Viva TmoNews!


Well, you may have heard something about this, but Verizon released their Droids upon the world today.  There was all sorts of fanfare, and teasers leading up to this date in history and it has finally happened.  Today, Android grew, not only to incorporate an additional carrier, but the evolution of Android is upon us.  I went and spent some time with the two new Android phones and well, I wasn’t entirely impressed hardware wise.  The Eris, which is really a disguised HTC Hero, is just another HTC Android phone with that pretty Sense UI, so nothing new there.  It works, I have to say that, but I’m not dying to have it.  The Motorola Droid (which is more important to us, since it may find its way to Magenta) is pretty nice, flat keyboard and lack of multi-touch support aside.  The most important thing here, though, is Android 2.0, and well, it has come a long way–though it is still not quite consumer friendly (which shouldn’t stop any of you).  I really see potential with Eclair and can’t wait to see it on some T-Mobile phones, especially after all the kinks are worked out (and multi-touch is actually implemented in everything).  Until then, though, enjoy a picture of the Droid sporting TmoNews colors and I’ll give you a follow up with more opinions on Android 2.0, and some other Android related things in the future (if you want it, of course).  Leave your thoughts in the comments!



    @Rossi It would be cool if T-Mobile picked up the GSM version of the Droid but word on phones coming to Magenta is always speculative. You can always be assured if you heard about a phone coming to AT&T or ZVW it’s a sure thing, we’re constantly let down by T-Mobile. At some point frustration gets the best of you and you leave. I had been a Blackberry user for some time and I’ve become sick of waiting for a 3G Blackberry for T-Mo. This constant pushing back the date is ridiculous too. Bell and Rogers has the phone available, there can’t possibly be a huge difference between each carrier’s version of the phone. It’s T-Mobile flaking on their customers yet again.

  • Rossi

    Haha… I understand. Rest assured, I’m staying mostly because of etfs not for phone speculation.

  • k-dub

    only if t-mobile will get the droid before my contract is up because im going to verizon after my contract ends.

  • Blaine

    Is it just me or does that phone look as if it fell from the top of the ugly tree, and hit every branch on it’s way down? The overall esthetics of the device are appaling… Also the phone is manufactured by Motorola and Motorola = fail. I will give the device an iota of credit for the screen, though.


    Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. So you think the G1 is the complete hotness? I’ll give it to Motorola for the effort put into the phone. They did T-Mobile some justice in the way the Cliq looks as well, unfortunately it lacks in being anything different than the G1 or myTouch internally. Can you please give me an example of an Android phone on T-Mobile that comes close to competing with the Droid. I’m a bit tired you naysayers talking crap about the iPhone or the Droid or the Pre – all premier phone on other carriers when the T-Mo has to offer are currently the Cliq (the prettier little sister of the G1).

    The Droid one of the heaviest phones I’ve own since owning a Storm(unlocked). The build quality in excellent and the phone has a very solid feel in the hand. Not like all the cheap plastic Android mockups T-Mobile has force feed its customers. Thank God for the Cliq in some respects. The phone is the fastest Android phone to date since it sports a Cortex A8 processor. Erm, what’s the G1, myTouch and Cliq running?

    As I’ve stated a number of times already the only downside about the phone is the keyboard. The direction pad on the right side is pointless. It’s the same as I feel about the one on the Cliq. I find absolutely no immediate need for it and I haven’t used it since buying the Droid Friday night.

    Contrary to what some may think that I’m bias now that I’ve switched to Verizon I assure you that my hope is T-Mobile will turn things around much sooner than later. I’ve supported the company with my hard earned cash for well over 6 years and I’m become extremely weary of waiting around for change…so I changed. I was more out of a necessity to get things I wanted to accentuate my personal and professional lifestyle and many times that involved spending a bit more to get more. T-Mobile has blown a grand opportunity with the Project Dark/Even More marketing. Most of the existing customers would spend more for switching plans and continue to get less in phone selections.

    If you want to continue waiting I’m happy for you. I prefer to stand on the sideline for now and watch them succeed or fail. Hopefully not the latter.

  • G1User

    I left Sprint for -T-mobile just for the G1. Now all of the good Android phone are everywhere else but T-Mobile. I might be leaving soon since none of the great Android phones coming out this year are @ T-Mobile :(

  • Blaine

    @ Maximus: Please point out for me anywhere in my post that I stated that the G1, or anywhere else that I have posted on this site for that matter, is “complete hotness”?

    • rossi

      I think his point was… don’t throw rocks in a glass house. Could be wrong though.

  • Blaine

    I have had an opportunity to have a hands on with the device, and I will say that it is packing some serious hardware under the hood; however, I still find the design of the device to be less than impressive. I find the Nokia N900 to be a much more sleek device, which I’m currently waiting for to arrive in the mail once it officially ships.

  • Y

    I think the Droid is one ugly phone the only thing it could possibly have going for it is the snapdragon processor. This Droid hype shows how easy it is to sway the masses with a few well placed comments released by the right ppl at just the right time. But it is an Android phone so I can't hate it.

  • Blaine

    I live in area that gets excellent 3G coverage from T-Mobile everywhere I go so I do pay for what I want which is about half of what I would have to pay for comparable service from Verizon.