Project Dark Day 2, Love it, Hate it, or Meh?!


Many people are saying project Dark didn’t quite take the wireless world by storm like we had all hoped, speculated or hyped. That being said, T-Mobile did introduce some “game-changing” features by moving away from the typical wireless practices the big 4 continue to deliver. How the industry receives these practices is a question that may not be answered for some time. Until then, we at Tmonews want to ask your first impressions of these plans. We’ve read your comments and we know they are mixed with disgust, angst, happiness, frustration and a desire to sing a song.  So vote in our poll and sound off below, how do you feel about Even More and Even More Plus? Yay, nay?

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  • timmyjoe42


    The Droid has better stuff under the hood.

  • SKA

    Come on now. Why did you have to throw My Cubbies in that survey. The new plans are not that great and them spending so much on MyFaves and now dropping that is worthless. T-Mobile has taken 2 steps back now.

  • mistermix

    @Gibbs: No, the droid uses an Cortex processor (faster), runs Android 2, and has a much bigger screen than Cliq.

  • Tim

    I think I’ll go with “meh.” Might be a cool deal for a new customer, but it doesn’t seem that great for those of us who’ve been on TMo for a long time.

  • ByeMrTmobile

    I am crying cause i like tmobile and it just works for me for a good price if i would have upgraded a few days ago i would have been ok. now it will be more so i dont see the difference in price from the mytouch to the iphone now.

  • Mark

    I was just looking at Sprint and they don’t have any drop dead phones either. Verizon probably has the best phones. Sprint and TMo have similar offerings, and AT&T has the iPhone.

  • RWWackoStu

    Let me start by saying that I am one of those people who do not have data on my berry. I was hoping “Dark” would allow me to do that at a better price. Right now I have Family 700 min @ 59.99 and 2-4.99 text plans (about 80.00 w/ fees/taxes). EM+ family 750+text+data would be $110 + tax/fees, which I think I can do but I have not yet been able to get answers to these two questions:

    Some say if your +1 year they charge you $200 for EM+, and some say they don’t and you can even get them to waive the $35.00 charge. Can any of our TMO reps answer this once and for all?

    Say you have 14 months left on your contract. You get them to move you to EM+, sans $200 charge. But you then have to serve out the remainder of the 14 months. Fine and good. Then the Bold 9700 comes out November 11th. Because you still have contract time left are you eligible for the 22 month financing, or do you have to wait?

  • Jon

    “Many people are saying project Dark didn’t quite take the wireless world by storm like we had all hoped, speculated or hyped”.

    Many people being T-Mobile’s existing customers who already had low rates, and WERE _NOT_ THE TARGET OF PROJECT DARK.

    According to cnet, informationweek, pcmagazine, etc (ie the big boys) – Project Dark is and will be a success.

  • moondog

    Jon, I agree. Problem is the adds point out the weak, second level phone selection.

    Verizon get Droid and T-Mobile get roids. Ouch.

  • bobby

    the tm cr said that customers have to pay the $35 fee only on the 1st 2 phones on the family plan. the cr also said the phones on the family plan can different minute plans from main plan. ie. the 1st 2 phones have unlimited for $140, and third phone can have unlimited for additional $30, and the 4th phone can have 200minutes for $10.

  • rushmore


    Cliq uses a two year old chipset, 3.1″ 480X320 screen. Droid has newer chipset that is twice as powerful and 3.7″ 800X480 screen.

    They are only similar in that they are Android devices and phones by Motorola :)

  • suhaib

    for those who are uninitiated,

    1. the $35 activation fee/migration fee is only for the first two lines of a family plan.

    2. if you choose any plan that has set number of anytime minutes (750, 1500) then adding a line costs all of $5.

    That means for 119., you get 1500 minutes, unlimited texts, and web, and any additional line costs $5. Is this not a ridiculous deal?

    The only thing that might be better is the sprint deal with anymobile anytime, but it is more expensive and is an additional $20 for a 3rd, 4th, or fifth.

  • timmyjoe42

    They both have a touch screen and slide out keyboard. ;)

  • CellJunkie

    Personally I don’t care what Cnet or any of them have to say. That is their guess and gauging customer’s response is not easy. One thing is for sure, VZW & AT&T keep adding customers. Yes it surprises me that they still gain customers. I looked at VZW’s handset offerings and by no means is it great. AT&T has the iPhone and they continue to add customers. I don’t know why, I extensively used one, no thanks. I’m not impressed. So time will tell if these new plans add customers to T-Mobile.

    Personally, right now as it looks, VZW & AT&T will never offer No Contract plans that will be better than their contract plans. I can see VZW & AT&T offering more perks to sign a contract, IF this T-Moblile plans start to eat at their ARPU.

    Personally, I do not have a problem signing a contract if I feel they are giving me a deal that I like. For those who like the No Contract theme, this will be good for you. For those who don’t mind contracts, hopefully this forces ALL the Telcos to ADD MORE PERKS to sign a contract.

  • Stab Man

    “According to cnet, informationweek, pcmagazine, etc (ie the big boys) – Project Dark is and will be a success.”

    You can’t measure the success of something after a day and a half, nor can you predict these things.

  • ty

    I changed my plan to 139.99 plan. i had to pay $35 to change but i was about to go over my allowed min (had 600 min plan). They were able to back date my change so that i would not have to pay over usage charge :-)

  • LeavingTMo

    The $5 additional lines do not include unlimited web for smartphones it’s an additional $25 each. Sprint is cheaper if you want data on your smartphone.

  • Dan

    Ok so here’s my predicament

    The plan I thought I was going to have come November:
    2 Mytouches on 750 plan $60, +web $25×2, +300 msgs $5×2 = $120/mo x24 + $300 out of pocket. Total = $3180 (with $200×2 ETF)

    The plan I can get now (just confirmed on T-mobile’s newly revamped page):
    2 Mytouches on 750 plan $60, +unlim web&msgs $40×2 = $140/mo x24 + $300 out of pocket. Total = $3660 (with $200×2 ETF)
    2MTs on 750 +web&msg $110 = $110/mo + $1000 out of pocket (Total $1110 minimum) OR $160/mo for 20 mo ($3200)

    So clearly Even More Plus, paid upfront is far and above the better value – but it seems the only appeal is the ability to spend more money on the next phone that comes out (otherwise you’d have to break contract, or just wait).

    Am I missing something? Is that it?

  • http://tmotoday dannydarko

    i just spoke to a T-Mobile rep and they said that only flex-pay annual qualifiers can get the 20 month E.I.P so straight flex-payers you are s#@!t outta luck

  • LeavingTMo

    The Even More Plus plan will cost $3640 not $3200. You took $160 * 20 = $3200, but to compare properly, you need to add the other 4 months at $110. So $3200 + $440 = $3640 versus $3660 for 24 months on the Even More plan.

    Not trying to beat a dead horse, and I’m not affiliated with sprint in anyway other than I am probably going to switch from T-Mobile, but Sprint’s Everything Data Family plan is $130/month with the HTC Hero for $175/each or $3,470 for 24 months.

  • willy

    ew they dont dont do 1year contracts anymore IM OUT!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nerdlust

    The truth about Project dark is that it’s great for new customers! I have the loyalty plan with Blackberry data and 400 texts! Which is similar to the EM+ plan. However When I told my co workers, who currently don’t have tmobile they went str-8 to tmobile website and checked it out for themselves and loved the plans. I will check to see if tmobile offer any refferal credit etc… Everyone I have told have been very excited. I have been paying tmobile’s low rates so long I forgot what most business users really pay to have unlimited phone/data with other carriers!!!

  • Ritchie

    How is this website not posting the Sony equinox???? But another site is?

    ny Ericsson and T-Mobile Offer the Equinox
    Today, 12:24 PM by Eric M. Zeman

    Today T-Mobile announced its newest Sony Ericsson handset, the Equinox. The Equinox has quad-band GSM/EDGE and support for T-Mobile’s 1700MHz 3G network. The Equinox has user-configurable lighting accents that can be set as caller IDs. The Equinox also features a 3.2 megapixel camera with video capture, GPS, stereo Bluetooth, and an FM radio. The Equinox has Sony Ericsson’s gesture controls, which allow users to silence a call by waving their hand over the phone. It will be available starting October 28 for $50 with new contract.

  • Rorison Meadows

    I don’t use the phone often with my Touch Pro 2, but with the new deals, for $5 more, I got free nights, 200 more minutes, and an increase in text messages from 400 to unlimited. Can’t argue with that!

  • Meh

    I went to t-mobile today to see what would happen if I switched. I currently pay about 105 after taxes and everything for 2 lines, 400 myfaves minutes, one with unlimited text/internet for g1, and get a 15% student discount. If I switched to the even more plus plan for 750 minutes and no myfaves, with one of the phones having unlimited internet/texting, my bill would be 85…it’s a pretty big price drop, but that’s a before taxes price, and would 750 minutes be enough for my two lines w/o myfaves? I’m very unsure. And they said I do not need to pay the 35 per line because of my student discount, which I would no longer recieve (the 15% off per month) if I wasn’t on a contract.

  • Bill48105

    Wow that’s cool. Now if only I could get a TMobile rep to back date my account change so I can up my myfaves minutes. :D

    I’ll be calling up tmobile support in a bit to see if I can get anywhere now that they’ve had a day to work out the kinks. In the meantime I’ve been working up spreadsheets to compare side by side different scenarios & I must say I see what people are talking about because for most situations the new plans are quite low, especially the Plus ones if you already have phones. Had that been available when we left ATT a few weeks back I probably would have thought it was a steal, had no contract & just re-used our unlocked phones. But I got a taste of unlimited myfaves & wifi calling & now that new deal doesn’t seem so sweet. ;) Anyway 1 option I am considering is keeping my old account as it is but with only 3 lines and adding a new Plus account for part of our lines. That way I can get close to what I could have had if I was able to finish my migration of lines. It would have been nice to have 1 big pool of minutes instead of 2 smaller ones but I might be able to live with it. I just need to get the rep to waive activation fees & I might bite & quit my bitchin. lol

  • Bill48105

    Anyone see how much texting is per line on Even More Plus Family or is it only available for $20 add’l as part of the plan itself? If the latter that sucks for some people, like if there is 1 person who txt’s a lot & the others don’t.. They end up paying $20/m for 1 person. Granted at least 2 people makes it an ok deal & if all 5 txt a lot then $4/m each is a steal. I assuming you can text on the Talk-only plans but probably a high per msg rate. I’ll have to add it to my list for TMobile support. :D Btw it looks like they took away the discounted family text option on the non Plus plans & the only option is $10/line.. For up to 2 people that isn’t too bad but wow if you pay for all 5 you’re getting soaked $50/m! Maybe I’m missing something.. I’ll add it to my list. :D I can see giving lower prices on the Plus plans if TMobile isn’t have to subsidize the phones but wth would they have different options available between them? Seems extra confusing for no reason.

  • manus

    i was just at a tmobile store and it was packed there was a waiting line. it felt awesome.
    and i dont think other carriers have better phones like verizon is getting the droid but what else do they have some LG crap. at&t has the iphone and what else, i cant think of any so i dont think the tmobile lineup is bad we just dont have the big time phone

  • justme

    i’m definitely in the meh camp. but i’m also a long-time customer on the loyalty plan w/ a grandfathered date/text package, not a new customer. it’ll be interesting to see how it plays out.

  • JBLmobileG1

    I find these new plans good and bad. I guess the good is that for new Tmobile customers you may end up getting a good deal if you want a plan with just about everything and when your compairing it all to say Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint. However Tmobile use to be the carrier with the cheapest plan at $29.99…. they are no more. Now you might as well go with a pre-paid phone. True you’ll be missing out on being able to have the nicer phones though. I don’t think Tmobile thought all of this through. Its like a werid dream to me where I don’t really see how this is going to help them out in the long run. With all these pre-paid companies offering Killer deals like Straight Talk… how can carriers even compete with one another. And with these plans…. while they would have been a great deal (and may still be when your post-paid) you have all these smaller carriers with the deals. Now either the larger carriers buy out the smaller ones before its too late or just lower your plans even more. Even without a contract Tmobile is joking itself. Time will tell I guess…

  • Brent Johonson

    I know it sounds ridiculous to most people, but it’s the $35 x 2 migration fee ($70 total) that has me pissed and holding me back.

    The savings I will see by choosing any of the new plans is $5 per month.

    $70 / 5 = 14

    So that means it will take 14 months before I receive one red cent of savings. On top of that, I will eligible for a subsidized phone upgrade in 11 months. With a typical subsidization of $300, added with the $70 migrations, then it’s $370. That’s the price of a phone!

    Give me a break. That makes no sense at all.

    Furthermore, having Google Voice and a current MyFaves plan, I can make phone calls for free and text for free.

    Wanting to be fair, I told that to the CS rep and asked him to go to bat for me over the $70 migration fee. I explained if that was waved, then great, I would upgrade. He wouldn’t, so I reduced my MyFaves all the way down to 400 minutes (the cheapest plan they have), dropped my text bundle, and kept data on only my G1.

    So as I see it, T-Mobile just lost a considerable amount of money:

    $9.99 is what they lost with me dropping the text bundle.
    $20.00 is what they load with me dropping down to lowest MyFaves plan.
    Totalling $30 per month for the next 11 months, or
    $330 total

    Couple the $330 with $300 subsidy they will be forking over for the phone subsidy, and T-Mobile just lost a whopping:

    All because they were hardheaded and didn’t see the big picture of waving $70 right now in migration fees.

    Shows that they aren’t the brightest lightbulb in the room.

    If T-Mobile ends up bankruptcy, I will certainly see why.

  • Bill48105

    @Brent Johonson,
    How’d you get them to let you to lower your myfaves minutes? Every rep I talked to says all the myfaves plans are gone so once grandfathered in no more changes can be made. Unless they are letting people LOWER their plan but not RAISE it. If so then the reps are really pushing the trush saying the old plans don’t exist anymore.
    But yeah it seems very unfair they are charging existing customers a fee to change plans. Are they waiving the fee if you have AAA or such? That’s how we got our activation fees waived when we signed up a few weeks ago before this new plan stuff hit.



    verizon has the andriod driod series, the sholes,getting the eris(which is like the hero),and the passion (1ghz processor they say its the andriod verizon HD2) they also are getting the palm pre & the storm 2. on top of there blackberry selection and winmo selection id say they have a pretty nice line up(plus 5xthe 3g that att which is like 100x t-mobiles lol).

    At&T has the iphones 3g,3gs,bold,bold9700soon,touch pro 2, and the nuvifon if ur into that sorta thing lol. they havea pretty good (although somewhat congested?) 3rd place 3g network

    sprint has the palm pre,palm pixi,htc hero,and samsung moment andriod(8oomhz processor), and a few good winmo phones and the 2nd biggest 3g network and a 4g network in some areas

    t-mobile has a few good phones touch pro 2,bb9700 and if we all cross out fingers and wish upon stars we might get the n900 or hd2…probly not gonna happen tho. dar i say crippled by moslty edge and the smallest 3g network of the big 4.

    u asked. lol

  • helloo

    how much is the add a line?

  • Ace

    I don’t see how t-mo gets the best in customer service but yet soon a new phone or plan comes out it take the reps weeks and months to even know about it..

    I call lastnight to upgrade from a flexpay family plan to even more and all they told me was i save $35 or $75dollas every month on my bill.. and then i ask but how do i upgrade

    and she like “well i dont know right now.. if you go in a t-mobile store they might be able to help you”

    i didnt fight the matter and make them look dumb on the phone when i heard about project dark waaay before they heard about it i just played along and said ill do that..

    So hopefuly by my next bill (which will be in Dec since they said i cant upgrade in Nov billing) i should have project dark

  • Taj

    Hey people. When you say TMO’s 3G is slow, what download speeds do you consider fast. Not looking for debate, just knowledge. What is TMO vs ATT and the others?


  • Bill48105


    T-Mobile wanted to make it simple (extreme sarcasm)
    Note the differences for Plus vs non-Plus and unlimited vs limited

    +$40 per additional line on Even More Unlimited
    +$35 per additional line on Even More Plus Unlimited

    +$15 per additional line with 200 minutes on Even More Unlimited
    +$10 per additional line with 200 minutes on Even More Unlimited Plus

    +$10 per additional line with Even More 750 or 1500
    +$5 per additional line with Even More Plus 750 or 1500

    +$15 for unlimited @Home on Even More
    +$10 for unlimited @Home on Even More Plus

    My favorite is the joke of of an add-on in the 200 min lines on the unlimited plans.

  • Jonathan

    Am I the only Tmobile customer who thinks this is a great deal? I went from having the 300 min + myfaves + unlimited text on my blackberry for 59.99 to having 500 min + unlimited mobile to mobile + unlimited txt + web for 59.99… I think I added it up and I would have been paying 79.99 for what I’m getting now.

    I dont think the new plans help everyone out but I was excited, plus I dont mind paying 20 month installment plans, thats almost exactly how long most phones last before they are either horribly obsolete or broke.

    Oh an JBL, look it up before you post, tmobile still has a plan at 29.99, its the 500 min talk only plan just like it used to be.

    I would say if the people at the store tell you something, call in to tmobile yourself and double check. Seems the reps at the store aren’t really familiar with the plans themselves.

  • Bill48105

    Yeah that looks to be a good deal for you as long as the 200 added min make up for losing unlimited calling to your fave5. All it takes is 1 40 minute call per month to each of your old fave’s and you’ve lost your bonus minutes. Assuming they’re not on TMobile & you don’t call N&W of course. Or you can look at it as 1/2 full & figure you now have 200 minutes to talk to anyone. :D

  • Kevin

    $35 migration fee for existing customers? That’s the same as an activation fee for a new company.

    By the way, the cell vendors in orlando area sam’s clubs are not only waiving activation (best buy will match) but sprint is give a $40/line CREDIT for new activations. Haven’t checked with BB on matching the $40 credit yet…

    Of course your mileage may vary. At these savings if you buy a Sam’s club membership ($35)it’s still a great deal.

  • Brent Johonson


    All I did was ask, and the CSR gladly did it.
    I –think– it may have something to do with I’m FP, and my month rolls over tomorrow, so I was effectively making the changes prior to the end of this month . That’s the only thing I could think. Either that, or there is mass confusion going on with the changeover.

    To add to the issue, prior to calling 611, I was able to select the plan I wanted and it served up the summary of charges and everything WITHOUT any migration fees, then when I went to hit “submit”, it popped up a message box saying a shared server conflicted (it was 300 text msg bundle on the family plan) that would have to be removed before I could make the change. The T-Mo website wouldn’t let me remove it, so that’s what prompted the call to 611. If I would have been able to complete the change online, I would have had a $16.23 CREDIT after changing to 1500 Talk & Text FP across 2 lines. Going through CS, I would have had to pay $79 and change. Go figure?

    Weird thing now, I have a $121 CREDIT on my account after paying my bill for this next cycle.

    Also, I had 700 MyFaves with 200 minutes still left for the month (really just today). After the CS fiasco, I lost all the remaining minutes for the month, the balance of the text msgs we had left, and the data plan for this one day left. I didn’t bother to call them back because I didn’t want to wait on hold for another 40 minutes to get to a CSR. I hope it resolves itself when my month starts new tomorrow.

    They obviously have some bugs to work out of this.

  • Tournstone

    As an existing T-Mobile customer I was skeptical, but looked at the plans and called T-Mobile to get some questions answered. Once it seemed like it would work to my advantage, I had them switch me. Looks like I’ll save $40+ per month.

    I started with the My Faves for families 1800 and five lines. Line one was a Behold with T-zones. Line two was a Blackberry with the BB data plan and WiFi. Line three was an @Home. Line four was a Sidekick 2008 with SK data plan. Line five was a KRazor with nothing added. We shared unlimited messaging as well. We never got close to over our min, even if we counted the My Faves numbers.

    We exchanged it (using the same devices) for, Even More Plus Talk + Text + Web Family 1500. I still get my BB with WiFi, and my daughter gets her Sk (Soon she will get my BB and I’ll get an N900 that I was going to get any way unsubsidized).

    We still had a year left on our contract. We used a corporate ID/discount and had the $35 fee(s) removed.

  • Brent Johonson

    I just want reiterate that the new plans are NOT good if you currently have MyFaves AND Google Voice. With GV, you can make totally free phone calls and free text messages (I know this to be true with Android, and I suspect it to be true with most any other phone if you set it up right with MyFaves). Only downside is there is about a 10 minute delay in receiving text messages. But it’s totally free.

    You would think that T-Mobile would be willing to do anything to stem this tide. Obviously not.

  • onwaitinglist

    UMA Plan is still possible!!

    Just worked out with a rep adding unlimited hot-spot calling to my grandfather family plan!! it is no go with first tier support, but if you can find a way to talk to second tier , you can still get it.

  • Jonathan


    Oh I go through about 600 min a month but its nearly all to my fiance who also has tmobile. It all depends on your situation as to weather the new plans are a good thing or not.

    I think some people also seem to forget that the number one job of Tmobile is to make money, we are number 2. You can’t complain about not having a strong enough network while also complaining that they are trying to make money.

  • Mr. Stacy R. Parr
  • Whocares

    Well day two for me as an employee…

    And so far in the longer run (after two yrs) people keep saving at least 100 bucks on the new even more plus plans… and getting the phone they crave (cheesy i know but guess what the bb flip was what someone craved today and we got for 38 out the door after tax… and the new plan saved her 15 a month getting internet compared to her old plan… its NOT for everyone… but once its explained to the customer correctly… and they see the BIGGER picture… its a BIG deal to them…

  • StefanB

    Is there any way for a CSR to waive the $35 migration fee? that’s the only thing that’s holding me back to move to a unlimited T-T-W family plan…

  • SocietyOne

    Everyone really does want Beverly Hills quality at Wal-Mart pricing.

  • Josh R,

    I love the new plans.. i am paying a lot less now..

    59.99 for 750 Min
    20.00 for unlimited Text
    24.00 for my G1 internet
    5.00 for my wifes Gravity…
    Total about 110.00 a Month from 170.00

    i am paying less for it then the normal play..