth

      Something to that. I noticed way lower (half speed) 3G speeds yesterday on my MT3G, then today with the N1, back to normal.

      I’ve also seen the flicker-to-GPRS-then-back-to-3G, but in very weak areas, but I’ve also seen some previously dead areas work OK.

      I’m thinking t-mobile is messing with their network.

  • namelessbanana

    I ordered mine yesterday at 2pm and the status is still not shipped.. I hope it ships soon… Also my g1 has been jumping to edge randomly at home when I usually have 3 bars and 3g..

    • Usman

      I ordered yesterday at around 5pm. Same status as yours man. The kicker is that there are many people that ordered AFTER us and have already gotten their tracking numbers! Did you have it shipped to your billing address? I didn’t, and thought that might be holding things up. :(

      I’m visiting my sis in Chicago at the moment, so thought I’d get it here. Wish Google would allow us to cancel or change the shipping address.

      • namelessbanana

        Ii had it sent to my billing address.. I. Really hope I get my tracking number soon.. I emailed google about it but I haven’t gotten anything back yet. I believe you can change the shipping address by going into the google check out. I am going to be very sad if I don’t get it by Saturday.. I. Actually need this phone for work.. they are using mine to do all the menu flows for setup for my department at Tmo.. a

      • namelessbanana

        Update: I odered mine on the 6th I got the conformation this morning that it had been shipped.. I wont get it till the 11th. I did select overnight shipping…

  • Aaron

    T-mobile is messing with their network due to the bandwidth being sucked by the N1. Rumors are going around that we should see a more form announcement of this later next week, so sit tight and just enjoy.

    • nathan118

      haha…bandwidth is getting sucked by the n1….because like only in the thousands have been sold….right.

    • watbetch

      Yeah, the 2.8 million Android devices already on the network we’re just fine, and then the N1 comes online and it crashes.

      Spare me..

  • JBLmobileG1

    I agree with James… its on Tmobiles end. While I may not be able to pick up the Nexus One like I wanted to I do have the G1 and I have noticed here in the Henderson/Las Vegas area my 3G goes between 2 to 3 bars when it seemed like it was always at 3 to 4. As I write this I am getting 2 to 3. I am not sure if I see a hugh speed difference since this site still takes a while to load but it may be somewhat faster. I have noticed that once you are on a site… if you choose to look at a picture or article it loads pretty quickly. I also noticed my battery has been draining a lot faster than before. Now you’d think having CES in town Tmobile would at least make sure their 3G coverage was at its best with full bars… but its actually been pretty weak IMO…. but I guess its better than it was the last few weeks where it would drop in and out from 3G to edge and back. Hhhmmm now I have full 3G…. like I said… good than weak. What’s the deal.

  • TimSykes

    I am having this issue and have posted in the forums. I just spoke with htc and after doing a hard reset on the phone with the same results they agree to rm a the phone. They even sent me a phone ahead of time, all i have to do is give me a credit card number on file. I should have a new phone in about 2 days.

    • tmogeek

      Nice that Google has HTC to pick up the support of “their” phone. Does google even have a customer support department that provides any reasonable feedback? I can imagine that TMUS CSR’s are enjoying their ability to push the issue to google/htc rather than be of any help since TMUS is out of the loop on the N1.

      At least when you buy a phone from T-Mobile, support is only a 611 call away, and it isn’t necessary to get the mfg involved.

      Maybe google is less envious of Apple’s iPhone, now that they are having to deal with product issues that can’t be handled with an email.

  • Alex

    I’m the originator of the forum post:

    Thanks for picking this story up guys, no other site has made a post about it yet. I’ve documented my experience with HTC customer service in my forum post, and was told to wait 1-2 days for a phone or e-mail (he wasn’t sure) from them, to send me a new unit or something else (again the HTC support guy didn’t know)

    • androidboi

      try going to settings, then wireless & networks, then mobile networks, then network operators, then choose t-mobile should say already registered and 3g comes back on so far no problems ever since.

  • Viper

    Teehee, how about that Not-So-Superphone now, huh?

  • JonWilliams

    Definitely seeing this problem in Massachusetts. Will have 3G for about a minute and it switches back to Edge. And once on Edge, can’t get a signal strong enough to browse the web or get to any of the sites that supply the news feeds in the news/weather app.

  • Domin8inchi

    Don’t forget that T-Mobile is switching all 3G areas over to hspa 7.2 on the same day the N1 was released. They are probably just working out some bugs.

  • jeff

    will someone please tell me what speeds i should be expecting with tmo 3g?

    • Alex

      On my motocliq I was getting between 3700-4200 kbps per with a 7mb test. No I did not throw in extra zeroes, that was the total. I was amazed when I saw it.

      • rossi

        Yeah, I don’t trust after I was getting speeds similar to that with my TP2 in mid December… wait for it… on an edge connection. I kid you not.

        Now I just tether for which seems to be much more believable.

      • rossi

        That is for a 7mb test… usually goes between 6800-7200 on my full 3G signal in Des Moines, IA.

        Do you think that is true?

  • BKJames

    My G1 has been doing this the last two sure it has to do with the “upgrade” to 7.2…to tell you the truth I haven’t noticed faster speeds on my G1 using the broswer. You know everyone wanted this phone, now it seems alot of you want jump off the bandwagon cause you can’t have it..relax either Google will change the policy or a better phone will come out..they always do. By the way live in NYC can anyone buy apps and charge it to their T-mobile account yet?

  • Se7eN43

    I get 3 bars here at home with my G1 and it also use to switch back and forth from 3G to Edge. The only way to “fix” this issue would be to create a shortcut using Any Cut, then select “Activity”, then scroll down and select “Phone Info”. Select “Ok” when u see the “Edit shortcut” option. u will see the “Phone Info” shorcut on your homescreen. open it, scroll down to “Set preferred network type” and press it to bring down the drop menu and select “WCDMA Only”. you should see the signal bar X out for a few short seconds then reappear with 3G. This keeps the radio from switching to Edge, but if you are ever in an area with no 3G, you will need to go back into “Phone Info” and select “WCDMA Preferred”, to use Edge or G. Selecting “WCDMA Only” also allows you to use data while on a call, like browsing the web, or apps that need to use the net.

  • chris

    Chicago- 766 kbs on mobilespeedtest which is almost broadband speed! Loving it

  • jeff

    alex, wow. with my cliq i am only at 588kbps. something is wrooooonggg!!!

    • Alex

      I know, I thought I did something wrong or was connected to wi-fi, but no it was right, I had the results e-mailed to me, because I couldn’t beleive it. I’m located in STL and the area around me for miles is nothing but solid 3g coverage. Now if only my Nexus One could get those speeds, letalone get 3g: Here’s some pics. No service 1 Bar of edge 3g with no bars filled

    • Brian

      I am getting upwards of 3000Kbps using the 2mb test.

  • money mo

    No market update on the myTouch (in Orlando) yet. SHOULD I GET THE NEXUS ONE OR WHAT?? $566.03!!! I thrive off a 3g signal, but my myTouch never just stays on 3g, (only when I’m in Opa-locka).

  • Liam

    No issues here at Michigan State. Love the phone before but not “in love” with it. Not really sure why? Maybe because I’ve never dropped $565 on a phone before? Yea maybe.

    Beautiful though. Screen is amazing and the UI is makes me weep sweet tears of happiness.

  • mark

    I called HTC, they are aware of the problem and said they are working on fix. I was told to put the phone in a area with a strong 3g signal to reset the service? It was funny when the rep first tried to tell me the nexus one does not support tmobile 3g???? After I ranted for a bit she changed her story. I checked the google forums are there are more than 150 responses already. Google better address this quickly or this phone is going back. What a way to start. Maybe that’s why whenever we saw the leaked pics they were always on ATT&T.

    • Alex

      I’m glad someone else got the response of “It doesn’t support T-mobile 3g” No one beleived me when I told them, that was what I was told.

  • js-1

    LOL this has to be go into 2010 failblog. what a ride…edge 3g edge 3g…eeeedd…333 no signal. lol


    but…u know what i haven’t done nothing for the pass 4 hours but mess around with the N1.

    i love it. now to go out F with my friends with iphones. LOL.

  • haha stevn y

    The steven y thing is hilarious hahaha but really he is an idiot

  • Kyle

    Hmmmm. I ordered my Nexus One on the 5th right after the announcement and received it yesterday. Been playing with it ever since. Seems to get about the same 3G reception as the MyTouch I was using prior to the Nexus One. The bars seem to fluctuate more than on the MyTouch, both higher and lower. The MyTouch usually showed 2-3 bars, occasionally 1. The Nexus One shows 4 bars sometimes but also 1 sometimes. It varies a little bit more but seems to stay on 3G ok, about like the MyTouch.

  • duh

    …..and thats why you never buy the first batch…..thanks guys for paying to become testers. Ill get the nexus one that has the better antenna and fixes the rest of the crap i am sure you’ll be experiences in the next few days.

  • cswroe

    All ready have it boxed up to return…. really wanted it to work like I hoped.

  • Luis

    Well I have the edge and 3g switching to but when in 3g I have 3.24mb/s download and 1.24mb/s upload I don’t know if that its good or not but its fast

  • soviet

    phone is great, had some issues with 3g too, went to tmobile store to get fixed, all good now, even though if g1 and mytouch gets 2.1 n1 still kicks ass, to me its perfect phone, screen is simply amaizing, android needs divx support.

  • Cesar

    I had the myTouch3g and it would do that alot it would switch from 3G to Edge and I do live in Los Angeles.

    • Marco

      Exactly my Mytouch did the same so I don’t think that it is a Nexus One problem. The people who will exchange their phones because they think it is broken will be disappointed if their new Nexus phone is doing the same thing. I think it is a t-mobile thing….I live in downtown San Diego.

  • Gene

    I love my Nexus One! I’m getting very speedy 3G speeds here in Orange County, CA and in Los Angeles, CA. 800kbps+ Have no problems with it dropping to edge… So far, this phone blows my old iPhone out of the water!!

  • rushmore

    They probably dialed the radios down to offset for the chipset power needed from the battery.

  • Alex

    Finally got someone who knew what they were doing at HTC. Told him that I was getting no reception on my phone or 1 bar (This is apart from the 3g/edge issue, which apparently is a software glitch) he said it was most likely a faulty radio and within 10 minutes I was off the phone, checked my gmail for the confirmation email from HTC which came within a minute, and in bed watching MLB Network.

  • G-Unit

    Same issue here, where i normally have 3G, it drops to EDGE…need a software push Google!

  • cj2185

    I have better 3G reception compared to my old mytouch.

  • Mike

    God..I hope that this is something that can be fixed with a patch rather than sending the device back:(

    I got mine engraved…

  • TheMan42

    3g is virtually the same, i have not had any major problems. Also this phone is fantastic, i did this entire text entry with the speech to text feature.