What Do You Want From “Project Black?”


I think it goes without saying right now that speculation for “Project Dark” or “Project Black” as we believe its mistakenly been called around the web is quite high. With that said, either everyone thinks they already know what it is, what it should be or most importantly, what they want it to be. The real question is what it would really take from T-Mobile to pole vault over Sprint to the number three spot. Is the iPhone as a number of you have come to speculate really the answer? Is the iPhone even on the table or is AT&T retaining its kung-fu like grip on the Apple relationship? Regardless of your opinion on the idevice it’s undoubtedly the key to AT&T riches right now regardless of whatever network hell their customers are enduring. So here we have it, a mighty poll for “Project Dark,” as we have read your comments but now want to see where the majority falls with their hopes for whatever it turns out to be. So vote below, if the option you like isn’t there, check other and comment below. Want to continue discussion on “Project Black?” The forums are a mighty fine place to discuss it and they look oh so good these days!

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  • Jon

    @Elrich – Holy re-re sauce!

    “By the time TMOUSA has 3G fully deployed, AT&T and Verizon and Sprint will have their 4G systems deployed.”

    Let’s see – “4g” wimax gets 6mbps speeds, while HSPA+ gets 21mbps. I’ll take “3g” hspa+ over “4g”, thank you very much. Marketing speed doesn’t mean crap if it’s non-existant (LTE) or slower than 3g (WiMax).

    I just wanted to help you all TMOUSA users to get the best out of your wireless experience. I can’t believe how bad a$$ the iPhone is! It’s more than I could ever expect. A great business phone, too, with full MS Exchange support from the start.

    I prefer the TP2. Or the G1. Or any of the countless phones with KEYBOARDS. I have a virtual keyboard on my G1 that’s great, but guess what? I use my phone for work, and virtual keyboards on top of the screen don’t even come close to being as useful.

    Go over to Engadget if you wanna be around a bunch of Lemming iphone users like yourself.

  • Grr

    Actually I personally know T-Mobile is going to begin turning on 3G in some smaller cities as early as next week where there is no AT&T 3G coverage. Not bad after being 2-3 years behind.

  • kenbot

    Face : “Well here goes nothing, I have a feeling that you will see TMO announce a merge with metro, simply for there LTE spectrum. I also think that Tmo will take a turn toward the DT parent and start to move the wireless word here in the states toward the european market. Look for 40-70 dollar unlimited plans, look for no contracts, and look for no subsidy on handsets. I think with Two N series phones on there way, Tmo will start having mostly all unlocked handsets with tons of features supported by the network which we may get from metro’s lte. I can also see us getting the iphone, there is nothing that apple is enjoying about the partnership with at&t so why would they re-up a deal with them? With the combination of the above this would defiantly make TMO into wireless kings. thats my take, only 2 weeks until we know what it really is!”

    That would be so fucking awesome.

  • pecoy

    how can we see the older comments?

  • http://charlieboy808.com CharlieBoy808

    I could personally careless about a T-Mobile iPhone (except for say it’ll get friends off my back about jumping over to AT&T for it) as I love my QWERTY keyboard on my SideKick LX09. However, if this is going to be a huge jump for them, I hope it’s a big marketing plan that’ll work and bring more people over.

    If an Unlimited Everything plan is in the works, I’m ready to sign-up right now. I backed out of my chance at the Unlimited minutes plan being offered before as I didn’t need the minutes, but I still wish I had that as a back up. If they do merge with Sprint, maybe I could get a Simply Everything plan LOL.

  • watbetch

    Why can’t I go back and look at older comments?

  • watbetch

    Because I’m blind

  • Rob

    T-Mo can’t have iPhones because their 3G network SUCKS and I can safely say that because I gladly give my $25 for a G1 plan that works on EDGE 80% of the time.
    I would rather see an “EVERYTHING INCLUDED” plan.
    My contract exp. in Nov. and I plan to wait til Project “whatever” to see what’s coming up. if I don’t like it Sprint…here I come.

  • Deaconclgi

    I guess I am blind too, because I can’t see where to go to page 2 of the comments…..

  • Deaconclgi

    Hmmmm…that is funny, after I made my post, a link appeared to view older comments. I tested it by closing the broswer and coming back, the link is NOT under Trackbacks/Pingbacks and all that stuff….but once I post…voila!


  • Deaconclgi

    Ok, tested again….HEY TMONEWS!!! Please put the Older Comments link in the same area BEFORE we post so that we can view older comments. If I missed it before I posted, then that is my fault. From what I see, it is NOT under Trackbacks/Pingbacks prior to posting. Thank you and keep up the good work!!!

  • Daniel

    wow seems a lot of people are rooting for an iPhone on t-mobile i say just buy one unlocked unless its a totally new and different iPhone maybe the apple tablet running on TMO 3g to take place as a netbook

  • lazyn00b

    Hmm, maybe my tablet guess wasn’t too far off… I think this just might be Project Black:


    They say “wireless internet”, but they don’t say who.

  • Iasthai

    These kind of things are hard to predict. I think more than likely it will be some kind of new rate plan. T-Mobile seeems to be in a better position to undercut the competition in terms of pricing. But it will most likely start a price war with the other carriers.

  • jtothada

    @rob idk where u stay at but I live in Houston and I get 2mb download on 2 bars and 3.7 on 4 bars….. wihich I think is pretty fast, and I hope tmo gets tha iphone it would really push them to 3rd place over sprint, I think I might evev get one even thou I’m so anti-iphone/ipod, but if it was a merger wall street or the fcc would kno, idk she why 4g would be such a big secret or sum how push them to 3rd in rank, when 3g not even nation wide, everything plans wouldn’t be effective to me, right now u can get free to 5 people 1000 anytime and data & unlim text for under $100, so what would be the plan? and the n900 is goin to be my next phone, no matter if tmo carrys it or not!

  • Titty!

    ahh; hearing t-mobile with a plan makes me happy (:
    everything I anticipated. . :)
    “Project Black” . . . sounds so secretive, fun & amaazing;

    First, I don’t care much about the iPhone; not a fan my self, but I do admit
    it would do them good. Being the carrier subsidizing iPhone; yeah say bye-bye at&t :)
    All their iPhone customers, would come to us
    which is alot I assume, (Why? Idk.) don’t see how people adore this phone so much
    bit it’d t-mobile good so watever C:

    ok; so I agree with iphone .
    Do I think it should be there first plan with Project Black?no;
    Here’s what I would like (:

    A merger with; Sprint(duh) & recieve our place in 3rd vs other competitors
    possible merger with metro & clearwire(I see that happening)
    ok(: & then from there obviously off to phones;
    nokia n900 – early 2010; sounds Great!
    Mytouch; I sense alot of great things for . since it is trademark they are likely to come out with more (ie mytouch 2?)
    now cell phones; something tells me they know what they’re doing.
    so keep doing it:) keep us happy with mytouch/android, bring along nokia n900 & towards the end when Project Black goes well shoot at&t down by taking iphone :) a battle you’ll sure win .

    You’re 3G has the speed for it. Personally I think its the fastest yet
    & with the merger with sprint, etc. Work on LTE; of your own cuz sprint’s speeds are slow . Sad for them, good for us :)
    so yeah pretty much buy sprint, simply to take them outta their 3rd slot
    leaving only two carriers to compete with(; AT&T & VW
    Good luck with VW; you’ll have fun ;)

    One thing I say though, Project Black seems BIG. you’ve got people excited; make sure you dissappoint us .
    therefore meaning, please let it not be a promotion or a limited time thing, rather then a long-term difference a company, it’s costumers, employees, & community. :)



  • Titty!

    RT: jotothada @rob

    Yeah rob, you unloyal unappreciative son of a d**k, be thankful t-mobile is doing this for you .
    be happy lucky, & even hopeful that they may bring a Simply Everything plan? Would that make you happy & shove a sock in it?
    cuz seriously go ahead, sign yourself another contract to another company(sprint)
    For thee dumbest reason; & get stuck with it.

    & as for the 3g, be happy you have it
    I have no 3g capable phone & yet I’m more loyal, I’m waiting to get my mytouch:)
    this month . Woot!
    and as for speeds, I’ve tested them & they are super fast!
    & don’t disregard the HSPA+ upgrade we’re having.

    Suck it! How do you like them apples .

    (ps) no offense, no hard feelings:)
    just the truth & what I believe :D

  • joel

    Oh? How mysterious.

    If it is an everything-included plan, it definitely would make sense to have a CSR “all-hands-on-deck” for the launch day.

  • Derek

    Maybe new generation of iphone! =]

  • http://www.cnn.com Elrich

    Like I said, ALL HANDS CANNING!!! TMOUSA is closing shop!!! Project Black!!!

  • edd

    why do people want the iphone? i dont want the tmobile network to be crippled =[

  • MobilePro

    Here is a great reason why Apple should go with T-Mobile, we have the best EDGE network capbility and our 3G runs on two platforms. Incoming platform and Outgoing platform which allows people to download at a faster rate without much lag. T-Mobile has a lot of upcoming technology that will blow away some of the competitors. We need to realize that T-Mobile is a smaller company but has lots of potential and the first phase of potential was when the launch of Android devices hit the market, now other carriers are trying to implement the use of Android on their markets because it was so hott. But, hopefully T-Mobile will acquire the IPHONE!!

  • Hi!

    people want the iPhone because it will be HUGE for TMobile. A poop ton of people would come over to take advantage of TMobiles great customer service and lower rate planes and then TMobile would make a ton of money. That money could then be invested back into the company bringing us more 3G coverage, more “next generation” connection options, and maybe…for the first time ever, devices that aren’t lacking behind all the other carriers

  • Joe

    I really don’t get why so many people want to see the iPhone on T-Mobile. Frankly, I’m glad it isn’t on tmo. I don’t want it cripping our network like it has AT&T’s. I would much rather see T-Mobile work with MetroPCS on LTE rollout.

  • NobleTMobile

    “for the first time ever, devices that aren’t lacking behind all the other carriers”

    I never quite get this.

  • 30014

    Why can’t I read the older comments without leaving a comment? But getting back on topic, to everyone that doesn’t want the iphone on tmo, if u don’t want the iphone no one will force u to get it. Its the only phone people would switch carriers for. Android, blackberry, and winmo are being offered by everyone and nokia has never been a major player in America. But its going to take more than just a phone to get tmo where it wants to be. Their advertising is the weakest of all the carriers, promote your strengths and attack your competitions weaknesses. Much like vz did to at&t with their “there’s a map for that” commercial.

  • D

    I hate the iphone.

  • newspeak

    Iphone would be boring and not game changing in any way (its on the market how much more game changing can ya get with the thing). A rate plan restructure would be great….its prolly a host of things combined

    I could also see then switching on hsdpa 7.2 all at one time

  • David

    It wont be anything like a merger or buying Sprint. If that was going to be done, it would be all over the news.

  • Cybersedan

    Can’t wait for 10/25, I hope whatever it is does live up to all this hype, and it better not be something as simple as getting the iPhone… that would mean nothing for me, I’m an android head with no time to play with ipods.

  • Carl

    your a idiot, DT is the 6th largest cell phone carrier service in the world. Like that would ever happen.
    I agree with people that the iPhone would cripple T-Mobile’s network, we all have seen the pitiful download speeds AT&T musters up. Nevertheless, it would still be nice to get it.

  • Derek

    I would like to see all call text and data ran over a new hspa+ network and only have to pay for a data plan stuff the iphone its over rated

  • Noel

    What i would hope or like to see Project Black to be abt..T mobile to carry the HTC DRAGON w/ android 2.0 (Eclair) w/ killer specs such as 1GHZ Snapdragon processor, and maybe a 3.8 to 4 inch capacitive touch screen w/ sense ui onboard..w/a phone like this Tmobile doesn’t need the iphone. Maybe throw in an everyth plan while they are at it..

  • one2tres

    @ noel isn’t the htc dragon a winmo device?

  • Brandon

    All I can is that on 10/25/09 I hope that Tmobile announces somethings that will benefit the company(like the iphone or merging with Sprint). If they dont and all the hype was 4 nothing, imm out the door to Sprint in February whe my contract ends.

  • broken

    weird comment older post button

  • fff


  • Some Dude

    Its not the iPhone. Period. Its not a device. Its not a 4g launch. Oh and it is most certainly not called project black. I think you are all pumping yourselves up too much. Then when it is not what you expected you’ll be here bitching about how T-Mobile let you down, even though “dark project” is strictly an internal thing that you weren’t supposed to know about in the first place.

  • johnkzin

    If “project black” is the N900, then it’s the worst kept “black project” secret _EVER_.

    What I want from a project black/project dark/whatever:

    1) new data plan terms (specifically, a return to open-ness for tethering; per-day limits instead of per-month limits)

    2) decent pre-paid data plans (basic per-mb or per-kb rate for both pay-as-you-go and pay-per-day, optional bundles for pay-as-you-go, and optional daily rate for pay-per-day)

    3) same as #2, but for messaging

    4) an aggressive plan for 4G

    5) Mifi (on regular data plan, flexpay, and pre-paid)

    6) A response to Sprint’s “unlimited calls to any mobile on any network” plan

  • Grr

    T-Mobile is not soccer. It may only be huge in Europe now, but it will catch on in the US.

  • http://www.cnn.com Elrich

    Project Black is a merger or a all-hands canning. Deutsche Telekom has had enough with the dumba$$ management by TMOUSA that let a subscriber since 2003 with good credit jump to AT&T to the iPhone. The iPhone is quite impressive, a great business phone too. The iPhone is more than I ever expected. I thought that the TP2 would be the savior for TMOUSA but I am wrong. No exclusivity with Android, and can’t even get the best Android devices (see Sprint HTC Hero), no exclusivity with their savior TP2 (see Verizon and Sprint).

    If someone like me who hates Republicans (yes AT&T supports them heavily), and hates Apple and wishes Steve Jobs would die of pancreatic cancer already, could love the iPhone, then TMOUSA is doomed. Good luck to you all, you have no idea what you’re missing — it took me switching to see the light. It’s an eye-opener, I was living in the Stone Age.

  • epic

    Elrich, man, you are soooo right. I see the light now. I use to say…”it ain’t that serious….” But I guess it is. /beliefs If you converted despite all your dislikes, I guess we all should, Geez…. I’m just messing with yah, but thanks for wishing me/us luck.

  • epic

    Elrich, man, you are soooo right. I see the light now. I use to say…”it ain’t that serious….” But I guess it is. If you converted despite all your dislikes/beliefs, I guess we all should, Geez…. I’m just messing with yah, but thanks for wishing me/us luck.

  • Duck Dodgers

    What no older comment button.

  • eherrera

    i heard that project black really means that sidekicks’ networks are going to “blackout” and not work right…not to mention loose all your personal data

  • http://twitter.com/raeyne Raeyne

    Elrich, you are a real piece of… work. *cough*

  • IwantToKnow

    i think project black means the htc hero is coming to tmobile and the imagio and also 4g launch and better service

  • IwantToKnow

    i also think project black means windows mobile 6.5 upgrade for the touch pro 2

  • Anonymous

    A T-mobile iPhone is not that far fetched, especially if its true that Apple and At&t’s relationship is on shaky ground. T-Mobile has the iPhone in Germany. How is their relationship with Apple? As far as unlimited everything for $50? I don’t think so. Just unlimited minutes for $50 to the select tenured customers is putting too much demand on their network and reps are not supposed to proactively offer it unless the customer asks for it first. A 4G network when their 3G network has barely gotten off the ground. I doubt it. The N900 thing. Possible but unlikely something this secret and with so much buzz wouldn’t be about releasing an unlocked phone. So in my opinion its either a merger with one of the other companies or hopefully the iPhone. They should put everything up for hock to get the iPhone. Its the one good decision that could make up for all the bad decisions they have made for the past year.