Project Dark: Old vs New [Comparison Charts!]

In the past few days, gadget, phone sites and forums have blown up with news about T-Mobile’s new “game changing” Project Dark plans. While we’ve seen comparisons of the new unlimited plans to the competition and all non-unlimited plans appearing to beat the competition in minutes and/or price, has T-Mobile beaten themselves up a little too much on the lower end? Some say yes, some say no. To help out, we’ve created a small chart (look familiar?) to help compare T-Mobile’s old plans versus their new plans, the non-unlimited variety of course. To make things fair, the Even More Plus plans have not been used in the comparison (as they do not have any phone subsidies or contracts) but subtract $10 from the Even More prices and you’ve got your price anyway.

This chart doesn’t cover absolutely every possible combo of plans and add-ons but should give a brief outline to look at for pricing below unlimited… therefore, your mileage may vary. Adjust accordingly. Individual 1000 at the promotional price has been included as that was a very popular promotion that ran three summers in a row. Add $10 if you want to compare with the old standard 1000 minute rate.

For those who do not remember or never had it, the 1000 minute promotion for $39.99 included unlimited nights and weekends. It is completely different than anything that was normally listed on the website. So yes, it compares :)

Important Note on Even More Plus. No contracts required on these plans. Phones must be purchased at full retail price but the payments can be split up over 20 months with no interest. If you decide to leave T-Mobile while on one of these plans, remaining balance for the phone must be paid in full but no ETF exists since you wouldn’t be on contract. Exception: People switching from old plans to EM+ plans still have to remain on the contract they previously agreed to. There is a $35 activation fee to switch from an old plan or Even More plan to Even More Plus.

Old vs New

Remember, if you’re on one of the plan combos where you’re saving money now versus the new plans, you do not have to switch and can stay on your current plan as long as you’d like. A few reps have stated to a person in the comments of this article that add-ons such as data will be available to old plans for as long as you have them. Whether this is true or the reps were confused/misinformed (also understandable) we do not yet know, only time will tell.

More on unlimited plans and myFaves after the break (including a myFaves comparison chart)…

With Project Dark, T-Mobile appears to have really gotten aggressive with unlimited plans, offering multiple price points to choose from and in most cases besting the competition. The calling circles of AT&T and Verizon, starting at $59.99 on both carriers, become things of the past as T-Mobile begins their unlimited plans at the same $59.99. Why pick 5 most called numbers to get your unlimited groove on if you can just pick, umm, every number in the country? Certainly, competition with the top two cellphone providers in the country has brought T-Mobile to the top when it comes to the most minutes for the money… in a way.

If information received/seen so far is correct, myFaves has been eliminated from the new plans. Do you enjoy paying between $39.99 and $49.99 for your base voice plan  and getting unlimited minutes to your 5 most called people? After all… “T-Mobile research found that 65% of calls on wireless  sets go to five people.” Well, say goodbye to paying anything less than $59.99 if you actually need all of those minutes off-network (free mobile-to-mobile in all of the new plans helps if your friends are all on T-Mobile).

Old vs New w/ myFaves

myFaves launched in October 2006 and was quickly followed in 2007 with a statement by David Beigie, a T-Mobile USA spokesman, “It’s had the fastest adoption rate of any service we’ve offered… And it increases calling in general.” Starting at a low, low price point of $39.99, myFaves drew lots of customers to T-Mobile and added to their value reputation. However, with the apparent removal of myFaves, what will the response be now to those who became reliant on the service, or those who knew there would always be a carrier that provided unlimited calls to 5 people for $39.99 or $49.99? Has T-Mobile shot itself in the foot?

Only time will tell for most. If you’re on a low price myFaves plan now though (utilizing those unlimited minutes well) and don’t feel like paying more… hold on to that plan. Until (if?) T-Mobile brings back the service, you’re not going to want to leave that behind.

*Family plan chart may be added at a future date. Until we sort out how pricing works a little better on it :)

**The opinions in this post are based on knowledge of Project Dark at the time of publication and belong solely to the author (Mystictrust). Charts also created by Mystictrust.

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  • mytouchgal

    are we required to purchase a phone from Tmobile to be able to use the Even more plus plan? I have an unlocked Mytouch that I currently use with ATT, wondering if I can keep the same phone and switch to Even More Plus?

  • timmyjoe42

    I should think not.

  • Mystictrust

    You don’t need to buy a phone to get on any plan, EM or EM+ :)

    I think they set that plan up in response to people who, for years, have wanted discounts for bringing their own unlocked phones. They just threw in their own little special so you can still get phones from them but pay for them over 20 months. It helps out those who buy unlocked and those who do not even know what an unlocked phone is :)

  • hella good

    Yall people complain too much da*n much…. that unlimited text web and 500min for 70$ is perf. Its like the same thing I used to pay for my old sidekick but with more minutes… and that’s right!

  • Coolest

    Can somebody explain to me why it’s more expensive to be on a contract with the even more as opposed to be out of contract with the even more plus?
    Shouldn’t i be paying less since im locked into a contract?

  • ruben

    Now do a Family Plan chart please hehehe

  • Mystictrust


    You’re paying more on contract because you get the phone at a discount. We just never saw what would happen if we didn’t have that discount until now.

    They can give you cheaper plans on non-contract because they’re not discounting any phones, whether you buy a phone from them or on ebay.

  • Mystictrust

    I’ll do a family plan chart soon, I’m starting to understand how it works now.

  • geraldo

    what i dont get is if either plan comes with the unlimited web, why would they still make you add on the web for smartphone service to your plan? Thats an extre $25 dollar to a plan that is supposed to save you money

  • Viper

    geraldo, where do you get this extra $25 thing? The web prices we’ve seen on tmonews and other sites are all including smartphone web already. Yes, for the even more plans on the website it “appears” you are adding it, but all the pricing lines up with everything we’ve already seen.

  • geraldo

    huh, guess its a glitch, try doing it with a samsung behold. I tried it with the other phones mytouch and shadow and yeah, they’re fine no add-on services, but since in my family plan my daughter uses a behold I had to add it to my plan and for that phone it did add smart phone charge

  • geraldo

    viper, hey i take that back, it seems it’s fixed now and works on all phones, good thing.

  • Kevin

    I think dropping faves will be a big blow. The big three have faves of some sort (sprint all mobile phones). How do you compete when your non unlimited plans are just slightly better than competitive and the competition offers faves? I feel sorry for the tmo employees, this will create huge upheaval and I’m sure it will be amended greatly when corporate management sorts out their losses.

    Personally I’ve been waiting to see what project dark (dork is more like it) offers before I migrate to sprint, this clinches it and I’ve been with tmo since it was aerial.

  • Hurlamania

    Why can’t I have a mytouch 3g for the fact it is a nice touchscreen phone with a nice camera and music player and wifi if i need it. Why can’t I have that right to enjoy it as I please without having to pay for a data plan. T-mobile is suppose to be different and game changing. but yet they loose a sale. I probably wont change to tmobile because of that fact im no better off than I am now plus I would pay more for talk n text. I want to support T-Mobile but they wont let me. and if I do goto them Ill get a nokia from newegg instead of paying T-mobile for a mytouch or buy a used mytouch off the net. and not be force to get a data plan why cause that hassle T-Mobile.

  • alex martinez

    People what u guys are not realizing is that tmobile does not want u to be on a contract and that is why they want u to choose the EVEN MORE PLUS plans. All u guys with the loyalty plan with the tzones hack that works on the iphone and fam time text for $10 (super old school). Well of course its gonna hard for tmo to please u guys but ur not seeing the bigger picture I mean who offers 500 minutes mo-mo w night n weekends for $30? Add text $10 and smart phone (g1 bb or cliq) internet for $30 for a total price of $60/month???
    Seriosuly what company offers that? Go to att and activate an iphone with unl text and minimum is $90/month with 450 minutes?…. now for those o u that aren’t good at math that’s $30 less per month which equals $360 a year. Shit with those $360 u can buy the new 8520 with case and car charger. What can u do with att?? And did u genuises see that the full retail for a mytouch and bb 8900 dropped from 499 to 399???? Gosh all u nerds are so snobish and hard to please. If ur so unhappy go to metro and well see u when u come back in a month… put it this way purchase a new 8900 or mytouch put $200 down then just pay $10 / month for 20 months… u won’t even feel the cost of the phone and ur plan will not increase drastically… what’s also important and that u guys fail to see ia that you are no longer required to get the internet so posers that want a blackberry for talk n text well now u can do it…. same tthing goes for g1 n mytouch…. hahaha gosh I love working for tmobile and btw I’m using the cliq and so far its been an awesome phone.

  • GregP


    Dude, I totally get that you want to use the promotional plan in your comparison, but the simple fact that it was PREVIOUSLY an offer doesn’t hold water. Your justification in the article isn’t a justification at all.

    To do the readers justice, you need to compare a REGULAR rate plan. I bet I could dig up some pretty wild promotional plans from WAY back in the past that would blow that one out of the water. Would that be a beneficial analysis for a customer? No.

    What would be beneficial is comparing plans from the last print brochure. In sum: Even More is not a promotion, it is the new regular rate plan structure from T-Mobile. Please compare it to the last set of regular rate plans.

  • Miguel

    While the pricing may be competitive on some plans, Tmo is advertising this as 1/2 off the rates of the other major carriers. I don’t see a 50% savings.

    This is not a game-changer. A game changer would have been to break there entire product into 1 or 2 plans, and both plans would have unlimited calling and text, while the other would have unlimited calling, text, and web. That would be a game changer.

    But look at that chart above! What average Joe is going to take the time to try to decipher all that? And that’s comparing the new rates to Tmo’s old rates. Imagine comparing it to Verizon, Sprint, or AT&T, with there different structure.

  • Lindsey

    Everything is a bit chaotic right now with understanding these new plans, but its nice to see that a wireless company is trying to stay innovative and isn’t afraid to change things up. Tmobile does take feedback very seriously so things that are a negative impact may be subject to change just go to and submit feedback.

  • Queen

    With BOTH plans, it seems that TMO wants you to stay with them for TWO years.

    Even More (2 year contract req)
    Even More Plus (20 month phone payment plan)

    I prefer ONE year contracts with the discounted NEW phone price.

    So how are these plans benefiting me???

  • Viper


    Even More Plus you can pay for phone up front in full or if you finance and leave T-Mobile before those 20 months are up then you can just pay them the remainder of your phone balance.

    I imagine you could still do one year phone upgrades and contracts. They have stated for a while now 2 year contracts are required for phone upgrades and the like, but I’ve always paid $50 more and gotten a 1 year contract for upgrading

  • http://none billy v

    sorry.. but your charts suck… i cant understand what to make of them. Someone didnt learn how to make charts in College / High School, whatever.

  • Junioor

    I was wondering. I have a sidekik but my sister has the myfaves play.she was told that only myfaves phones would woek.if the sidekik does not have myfaves is she still able to use it?

  • GFAB

    Yes, you’re still able to use the myfaves with the SK. All T-Mobile devices will allow you to use myfaves, they are stored in the Tmo system. I’d recommend making sure you have an alternate way to change your myfaves though, just so you don’t forget about them. I am working on another chart for the rate plans, it may take a little while to recieve permissions but I will work on getting a more understandable chart available…I admit, that other one is a bit confusing.