Project Dark Sees The Light


At this point, there is significant speculation regarding Project Dark. There is simply too much buzz surrounding it for someone “in the know” to not want to feel a little powerful, drop some hints and create a larger buzz. Rumors are running wild on the forums and for the moment we’re going to let them remain rumors. The above image is meant merely to confirm an unlimited plan exists. We don’t know what “Even More” and “Even More Plus” means yet and we don’t want to throw out any more misinformation. We simply cannot confirm or deny anything with 100% certainty at this point. We know whats likely (see forum link) and whats not (iPhone).  We know some of you will look at the above picture and say “Ok…what does that mean?” Well, we can’t say for sure, but at this point we know T-Mobile has something big brewing. That something is seemingly related to that picture.

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  • StevePerry

    That background was the same one used for a display in the store quite awhile ago. For a Nokia display. While those are the rumors Ive heard, how legit is that image?

  • IwantToKnow

    when will they announce project black to the public

  • NiiDiddy

    @billy v – you are right on the money…mostly!!!

  • IwantToKnow

    niididdy can you email me with some info

  • Zerocool

    The Phone that i crave most would be the nokia n900 with a 50 dollar unlimited plan everyone who wants a iphone has one the n900 will blow the i phone out of the water and don’t give the whole crap load about the iphone has a billion apps it’s been out for 4 years of course it’s going to have more apps duh

  • RexGrossman

    The HANDSET you crave… is the iphone. At&t’s contract with Apple is up and T-mobile, the only other major GSM carrier is getting it. It can’t be that hard to switch a GSM chip that configures the appropriate bands.

  • JakeMG

    I agree with Carl. It is such an obvious photoshop, why is it even up here? I’m not trying to be the guy who flames and says, “Fake,” but just look at it for a second and you can see it looks like a third grader did the job. WTF?

  • alex

    that looks like someone put some word art on top of some of the bright lights flyers from a couple months ago

  • Dan

    In addition to a no-nonesense rate plan, has anyone considered that this may simply be a spectrum switch?
    With 4G just around the corner, it would make sense to use the opportunity to make the switch to global GSM standards.
    Roaming on all AT&T towers (Coverage you need).
    Use any unlocked GSM device you like, – iPhone, Pre, Hero, etc (the phone you crave).

    This would allow full compatibility between T-Mobile US and Europe. It’d be a good move…

  • Elrich

    AT&T will never let you roam on their towers with full signal. Here in SoCal, they cap off TMOUSA users and degrade reception on their towers, to the point where with identical phones, an AT&T user will get a signal while a TMOUSA users will not. Does not make any business sense for AT&T to open their towers free-and-clear to a competitor.

  • stefan

    Even more is w/o cell phone. Even more Plus has higher monthly fee but comes with handset subsidy

  • Grr

    I think the IPhone has lost a lot of luster. I’ve seen a lot of IPhone users sock-drawering their IPhones in the past few months. Other phones have began catching up to the IPhone and in surpassing it in certain areas. It was a revolutionary phone, but the pack has been catching up for the past year.

  • SteveT

    I talked to my source at TMob, and they said that what they know so far is that the major component is the plans, for the near term:
    ~$50 unlimited voice & txt
    ~$75 unlimited voice, txt & data.

    Other details are the rep’s uniform shirts are going to be black, and oh yeah, TMob is buying sprint.

  • Grr


    You have no idea how things work. AT&T cannot do anything to cap off T-Mobile customers. There are usally 4 to 5 carriers on the same tower. Most of the time, the carrier does not even own the tower. They lease it from a third party. AT&T has a lot to gain if T-Mobile wanted to let their users roam on their network. AT&T would get paid for each time a user roams on their network by T-Mobile. They would have a lot to gain. It is T-Mobile that usually prevents the roaming because they would have to pay a fortune in roaming fees per customer. If AT&T degraded a T-Mobile signal, the FCC would have their jewels in a wringer. What you know about the wireless business couldn’t fill a thimble.

  • 8==0

    I believe Project Black will the Blackberry Storm 2. Along with a T-mobile/Cricket merger. I work at Cricket and all of the reps are mentioning how Cricket is going way down hill with the $40 pre-paid unlimited plan, crappy coverage an limited handsets. Now you can switch; at no cost, from T-mobile to cricket.

  • robot car


    The Hero works on EPRP as well. I’m not waiting for Oct. 25th for what will probably not be as good. I just now ordered the $109 monthly EPRP deal.

  • Nobody101

    SteveT is correct. It’s about unlimited plans and those 2 described are what I heard from a local manager as well. Can’t confirm those prices but definately that tmo has plans for different levels of unlimited plans. As for the phone wouldn’t we have seen something in FCC filings? Remember it is the “general public” they keep this secret from, but us phone geeks know better. Behold 2 and cliq are on there way as well as a 3g blackberry. Tmo has never been known for dropping bombs on us that were weren’t previously aware of. We all knew of the g1 and mytouch forever before tmo announced them.

  • jugstorecowboy

    @SteveT: that does sound more plausible than anything else I’ve heard. Being anticlimactic is T-Mobile’s m.o. I hope it’s improving existing service in my area and some BETTER phones (another retail store–not some shady dealer–would be nice). I hate to be the tool who screams “photoshop,” but that screenshot posted at the top of this article doesn’t look to credible to me.

  • jugstorecowboy

    @SteveT: that does sound more plausible than anything else I’ve heard. Being anticlimactic is T-Mobile’s m.o. I hope it’s improving existing service in my area and some BETTER phones (another retail store–not some shady dealer–in my area would be nice). I hate to be the tool who screams “photoshop,” but that screenshot posted at the top of this article doesn’t look to credible to me.

  • Gerard

    To all those thinking it’s just a change in plan pricing and will be anti-climactic – you coudn’t be more wrong. Do you think non-disclosure agreements would be needed for that? I can tell you this – the non-disclosure agreements are to protect employees from insider trading accusations. That should tell you something right there. But, still only a component – but a big one.

  • rossi

    I have to agree with Gerard on this one…

  • Betito

    If these new rate plans are true, I will consider coming back to tmobile. I never had a problem with their service, I switched to AT&T due the iPhone and while their service is good, it is getting expensive. Tmobile has a good balance of coverage and price.

  • spygirl

    i know exactly what this is i cant say though all i can say is savannah,ga knows what this is

  • Matt

    Okay, this is all very interesting, even the price speculations. However, those offers are still not good enough. Why? Staight Talk offers an unlimited service that is 5.00 cheaper on the Verizon Wireless Network. It is pretty much well known that Verizon’s CDMA network is the best cell network in the US. Plus, T-Mobile nickle and dimes for the flexpay service with surcharges and things. The only way I would consider switching would be for voice, text, and data to be 50.00. I miss my Blackberry with Straight Talk but don’t miss the high bills and/or poor service with the big guys. Straight Talk does not drop calls, voice calls are very clear, text messages are instantaneous, and the coverage is excellent. It may take a real coup de’tat for me to consider T-Mobile.

  • J

    The pricing I have heard about is worthy of the label “jaw dropping”

  • Whocares

    @Matt and anyone else with this mind set…. you are one person. And u don’t have data for that price, and people need data. And flexpay is just 5 bucks more a month if u don’t auto pay… where else is there nickels and dimes??? What is going to be offered is to the post paid of the world on an amazing network (yes verizon is better but not that much better for double the price, and yes double)…. everyone wants an over the night change… but face the facts… we r offering better rates, better phones as the months past (and IF U MENTION THE IPHONE AND THAT POS 3GS u r off my list of worth talking to), and soon the fastest 3g network that even beats my Qwest 20mb/s… wake up people… if u don’t see it now that this is perfect for the masses.. then u will in the future

  • Elrich

    WRONG! There is a chip in every cell phone that is designed to degrade the signal for using a non-native tower. Look into it.

    • David

      For those of you who waited for this day, Elrich and his comments are now moderated and I’ll decide if they get posted or not. Sorry Elrich, you really only seem here to stir the pot.

  • smartyculottes

    @J: I heard that from a rep, too, but she wouldn’t divulge any details about the other things that have been rumoured. With all the buildup to Oct. 25, T-Mo better come up huge. I guess I’m guardedly optimistic at this point.

  • JBLmobileG1

    I agree with Matt…. Straight Talk is a better value for unlimited everything and its only $45 a month. And as for “WhoCares” the $45 plan DOES indeed come with unlimited data. The $30 plan is 1,000 mins, 1,000 text and 30mb of data usage. Oh… and did I mention 411 service is included? I sure hope Tmobile offers an everything plan for $50 and not $75. If its $50 its still $5 more than what Straight Talf offers but I am willing to pay the extra $5 for a better phone. Although once Straight Talk is out for a while I wouldn’t be surprised if they come out with better phones in the future. I really do hope Tmobile does what’s right otherwise a pre-paid carrier using Verizon (a great network as well) may well…. if you think about it you’ll get the picture.

  • Whocares

    I’m sorry but any companies goal is post-paid growth.. simply put people with credit… and the mast majority of people want to pay their bill after not before usage…

    the plans that will be offered will make any post paid carrier jealous… and make their customers wish they were with us…

    yes cricket in arizona is the best deal if not boost… but guess what for some reason people still come into tmobile wanting us because they want better coverage… straight talk isn’t a factor where i am so its pointless arguing… but people are willing to even pay more with a post paid carrier we see it everyday with Verizon… and now we are gonna break that “pay more” mentality with the best features to offer as a post paid carrier

  • JBLmobileG1

    Straight Talk is a WalMart exclusive and there is a WalMart just about everywhere so once it officially launches you’ll see it soon enough in your area WhoCares… then… (unless Tmobile has a better deal) you’ll see why $75 plans are still too much.

  • Whocares


    ok.. but it straight talk still prepaid? and as the other person, the phone options aren’t that great? like do u have to pay them 45 before u have service that month (is what im wondering)

  • drizz

    All you sissy ass iphone users now see want to come back to tmobile…the phone is good but boring…g1….mytouch..the Cliq….all these phones give you more than the boring iphone set up…..and 3g Blackberry…..behold 2 with its sweet ass cube UI… are kidding me with the same ass iphone….iphone 3g…..iphone 3gs…..Android users save dough….all updates are OTA…apple rapes those pockets….

  • Samantha

    Well unlimited plans could be interesting, then again I have unlimited voice for 49.95 a month, and unlimited data for 24.95 with the iPhone killing, open source, MyTouch.

    So they are going to make my plan cheaper? Woot! That would be awesome! Finally go live with 3g in Cincinnati? Woot! But again hardly earth shaking.

    I have been a T-Mobile customer for three years, and in that time I’ve had very few dropped calls compared to what I lived through with the Deathstar or Sprint.

    So I’ll vote for lower price, but I’m already paying way less than my friends with iPhones.

    So I’m waiting for something other than idle specualtion.

    Not for nothing, but I have to ask, why are the T-Mobile haters here? If you hate it so much why was your energy?

  • http://tmotoday dannydarko

    hey maximus this is a tmo site not an apple magot spewing site android will smash the iphone look how far its come in such a short time 10000 plus apps in only a year so beat it with your iphone rhetoric nonsensepull your head out and see if they got an app for that jackass ANDROID RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Puerto Rico

    I live in Puerto Rico, i have a Tmobile plan with unlimited calls in Puerto Rico and USA, SMS, MMS, and unlimited data for $74.98 plus taxes. Phone Mytouch 3G

  • FM

    I rather take a T-Mobile phone then sprint crappy phones

  • Noah

    I’m going to go with plus is a tethering option. This would be a strike at AT&T/iPhone and a wedge against coming Android ventures by Sprint and Verizon who are actively marketing their mifi devices and services with a hefty unlimited rate plan. It could also be a shot at turning T-Mobile @Home into a wireless ISP option doing the same.

  • rkdiddy

    I really wish the iPhone would come to T-mobile – that would be awesome. But, I highly doubt it.

  • Kickstar13

    The pic leaked on the blog where it mentions “The Handset you Crave” is based on T-mobile’s current line-up of phones.

  • FILA

    It means there gonna expand there coverage even wider, possibly decreasing plan amounts while increasing the size of there inventory of phones, more phones = your gonna crave something in there selection. T-Mobile wouldn’t sign iPhone on

    wait for that G1v2!

  • JBLmobileG1

    I don’t have all the details yet WhoCares but yes Straight Talk is a pre-paid service which is owned by TracFone and uses Verizons towers only. Not sure if the first month is included or not…. I’d look at it this way though… T-mobiles activation is $35 so basically its like an activation fee only your also getting your first months service out of it. You’d pay more for flex pay anyways assuming your credit wasn’t the greatest. Like I said this is a killer deal minus the not so cool phones but I am sure if it catches on the phones will get better. Let’s just hope Tmobile has an unlimited everything plan for $50 or less. Like I said before I’d pay $5 extra a month for a better phone but not an extra $30. And using Verizons towers makes the deal tempting. I have been with Tmobile since 2004 so hopefully they have something wonderful for the current and future customers…. otherwise I have a feeling that pre-paid carriers will just steal customers.

  • tmo rep

    If it dosnt include a rase i dont really care i just need to talk and txt.

  • August

    I had Alltel before I joined Sprint and both companies bill ahead for the coming month’s service. When you get your bill, they merely reconcile any additional charges, overages, purchases etc., and then bill you the standard monthly rate ahead for the next month. I thought all carriers did this.

  • speks1

    project dark is the luanch of some the rate plans from tmobile ….
    on oct. 25th some new unlimited plans are coming out that are going to compete against metro pcs unlimited plans and sprint’s unlimited plans ….

  • IwantToKnow

    well correct me if im wrong but one thing you guys are forgeting is that these pre paid services like tracphone dont have 3g data. so i see it as who cares if it comes with unlimited data when your not running verizons 3g.

  • Tony W.

    The even more plus plan is a non contracted plan (the customer is not bound to a contract). The downside to this plan is the customer does not get any discount on the ph they choose to purchase. The upside is that the cost of the ph is broken down into monthly payments on the customer’s bill so that the customer does not have to pay for entire cost of the ph upfront. The plans are suppose to launch 10/25/2009

  • Some Guy

    of all the comments i have read so far, there is only one person who is anywhere close to what the project really is. how do i know? cause i work for them and i have been trained on it. and no, its not the iphone. enjoy!

  • JB6464

    @Steve “I talked to my source at TMob, and they said that what they know so far is that the major component is the plans, for the near term:”
    ~$50 unlimited voice & txt
    ~$75 unlimited voice, txt & data.

    If this is the New Plans it Sucks because i already have Unlimted Loyalty $50.00/month now and i add with No Contract the data plan at $25./month for a total of $75.00/month now. And i can remove the data plan anytime i wish if i don’t need it or if i can’t get 3G coverage and i don’t want to pay for Edge coverage with 3G pricing. Their would be No Game Changer at all for me and if they offer the 20 month payment plan for a phone it still does’nt help.
    Take a $600.00 phone over 20 payments and your looking at $30.00/month extra on top of your plan. That’s $105.00/month for 20 months of data plan service==$2100.00 total. Thats providing i keep the service the 20 months i’m paying for the phone.
    Now buy the same phone with the two year contract with only $200.00 down,I would still only pay $75.00/month with their required data plan which would total $200.00+$75.00/monthX24 months==$2000.00 total.
    The only benifit would be i could cancel my plan anytime if i buy the phone through the 20 plan. But if i was happy with Tmo and was’nt going to leave, theirs No Game Changer for me.

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