Project Dark Day 2, Love it, Hate it, or Meh?!


Many people are saying project Dark didn’t quite take the wireless world by storm like we had all hoped, speculated or hyped. That being said, T-Mobile did introduce some “game-changing” features by moving away from the typical wireless practices the big 4 continue to deliver. How the industry receives these practices is a question that may not be answered for some time. Until then, we at Tmonews want to ask your first impressions of these plans. We’ve read your comments and we know they are mixed with disgust, angst, happiness, frustration and a desire to sing a song.  So vote in our poll and sound off below, how do you feel about Even More and Even More Plus? Yay, nay?

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  • ayvecs

    with these new plans that tmobile is providing it will be beneficial to some and not to others. you can’t expect a new cell plan for everyone to like it. everything has flaws. i made the switch to one of the new em+ plans since i have already been out of contract for the past yr plus. on my prior plan i was paying $39.99 for 600 minutes and like a month ago added the web + unlimited texting for $34.99 after purchasing a mytouch (eagerly waiting to see what the specs are with the Behold II), giving me a total of $74.98 before taxes. i was thinking about going with one of the unlimited talk plans but after looking over my bills for the past few months i realized i rarely ever came close to the 600 anytime minutes. once realizing this i found it would be more beneficial to go with the em+ 500 anytime minutes and unlimited text and web for 59.99. for someone like me who determined what his needs are, i am saving like around $15 a month. as mentioned earlier, the new plans some will find beneficial while others may not. it’s all just a case of determining what your needs are. i do hope with me having the em+ plan that if 6 months down the line if my needs do change and i start using more minutes, that i can change to another em+ plan without any repercussions.

  • Josh

    “According to cnet, informationweek, pcmagazine, etc (ie the big boys) – Project Dark is and will be a success.”

    Not to get off topic or anything, but that’s coming from the same people who thought the Nintendo Wii wasn’t going to last long … and it’s still outselling the competition.

    These plans are great, but only the combination of shrewd marketing and customer decisions can and will decide where this will go.

  • wtf@tmobile

    They shoudlve just offered the same even plus more plans to everybody contract or not along with the old plans…not everybody talks 24/7 The shouldve kept the same phone subsides as before but offered the monthly payment option for those that qualify. I have hoping for a better $29.99 plan,10+myfaves that inlcuded text,rollover,3g in my area,etc…something better for current customers without junk fees. Im currently on the $40 myfave + $20 unlimited text/data…no real reason to switch.

  • mrnova

    ATTENTION!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey everyone, but I am on the flexpay, and I called tmobile to change to the 1000 min, unlimited text and web plan, but when I called they gave me plan options, that are not on ther website. Long story short, I end up getting a unlimited everything plan for 49.99! I bull@$!* you NOT! THESE IS NO JOKE! I could not believe it! I have been on flex, for about 2 years. So I don’t know if that makes a difference, but call customer service and see what’s plans are available for you! Just wanted to let you guys know!

  • Queen

    With BOTH plans, it seems that TMO wants you to stay with them for TWO years.

    Even More (2 year contract req)
    Even More Plus (20 month phone payment plan)

    I prefer ONE year contracts with the discounted NEW phone price.

    So how are these plans benefiting me???

  • OMG

    It really makes me happy to see that with so many skeptics prior to the 25th, the few “in the know” kept chanting wait for th 25th, it’ll be worth it. It’s really great you’ll see. Just get a rep to actually explain it and you’ll understand. Finally I get to see so many people posting “Guess what! I just saved a ton of money on my cellphone bill.” some $10, some $30, I’ve seen $150/mo. Opening day on the 25th I had 2 Verizon customers walking by and I opened the store a few minutes early to explain the rate plans in the window and they jumped ship immediatly. So for those still saying no one will leave VZW/AT&T, the proof is in the pudding so to speak. TV Ads start today, the exodus we’ve seen over the past few days are unadvertised switchers who either heard word of mouth or saw the signs/website.

  • OMG

    @Queen. the 20 month installment is able to be paid off as early as you like. they give you the installment as an option not a requirement. There is no interest and if you only want it for 1 year then pay it off early.

  • Queen


    What about company discounts???

    Is TMO going to honor them?

    I know they don’t with the $49.99 Loyalty Plan!

  • Brian

    Yes they will honor your old plan.

    I don’t expect a price drop. I have a good old plan (that I will keep) but I think the new plans are far too confusing. The bring or buy your own phone plan is sorta dumb because YOU MUST buy a tmobile phone because 3G is on another frequency with Tmobile (compared to the rest of the world). If t-mobile used the same frequency as everyone else it would make since. You can’t even buy a phone off any Euro website ’cause T-mo’s 3G is sooo different.

    SOO…you are still stuck waiting for a tmo phone you want.

  • Brian

    IF they left…they were stupid (or they lost their job) and should try the 3g network at tmo that sucks. I stay with Tmo ’cause I’m cheap. I use a blackberry and Tmo has yet to have a 3g blackberry…so I’m used to it. I use my wifes mytouch and it’s OK…buy nothing to write home about.

    Verizon has an awesome network and awesome 3g. THAT CHARGE a PREMIUM for that though…and I’m just too cheap.

  • Kurt
  • Bill48105

    I was working up a spreadsheet to compare options side by side & all of a sudden shows Even More unlimited line add-on as $50 & Even More Plus unlimited line add-on as $40 now! Up from $40 & $35, wth?!? Perhaps a bug on the site or they’re adjusting fees already? (I was changing stuff in my cart when I noticed)

  • Richard

    I’m pretty unimpressed with this, too. I love the new Droid commercials, though! Too bad T-mobile didn’t have the negotiating power to lock up the Android platform exclusively, ala AT&T and the iPhone. The boys in Bellvue really don’t have a clue.

  • Dalton

    I like them:)

    Because I was planning on moving to T-Mobile around christmas, and right now for 300 Anytime Minutes, 1000 N/W, Unlimited Texting, 15 mb of data on VirginMobile, I pay about $49ish.
    If I can get 500 anytime, unlim. n/w, texting, unlimited web, for $60, you have a happy customer.

    As for this moving them out of 4th; no way.

  • Dalton

    Woah, wait a minute.
    If I get that I STILL have to pay $25.00 for unlimited android web?!?!
    WTF is “Unlimited Talk+Text+WEB” then? If I still have to pay $25.00 on TOP of $60.00

    Before, I would’ve had to pay $65.00 a month on t-mobile. Now, $85? I think not.

  • Tournstone

    @Dalton. I called and checked on that since the possibility upset me too. No, you don’t. Unlimited web means just that. They really should fix this or make it clear on the web ordering process. So as an existing T-mobile customer, here’s what I did:

    What I had:
    1800 my faves family plan for: $89.99.
    I added unlimited messaging to that for: $19.95
    Line 1 – Samsung Behold with a TZones plan: $5.99
    Line 2 – Balckberry 8900 with data plan and HotSpots: $24.99 & $9.99
    Line 3 – @Home: $9.99
    Line 4 – Sidekick 2008 with sidekick data plan and additional line charge: $24.99 & $9.99
    Line 5 – Moto KRazer with nothing but an additional line charge: $9.99
    Total (without taxes and fee and such): $205.87

    What I got:
    T-Mobile Even More Plus Talk + Text + Web Family 1500: $119.00
    Line 1 – Samsung Behold (data now included)
    Line 2 – Balckberry 8900 (data now included) with HotSpots: $9.99
    Line 3 – @Home: $10.00
    Line 4 – Sidekick 2008 (data now included) with additional line charge: $5.00
    Line 5 – Moto KRazer with additional line charge: $5.00
    Total (without taxes and fee and such): $148.99

    Monthly savings of $56.88

  • Bill48105

    Any TMobile reps out there confirm something I was just told by someone on customer service? The TMobile web site shows $40 for add a line on EM unlimited plan & $35 for EM+ but the rep said that is for flexpay customers and for post pay it’s actually $25 & $20! If that is the case the unlimited family plans suddenly got much more attractive! The other thing I found out is they are waiving the $35/line (for lines 3-5. 1&2 were already waived) if you have AAA or other corp discount. Another change since Sunday is there is no longer a $200/line early termination fee if you have a contact to switch to EM+. Instead they waive the fee BUT you are still bound to your contract. Obviously good news for people like me who just signed up ($200 x 5 = $1000!) Bad news for people hoping to use switching to EM+ as a way out of their existing contract. ;) Good to see TMobile higher ups are still tweaking, hopefully for the better. Now they just need to fix their web site so it shows the right prices. Quite a few times the rates varied for different items depending on order they were added & such. Seems it’s having issues with pricing with @Home in the mix too.

  • Dalton

    Ohhhh, ok. Thank you so much. :)

  • Bill48105

    Cool you’re saving that much PLUS get all that data but hope you don’t talk much on your 4 cells (@home is unlimited) because not only did you give up 300 anytime minutes you also gave up myfaves which by TMobile’s research a huge amount of calls are to a distinct few lines. Essentially now if each cell line talks more than 12 minutes per day during peak hours to anyone except tmobile customers you’ll go over. 12 minutes is not very much time. (Or looking at it another way it’s 25 hours total talk time so 6.25 hours for each of the 4 lines which sounds like a lot) Of course most of your calls could be between lines or at night or on weekend & end up being free anyway but definitely something to consider when switching to the new plans when you don’t go unlimited. Btw the TMobile rep told me all the new Even More plans come with free usage alerts to help you avoid going over so hopefully that helps you avoid using even those 300 anytime minutes you gave up because 300 x $0.45 = $135 in overages. :o The funny thing was I asked what options do you have when you get the alert & she said she wasn’t sure other than stop using your phone so much to avoid paying as much fees. LOL Btw it still amazes me the cell companies can get away with charging such huge prices for minutes when you go over, per MB data rates & crazy costs per txt message without plans.

  • Tournstone

    @Bill48105 Yes, I calculated carefully and we never got near our 1800 even with myfaves min included. Most of our calls were too each other or friends with T-Mobile. I may have to consider the new BB9700 though as almost all of my other calls were made under UMA conditions which I think the N900 will be without.

  • Tournstone

    checking again

  • Tournstone

    Never mind. Sorry. You are correct. Too expensive, Canceling the change.

  • Bill48105

    DOH! What happened?

  • JD

    This is for whocares.
    Can you tell me what i need to do then to be able to switch my family plan to one of the even more or even more plus plans. because like i said i have one number that is up next september and the other like is up next feb and when i talked to someone they said i couldnt change to the even more plus plan and if wanted even more had to renew to 2011.
    is this correct or should i go into a store.
    could you let me know

  • Bill48105

    Have you called back & talked to a different rep? (Or go the corp owned store route) Or did they give you a reason why you couldn’t do EM+? From the reps I talked to you just need to pay the $35 transition fee (which can be waived with some associations like AAA) and if you are still under contract, stick the term of that out.. On Sunday a rep told me there was a $200/line early termination fee but supposedly TMobile higher ups changed it to the above where you just keep your old term then go month to month after that. That’s what I was offered & I got 1 year 11 months 8 days left on my contract.

  • Mark

    I would change to a plan that gives me more minutes and unlimited texting for the family plan and save $10/mo, but I refuse to pay the $35/2 lines migration fee.

  • JD

    Bill48105 i want to say thanks for you feedback. I talked to an online chat person yesterday and was able to get switched to the even more plus plan i wanted and i didnt have to pay an etf or extend my contract.
    I just wanted to say thanks for your info