Planning on Buying The BlackBerry 9700?


Now that the Blackberry 9700 is officially available to all, we here at Tmonews wonder who is going to scoop this up? The first 3G Blackberry is arriving with a little less fanfare than we had hoped but it’s certain a welcome addition to the magenta lineup. Being the first 3G Blackberry to T-Mobile, we wanted to ask, or should say I put up a poll, to see just how many of you are looking to make this your next purchase. So vote below and sound off in the comments if you are already the proud owner!

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  • Mark

    Got the new Blackberry 9700 yesterday, it is really nice. First impressions:
    – The difference between EDGE and 3G is noticeable.
    – T-Mo 3G coverage (about 12 miles south of Boston) is great. 4 bars inside my
    house! 2 bars in my cellar)
    – Size: I thought it was going to be bigger than my 8320 Curve but its almost
    exactly the same size. (a little longer vertically but skinnier)
    – Keyboard: Is taking a little bit to get use to. I would relate this to using
    the Curve keyboard for 2.5 years.
    – Look and feel: My Curve always felt solid my hand. The Bold feels the same
    except the battery door isn’t exactly flush with the battery and can be pushed
    – Feel – part 2: It may be the newness of the phone but it is very slippery.
    The battery door is a leather (pleather?) material which gives you something to
    grip but the sides aren’t and is quite smooth except for the buttons.
    – USB – they changed the USB miniport just enough so that my Curve adapters
    don’t work..
    -Trackpad – I’m liking the trackpad

    Overall, I’m very happy with it. I have to load some of my apps back on but
    that’s not a problem.

  • Kickstar13

    Share Your Favorite BlackBerry Themes/Apps!

  • Chris

    just got rid of my curve 8900 (which I loved) and got the bold 9700 on friday and I have to say its a nice looking phone (similar to the curve 8900) love the look and feel. keyboard is much better and I love the trackpad, apps load faster and comes with more memory which is always good. I actually got the phone for the 3G service but to be honest I don’t see any difference and to me it seems slower than the EDGE network. It takes forever to load pages and sometimes pages don’t even load completely and when I try to stream radio on my phone it will take 2 or 3 minutes buffering before it starts and with the curve the streams will usually start immediately. I always have all the bars up so i don’t understand, maybe there’s isn’t that much 3G coverage where I live (Tampa, FL)? another thing the volume on the phones its very low. I have changed all the settings so that the volume is all at the maximum and the volume is still not loud. If anybody can help me with the Internet and Volume problems I have (its kinda of buggin’ me) I would appreciate it. Other than than the phone is good and I don’t regret buying it.

    • Papesh69

      Its not just you, just look at my opinion of the phone a few comments below yours…

  • Edrees

    Hello i have a little situation here and really need help.
    Well i really want this phone but im on a family plan. My brothers line is the only one that is upgradable. I called in to 611 and they said that ill have to get a data plan for it and if i take it off they will charge me a 200 termination fee.
    So if i get the phone for the subsidized price using my brothers line i need to add a data plan.
    If i call in the next day or two and take off the data plan will they really charge me?
    they are telling me its a new thing on the contract.
    thanks for helping.

    • Chris

      ok since u on the family plan with your brother… see if your brother will upgrade his phone to the Bold 9700 (with the intentions of giving you the phone when it arrives) and once he gets the phone just switch the sim card on the phone and that’s it. he might have to pay a small fee for the phone so just give him the money for it. t-mobile usually doesn’t take your old phone so he will be able to keep the phone he already has unless he also wants the Bold 9700, lol. if so then yeah you will have to add another line to your family plan… that’s what i had to do because i wasn’t eligible for an upgrade. you gonna have to add another line with a 2yr contract to get the phone with a discount and yes if you decide to cancel your contract they will charge you $200 for termination fee and if you don’t pay they won’t terminate your contract meaning you will have a monthly bill building up for that line and if they were to cancel your contract i believe they give you a month or two to pay the $200 or they will report you or the person responsible of the account to the credit ppl which is not good. hope this helps.

      • Edrees

        no i understand. what i want to do is.
        Using my brothers number on our family line get this phone. If i get this phone ill have to add the blackberry data plan to his line. they say i cant take off the blackberry data plan off his line and ill need to keep on paying for it even though ill be changing sim and putting mine in.
        so my line will have the blackberry data plan. i dont want his line to have it too….
        you get what im trying to say?

    • Bill48105

      @Edrees Unfortunately adding the data plan to the line the phone was ordered on is a requirement on many phones like the crackberry so your brother’s line would be stuck with a data plan even if he gave you the phone. In the end $25×24 or $600 over 2 years is a lot to spend to get the discount on the phone vs $200 early term fee even.. So unless your brother needs the data plan you’re better off eating the early term fee, paying for the phone entirely without a contract or finding one on ebay but you’d have to compare pricing & make the decision of which you’re most comfortable with.

  • HoOn

    I was going to the get the Bold but ended up picking up a Nokia N900 on Friday at the Nokia Flagship Store in NYC. Awesome device! ;)

  • Papesh69

    I got my 9700 6 days ago and I’m sending it back!! I bout it because I wanted a BB and I NEED 3G, but EDGE is faster than 3G on this phone! I called T-mo and had them do some trouble shooting and still nothing.

    I went to the T-mo store by my house and talked to a worker that has the phone as well and he has the same problems. If it worked like it should, I would love it, but I cant deal with EDGE being FASTER then 3G.

    I seen in the comments on this and other sites that many have the same problems, you would think with it being the 1st T-mo BB to have 3G, they would have tested it better, or realized that this is a problem before they released the phone…

    Long story short, I am VERY dissapointed!!!