Google Blames T-Mobile 3G Network For Nexus One 3G Issues

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Earlier this morning a Google employee over at the Google Support Forums updated us on the Nexus One 3G issue that had been plaguing a good amount of Nexus One owners. The Google employee claims that after some investigation in the matter, the  3G issue was apparently the cause of poor T-Mobile 3G coverage. But wait, its not entirely T-Mobile’s fault. The employee also states that there’s a software component that also is a key factor causing the 3G issues, and the company says that it’s already testing a fix. The Google employee says to expect an OTA (Over-the-Air Update) “in the next week or so.” What I still can’t understand is how T-Mobile’s 3G network is at fault here when other T-Mobile handsets (such as the G1) work perfectly fine in the same locations? Why is Google blaming our beloved Magenta for their mistakes? T-Mobile might not have the largest 3G network, but it’s definitely more reliable than other 3G networks (ahem cough AT&T). There’s something fishy going on here! Stay tuned and don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments!

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  • brian

    Google would be correct. Tmo’s 3g sucks. I am in one of the top ten cities (that had 3G for awhile) and I have to switch my bb 9700 to 2g edge mode for better speed (lol) and to stop the phone from dropping calls. The 3g is spotty and it doesn’t transition to 2g (edge) very well…so you end up being slower than edge sometimes (and dropping calls when it tries transitioning). On 2g mode? never drop calls….

  • mndave

    I saw a post from a guy 30 miles south of Nashville who was complaining that he couldn’t get 3g. T-Mobile doesn’t have coverage there? Did Google even show people a coverage map a checkout? When I got my G1, they showed me a coverage map and I still had to check off a box that said I understood I might not have coverage, even if the map showed coverage.

  • Willie Singleton

    Tmobiles 3g connection is very unreliable. it Fluctuates and is never constant. However today i noticed 3g connection a lil bit stronger than normal. Though At&t network is still faster. Heres the speeds i got on my nexus.

    est Date: Jan 27, 2010 7:24:55 pm
    Connection Type: Cell

    Download: 1941 kbps
    Upload: 396 kbps
    Ping: 148 ms

    A detailed image for this result can be found here:

  • Mega G

    Did you guys think maybe it’s your asshat phones? I’m in the freakin sticks and I have a rock-solid 3G connection.

  • ejaydroid

    I have an mytouch and a n1 and the mytouch and gets 3g everywhere the n1 dosent. Google is just trying to save face….. however their phone is awsome.

  • Droidlvr

    My wife works for Tmo and when people come in to her store to complain about bad 3g on their N1 it is painfully obvious that it is the phone not the network because my wifes G1 gets full 3g while N1 goes edge. Been pretty disappointed with the whole N1 thing….Google get your head out of your ass already.

  • Thasatelliteguy

    tmobile’s 3G coverage map is is exaggerated at best and at worst straight up fraud. I live in an area that is 3G as far as the eye can see on their map, and no one I know, on multiple phones, gets 3G anywhere near here. I travel extensively all over and between several coverage areas, and am so routinely PISSED when I should be in a 3G area and not only cant get 3G, but I have to wait on buffering on Slacker radio. If you cant stream audio in a so-called 3G area, something is dreadfully wrong. First of the year, I’m switching to a EVO. My boss can stream live video from his slingbox all the way to Florida and back with few glitches as long as he doesnt leave the interstate. I’m so sick of having Tmobile, and having totally crappy data service, even as they begin charging for things like tethering. They should spend more energy making their crap work than trying to figure out how to get in deeper in my pocket.