Project Dark Sees The Light


At this point, there is significant speculation regarding Project Dark. There is simply too much buzz surrounding it for someone “in the know” to not want to feel a little powerful, drop some hints and create a larger buzz. Rumors are running wild on the forums and for the moment we’re going to let them remain rumors. The above image is meant merely to confirm an unlimited plan exists. We don’t know what “Even More” and “Even More Plus” means yet and we don’t want to throw out any more misinformation. We simply cannot confirm or deny anything with 100% certainty at this point. We know whats likely (see forum link) and whats not (iPhone).  We know some of you will look at the above picture and say “Ok…what does that mean?” Well, we can’t say for sure, but at this point we know T-Mobile has something big brewing. That something is seemingly related to that picture.

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  • hates dumb people

    JB6464 you spend $75 a month for your loyalty plan and your data but that DOES NOT include your text messages. If you had unlimited text with your data you would be spending an additional $10 a month which brings you up to $85 a month. It WOULD be a “game changer” for you. Actually, why don’t you try going to, say AT&T, and tell them you want an iphone but you want the price of the iphone split up over 20 months AND tell them that you want that iphone to have unlimited everything (minutes, data and text) for $85 a month. What do you think they would say? I usually laugh at these posts but there are some really stupid people and you happen to fall into this category. I don’t comment on things that I don’t know about

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  • ????

    Dont forget the Motorola Cliq, Behold 2 with Android and BB Bold 2 is all being released with the Dark Project on the 25th.

  • JB6464

    @hates dumb people , NO i get Unlimited Minutes and Unlimted Text/Pictures for $49.99/month on my Unlimited Loyalty Plan. Then i add at my own will the $24.99/month Unlimited Web for my smartphone. That gives me a total on all three of my individula lines i have at $74.98/month with no contracxt since my contracts are up.

  • JB6464

    I meant $74.98/month on each individual line i have of the 3 phones.

  • JB6464

    @hates dumb people , I am Not Stupid and you are commenting on something you Don’t know about. The $49.99/month Unlimited Loyalty Plan does include unlimited Minutes/Text in that price idiot. Why would i add the $34.99/month web if i already have unlimited text with the Loyaty plan.

  • the insurance guy


  • blogger android

    All I know is this plan is so good, lots of tmobile employees will b outta work, what to do if we don’t have overages to explain

  • xexy

    you are an idiot, the 49.99 price for loyalty does not include texting

    so either you are lying, youre an idiot, or youre getting texting for free.

    most likely, youre an idiot

  • iwk4tmobile

    @jb6464 – Hello! Your unlimited loyalty plan does NOT include unlimited messages. see this link w/a screenshot of evidence read the smaller font. if you doubt me feel free to call 1800-937-8997 press “0” for the operator and verify directly from them

    here’s proof:

  • joe

    TMo rep told me a couple days ago that it was “allowing prepaid users to convert their plan to postpaid.” Needless to say, I sincerely doubt (and hope) that was it.

    Please be more affordable unlimited data plans.

  • JB6464

    @xexy , Hey idiot i use over 800 text messages a month through my 3 lines and never get any extra charges. I’m not lying, my bill for all three lines is $150.00/month before taxes so f–off!
    Look at the billing how you want. They could state it as $89.99/month for 2 Unlimited Loyalty lines then add $39.99/month for the 3rd line,then charge $19.99/month for unlimited text for all three. In the end it’s still $150.00/month for all 3 lines divided by 3 is $50./month per line idiot.

  • JB6464

    @iwk4tmobile , Yes i know how to read the bill when i use to get one in the mail. But since Tmo went to the paperless BS i don’t see the bill breakdown. It reads $149.98/month for all 3 lines stating Unlimited Loyalty Plan,Text,and total breakdown of minutes/text used per line. In the end no matter how you slice it, i pay $150.00/month for 3 lines Unlimited Talk/Text.

  • Observer

    JB6464 – Don’t listen to what these other “so called” Tmobile reps are saying. Chances are, being that you have been with Tmobile for such a long time your plan is awesome, but so are the changes. In any case you’ll be the judge of that when the info is released. I knew that you had the unlimited grandfathered texting for 19.99 as soon as you mentioned the unlimited texting was included. I also work for Tmo and I LOVE them and not everyone is as bitter as the reps who replied. People are usually quick to jump and shoot someone down without really reading/listening, because if they took the time out to just think/analyze what you said it would have made sense. Obviously, since we know the inside scoop of things and customers don’t the way we read the bill is different. Sometimes, even I call in to ask questions about my bill even though I help people all day break theirs down. Stay tuned :)!

  • JB6464

    @Observer , thanks for the positive response. Glad to see someone who can understands what i was talking about. Can’t wait to see what’s in the future for T-mobile plans/phones coming out OCT.25th.