Project Dark Day 2, Love it, Hate it, or Meh?!


Many people are saying project Dark didn’t quite take the wireless world by storm like we had all hoped, speculated or hyped. That being said, T-Mobile did introduce some “game-changing” features by moving away from the typical wireless practices the big 4 continue to deliver. How the industry receives these practices is a question that may not be answered for some time. Until then, we at Tmonews want to ask your first impressions of these plans. We’ve read your comments and we know they are mixed with disgust, angst, happiness, frustration and a desire to sing a song.  So vote in our poll and sound off below, how do you feel about Even More and Even More Plus? Yay, nay?

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  • Aldo

    The only thing I care about is a good phone.
    I have now the loyalty unlimitted voice for 50 plus $20.00 web and $10.00 for 1000 txt messages for a total of $80.00 . My contract expires in January . Unless Tmobile comes up with better phones , I will swith to ATT or Verizon . I am tired of having crapy phones . Tmobile needs to get the Nokia N900 or a Motorola Droid for Tmobile . I can live without the Iphone but I have to have a good phone and the Motorola Cliq is not that phone .

  • Aldo

    Please let Tmobile know that they need to have a phone better than the Motorola Cliq . We want the Nokia N900 or the Motorola Droid on t-mobile . If Tmobile does not get better phones and soon , they will loose a lot of customers and I will be one of them . I am not impressed with the new plans and I will keep my old plan until January 2009.

  • Hushpook

    T-Mobile employees had to sign non-disclosure agreements for this? This is a game changer?

    The plans are simpler, and there is value to be had by some customers. But unless the handset lineup improves….both at the high end & the low end of the spectrum…., and we see some additional changes that enhance the differentiators between T-Mobile & the others, this is overall pretty much a game samer.

    I predict it takes less than a week for at least one of the other Big 3 to adopt similar price points. Then what did all the hoopla get T-Mobile?

  • Simon Cabron

    “I want a phone that will make my friends jealous”?? Like that phone being marketed to you by some old folk singer you’ve probably never heard of, whoopi goldberg, Saturday Night Live cast members you’re too young to know about, and the motorcycle guy from cable? Yeah, that’ll make all of your high school classmates really jealous.

  • Corey

    What happened to the phones you crave? I talked to a TMo rep yesterday and they were REALLY pushing the MOTOCliq. I don’t want Facebook status updates from people I will never talk to again on my phone… My contract is up soon. I am seriously considering switching to Sprint for the HTC Hero.

  • Mo Informacion

    Seriously – These plans aren’t dazzling the masses, as much as T-Mobile would have hoped? I’ve even read that some people want to switch to AT&T? Seriously? That’s ridiculous. $79.99 for unlimited everything, and people still squawk. AT&T & Verizon still charge $150 a month for the same thing. Annually, making that $1800 for AT&T & Verizon. And $960 for T-Mobile.

    The Nokia N900 is probably going to hit T-Mobile, as the 3G frequencies match TMo’s own. The BlackBerry Bold 9700 is launching with 3G and UMA. And a few other incredible phones. As a smartphone user, I’m actually surprised at myself that I’m excited to see the Sony-Ericsson Equinox. That phone is sort of sexy too.

    Anyway, I’m disgusted by some of the comments people have made for such a cool gesture on a big company’s part. So run along a pay another company almost double what T-Mobile charges. It’ll be good for you. And hopefully humbling as well.

  • enjoijams

    I am waiting for the HD2, the Dragon, and the SE X3(or X10?).

    I the new plans are not saving me any more money over what I have right
    now with the loyalty plan + android data plan.
    That doesnt make me mad though.

    The good thing about the EM+ is that more people will be able to afford the higher priced handsets because the payments are spread out. That will in turn motivate T-Mobile to start picking up more of the higher priced handsets.

    I am glad to hear other people saving $20+/month. That is great in this time.
    I think we are all accustomed to hearing this whining.

    Just make the switch already. No one will miss you. You surely wont be the only one. But if not, we will know why. The plans are cheap, the customer service is good and we get decent phones.

  • Mark

    These plans maybe better for some new customers as well as some existing customers but unless you are saving 20 dollars or more per month I don’t see what is creating the rush. They are trying to turn there customer base into non discounted phones. They are also making profit on the change fees. What is going to happen in 2 or 3 months when they hopefully introduce a great new phone they will be able to sell many more at full retail as well as making money on upgrade fees again. If we all were smart we should wait them out for 60 days. Buy having all of these people moving over now it is just allowing them to move some very old inventory at better prices then they would have otherwise. They were not very kind to there currrent customers. They should have at least done this around the intro of 1 new phone to give us some incentive. Lets see how this plays out in the next 60 to 90 days? The risk they take is well people pay full retail for a phone that could be dated already?

    I also have a question on the plans with no contract. Does this give T mobile some leverage to change these plans at there descretion?

  • 30014

    @mo informacion…if neither the blackberry 9700 nor the n900 are exclusive to tmo then how can they make everyone else jealous. Its amazing that people are bitching about other people bitching about being let down by p/d. If u want others to stop bitching then u should try it first.

  • Bill48105

    For me try $1200 MORE per year not less on new plans vs old MyFaves. Again it depends on your circumstances don’t don’t think everyone is going to save & break even with the new plans because remember tmobile wants to make MORE money not less to please investors so someone has to pay & it’s not the heavy users or the low-end voice only crowd because those groups are really smiling.

  • tonyFate

    So, after I did some good research and compared the phone plans, I come to realize that the Even More plan really doesn’t work out! It actually costs more that what I have now if I switch to the Even More Family Plan. Two lines for $60 with 750 mins and I have 2 G1s on the line thats an extra $40 per line which comes out to $160!! So I decided to go with the Even More Plus Family Plan for $110. Saves me a good $25.. I don’t see any advantage with their Even More plan besides the discounted phone price.

  • watbetch

    $1200 more per year? Are you on some free plan?

  • ogn1463

    Haha, wow, you guys are big time whiners!! T-mo is offering the lowest plans in any carrier…if u don’t like saving money, ur more than welcomed to leave, i doubt they will miss people that can’t be satisfied.


    I’d have to agree that signing an NDA for this was outrageous. This is a horrible display of preparedness on the part of Robert Dotson and the rest of his circus clowns. This again falls squarely on him as a sign of his apparent inability to market anything. The guy couldn’t pitch honey to a bee.

    The most laughable part of this is the marketing push about the ‘Phones You Crave’ yet if you view what their site has to offer I only see a COMING SOON sign for the Cliq. Where are these other phones of craving? What are they? The 9700….T-Mobile owed us that one. No 3G Blackberry still…but coming. Sounds like a ‘Sure Would Be Nice To Have’ type phone. But crave….c’mon…who are they really trying to fool? The N900? The phone looks promising but Nokia has been out of focus for some time now. We’re all in the ‘Dark’about whether the N900 will ever make it on as a subsidized or approved T-Mobile handset.

    T-Mobile can’t even get handset makers to include their 3G bands standard on any of the GSM phones. We have to sit around and wait T-Mobile branded crap which keeps us in a tiny selection of phone to chose if we want to take advantage of the small 3G network to boot.

    It’s become even more evident that T-Mobile still doesn’t have a clue on how to effective deliver products to us – their customers. Do they really think people will leave AT&T, Verizon or Sprint for what they have to offer? Does anyone have a news story about T-Mobile stores being bombarded with new customer signups? Not gonna happen. What a numbnut company.

  • rinklighter

    I’ll be sticking with my loyalty plan plus 20 bucks for data, thanks. Unless that phone I crave and 3G in my area is right around the corner. I’m a Blackberry user and I like mid-range phones as a backup, them lame-ass Samsung flips and Nokias aren’t doing anything for me. I don’t think T-Mobile let anybody down with PD, there were just some blogsites/cheerleaders hyping it up and now a ton of people are pissed.

  • Bill48105

    I posted a breakdown on the other Project Dark Day post. Essentially it is because of myfaves & unlimited wifi calling giving my entire family (5 lines) essentially unlimited calling for $119/month. Since there are no myfaves or unlimited wifi calling now I would have to do one of unlimited calling calling plans which is $229/month or $110 per month MORE. Perhaps it’s not exactly a fair comparison because technically we don’t get unlimited but in essence we do because 90%+ of our calls are on on @home, wifi or are in our faves so we use very few minutes. Yes we could do one of the other lines, even 1500 min plan be similar to cost to our current plan BUT without unlimited wifi & myfaves we could go over 1500 minutes between the 5 lines & then we’re bent over with outrageous $0.45/min fees. So with these new plans TMobile is forcing us to either take the risk of going over or going unlimited & that’s where I came up with the $1200/yr figure.

  • watbetch

    You know what. I’ve about had it with T-Mobile. Their prices just aren’t cheap enough so I’m going to head over to Sprint, pay $99.99 a month for 2 years so I can have a Pre for $149.99 instead of just buying a Blackberry 8900, 9700, MT3G or CLIQ for $300-400 and paying $79.99 for the same service..

    2550 @ Sprint with a 2 year contract and subsidized device

    2300 @ T-Mobile for a $400 device

    What a steal, sprint’s so much cheaper.

  • artiepants

    i think the idea is good, but the off-contract BYOP (Bring Your Own Phone) prices are all $10 or $20 more than they should be to really be “game changing” and bring folks in droves.

    …and i feel like they are lacking a “hero device’ to really launch this into the stratosphere. Verizon’s Droid marketing, Sprint’s Pre marketing, it just doesn’t feel like Tmos quit got the same device, especially with the lackluster processor in their entire Android line-up (if the Cliq had more like an 800mhz processor it feels like it’d be way more of a contender…)

  • Bill48105

    In reality if you do side by side comparisons the new plans are only cheaper for certain groups of people: Mostly heavy smartphone users currently with high priced smartphone data & likely txt plans or light phone-only users who don’t do any data or txt. Otherwise it’s close to the old plans or other carriers or worse yet in some cases (like mine) a lot more money.

    Almost wish TMobile would figure out a way to use the ATT band (even if they had to pay to license it) because you are right 3G on TMobile is a joke and GSM users have lost a very important thing in there is no 3G roaming because of the incompatible bands. I’d imagine all this will change once the new stuff rolls out using the old TV frequencies but did TMobile even ‘win’ any of those rights? Maybe they’re hoping for AT&T’s sloppy 2nds after they implement the new stuff. lol Something to look into.

  • watbetch

    I priced it out. Unlimited calling under Even More Plus is $204 for 5 lines

  • mistermix

    @ogn1463: No, they are not offering the “lowest prices” — they are at parity with Sprint on unlimited plans, and they are getting killed by MVNOs and prepays at the bottom end.

    @MAXIMUS: Since T-Mob will soon have a second-class set of Android phones (Moto and also apparently HTC are building their best phones for VZW), and they’re also way behind on 3G Blackberries (though the 9700 will mostly fix this), you’d think they’d be pushing the N900 as a differentiator. The only reason I’m even considering moving to T-Mob is the combination of a great phone (N900) and lower prices. Low prices alone won’t do it.

  • JD

    I don’t think it is fair that current customers are getting punished. I tried to upgrade my family plan yesterday and they said I would have to renew for another two years or if i want the no contract plan i could pay 2 disconnect fees and also i would lose my employee discount.
    I think this is very bad by tmobile to punish there loyal customers.
    Any one agree

  • watbetch


    Why are you complaining. Aren’t you happy with what you have now? If not, switch over to Sprint and they’ll gladly charge you over $400 for 5 unlimited lines.

  • Whocares

    Those of you with Unlimited Loyalty.. you are the most ungrateful people on this website… your mad because tmobile gave u the best prices way before they went national with it??? here have this 6 months early… did u ever think that maybe we will offer you guys some better once we get settled in with the new stuff… idk if that is true.. but u would think we want to take care of our long term customers… “im payin less now” GOOD cause no one can beat what u have!!

    We don’t have good phones?? Im sorry but motorola doesn’t make good phones… whether its our click or the droid… like seriously u want to switch for that phone? The BB 9700 is and will be the best BB on the market… AT&T customers wish they were getting it first for dealing with the BOLD… and VERIZON is blessed (cough) with the Storm 2. We will have the limited edition MyTouch.. which 16gb for free, and 3.5 jack… and if ur smart u can upgrade it to whatever u want.. hero, blur, etc.

    Yes we are getting the N900 and the processor and 3g capability on that phone when we release 21mb/s later this yr will blow EVERYTHING out of the water for nothing a month… and if you can own it for 30 bucks a month without having to shell out that money upfront… and no contract?? that means 110 a month still 40 cheaper than VERIZON and AT&T on a faster network and it includes ur favorite phone(s)…

    And not to leave out the Behold 2 (the android version of omnia2 IMO) and the HD2 come feb/mar of next yr, plus phones that haven’t been leaked yet…

    Sumamry… ULO customers r ungrateful, and udk what ur talking about if u think we don’t have an amazing lineup coming.

  • Bill48105

    I can’t do PLUS without paying $1000 in term fees (5x$200) since I just signed up for T-Mobile 23 days ago & just missed out on my grace period before these new plans hit. The non-plus plan is $99.99 + $40 per additional line which is $219.99. It has been pointed out that for $15/m vs $40 I can add lines with only 200 minutes but that is BS. Granted it would save me a little money each month BUT 200 minutes would be easy to go over without myfaves & wifi calling and like all other cell co’s T-Mobile arse rapes you on extra minutes charging $0.45 each which could really put me in a huge bind if my grandma got a wild hair & decided to call up family members on the cell phone I give her for emergencies. Under the old stuff I put the 5 people she is most likely to call in her faves and she pulls from the POOLED minutes which gives a much bigger buffer than a measly 200 minutes.

    I originally complained because 2 TMobile reps told me I could never add more lines to my account without changing to the new plans. As I said I am a new T-Mobile user but not new enough to get out for free. I had moved 3 lines over to start less than a month ago & planned to move the rest when the contract ran out in Nov & Dec. From posts in here I found out that I CAN add more lines but I CANNOT change my minutes without going to a new plan. You see, I made the bad decision of going with the cheapest family plan available during the transition to save a few bucks. I figured why pay $20/m more for minutes we won’t use since our old #’s aren’t ported over & we can’t move the last 2 lines for 1 & 2 months. You can’t fault me for the logic because it was certainly a reasonable plan and numerous TMobile reps assured me I could always add the other lines later & up the minutes. Now I’m stuck with 400 minutes for 5 lines unless I bite & go for the new plans in which case I’d pay $1200/yr more for essentially the same thing I have now. Not saying my scenario is common, but never the less I am living it just the same.

  • Ritchie

    Listen here watbetch, U dont need unlimited everything on Sprint anymore, they have the call any mobile carrier, so all you really need is ex family 1500 min unlimited data which includes 2 lines 1500, unlimited mobile to any mobile carrier, unlimited data for anyphone, unlimited txt, pic so on, and tv, radio and gps all included for around 120 for two lines.

  • moondog

    The common point of frustration here seems to be the weak selection of phones compared to the competition. T-Mobile’s own adds for this shows their ignorance to this. What phone do you have that I carve? The other carriers have them, but a lot of us stay with T because they are cheaper cost.

  • moondog

    Ah, carve, cave, what’s the difference. Is T-Mobile really that clueless that a lot of customers think their new phones are not as good as they think?

  • Mark

    Yes, tmobile made WAY too much drama about this this. Giving it a project is ridiculous! And the NDA?? Who cares if employees talked about it???

    No other company is gunna copy it!!!???? It’s all confusing and no cheaper than Sprint if you stay on the subsidized phone plan. And most people have to get new cheap phones if they want 3G. Tmo doesn’t even offer a 3G BB handset yet…so you got to buy one if you want to actually make use of that data plan.

  • Whocares

    JD ur wrong… if u have 4 lines and they are on the old plans (old as of yesterday) u just pay 70 total for migration fees… and if u have a employee discount u wouldn’t get that but it waves the 70 in migration fee u will save money a month.. and depending on your credit have up to 1200 u can spread out on your bill (even if u use ALL that its only 60 a month for the best phones we carry)

    They were wrong the cancellation fees are if u switch, have more than a yr left on the even more and want to go even more plus…

  • pavilioncrew

    So after speaking with a T-Mobile rep is was told that i could only $10 bucks a month for my family plan with 4 lines 1800 min, 1000 texts, and 1 data plan… I only use 2 of the 4 the others are used to upgrade to new phones without paying retail price. I was told however that if i switched that the subsidized pricing on phones would no longer exist. Paying $499 for a phone that i payed $99 for is ridiculus. Even with the $10 extra i pay for each of the lines that are not currently in use only equals $240 per year. I think i will be holding on to my current plan as long a i can and i suggest people with family plans that enjoy upgrading frequently do the same.

  • LJ

    Really all T-Mobile did was lower an average customer’s prices about 10 bucks a month and get into the short-term no-interest loan business. 0% interest for 20 months to pay for a 400 dollar phone, without a contract. Sounds great, but if you cancel, you’ll have to pay the unsubsidized difference, instead of a ETF. Is $10 a month good? Absolutely! Does allowing customers who can’t afford a full priced phone an option to get the phone now, constitute a rave review? Meh. I want the N900, plain and simple. This whole rumor mill is killing me. Come out and say its going to be T-Mobiles officially, and then what you have resembles a game changer. Right now it’s nothing more than a discount.

  • proof200

    The ability to trim around $60 off my current verizon phone bill and the ability to finally have the best blackberry on the market (bold 9700) makes this a very solid move for me.

  • SnootchyBoochys

    I agree that the new plans are not that good if you are an existing T-Mobile customer….I have the unlimited loyalty and just signed a new 2-year agreement with the pre-order of the Cliq yesterday with the unlimited loyalty, text, and data which actually is a bit cheaper than the new plans for me….People really need to stop hating on the Cliq and slobbing the Droid phone….I tried out the Cliq last week at a T-Mobile store and it is really nice and the UI is top notch….If you want to switch to Verizon that has no sim cards and you enjoy waiting in long lines with crappy service than by all means go right ahead and get your ugly licorice and mocha phone that has about the same speed as the Cliq according to the latest reports…..If you have tried a Cliq and don’t like it that is understandable but most of you are dogging a phone you have never tried and slobbing a phone that nobody has seen outside of a picture unless you are a mobile insider….If you can afford the Verizon plans and end up enjoying the Droid than good for you but I will be very happy with my Cliq and even more happy I’m not dealing with Verizon headaches…..Hopefully people will start buying Android phones on all of the networks instead of becoming an iClone like the rest of the sheep that have migrated to AT&T.

  • ByeMrTmobile

    I was all ready to get the Mytouchmyself 3g, was waiting for black friday to get a plan/free flight/phone deal. but they changed the whole thing on me and now i am confused it seems cheaper for the iphone/att thing for me.

    i am out of contract last month, i have 300min MyFaves with the 200 text so a total of 44.98 a month. I dont use a lot of minutes or text cause i am mostly at work (use my desk phone). I just wanted the Mytouch for the web, maps, weather, and other on the go features when i am out on the weekend. i thought all i would need to add is the 24 for the data. but to upgrade i have to do these new plans? sucks, i did a side by side calculation for the most basic mytouch plan to the basic iPhone plan and the cost per month is almost identical and at&t lets me roll over the minutes i used. (yes i even calculated the unsubsidized plan too)

    these new plans dont work for me at all. if i was a power user “chatty McChatterson” i would be in heaven. but a simple “honey get diapers” phone call or text weekend power user it looks like i am getting the short end of the stick?

    am i missing something? or am i correct on moving to the iPhone masses?

  • Ben

    I was disappointed that Tmo didn’t through in some big phone news like the Galaxy, G1 v2, something like the Droid line or HTC Hero, yet instead, they just started offering a contract-less agreement which I COULD use to get a cool phone. If sprint didn’t have a cost for call forwarding (I really like my YouMail), I would probably consider switching for their better coverage and cooler phones. That’s my two cents: not complaining but not switching from $30/mo. 1000 min and weekend voiceplan.

  • rinklighter

    TMobile didn’t hype anything. Here’s what happened: bloggers posted leaked info, ridiculous speculation followed those blog entries, and now people are blind with rage because those blogs built up something that wasn’t that big a deal.

  • Whocares

    Amen SnootchyBoochys,

    I was rather impressed with the Cliq so you know… being one that deals with it daily… i had work email set up, twitter account, facebook (keep in mind i do promotions so 900 friends on FB), myspace, personal email all on this Cliq… THEN.. i get work email every 20 minutes at least, texted about 50 messages… made a few calls (3 or 4)… and with its constant updates on all those social networking sites… from 8:30 off the charger to 3:30 in the afternoon.. i had 75% battery left… crappy battery as everyone said?.. not really..

  • Bill48105

    If TMobile didn’t have their own oddball 3G band then the phone thing wouldn’t be such an issue. Phone makers would be more eager to develop phones for TMobile and like the good old GSM days we’d be able to buy any unlocked phone, throw our SIM in & get 3G speeds but as it stands TMobile doesn’t have the clout to get great phones and TMobile users are double-damned because unlocked phones are crippled & only do GSM/EDGE.

  • Bill48105

    Correction: TRIPLE-damned without 3G roaming capability!

  • http://nope Loyalty Lover

    My plan is so good that even these new rates don’t help. Thus, I am disappointed, but at the same time thrilled. No one other that T-Mobile would consider the rates I have.

    My plan:
    $_89.98 – Unlimited Loyalty Family Plan (two lines of unlimited talk)
    $__9.99 – Family Time Unlimited Messaging (unlimited for all lines on plan)
    $_29.98 – Blackberry Enterprise Plan for one line
    $_19.99 – Blackberry Internet Service for the other line

    $149.94 – Total for Unlimited Everything for Two Lines (includig Blackberry Enterprise on one line)

    This is less than the new Even More Plan. It is ten dollars a month more than Even More Plus, but, I still get discounts on phones. If for each line, I buy one Blackberry, and save $200 per Blackberry (probably closer to $300 in actuality), that means I saved $400 over two years, which means it would cost me $16.66 per month to have bought the phones retail (if I only save $200 per phone, when I will save much more).

    The only disadvantage is that as compared to an Even More Plus line, if I add a line it might be better to switch to a new plan because the Even More Plus add-aline-charge is not only five dollars less that the Unlimited Loyalty Charge, but it inlcudes web, which the Unlimited Loyalty does not. I will worry about that when and if I ever have to add a line.

  • watbetch

    Sorry Ritchie but not everyone calls cell phones.

    If you need unlimited calling get @Home for $10 more. Problem solved and it’s still cheaper than Sprint.

    To get AT&T A-List you have to get the 59.99 plan + 30 for data and + for 200 messages. T-Mobile is way less expensive for UNLIMITED everything. How anyone could even try to price AT&T as being close to T-Mobile’s pricing is well beyond me.

  • timmyjoe42


    Since you just signed up 23 days ago, can’t you switch to the EM+ plan and remain under contract? Or would that just be an EM plan? I thought I read somewhere that you could switch from your current plan even if you are under contract if you fulfill your current contract to the 2 year obligation.

    I have 3 lines, all under contract and all with different expiration dates. I am trying to figure out how I can switch plans and score a Cliq. I’m thinking I can just go in and buy it and pay in installments.

  • watbetch

    @Home meaning you make all of your calls over WiFi @ home, you surely shouldn’t have any problems using @Home with a regular line.. it won’t work if you use it at an office but it might work for someone.

  • jmastera

    Correct me if my math is wrong.

    But comparing the Even More Talk for $59.99 and adding in the Unlimited Web and Text for $40 = $99.99 a month versus the Even More Plus with the Unlimited MyTouch for $35 = $109.00, the difference in rate plans would be $240 ($10 a month * 24 months) savings on the Even more over the life of the two year contract. If you add that to the price of a MyTouch @ $149 (Even More) you come to $389.99. On the Even More Plus you are paying $399.99 so all you are saving is $10 over two years.

    If I did do the math right, I’m torn between being on contract for two years just to get the discounted price (and having to pay either up front or on the next bill) and no contract and paying full price spread over 20 months.

    I am holding out right now – I’m on the Family Plan 1000 for $69.99 with Unlm Internet @ $24.99 and Unlm Text for Families Promo @ $9.99 since I would basically be breaking even on any combo of the 750 plans (we only use about 5\600 whenever mins).

  • Bill48105

    Well the 2 reps I talked to yesterday both told me I’d have to pay $200 per line early termination fees AND $35 per line activation fee if I went the Plus route. That is $1175. Even so, to get the minutes that fit my needs I’d have to do an unlimited plan & end up paying a around $100 more per month on the non-Plus one. I’d have to price out Plus but I’m certain it’d be more than what I got now. I’m waiting for the reps to get caught up on the new plans & caveats (and what they will do for people in odd circumstances like myself) then I’m going to try calling again & see where I can get. Btw, if TMobile wouldn’t have kept these changes secret I would have been able to make the changes needed ahead of time or canceled while in my 20 day grace period but they say timing is everything & my timing sucks. lol

  • Gibbs

    you guys realize the motorola droid is just the cdma version of the Cliq right?

    • David

      Really, I think Droid users would beg to differ, I think the Droid has everything the Cliq wants.

  • J510

    Why are so many people are crying let me guess by a fake hype of a fifty dollar everything unlimited plan people and some blogs wished for, Just get over it, may save money for some or if your current plan works for you just keep it. As for other company’s at&t plain out sucks dropped calls,customer service for some reason when they took on the at&t name they just got stupid as for Sprint they have good plans but crappy ass customer service, VW great coverage,snobs for customer service and glad they are opening there phones software access. What can I say either you love or hate your service provider, Just stop crying over what you have and if you don’t like it change it…. Some just need to grow up. I for one love t-mobile

  • LeavingTMo

    Please let me know where I’m wrong, and I’ll not complain. If you want 5 android phones with data and 1500 shared minutes.

    T-Mo’s Even More Plus 1500 min. $120 (2 phones w/ data) $15 (3 additional lines $5 each) $75 (3 Web for smartphones $25) Total monthly cost $210. 5 myTouch phones $500 each = $2500 for a grand total of $7,540 for 24 months.

    Sprints Everything Data Family Plane (1500 min). $130 (2 phones w/ data) $60 ( 3 additional lines w/data $20 each) Total monthly cost $170. 5 htc Hero phones at $175 each = $875 for a grand total of $4,955.

    I started with T-Mobile when it was voicestream and have been pretty happy and would rather not switch, but at least for me, it looks like it is time.

  • Mark

    Has anyone successfully gotten them to drop the $35 per line migration fee on a family plan? That is the only thing holding me back right now. The new plans would save me $10/mo and give the whole family texting instead of just one line.