Rumored Project Dark Pricing

Project Dark, we have high hopes for you and we sure hope this is enough to catapult you into the good graces of the wireless deities.

I know what you all want and we are prepared to deliver. We’re putting this in the rumor column at this point but we’re pretty confident on this pricing. You’re going to skip right past anything else I write so here is what we know:



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  • googly

    What kind of phones are eligible for “Unlimited Web for Other Phones”? Would a jailbroken iPhone 1G or 3G be able to use the $10 plan? There used to be a $4.99 T-Zones plan that some folks were using for data.

  • Annonymous

    I work for Tmo, and I have worked for sprint as well… Their 3G is better yes and yes they are working on 4G, I cannot argue that. Tmo is lacking the great 3G coverage but by christmas will have a whole lineup of 3G phones which means they should be putting up more towers to help the 3G… The plans look to benefit family much more than the individual plans… If im correct the Simply Plan is 99 for first line then minues 5 for every additional line, atleast when I left the company it was… here 179 plus 10 for additional lines without doing the math is alot cheaper when you have more than 2 lines. 2 line on family could be better but it will still be better than what we had in all respect.

  • Annonymous

    It is only $5 to add a line to the no contract plan or what we are calling th even more plus plans…

  • alex

    @anonymous, Thanks. Can you tell from the brochures if that includes data/text for the addon lines? If it does then that is a good deal.

  • Bob

    Maybe you didn’t read my post but my price would go up $10 on the plan I have NOW! So Tmo is giving me a price hike. And it enforces the hike by forcing you to a plan if you need a phone. Since they are only now really getting a 3g network going, more people will go to buy new phones to get 3g usage (even though they have been paying for edge so far). The new phones force the new plans…well thought out plan to get rid of grandfathered plans…

    AND yes Sprint has a far more complete network and is very close to a 4g network for the entire usa…and I’ll pay more ’cause I don’t think they have screwed me.

  • Wagonis


    So how much is it to add a line to the unlimited everything family plan on the Even More + plans?

  • RWWackoStu

    Anon, thanks for running the numbers for me. Im better off keeping what I have now since I cant afford the data @ 120 per month, and really cant @ 140.

  • Will

    quick question: On the family plan how do you have to pay 179.99 per person?

  • Wagonis

    @Will –
    No, it is $179.99 for the first 2 lines…meaning 2 lines included.


    whoever leak this information about project dark is a real a#* hole. And if you work for tmobile and you leaked these photos i really hope you get fired, due to the fact tmobile is trying to be number one and your missing it up.

  • BobBruff

    Shhh…it’s part of TMO’s plan. They know they have ‘leakers’ in the company which is why we’re all going to wake up Sunday morning very surprised.

  • Wagonis

    @Bob – You really believe that? I wish it was true, but thats just not something I can believe.

  • Carl

    Well, T-Mobile really can’t do much, it’s not like its only their employees that would leak something like this. Whatever more it is too besides to an addition to new plans, hope they do great. Just three more days to find out :D

  • BobBruff

    I guess it’s just wishful thinking. I’ve enjoyed being a T-Mo customer, but if the leaked prices are true it’s back to Sprint for me.

  • Matthew

    If that is true about the unlimited family plan then at least that’s a winner if nothing else is!

  • Bob

    What do you mean do I believe it? It’s normal. If I want a new phone: I have to pick one of the new plans…THUS I give up my grandfathered plan which is a lower cost than ANY of these plans and includes everything.

    So I’m stuck choosing one of the two plans which pretty much cost what Sprint costs…

    Why is this hard to understand or for me to believe?

    They are supposed to beat everyone…

    GEEZ…if they lowered everything by just $10!!! THAT would have been cool with everyone! Most people plans (who have been with Tmo for at least 3 years will go UP!) AND they will now have to buy their own phones?

    I don’t see how T-mobile thought people wanted to buy their own phone at $400-500 a pop?

    Geez, with my corporate discount I can go to AT&T $117 EVERYTING (tax too) a month and 15% off an IPHONE (corporate discount)! Trust me it tempted me but I was only paying $90 with tax for everything with Tmo so I kept my blackberry with Tmo. BUT NOW??? They are evening up prices with Sprint and AT&T…$25 more a month ain’t so bad to get the Iphone….

    As I said..Tmo could have made this a WIN by just introducing the new phones, increasing the 3g cities quickly and dropping the price of average person 10 bucks…this missed the boat!

  • alex

    @Bob – why do you need to pick a new plan if you want a new phone? You will be grandfathered into you old plan and I am assuming in your old plan you get upgrades.

  • Matthew

    Yeah dude, plans and phone are two different things. When you upgrade now, you dont have to change your plan. The same thing should apply later!

  • Bob

    hmmm…..’cause one plan is with new phone and one plan is without. Contract give you the option to buy subsidized phones. The other contract, you pay IN FULL for phone. To do this: I ASSUME YOU HAVE TO DECIDE IF YOU ARE ON CONTRACT OR NOT on Contract when you buy a new phone.

  • Matthew

    Even though this seems to be pretty accuate as far as what the new plans will be, I suggest we wait a few more days before we make any premature decisions…

  • Annonymous

    Im not the leak, i have tried to stay away from these sites until I knew what was going on for sure and now I do…

    Someone asked if the txt/data are covered with the add on line and the answer as of right now is yes, data/txt is for every line on the account…

  • Matthew

    Yeah, If your contract is up, then you have the option of going with the Even More (contract) or the Even More plus (no contract). If you do this, of course you will have to change your plan. But you also have the option of just upgrading the phone and leaving your plan as is.

  • Matthew

    I hope this is true annonymous! I really do!
    Not too sold on the other plans, but that sonds like a winner to me.
    One question though, is that price on the Even More or the Even More Plus, becasue I am currently under contract and would have to go with the Even More for now…

  • alex

    @Anon Awesome. That really makes it a pretty decent deal. But what do you mean by “as of right now?”

  • Annonymous

    If your contract is up, the only way to get the discount on a new phone is to extend contract, now you should be able to keep what you already have but there has been speculation you could keep what you got if for some reason your plan works out better than the new ones… Every company is like that to get a discounted price you need to extend your contract so it’s not like tmo is tryin to screw ppl…

  • alex

    @Matthew – if you are under contract right now, you just pay $35 to switch to the even more plus.

  • Matthew

    Means as good or bad as these plans may seem, until they are officialy announced, anything can change, theoretically…

  • agreed

    @ bob

    if your contract is up, then you have options including going somewhere else that may best meet your needs…. I understand where you are coming from, but there are other options..

  • Matthew

    Is that so? I head I would have to pay the early termination fee.

  • Annonymous

    Its only thursday they dnt come out until sunday, so they could do whatever they choose from here until then… I dnt foresee a change in plan so I would look forward to seeing it they was I said it would. However since the brochure’s do not say data/txt is covered for the add on line they could change policy whenever, but I have been told by the boss’s that as of right now the add on line will get everything the 1st 2 lines get for 10 a month which is the add on fee…

  • agreed

    if tmo doesn’t give you much of a choice, then you have a choice…. the 25th is around the corner, i say wait….

  • Annonymous

    Tmo is still working out the kinks in what your would have to pay to convert to the new plans, last week they were saying you would have to pay the etf, then this week they have been saying $35, so until I have a meeting with everyone this weekend I will not know for sure

  • Matthew

    Sounds good.. Thanks Annonymous for all the info.
    Can’t wait until sunday, guess I will be back then!

  • Mark

    How can they now mandate the data plans when I am not receiving any discount on the phone. My second question is now with no discounts the supposed retail price will be more closely reviewed. When you look at the current 3g phones and review retail vs features it makes no sense. But in the past it really didn’t matter much because the net price ended up being very close. They are opening themselves up to 3rd party phone sales. They get full margin on the phone, require a maditory data plan with great margin and also charge 35 dollars to make any changes????? Talk about getting screwed!!!!

  • Kurt

    You hit the nail right on the head. That is exactly what has happened.

  • Wagonis

    @Bob – Sorry about that, when I said “do you really believe that” I was actually talking to BobBruff but was too lazy to write the whole user name. LOL My bad bro.

  • J

    It is a good thing they are dumping myfaves. It is an okay service but slows down new phone and software releases.

  • edwin

    so let me ask…before there use to be kind of like separate contracts for each line. it happened to me…my parents upgraded their two lines in may and i upgraded in august so im elegible until august and they can upgrade in may…is this still going to happen? or are you going to have to upgrade all of them at the same time??

  • watbetch

    Where does it state a mandate for Smartphone data if you bring your own device (Thus no contract). I don’t follow.

  • geminiosiris

    I’m not sure if this has been mentioned, but I think the Individual Everything Plus Plan has been misinterpreted.

    The faint gray (small print) says that the Web allows unlimited nationwide web and email for smartphones only. Wouldn’t that make Unlimited Talk-Text-Web for a smartphone 79.99 as well? It seems to me the intent is to say that a Razor isn’t going to be utilizing the feature much and that email and web surfing is only for the smartphones. That tells me that Blackberries are included in this as well since email is mentioned.

    79.99 is a deal. Not earth shattering, but it bumps me from 1000 minutes a month to unlimited for $5 additional.

    A smartphone with unlimited everything for 79.99 is the best deal out there at the moment. It is $20 less than Sprint’s 99.99. If the $25 addon was in addition, then it would be way overpriced. I have a SERO plan as well with Sprint, and it sure rocks. The average person though doesn’t get discounts and special plans. This is the out-the-door price. I can’t find any of the big 4 carriers offering the same out-the-door deal except T-Mobile.

    I think this is a good start. I lived in Europe for quite a while, and I miss the pennies on the dollar plans. It was so cheap for service. I didn’t however change phones that often. Actually, I never did!

  • OMG

    OMG!! I will respect my confidentiatlity agreement (Unlike some Tmo employees) but all I will say is just wait til Sunday. None of you (and I have read every single post) NONE of you have it right. It is better than any carrier has to offer, and if your a Loyalty customer then it’s probably NOT better for you, but that’s the point right? you’ve been with us for awhile and you get a better deal… do you really want the switchers who jump from company to company to get a better deal than you as a loyal customer get??? That being said… OMG.. just wait until Sunday and go to your local T-Mobile and get someone who was actually trained with the materials and brochures to explain line by line what your options are. It’s better than sprint, WAAAYYY better than AT&T and Verizon. SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY!!!

  • Brian

    Tmo needs to hire the head of marketing. I will pay anyone $100 that this new plan will not bring any substantial amount of people from the other phone companies. If you leave sprint or Verizon you have to immediately buy a $500 tmobile phone under the cheapest “plan” ’cause the technology is so different. The head of tmo marketing should be fired. This is a confusing and dumb plan. People are sooo used to phone subsidies.

    Who did the market research on this project? Bert or Ernie? or was it big bird?

  • Shane

    Wow, how is this a game changer? These plans are not much cheaper than you already get….. They had a chance to make a splash and instead wasted our time.

  • watbetch

    ^ You can still finance the phone which is exactly the same thing. And a LOT of people bring their own devices to Flexpay. Only a moron would buy a retail device from T-Mobile and the world is littered with those. T-Mobile was adding subscribers even before this change and having $50 unlimited talk from a nationwide major carrier will only bring MORE people in.

  • Wagonis

    I got 2 BlackBerrys and a Sidekick that I picked up from craigslist for about $250 for all 3…now I can bring my own phones and have the no contract prices without having to worry about paying out the ass for new phones.

  • alex

    @OMG no one beleives you. Other Tmobile employees have seen everything you have and there is nothing that great. We have seen the ads and brochures we know what the plan is and we don’t expect any surprises on Sunday.

  • Carl

    Well put, speculation does this a lot. Hopefully, we can save on family plans! I’m currently on, $69.99(1,00 Mins, Unlimited Nights/Weekends)+24.99 Messaging :@ We will soon find out if we will be saving(The Non-Loyalty Plan Customers).

  • toxicpy

    I am not thrilled with TMO’s Pricing. They are basically giving you the same deal as Sprint and the price isn’t cheaper.

    Sprint Any Mobile Plan is just as good as unlimited, check your address book on your phone and see home many lad lines you actually call.

    Project Dark/Black may leave TMO in the RED

  • Rob


    79.99 unlimited everything is NOT as good of a deal as it sounds. Don’t forget you have to pay full retail for your phone. So take a typical mytouch. Retails for 500. Subsidized you pay 150. So on the cheaper EM+ plan, you have 80/month plus another 350 spread over 24 months (to put it into apples-to-apples comparison to every other carrier) which brings your 79.99/month to about 94.59/month. Wow…big deal. It’s 5 bucks cheaper than sprint.

    I think these plans kinda suck. Doesn’t anyone care that MyFaves are gone? Sure we get a few more minutes with the new plans for a touch cheaper price. But no MyFaves?? I loved MyFaves. My wife had the 300 minute MyFaves plan and did just fine. She’d use up most of her 300 minutes, but she regularly uses over 1000 minutes every month on MyFaves. So she has a 39.99 plan now and uses essentially 1300 minutes. She will have to goto the unlimited plan to cover her 1000+ minutes. So her plan now goes to 59.99 a month subsidized??? WTF. If she goes unsubsidized it a bit cheaper at 49.99…but then she has to 200-350 more for a phone. So if you get a decent phone, it adds another 10-15/month over a 24 month period. So even the ‘cheap’ 49.99 plan actually ends up being 50-60/month.

    Other than NOT have a contract (which is nice…) the unsubsidized plans are NOT NEARLY as good as they appear money-wise. Everyone keeps forgetting about the 15/month extra they’ll have to shell out for a retail phone.

    Not sure why no one else seems to care about MyFaves missing on the new plans?? For a ‘social’ user (not business), using MyFaves would cover the bulk of the people you call the most. Worked out great for most of the people I know. Unless there is something piece we are missing (which I doubt), I am VERY dissapointed in these plans. I would much rather have the ‘MyFaves’ plans…at least for a non-business use phone.

    Unhappy here :(

  • kyle

    how can you knock the 500 min + text + web for $60. im on an old $60 1000 min blackberry plan so I was just looking for a good plan to switch to android. once they get an android device with a bigger screen tmobile will have me for another 5 years.