Nexus One Specs Galore


Looks like the Nexus One news train will continue yet again this morning, though this time it’s less imagery, more substance. Engadget has managed to score some very detailed spec sheets courtesy of a well informed tipster. The good news is that every little detail of the phone seems to be available here, so if you were wondering if the Nexus One had a “tricolor charging and notification indicator LED” then you’re in luck. Some not-so-exciting news is something that sounds worse than it really is.  According to Engadget‘s tipster, January 5th remains the for sale date, but only to “invitation” only folks. That’s pretty vague info, as Engadget, like ourselves, have no idea who or what will determine who receives “invites” to purchase the device. The better news is that T-Mobile is, as we have guessed previously, going to sell the phone directly at a “soon-to-be-determined” point in the future. For the moment, the “invites” and T-Mobile direct sales are still up in the air info so we’ll continue the waiting game to find out what’s really what for getting this device in the hands of the T-Mobile faithful.

Hit the jump for the rest of the specs!



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  • Bob

    Who gets an invite? Oh, probably the bloggers that they know will just gush love all over the thing. Hmm…

  • Trill

    I don’t know how anyone can complain on the memory and battery of this phone its better than any android phone to date the only reason why it pains me is that I need a hardware keyboard and I don’t think this info is accurate but time will tell until then at least its not going to verizon or Sprint.

  • JL

    hope that people w/ google voice get the “invite” LOL

  • nflvikings28

    Watch this video all information here the specs are here as well more info about to come

  • bkjoe

    weak specs

    • galaxys

      What are you looking at or smoking? Be more specificd!

  • nflvikings28

    There will be more specs to come as they are updated for now thats all i have sorry like i told you before i will be updating asap

  • TheMan42

    Whoever is bitching about the specs of this device really don’t know anything about mobile/smartphones at all. The device specs are awesome and one of the best on the market. N900 is an awesome phone, but sorry – virtual ram and a crappy resistive screen don’t compare to the N1 or its spec/software offerings, let alone the Android Market and its continued expansion and support.

  • Marcel Silva

    1 GHz processor!!! Correct me if I’m wrong but as that double the processing power of G1 and other android phones that are 526 mhz. Wow….that is faster than many computers!

  • Tess

    I just I had a chance to win one since I cannot afford a cell phone.