Rumored Project Dark Pricing

Project Dark, we have high hopes for you and we sure hope this is enough to catapult you into the good graces of the wireless deities.

I know what you all want and we are prepared to deliver. We’re putting this in the rumor column at this point but we’re pretty confident on this pricing. You’re going to skip right past anything else I write so here is what we know:



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  • 30014

    these prices coupled with the ho hum holiday selection of phones will do nothing to bring in new subscribers. Hell with the vibe that I’m getting from the comments, this may cause tmo to lose current customers.

  • jb45

    Add a line for unlimited family is not $10. It is less than a loyalty add on though.

  • Wagonis

    People are just upset because T-Mobile are not lowering their prices to match those of Boost or Metro. People are quicker to complain they to compliment. This is the beauty of having the freedom of choice…you’re not pleased with T-Mobiles new prices? Stick to your old plan, they said they’ll grandfather them. You’re hating on T-Mobile altogether for not meeting your exepectations? There are 3 other big carriers out there to choose from and a bunch of the little guys if those will work for you.

    And now, let the hate messages begin…

  • John

    If this is the plans that are going to be for the project dark, then t-mobile will lose out on getting any new business. I been with t-mobile for 6 years now, with 2 lines I am paying about 148 for unlimited everything on both phones before taxes. T-Mobiles coverage is lacking. Even the new Walmart-Tracfone deal has way better coverage then t-mobile, everything plan for tracfone is $45.00 a month and its a pre-paid. I may have to switch if t-mobile don’t get better coverage.

  • Onwaitinglist

    It looks like all regular blog visitors had left some comments now, I feel obligate to leave my opinion too.

    1. This promotion won’t push TMO into 3rd position.
    2. All smart shopper has got better deal from TMO than those published price.
    3. All other carriers will soon have similar plans.
    4. Marketing @TmoUSA did a good job getting attention for this promotion.

    Overall, I am not disappointed or excited neither. and it is better financial decision for me to stay with my current plan

  • Viper


    I know what you mean. I have myfaves on my $39.99 plan and use between 1000-3000 minutes per month out of the faves alone (I also have $15 unlim txt). I’m not switching to their “get the opportunity to pay full price on phone” plans, so that leaves me at the next tier up for my usage – $69.99! Including the txts, I currently pay $54.98… so that comes to an increase of $15!

    I need to get some friends and family on the myfaves plans before it’s too late.

  • Tim

    I really don’t know how this is going to work. Right now I have 1000 min for 39.95 plus 1000 texts for 5.99 and T-mobile web for 5.99. So the total for my whole plan is 51.97. This was a special promo that I signed up for a little over two years ago. I’m going month to month right now but now I’m thinking that if I want to upgrade my phone I will have to sign up with one of the new price plans. When I upgraded my phone before my last contract, the T-mobile rep wouldn’t let me renew with my “grandfathered” plan. They told me that my “current plan” wasn’t available anymore and that I would have to sign up with only the plans they offer. So, either the T-mobile rep was feeding full of bull a few years back or T-mobile will let me keep my original plan if I want to renew my contract. I guess we’ll see…

  • Matt

    @John – I have the Straight Talk service and will personally vouch for it being awesome. Come on over, you won’t be disappointed. But, your best bet is to activate it by calling Straight Talk as activations over the web fail more often than they succeed. If you are going to port your number, prepare for a small headache. If you can avoid it at all, I recommend not porting the number. These are the only problems with the service. Once you surmount the difficult customer service and activation issues, you will be rewarded with service that is much better than T-Mobile.

  • NiiDiddy


    How does having the “Unlimited Talk At Home” Phone for $9.99 fit into all of this? I dont see this coming up anywhere on anything that has been discussed. Please shed some light – THANK YOU!!!

  • timmyjoe42

    Is this a record for responses?

  • onwaitinglist

    “Unlimited Talk At Home” is “hot spot calling”, it is an added-on feature, if you have an UMA phone, you should be able to add it to any plan you selected

  • NiiDiddy


    thanks for the response. i am not referring to the UMA one I get on my cell phone (I have that too).

    I am talking about the actual home phone…whatever that plan is called – sorry i got them mixed up. I have one of those home phones T-Mobile offers.

    Any ideas about that? thanks again for the prompt response.

  • ShotWithAnSLR

    Bring back the Cameo!

  • Steph

    I called t-mobile 2 weeks ago, when I went over my text messages, by about 500…didn’t know I had gone over so much, but my bill was $112 more than usual. Anyway, they would not do anything for that since the billing cycle had started over. I told the lady that since my contract was up, I was thinking of switching to sprint, since they have the amazing family plan for $129 (unlimited text, data and any mobile network calling, plus 1500 minutes for landlines). She then past me on to an ‘account specialist’, and of course she could not do anything with the text overages, but offered us a family plan….costing….$139 (talk, text, data for both lines). So, maybe these prices are true….I hope not though, they really are not at all what we where hoping for!!!

  • Y314K

    Been fighting to post in this thread for a few days…

    Record responses for a fake out…lol

    Remember, Dave told us he has a vested interest on TMobile’s well being… We kind of all do, for healthy competition among US carriers… So don’t be surprise if this was a fake out… If you can’t keep a secret a secret… Unofficially release it thru other means with enough info to make it look legit but hiding what’s important in plain site in order to control its release…

    Good work

  • sprinter

    my cousins friends brothers dog walkers mother is neighbors with a lady whose daughter once babysat for a family that used to be neighbors with the barber of the CEO of Tmobile…and they tell me that this is the plan.

    So far all the rumors have been wildly optimistic…I think I will believe a printed Tmobile sheet more then the rantings of someone “in the know” All the in the know people were taking 50 dollars unlimited plans and this thing being huge! They actually hurt Tmobile by getting expectations high. This plan says…hey we can bascially match Sprints price and we are working to improve our coverage. Nothing to draw new subscribers, but perhaps enough to keep existing ones from switching..

  • Aloha

    Imma point out the obvious that just because there are new plans coming does not mean all the existing plans are going away.

  • rossi

    Can somebody point out the plan for me if I want to choose a Tmobile plan that matches Sprint’s Any Mobile, Anytime family plan for five lines? (that’s 189.99 for 1500 landline minutes, unlimited text, unlimited data, and ovbviously unlimited mobile to mobile)

  • czar

    I would have rather seen a new handset, but we knew that wasn’t it. I’m so jealous that Verizon gets the fly android phone and we are left with a laggy CLIQ

  • Eraser

    What I was wondering is if the quoted prices for EM+ already include the phone financing.

    If this is the case then T-Mobile may be up to something here.

    It seems everyone is assuming we would have to pay $25 more per month for the phone on EM+,
    if this is not the case then the EM+ plan look a lot better,
    Especially if they let you “bring your own phone” and knock $25/month from each plan.

  • rkdiddy

    I currently have the following:
    1500 min w/ two lines
    My Fav
    400 Txt Msgs each line
    Blackberry web/email each line

    Bill is $119 w/ tax.

    With the above Project Dark plans I would gain unlimited text (which I don’t need) and my bill would be $159???

    Am I missing something or reading this wrong. How are these “smoking” good prices?

  • taaars

    I have 2 lines with 1800 min + my favs, unlimited text + web..120 a month with tax, Ill be grandfathered in, so i am not terribly concerned. Best thing to do is to wait till sunday and see what the real deal is..its only 2 more days.

  • jb45

    Home phone
    $10 even more plus
    $15 even more

  • lng

    If I’m someone who wants minimal minutes and minimal/no texts, but unlimited data on an Android smartphone, what are my options? Right now, I can get an Individual 300 plan for $30, plus unlimited smartphone web for $25, for a total of $55, with a subsidized MyTouch or Cliq. With the new plans, the cheapest unlimited data but nothing else plan is also $55. That’s with 500 minutes instead of 300, plus unlimited nights and weekends, yeah, but I rarely go over 200 minutes in a month, including nights and weekends. BUT, no subsidized phone. Same price, same features (for me at least, since minutes are not an issue), no phone subsidy. If I get the subsidized phone, it looks like I’ll be paying $70. For that price, I might as well get a subsidized Hero and stick with Sprint. At least then I’ll get texts, PLUS unlimited calling to other mobiles as well.

    It sounds to me like they’re trying to get everyone excited about the text and voice plans, but are sticking it to the data users. The high end plans seem to have come down, but the low end plans seem to have gone up.

    Am I better off walking into a TMo store before Sunday and getting myself a phone now? I wasn’t quite ready to get a new phone right this second, but if I want an Android phone for the cheapest I’m going to get it, I’m thinking I need to jump on the current deal.

  • Maria

    Ok so here is my question. I currently have the family plan 1000 minutes for $69.99 a month, unlimited text on all lines $20, and internet on one smart phone which is $20 a month. But I have 4 lines on my account. With the new family plan do I have to pay more money for the other two lines to share the unlimited minutes and text????? My current bill ranges from $160 to $180. So for me to get unlimited minutes would be a plus for me seeing as how we are currently eating up our minutes very quickly. My bill may go up some but its better than having to change my plan on certain months to the 2500 minutes for $100 on top of all the other extras on my bill. I did it last month and my bill went from $165 to $230! OUCH!!!

  • Kyle

    Wil it make sense if we get the following subsidy pricing for the Even More Plan.

    MyTouch 3G ($499.99)

    Plan 500 – $499.99 – 350 = $149.99
    Plan 1000 – $499.99 – 400 = $99.99
    Plan Unlimited – $499.99 – 499.99 = Free

    Family Plan – same goes but u get discount to 2 phones
    Plan 700 – $499.99 – 350 = $149.99
    Plan 1500 – $499.99 – 400 = $99.99
    Plan Unlimited – $499.99 – 499.99 = Free

    Add a line:
    For Plan 700/1500 – $499.99 – 350 = $149.99
    For Plan Unlimited with 200 minutes – $499.99 – 350 = $149.99
    For Plan Unlimited – $499.99 – 450 = $49.99

    We basically get more discounts on higher priced plans.

  • Pliablemoose

    Damn, I’m pissed enough at TMobile that the first cut rate carrier that offers an Android based phone will get my business.

    I’ve been a TMobile customer for 6 years.

  • Sebastiaan

    These plans are weird… Somebody needs to just SCAN those folders and put up some GOOD pictures..

  • Stefan

    Im not all that impressed at all….. if you have a loyalty plan you still doing better…… not sold at all on this deal…. Not sure why this is such a big deal….. unless i am just that dumb and not getting it!!

  • Patrick

    I only see 3 benefits

    1 – You’re not stuck in a 2 year contract(which I’d pay to not be stuck in one with Sprint)
    2 – You get literally unlimited for 79.99(69.99 if you have a phone-first phone) and not just “Any Mobile” unlimited
    3 – It’s cheaper than their current plans

  • Bob

    If they are scrapping MyFaves, then that might just be the final straw. I know they grandfather old plans, but still… my family is using more of our 1800 minutes every month.
    The “unlimited” prices for the family plan are WAY more than I’m paying now. Additional lines are an extra $15/mo for 200 minutes or $40 for unlimited. Well, the kid barely used 60 minutes, but texts a lot.

    These plans make NO sense at all.

    I just looked, and for our usage, the iPhone rate plans would be a better deal once my corp discount is factored in. :|

  • wilkes

    This could be a great idea or a terrible one
    1. T-mobile’s Project Dark so far is appealing to customers outside of T-mobile.
    2. T-mobile will lose a large amount of customers due to fact that Project says nothing about KILLER PHONES.

    Everybody knows that the only thing that makes loyal customers come back for is new phones its a fact thats why there’s always an new iPhone every two years. No matter how simple the changes are.

    But for me No iPhone or No HTC Dragon = AT&T+iPhone3GS for me.=)

  • BobBruff

    @ Wagonis
    Even though I’m on a grandfathered plan it still matters what T-Mo does with new plans. People’s needs change which is why it was huge when carriers started allowing people to change their plans without renewing their contracts. Right now the ‘grandfathered’ MyFaves plan I have works for me, but in 6 months if I need more minutes or something another carrier starts to look very appealing if T-Mo’s plans become more expensive.

  • J-Hop2o6

    hellllla comments.. i still wonder if myFav’s will be an add-on for non unlimited talk (500/750/1000/1500 min.) plans??

  • Amyrose

    $30 for Blackberry? Seriously? I pay $90 total a month, this says $100 for all the features I have.

    I have a year left in my contract and I want out, for all the dead zones I have to deal with, T Mobile is not impressing me like it used to. I was hoping for happier news than this >(

  • noneof

    Sprint has lost 4.4million customers, and right now sprint is at a point where they are stinking very quickly. I use to work for the company, i know what i’m talking about. Tmo still has a long way to go in the U.S, but verizon and at&t know not to sleep on them. Google and having the android handset is really giving tmobile a huge advantage. Tmo has the most affordable rate plans compare to any other company. Yea, you have to buy the phone at full retail price lets say mytouch 499.99. but! you can put it on your bill and divide it with 20 payments!or 4 easy non interest fee payments! Tmo has a couple of more things coming along the way. they are the third largest company in the world. Our parent company is larger than at&t and verizon put together!!!

  • Jim

    In reply to wht tim > said..hey tim i had verizon wireless and they told me the same thing and i ended up coming over to t mobile but it is true some older plans depending on how old they are do not work with the new phones,so no thats not a line,but sheesh tim for your plan that you have is an awesome should find a phone on amazon or something like that.then you dont have to switch your plan at have a awesome deal….

  • Jim

    i have called t mobile several times and this is what i been told,as long as you dont change your plan at all.EVER then everything remains the same..and thats what i plan on doing,in fact i just upgraded to a new phone from samsung katalyst to the samsung gravity 2 .paid retail price with nice discount and they did not touch my plan,thats great customer service..

  • lulu611

    Here is the info for all of you with T-Mobile or wanting T-Mobile. I work in the telesales department at 1-800-TMOBILE and have for 2 years. I had to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement stating I would not release any info on the Dark Project, but since it’s Sunday the 25th, I’m free to tell you anything. I have been working with the Senior Telesales Manager on testing the new plans to make sure there are zero errors in the orddering system we use in telesales, so hopefully after this everyone will understand.

    Existing customers:

    *Any rate plan you currently have, stays. Even for you people with a MyFaves Plan. You’re automatically grandfathered, so no matter if you upgrade or get a new phone under warranty or really under any circumstances, as long as you don’t call Customer Care and have them change your rate plan, you keep the current one you’re on, no questions asked.

    *If you have the T-Mobile @Home service currently, it will stay at $10 a month on your contract.

    *The HotSpot feature for $9.99 a month (for your mobile phone) is going away, as well as the 300 and 1000 messaging bundles, but if you have them on your plan currently, you keep them.

    *If you are on a contract plan and you want to switch to an Even More Plus Post-Paid plan or an Even More Plus FlexPay plan, you will have to pay your ETF of $200 (prorated depending how close to the end of your contract you are – this is for Post-Paid and FlexPay) plus the activation fee of $35 (Even More Plus Post-Paid only) since you’d be technically breaking your current contract and starting a new line of service.

    *If you have one of our existing family plans, your add-a-line prices will still be the same and can be added as a MyFaves line (for existing MyFaves Family Plans) or a regular line of service ranging from $9.99 for a minute plan to $49.99 for an unlimited plan.

    *If you have a current individual line and want a second line of service, there are 2 options. You can switch to a family plan, but have to choose from one of our new plans, or you can add another individual line of service and keep your existing plan on the first line, and get either an Even More or an Even More Plus individual plan for the second line. Yes, I did just say that you can have a contract line and a no contract line on the same account, as long as they are both individual lines. You still cannot have a family plan and an individual line on the same account unless it’s T-Mobile @Home that you are adding.

    *FlexPay customers are still not eligible for T-Mobile @Home, but customers on any unlimited of our unlimited family plans are now eligible. :)

    New Customers:

    *You have the option of choosing between having a contract or no-contract plan. We have contract for both Post-Paid and FlexPay, same with no-contract.

    *If you don’t want a contract but don’t want to pay your first month up front, it would require a credit check and you’d still have to be eligible for a Post-Paid plan. Also, if you DO want a contract, even a FlexPay 2-year annual contract, you’d have to have a credit check.

    *Great news though, there are STILL 0 deposits required with T-Mobile. :)

    *If you opt with going on the Even More Plus Plan, you can have the full retail price of the phone put on your bill over 20 months, interest-free. If you cancel your account for whatever reason, no ETF’s but you’d be billed for the remainder price of the phone.

    *If you choose to go with the Even More Plan, you can bill the price of the phone to your account and pay over 4 months, interest-free.

    *As a new customer, if you want to have your phone billed to the account, you will have to visit your nearest T-Mobile Retail Store, as Telesales (1-800-TMOBILE) will not have the ability to do so until 1Q 2010.

    *FlexPay accounts are still the same, requiring that the first month’s payments are due in advance for the service.

    *Telesales will continue to ONLY accept Debit or Credit Cards as methods of payment; however, stores will continue to accept cash and other methods of payment.

    *You still have a 20-day grace period to test the service (unless you’re in California then you have 30 days as required by law) when you order from Telesales, versus 7-14 days in a T-Mobile Retail store. You also have 30 days to exchange you phone for another handset, once again this is Telesales only. Store policies I’m not sure of, and it can vary from store to store.

    Other news:

    *T-Mobile is hoping to expand its’ 3G coverage Nationwide by 1Q 2010, although that has not been set in stone.

    Any other questions?
    Feel free to ask!

  • Senorjan


    For once I can have some fun seeing you people suffer the problems we, people lving in small countries (such as Belgium) suffer through. We have a law FORBIDDING the ubsidised sale of a phone with a subscription so a iPhone 3GS is ALWAYS €700 or ab BB Bold9000 at €500 and there are NO unlimited plans and roaming costs and armND a leg (I’m currently spending over 2000EURO month on phone and Data for 1 user with 1 phone. so guys quit wining!

  • Steve


    I am on HotSpot@Home (UMA) and my contract has been on month-to-month since Sept. because I’m waiting to upgrade to the BB 9700. Am I going to lose it if I upgrade?

    I like the UMA feature because of the savings but also because it gives me a strong signal all of the time. Can you say why they discontinued it?


  • Bill48105

    Over on the “Project Dark Is A Go!” post I put in details in comments why for me the new pricing is awful ($100 more per month essentially because of my circumstances) but since you work at T-Mobile maybe you can clear something up. When I talked to support today they said I absolutely could not add more lines without switching plans but above I read it as you we can.. Can I or can I not move over my last 2 ATT lines & keep our MyFaves plan? In addition, we would really need to increase our minutes to at least 700 (I did lowest to start with to save a few bucks while we waited for the contract to end on the other 2 lines) but the rep said there was no way because the old plans are gone. (I argued how could they be gone if people are grandfathered in..) T-Mobile should give notice to existing customers & give them so many days to make needed changes before the enforcement goes into effect or at least for recent new customers (we are 22 days in & just missed our grace period to cancel without fees) or give those of us new to tmobile a chance to cancel.
    Also, any chance T-Mobile might have MyFaves and unlimited WiFi calling as add-ons in the near future, especially if enough people cry about losing them? To me those were the 2 best features of T-Mobile so it seems really stupid to take them away UNLESS the unlimited plans ended up the same price anyway, which they don’t. (See my other post, it’s at least $100/month more)

  • Robert

    Wise Up people T-Mobile is offering everyone to get out of their contracts for $35 for each line that you have if you switch to the even more plus. This is you opportunity to upgrade if your on an old plan put it on eip switch your plan and pay the $35 and then stiff them on the bill sell your phone on craigslist cancel your account and use the money to go with a real company like verizon and avoid the headache of a merger when tmobile finally gets sold. But you dont have to take my advise. I just work for them. Anyone know of any good job opportunities!

  • Bill48105

    You sure on that? Had 2 reps tell me they changed it so switching to Plus does not get you out of your contract, that still applies but you no longer have to pay the $200/line early termination fee either. Granted the other thing might still be honored, I don’t know, I don’t work there. :D And it might be different depending on if are <1yr left too

  • Randy



  • Dan1414

    Seems to me that if you have the myfaves plan you will either pay more for what you have had or do with less when your contract expires. I have really liked T-mobile, but this could be a jumping off point for me.

  • noreally

    My question is will Tmobile ever have better coverage because I can’t even use the phone in my house becuase the signal is so bad but everyones elses phones work that have different carriers. I have been with Tmo for 7 years because of the cs and the pricing but the phones are always behind the times for companies like Verizon and the service sucks. Any Tmo employee tell me they are working on coverage please or I might have to change companies.

  • Debra

    i am really excited about this deal! My dh and I have BB on Sprint and pay $189.99 plus taxes which equals out to $235 a month! The $139.99 plan with Tmobile plus we can buy brand new phones on ebay… We will save at least $50 a month. After 6 months, we will have savings start (if you add in $100 per phone on ebay).


  • Ria

    This is suck BS. For an individual user like me, who doesn’t talk much, this is a total rip off. Looks like Sprint will be keeping a customer, begrudgingly.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    I called T-Mobile to confirm that the current offerings are less expensive than my Loyalty Plan combo of talk and data. Turns out that the new all in one plans are $10 less monthly than what I am paying.

    So I asked the rep it T-Mo will be coming out with new pricing for Loyalty customers since now that discount for long term, loyal customers has been lost.

    He said they will be coming up with new loyalty pricing, but he could not give me specifics.

    It makes sense that they would do this, but we shall see. CSRs have not been all that reliable in providing accurate information.

    • tmocsr

      CSRs have not been that reliable, because we don’t know the answer. We are bound to policy and training provided, and making up answers to keep customers happy is a big no-no!! If I were to promise this, and notate it in the memos, we are legally bound to give this to you. I can promise you right now – I have heard no mention of “new loyalty pricing”. If I ever do hear any mention of new pricing for anything you have my word that I will pop it on here. Even though I am employed by TMO, I am first and foremost a consumer!!!

    • KEVYCHEVY795

      I like this post……very interesting…When the 3g prices drop im gonna change my iphone to a tmobile network phone so i can get 3g instead of edge…..MESSAGE TO TMOBILE:DROP YOUR MOBILE INTERNET PRICES!!!