Project Dark Day 2, Love it, Hate it, or Meh?!


Many people are saying project Dark didn’t quite take the wireless world by storm like we had all hoped, speculated or hyped. That being said, T-Mobile did introduce some “game-changing” features by moving away from the typical wireless practices the big 4 continue to deliver. How the industry receives these practices is a question that may not be answered for some time. Until then, we at Tmonews want to ask your first impressions of these plans. We’ve read your comments and we know they are mixed with disgust, angst, happiness, frustration and a desire to sing a song.  So vote in our poll and sound off below, how do you feel about Even More and Even More Plus? Yay, nay?

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  • WXman

    First of all, t-mobile’s website BLOWS. HORRIBLE to navigate. Second, the information in there is missing, wrong, or confusing from page to page. All I want to know is can you add additional lines to the Family Even More Plus plans? IF so, how much? Can you switch to these plans if you are still under contract? If you do, are you still under contract? NONE of this stuff is on the website. They need to fire the web designers.

  • Sean L

    I saved 25 bucks off my bill.

    Tmobile waived my migration fee to EM+ (1500 talk + unlim data/text with two G1’s)

    I did it all through the website livechat with a really knowledgeable rep.

    I couldn’t be happier.

  • MishkaGreen

    I kinda wanted the pricing to be less. I’m torn between staying with t-mo (who’s never really given me any sort of problems with service or otherwise) to other carriers that seem to be awesome (i.e Sprint and AT&T) but am worried about service and pricing and junk.

    Chances are though I’ll stick it out and see what happens. If all else fails, I’ll jump ship and be in the same boat I’m in now.

  • Russell Heimlich

    Rates, shmates! T-Mobile needs more desirable phones in it’s lineup. See how much buzz the Droid is getting? People switch networks because of phones!

  • Kickstar13

    I love Catherine Zeta Jones! :P

  • zapote21

    I got 4 lines, 2 with unlimited txt, 2 with unlimited data and text, 1500 mins…
    And NO contract… For $130/mo… That is over $60/mo savings PER month…

    Any plan similar to that on the other carriers is well over $200+!!!

    I think these plans are awesome!

  • Steve

    Tmobile wants to charge me $35.00 per line (new line activation fee) in order to go from my family plan into the even more plus. Granted that gets around the ETF but I don’t still don’t like the fee.

  • Megabonix

    thinking about going with the cheapest family plan ($109 bux) and just getting a Magic Jack at the house. ($20 a YEAR).

    This will put a solid number of minutes in our pot per month and any extra phone time can be done at home with unlimited long distance and minutes via Magic Jack.


  • Marc

    The prices can certainly be better.

  • tmoRSA

    You can add a line on the even more plus plan for $5 on the 750/1500 min plan. For $15 for 200 min on the unlimited family plan, or $30 for the unlimited minutes add a line. The migration to the even more plus plan keeps your exisisting contract end date that was in place prior to the migration as long as your plan was activated before October 25th 2009.

  • Paul

    I agree with you WXman. How do we know if we like it when the web site does not answer basic questions? I could not find anywhere on their site how much it costs to add a third or fourth line to either of the plans. Secondly I cannot find where the price is for data on the Even More plan. I would think this would be basic questions that anyone would ask. The only place I could find a price for data is to click “Services” and then “Smartphones” and it says $40.00.

    I believe this is done deliberately as a deceptive method of piling on higher costs on those that do not ask the questions. I hope I am wrong but those are fundamental questions that are left unanswered.


  • Brent

    It looks like I would save $100 bucks a month on the new plans. Going to go in and do everything at once when I get the Bold.

  • SocietyOne

    All the customers at our store yesterday seemed fairly happy and impressed with the new structure. Trying to please the comment board and forum community in any topic seems to be impossible. Any YouTube video can show you that. There is never going to be a $30.00 all-you-can-eat, free N900, dinner with Catherine Zeta Jones, and 3G everywhere, including Antarctica and Atlantis plan, so everyone is just going to have to jump carriers and complain about the exact same things elsewhere.

  • Bill48105

    MagicJack calling seems OK & it is DIRT cheap but sux you can’t port your # over and more so that they don’t officially support a voip box so you’re stuck keeping the computer on 24×7 with their stupid USB dongle. Their stupid software with ads stinks & pops up in your face every time a call comes in or someone picks up the phone. Granted there are ways around those things (running as service hacks, hacking settings to program into a voip box or plugging the usb adapter into a computer hidden in the closet) but you shouldn’t have to do any of those things. My @Home rocks and as I said before, TMobile should just give them for free to anyone with a play over $100/month plan. You’d get awesome coverage at home (duh doesn’t use cell towers), save them cell tower usage & the call quality is much better than cell. Win, Win. In the end $10 or $15 per month (depending on plan you’re on) still is a decent deal for a REAL phone line (vs wanna be like magicjack) where you get to keep your # & not have to deal with the rest. Certainly beats the heck out of Vonage & their $25/month unlimited plan not to mention Vonage policies suck ballz (Like charge you a fee every time you want to make a change to your account) and their customer service is pretty crappy as well. Anyway, if you can’t afford the $100/yr extra for @home then go the magicjack route but if you’re happy with TMobile & can afford the difference @Home is a much better way to go. And no I don’t work for either company. ;)

  • Tina

    I would like to switch to a plan with fewer minutes but it seems that I cannot keep my 400 text msg service and would have to go with an unlimited text service which I don’t need. Also I see no mention of T-Mo to T-Mo minutes, did they eliminate this feature?

  • mrjlwilliams

    Who ever created the poll, has nothing but NEGATIVE things there to chose from. Where are the positives? 1 good, and 4 bad? come on! you are leaving it out there like that???

  • Bill48105

    mrjlwilliams, that is a ploy to spread out the haters otherwise it’d be 400 votes saying it was bad & 100 saying it was good instead of 100 to 100 to 100 to 100 to 100. :D

  • Ken L.

    if Sean L. is right, I may switch to Even More+ (to get out of my contract)! then dump T-mo for the Droid! Cause (like Heimlich said), it’s the phones stupid!

    I’m holding out hope that these new plans were simply the initial overture in a larger plan. I really love T-mobile, their service, and prices; but after 8 years, I want a phone to be excited about.

  • Sean L


    My even more + plan 91500 whenever) has unlimited tmo to tmo, also unlimited nights and weekends.

  • Sean L


    I still have to fulfill my contract unfortunately.

    I’m holding out hope for some nice Android 2.0 devices next year.

  • DavidinJax

    I have to say I don’t see the benefit of the new pricing. I’m beyond disappointed!! all the speculation and nothing, no iPhone, no corporate take over, no blood guts or glory…

    I have unlimited minutes and have a bb 8900, my bill comes out to $83.00 plus taxes and fees every month.

    I will most likely upgrade to the 9700 when it comes out, but so far I don’t see the benefit of Project Dark.

  • 30014

    Russell Heimlich hit the nail on the head, people switch carriers for phones not rate plans. If rate plans were the #1 factor in choosing a carrier then at&t and vz would not be the #1 & #2 carriers in the country. Hopefully that phone I crave will come sooner rather than later.

  • Garrett

    These plans do nothing but hurt me. I dont need unlimited minutes. Why did they get rid of My Favs? It obviously helped them and most of the other carriers copied them with their own version. I could care less about text messaging, give me an option for voice + data. 0.45 for overage charges is crazy. Back in the voicestream days it was 0.19.

  • adrian

    the new plans could save me $5 per months and i would get a few extra minutes which i wouldn’t use. “project dark” is an event that just didn’t happen.

    1. the plan prices are okay but no reason to switch to TMO
    2. i don’t see any handset i could possibly “crave”. go get something nice like the HTC HD2, anything really.
    3. stop hiring have-beens ala Zeta-Jones and make the plans cheaper.
    4. make the website more usable. for example: add end date of my contract to account information.

    i don’t see the tmobile store across the street being under siege by people trying to sign up with TMO. something must have gone wrong.

  • RWWackoStu

    I am one of the people who have a smartphone with no data. (I have Family 2 line 700 @ 59.99 plus 2 4.99 texta +fees and taxes = 80.00)I cant justify the additional costs yet, and to be honest, EM+ kinda worries me (But I think I could get data for 109?). I guess I really need a TMO rep who is on top of these plans to walk me through them to see if I can be better off. The one I had yesterday yas as confised as I was, and I understand and am not hating, because TMO has great CS. I just need to hit the jackpot if

  • RWWackoStu

    I call or chat with a confident rep.

  • Bill48105

    Exactly. How many people really need unlimited everything on every line? Except for the peace of mind from those unreasonably high overage minutes, who really talks, emails & txt’s continously 24×7? Seriously the government shouldn’t let them charge more than a small % penalty over the price per minute you pay for your base minutes. If the extra minute, txt & data costs were reasonable there’d be almost no reason for unlimited anything. Unlimited just unfairly penalizes the people who use less to compensate for the people who use lots. On top of that it promotes abuse of the network since people have no incentive to control their usage. And I’m not bashing just tmobile here, unfortunately they ALL do it. It’ll be interesting to see what happens with FCC investigating ATT/Apple over iphone and net neutrality stuff because both could be the real game changers. More so than ‘Project Dark’ anyway.

  • Steven

    I called T-Mobile and they went over my accounts with me and told me I had gotten the right deals at the right time and should definitely keep my plan. They said I could move my individual plan, but it would cost me a $200 contract termination fee because I just signed in June. All in all, they were really cool about it. The Even More plans aren’t for me because I got better plans earlier, but T-Mobile Customer Service was really nice and on the ball when it came to keeping me informed.

  • Joseph

    Wow, what a meh project, all i care about is a GOOD phone, not a bunch of crappy ones that are coming for the rest of this year

  • Sean L


    I had a family plan and I just signed last week but they let me move the plan over without an ETF.

    It may have been because of the family plan though.

  • Steven

    Sean L-

    You are within the Buyer’s Remorse phase. You can cancel your contract, free of charge, in the first two weeks of having it.

  • TehAndroid

    If you are still in contract and switch to even more plus you still have to finish out your contract. If you are over a year left on your contract and switch to even more plus then you pay $200 per line but you are out of contract.

    I just have to laugh though all these people talking about switching to Verizon for the Droid. They will be whining to come back to T-mobile when we get the Dragon. Talked to my HTC rep and he said T-mobile is getting an android phone that is like the HD2. So go get your ugly ass Droid and your over priced plans. I’ll be enjoying my Dragon with 4.2 inch screen and faster internet.

  • newt

    I know these plans can’t satisfy everyone but I was hoping the hype would lead to a bit better pricing on the subsidized phone plan…say $120 month for 750 min and unlimited data on the family 2 line when you can go to sprint for $129 and get 1500 min with unlimited. Is taking the 109 on EM+ worth while if I’m paying full price when an n900 comes out vs the competition with another phone that’ll be fun to have? I wouldn’t say I’m the target demographic of these programs though, maybe this will get tmo the biz they are looking for, maybe not…guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

  • LJ

    Boy I had a hassle switching my accounts last night! Took over 5 representatives. Here’s what I have and wanted: I had the T-Mobile “Legacy” Unlimited plan on two lines, unlimited data, voice and messaging, and paid about 145 before taxes. I was not under any subsidized contract as it had expired on both lines. Switching to EM+, it was going to be about 139. I told the first rep that I wanted to try the Motorola Cliq on the EM+ plan. They suggested to me that we make the switch over the phone for the plans, and I order the Cliq online so I could get the “free car-charger”. I say okay, and follow through. Then the website begins to say that I’m not eligible for upgrade on either line. I call back and they say it’s because my renewal date is on November 10th. Im not eligible for the EM+ 20 month handset payment plan until it goes into effect on my renewal date. They then said they couldn’t remove the changes the earlier rep had made. Two agents later, after arguing the same things, he found a way to make it happen. He said “Well I just pressed ‘next’ and it allowed me to do it.” Boy I was irate. I have a feeling these next bills aren’t going to be quite what I wanted them to be. Very frustrating.

  • RWWackoStu

    WTF! Which is it. Some say if your +1 year they charge you $200 for EM+, and some say they dont and you can even get them to waive the $35.00 charge. Can any of our TMO reps answer this once and for all?

  • Chris

    EM+ is not worth it to me. Here’s my breakdown

    69.99 – Family 1000
    34.99 – Unlimited text/web line 1
    29.99 – Unlimited Web/1000 text line 2 for BB

    = Total 134.99

    Under EM+ It would be
    119.99 for 1500/Unimited Text/Web

    15/month is noth worth losing two subsidies. Not to mention the rumors that the corporate discount won’t apply to EM+.

    No thank you TMO.

  • Bob

    ETFs are ridiculous anyway and unless you have a subsidized phone they should be eliminated. They’ve been going up and up over the years and the terms are getting longer and longer. That’s the biggest thing that I’m unhappy with.. the stupid termination fees!

  • adrian

    i like the HD2 just like you do. i don’t see much reason to believe that it will arrive on TMO’s shores any time soon. verizon seems to be on top of things:

    … i would buy it somewhere else if i would know that TMO fully supports it. i do not “crave” the “touch my a$$” or iphone’s ugly little step brother “CLIQ”.

    maybe it is time to leave all this behind and get a manly phone that just makes phone calls? a simple phone that just bounces twice if you drop it before you put it back in your pocket without even thinking about it. it is just a question of time until i (and all the other iPhone-zombies) get hit by a bus on an intersection while sending the Xth text message about something that is not worth your life anyway.

    on a workday i could bring a peek for unlimited text/email for $15/month. otherwise i could leave the electronics behind and get a life :)

    thank you tmobile. you have been an inspiration :)

  • RWWackoStu

    And here is another question. Say you have 14 months left on your contract. You Get them to move you to EM+, sans $200 charge. But you then have to serve out the remanider of the 14 months. Fine and good. Then the Bold 9700 comes out November 11th. Because you still have contract time left are you eligible for the 22 month financing, or do you have to wait?

  • rushmore

    I think the general view is “Hate: because:

    1. Tmo blew this out of proportion to the actual impact
    2. Tmo reps were apparently poorly trained and have ADDED to the confusion
    3. Tmo keeps saying “the phones we crave” and “will make others jealous”: WRONG on both counts.

  • 30014

    @Tehandroid… u can keep on waiting because we both know that tmo will never get a phone as awesome as the hd2. I seriously doubt u know anyone with htc. The way I see it is that the g1v2 will be tmo’s last chance to impress me. If it underwhelms me then sprint here I come

  • rushmore


    The Snapdragon and 3430 with 433 mhz DSP are the same power for a phone, but the 3430 is actually more power efficient.

    Snap does have 400 more mhz, but not the same CPU type and far weaker DSP.

    Net effect is the 3430’s 600 mhz CPU and 433 mhz DSP and better 3D chipset are more powerful and better option.

    Snapdragon is also more power hungry in order to acheive the same output.

  • Rocko

    @SeanL, no… there’s a cut off date. If you had re-newed contract before a specific date, you wouldn’t have to ‘break contract’ to get a new plan AND it would NOT re-new your contract again until the original end date.

    I said it before and will say it again: Project Dark is NOT an event. Outside of the tech blogs, where else did you ever hear of Project Dark? It was simply a codename for new pricing structure… one they wanted to keep secretive and it was the leaky T-mo employees and their contacts that made this thing grow 3 heads.

    As one would expect, the plans really revolve around talk minutes, so for people who use less talk time and more data, we’re not gaining anything at all. Paying for unlimited talk is a complete waste and this is the whole selling point of these plans.

    I’m only considering this because I can save $10 on my voice by LOSING 250 minutes (see my point there… I could have gone down in minutes ANY TIME before Project Dark and save money… T-mo is not doing any cost-saving favors here by offering less minutes). And then I can save an additional $5 a month because I’d be switching from Android data plan ($35 a month) to the newer data plan ($30 p/month). I’ll have to think about.

  • doug

    I agree, hot phones are what make people switch for the most part, and T-Mobile has very few if any phones people crave. I have a family plan now with 5 lines, and I think some people miss in their calculations that I get 5 subsideized phones for my plan price, not one, making it much better for me to not go with the plus plans. I am disappointed with the new plan prices, but not angry like some are, I think my current plan is reasonable and I’m happy to stick with it.

  • Brian

    Confusing, hot mess.

  • timmyjoe42

    T-Mobile needs to step up their marketing in Cincinnati. I don’t see many commercials on TV. Pretty much all of the T-Mobile info that I get comes from this site. In one aspect it’s cool, but also is a little sad, because you pretty much need to be a guru and look for stuff like this instead of the average user becoming informed.

  • Richard

    Switched to AT&T for the iPhone. Enough said.

  • casualrepartee

    I’ve been with T-Mo for 7 years now. Customer service is great, but year after year they drop the ball on handsets and competitive marketing.

    With T-Mo, it’s always “well, hopefully next year we’ll get that big handset.” We never do. Look at the Cliq….as soon as it surfaced, the Droid stole the spotlight. Personally, I’d love to get my hands on a Pre or the Droid.

    Seems that the consensus is that for long-time customers, T-Mobile hasn’t changed a thing. While this might seem like a good deal, to be grandfathered in, I think it’s a bit of a slap in the face. What happened to compensation for loyalty? We get to keep what we’ve had because we’ve stuck it out so long? Customer service is only worth so much when the other carriers have better coverage and vastly superior handsets.

    For the long-standing customers, our affairs with T-Mobile can be best characterized as satisfaction with a carrot constantly dangled out in front of us. Stick around, and maybe next year.

    As a Baltimore resident, I’m seriously considering the jump to Sprint, who has been focusing its efforts on developing 4g here. 70 bucks a month effectively gets me all you can eat minutes, texts, nfl and data. One year contracts. People whine about Sprint, but at least Sprint recognizes that they need to be more competitive if they want to stay alive. That tells me their customer service has to be on the rise.

    If all other things are relatively equal now, where’s the competitive advantage? Handsets.

  • akil

    everyone is complaining about these new prices and i ask why? it is plain to see that the prices of the new plans are way better for the “even more plus” the only carrier that comes close to these prices is sprint which yeah is cheaper but once you factor in their actual service its not that good. my girl friend got the palm pre the 1st day it came out and she constantly has dropped calls even with the phone she had b4 that. and when you want to replace a phone for sprint it cost $100, with t-mobile its free i replaced my G1 twice in one week and the 2nd time they sent it express no cost extra, tmobile is a better carrier than the rest, and for the dude who said at&t has better service your probably the only person who agrees with that statement

  • http://none TmoTech2

    The only reason this (Project Dark) was even over hyped was because of sites like this. Everyone is so upset that they may only be saving 10 to 20 dollars a month. Lets see that 120 to 240 a year. That extra money for christmas to by a new phone. T-Mobile can’t make everyone happy.