Project Dark, Again


Sunday is a big day in T-Mobileland, and while the company is trying to keep things from leaking, that is very hard to do in today’s world.  What we have here is further, clearer and more detailed confirmation of the rate plans accompanying Project Dark.  As it is, though, we are considering these rumors, so have your daily dose of salt.  Of course, maybe T-Mobile is trying to keep people in the dark by printing out false information sheets (we have our doubts that any company would do this, but what a genius move to keep people in the dark (if that is what they are trying to do)).  Either way, head on past the break for a full, and much easier to read, peak at the rate plans (including a family plan breakdown).  Leave your thoughts in the comments!



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  • Sanjay


    What you are missing is that not everyone needs unlimited minutes. I have a 1000 minute family plan that I never go over. Why pay more for unlimited that I won’t use? Yes if I kept going over the 1000 minutes it makes sense. I am in the same boat as Fave, I don’t see any benefit to me. What I want is better coverage and speeds, not to save a dollar here and there. They are doing all this and I keep hearing that Louisville does not yet have 3G coverage because of “money”. The towers are ready but it is about money that is what a store “manager” told me. If this is false info why doesn’t T-mobile do their own communicating and keep their customers informed and avoid rumors? How does all this make sense? And then I am told that when they do turn on Louisville it will only be I-65 eastward or something. Totally goofy. Hopefully all these leaks are incomplete and there is more to this.

  • Sanjay

    One more comment. Why does T-mobile have to confuse to make things look better. Trust me, this is not about saving US money but about making THEM money. If they simply wanted to save US money then drop the prices on existing plans or enhance existing plans. I think this whole thing about changing the plan structure is to drive us to what they want not what we want. I hope I am wrong.

  • Y314K

    Brilliant!!! (Just my thoughts, I don’t work or sub with TMobile or know anybody that does personally, I am planning to change from ATT to TMobile shortly after Project Dark goes live)

    This “leaks” are driving the buzz by letting their advocates release & keep in the limelight dated/old/training-purposes info… Training info that does not include the actual prices… Why would TMobile trust thousands & thousands of potential leakers that can derail their most important plans in years…

    This does give use a hint at the structure of the plans… Not all of it.. But enough to know how it might look…

    It wouldn’t surprised me if the official prices will not be a low as it was rumored… But is not going to be as high as this doc’s report… Misinformation is still information lite…

    I would advice everybody that is not with TMobile, like myself…. To get on BillShrink & save or print the pricing from the possible plans you plan to sub to TMobile… Keep it around long enough to be able to match it to the prices that come down with Project Dark…

  • Da Nizzle

    Typically when things leak like this it is a good assumption that they are true.

    With that said, in the past T-Mobile has almost always made adjustments and changes at the finish line based on customer feedback or outrage (most recently it was the data cap for web2go).

    If you take this at face value, then the majority of folks won’t be saving money. Also, ignoring the fact that a lot of smartphone users are on cheaper data plans than they should be (I’m guilty of T-Zones too) these prices aren’t much better than what is available now and in some cases worse due to myFaves.

    The other thing is myFaves. I find it hard to believe that the T-Mob is going to abandon myFaves without some kind of replacement (like an unlimited plan or something that makes it obsolete). Seriously this is a feature that they not only trademarked, but made massive marketing campaigns and stamped the back of all of their phones with it.

    In any event I am not counting the T-Mob out just yet. A 4th quarter comeback is not entitrely out of the question given the information out there. All we really have in terms of pricing is a couple of brochures. Here’s hoping for something a little better.

  • WXman

    “Talk+Text+Web”…..does that = web for smartphones, or the general web and smartphones pay additional on top of that?

  • Jay

    If these rates are correct, it would cost me more money. I currently have 4 G1’s on a family plan and Tmobile@home. Total cost is $220/month. Using the rates above, just the mobile service would be $220/month, so if you add tmobile@home into it- the cost is more. Not cool Tmobile.

  • deangelo724

    there was a question about myfaves being removed. if you take a look at TMob’s website, go to the phone selections and you’ll notice that none of the phones are stamped with the myfaves logo anymore. they are not positioned as myfaves capable anymore, this is a definite clue that they will be no longer available(myfaves that is)

  • Rocko

    Thank you… you hit it right on the spot: Not everyone needs unlimited minutes. This news is great and terrific for those who do… but I’m not going to fork over MORE money when I don’t even use the 1,000 family minutes I have now (Just myself and my mom on the plan).

    So I will end up saving $15 a month w/ Project Dark… but thats ONLY because I have to drop down to 750, since the new PD plans do not have a 1,000 minute family plan. So the only reason I save money is because I lose 250 minutes… I could easily do that now and save some money. Or, on the flip side, I could pay $5 MORE per month for 1,500 minutes which is far more than I need.

    I would say I’m disappointed by Project Dark, but let’s not forget that its the rumor sites that hyped it up to begin with. Overall, rates and plans change all the time, nothing new here. The really big news in all this is the option to go without contract, which they’ve absolutely priced at a point to make you WANT a contract, so I can’t see what they’re tring to accomplish.
    You know what would be really groundbreaking? Is to keep contracts and reduce the break contract fee to maybe one month’s bill or something like that.

  • helloo

    no more 5 circles on the back of phones! thats cool! hahaha

  • helloo

    are the texts unlimited for all of them? data too?

  • helloo

    are text unlimited with 750min or only unlimited voice? also data?

  • GreenTea

    I have myfaves 300 and the unlimited text and data for my g1…I never go over and I pay $89/month (inclu taxes & fees)…this is the equivalent of a total unlimited plan for ME. This change sucks! I still get to keep my myfaves plan right? or do I have to pay the extra $10 more before taxes and fees

  • Bigg

    Yea so, let say I want to get the Even More Plus unlimited plan for 140 for the first 2 lines. If I add a third line for 10 bucks, that line would only get 200 mins? What about text? Is it unlimited too?

  • Bigg

    I meant unlimited txt for the 3rd add on line

  • Wendy

    Well I’m certainly not impressed… I have my faves for a reason because most of my family has tmobile… now with this TMobile … I will not sing your praises anymore… counting days until my contract is up…

  • Kascade Brown

    Taking a look at the new plans and they would actually give me more for the same money, since I do talk well over 1000 mins a month. For the most part they don’t seem to help current t-mobile customers. But that is not T-Mobile’s mission. As stated when project dark was first announced, there would be something that would help take them out of the #4 ranking. Compare these plans to other providers, such as AT&T (which told me unlimted everything would be $120.00) and Verizon, T-Mobile is on the right track, then you get the option for no contract too….

  • hv

    you all should really relax. all plans will be grandfathered.

  • i got niks n dimes

    NICKELS for my Thoughts

  • Bigg

    Why do I even ask, most ppl on here are just as confused as I am on these plan, lets wait till Sun and ask tmobile

  • Stefan

    These plans don’t upset me too much, however, I feel people with grandfathered plans shouldn’t have to pay a migration fee to jump to a Even More +. It’s gonna be $70 for me to take my account to Even More + which I’ll get the 109.99 plan PLUS the MyTouch (or BB 9700, haven’t decided yet) and Cliq (for the wife) broken down into payments, I’m looking at a new bill of at least $150 or $160/mo while I was paying $85/mo for 1000 myFaves, both 400 texts and 9.99 unlimited web for my Shadow. That’s a $70 or $80 jump. Waving the migration fee I feel is only fair.

  • NiiDiddy

    I spoke with a “rate specialist” at T-Mobile only about two hours ago and told them I was basically leaving from Sprint because they seem to have a better family plan with the 1500 minutes. He tried to convince me that I’d be paying more with Sprint because I’d have to pay extra for data. I got on Sprints website to PROVE to him that he was wrong…basically I have to include taxes to the $129.99 Sprint plan and I’d be set!

    I am now convinced that T-Mobile is under some crazy illusion – that is why they’ll remain 4th place. I have gone back and forth on this whole issue and while I am trying not to bash them because I love them, these plans sucks. Any old T-Mobile customers, should head for Sprint andI bet they get a better deal. Wanna bet, T-Mobile??

  • The Insurance Guy

    “Don’t Foget To Protect Your Investment With PHP”

  • Aneirin

    First post on this discussion, and I am looking for some pointers. The missing variable here for ME is UMA (@Home service). I don’t think they will discontinue it, because the Blackberry 9700 specifically supports it, so HOW MUCH will they charge for it ? any ideas?

  • Miguel

    These don’t look like great deals to me.

    People are looking at the “Even More Plus” plans and forgetting that the monthly payment you are seeing doesn’t factor in the “financing” of the handset which you would have to purchase at FULL RETAIL.

    i.e. the MyTouch3G costs you $499.00 at FULL Retail. Even if T-Mobile allows you to finance it over 20 months, which is still not confirmed, then your looking at adding $22 a month onto your monthly amount, not including any sales tax.

  • Grr


    If most of your family have T-Mobile, you have free T-Mobile to T-Moble according to the leaked information.

    In my opinion free T-Mobile to T-Moble and free nights and weekends (though I’d like to see the actualy time and days they consider nights and weekends) easily beats myfaves. The problem with MyFaves is it is a piece of software that eats up a phones memory and probably causes software to take longer to create for T-Mobile. There is likely a reason why T-Mobile’s Blacberries take longer to get new software than Verizon, Sprints, or AT&Ts. MyFaves is likely one of those reasons.

  • timmyjoe42


    My calcs are that your 4 G1 pricing would be either $220 a month if you use those phones on the plan with no contract, or $260 if you get new phones and enter the 2 year contract. This is getting the unlimited talk, text, and web on all 4 phones.

    $139 for 2 lines plus $40 for line #3 and $40 for line #4 = $220
    $179 for 2 lines plus $40 for line #3 and $40 for line #4 = $260

    Do you have unlimited now? Why would you want tmobile@home if you have 4 unlimited lines? Would you really want to not upgrade your phone and enter a contract?

  • Bigg

    Can I still get PHP insurance with Even More Plus?? Nah I think i’d stay with my current plan

  • timmyjoe42

    I think the real point of these plans is to not get existing T-Mobile customers to switch plans (why would T-Mobile want you to change your plan to save money, or why would anyone with a grandfathered plan that is better ever change to one of these?)

    The real goal is to get Storm and iPhone shoppers to compare rates and see how much the T-Mobile deal saves them, because these plans are cheaper than what AT+T and Verizon are offering. They are essentially trying to open up the flood gates to let new customers in and achieve #3. (I really think they need to acquire some of the smaller GSM companies such as Cincy Bell and MetroPCS.)

  • Michael

    @Jay says:
    October 23, 2009 at 5:10 am

    If these rates are correct, it would cost me more money. I currently have 4 G1’s on a family plan and Tmobile@home. Total cost is $220/month. Using the rates above, just the mobile service would be $220/month, so if you add tmobile@home into it- the cost is more. Not cool Tmobile.

    If your current rate plan is $220 you must have the following plan. 4 lines of G1 service, 1 family text plan, and the 89.99 1800 min plan. with the new rate plans you would get unlimited voice, text, and internet under the EVEN MORE + plan for $160 plus takes each month. Thats a big savings. If you wanted to still get subsidized phones for unlimited everything you would be paying $200 a month.

  • Michael

    if the posted rates are correct

  • crazyright

    To those claiming these are “fake”, sorry to be a buzzkill but they are the real thing. I know it is fun to think it might be some big coverup and let you dream for a couple more days but don’t get your hopes up.

    It cost T-mobile a LOT of money to mail out the sheets you see along with other material to all dealers and corp stores, it would be an epic waste to have to then re-send everything just to hide the “real” prices.

  • TmoKnight

    I didnt read every comment on here but for those all curious the “talk + txt + web” does include the SMARTPHONE data. On the family plan it includes 2 smartphone data. If you just get a dumbphone, subtract 20 from the web plan and there is your monthly cost.

    again, sorry if this was answered.

  • sandy

    @ Home is still $10 a month, that has not changed.

  • Kyle


    I think the Even More + will still be cheaper. If you have a family plan of 2 lines and you decide to get the 1500 with Unlimited Text and Web and getting 2 MyTouch phones.

    Even More = 159.99 per month + cost of subsidized MyTouch ($100 each)
    159.99 *24 = 3839.75 + 200 = $4039.75

    Even More Plus = 119.99 per month + cost of 2 Mytouch ($499.99 each)
    119.99 *24 = 2879.76 + 1000 = $3879.76

    You still save a total of $160 thru the duration of the 2 years plan.

    It would be a game changer if Tmobile will offer a bigger subsidy discount for the Even More customers.

    For the 3 plans below we should get the following discount for the MyTouch ($499.99)

    Plan 700 – $499.99 – 300 = $199.99
    Plan 1500 – $499.99 – 400 = $99.99
    Plan Unlimited – $499.99 – 499.99 = Free

    What do you think?

  • Grr

    Here is what I don’t get. Okay, so the non-contract plan for unlimited is $20 less than the contract plan because T-Mobile is subsidizing the phone in the contract plan. Fair enough, but the numbers don’t really add up. $20/month x 24 months = $480.

    Okay, lets say I want to go non-contract. Lets say the average phone retails for $300 (and it makes my math easier). So thats $15 a month for 20 months I’ll be paying. So on non-contract, I’m paying like $95 a month for my service and phone.

    Okay, so if I rather go contract, it is going to cost me $100 a month to have a subsidized phone. How much are they subsidizing the phone for? It seems like all phones would have to be 100% free to make going on contract any kind of deal. For me, the conclusion has to be:

    A) Someone’s on crack.
    B) We’re missing something.
    C) Both A and B.

    I think the prices are fair when you compare each plan to an equivalent plan to another carrier, however, they get confusing when you compare them together. I like the unlimited T-Mobile to T-Mobile. I am expecting that might change to free mobile to mobile. I like the unlimited nights and weekends. Something is just missing in the grand scheme.

  • PD4L

    I think T-Mobile needs to be careful when they make statements that their plans are going to launch them out of 4th place. I was skeptical that these plans “leaked” are fake but the more the days go on, I truely believe they are REAL. So with that, all T-Mobile did is copy Sprint. I am sure they might get a few customers from AT&T but can’t see any from Sprint or VZW coming over to T-Mo. Metro, Cricket, Boost and Straight Talk customers will stay put. People keep putting down those customers. Just take a look how many millions of customers use those No Contract carriers. Nothing appealing by these plans to draw them from their current plans.

  • rossi


    That is exactly the point though, if they’re not in 3rd place now and their new plans can’t beat their current plan’s pricing how are they going to attract new customers? I guess they are now offering unlimited cheaper than verizon or At&T. Without myfaves though, they have a huge hole in their line up. In my case I would have to spend $240 a month for 5 lines versus the $155 I spend right now just to get enough minutes to cover my usage and text messaging… So if I am looking to jump from AT&T or Verizon, and I look at tmobile & sprint; Sprint has any mobile, anytime with 1500 landlines (unlimited everything else) which costs 189.99 for five lines, and tmobile has unlimited talk, data, web for 299.99 for five lines. Unless you absolutely need more than 1500 landline minutes and make all of your calls before 7pm Tmobile’s plan is not even comparable. Then you start looking at 3g coverage and it’s hard not to pick sprint.

    I hope there is more to this PD because at the moment it’s looking like I’ll be going yellow and black.

    @ Niididdy,

    I said it when this whole thing started, all I want is Tmobile’s competition to sprint’s anymobile, anytime and so far it looks as though they’ve failed. We’ve been with tmobile since voicestream days and it will be hard to part.

  • rossi


    If it changes to mobile to mobile you can count me in.

  • sandy

    Those are the flyers that dealers received yesterday to be released by end of business day on the 24th, sorry but these are not fake.

  • Vikingsfan45

    Anybody that says this is not a good idea is RETARDED!!!!!! What you guys fail to see is that its targeted mainly for Prime Credit Verizon and At&t customers!!!!!! Even if you compare Sprint Unlimited plan with T-mobile Unlimited plan its $10 bucks cheaper………….I’m a marketing major so it will come down to how T-mobile does it marketing. Thats one of the Major reasons T-mobile is in 4th place. I just want to smack the person in charge of marketing……. WHO IS WITH ME lol

  • SDS

    Very disappointing. Just look on the Sprint website. For a 1500 minute, subsidized phone w/ 2 yr. contract, 2-line Family Plan w/ unlimited text + web on Sprint is $129.99/mo. On the new T-mobile rate sheet it is $159.99/mo. So…T-mobile’s new big plan that is going to vault them over Sprint costs $30 more per month. Someone at T-mobile didn’t think this one through.

  • rossi

    @ vikingsfan45

    I can’t agree with you, and I have little respect for people who drop their credentials on the internet and expect me to care (especially a marketing major). Do you think Tmobile’s marketing department is run by untrained monkeys? Although it might seem like it actually is I can assure you that they also have marketing degrees.

    See my post a few above yours, and you will see why I am not happy with these new plans. How would you market that crap to me?

    “For only $110 more than sprint’s offering you can get what you want and have more minutes than you’d use”

    Sounds promising. How does, “no thanks, and I’ll take my 5 lines elsewhere” sound to you? By the way, most people with great credit and money to spare are financially savvy. They’re either with Verizon for their network or AT&T for the iphone and larger 3g network (as compared to Tmobile’s)… If they’re going to switch they’re going to look at Sprint first. That is, unless Tmobile has something else up it’s sleeve.

  • Dee

    I don’t think I’ve seen any answers anywhere to this big question:

    Are we, the current TMO users that are HAPPY with our current plans, going to be forced to make a change to this new plan structure???

    I don’t want to pay more for a plan that I will not use to its fullest. How will that save me $$?? I’m happy with my current plan and do not want to change.

    If I’m forced to switch, I’ll make the switch to another carrier. I’ve been with TMO from the beginning… and this sucks.

  • CellFan


    I totally agree with you.

    @@ vikingsfan45,

    You are right, they seem to be targeting VZW & AT&T customers. The problem is if they look at T-Mobile, then look at Sprint, what sets T-Mobile above Sprint? Saving $10 a month? I think that is not too much of a deciding factor especially with Sprints Any mobile, anytime. For example, all of my calls are to other cell phones with very little calls to landlines. For people like me, why would I take my family plan to T-Mobile? Even if I do leave AT&T, I would look at Sprint for that reason.

    Its too to like and be loyal to T-Mobile but also okay to say, this is not a smart game plan by DT/T-Mobile USA. The concept of No Contract prices are good but is that really enough to gain customers. I agree with Rossi, maybe making Any Mobile, Anytime to their plans would be a better idea.

    And marketing major would know how to counter act this plan by T-Mobile, VZW has the “We have a map for that” tv ads. Seems to be very effective. And AT&T just has to show iPhone commercials and they will counter act this.

    Sprint and T-Mobile need a whole new marketing departing, that I do agree with you. Both have OKAY at best marketing ads.

  • Tmo

    Customers who have grandfathered rate plans can still keep their current rate plans. Their would be no change to pricing- still grandfathered.

  • Rob

    These plans could be targeted at people who are with Verizon & AT&T.They will definitely see a decrease in their monthly bill.
    However they could compete with Sprint when it comes to unlimited, but asides from that every plan has to be evaluated.
    T-Mo as well as most companies have the general public plans and the “loyalty” or “retention” pricing plans. At least I hope they have these.
    However, the current pricing plans here do for me to go towards unlimited since I have a 2000 min family plan w/ 4 lines and 2 Data devices. We spend around 1200-1700 mins (depending on the month) and with 1500 I’d hit overage.
    The 200 should be the for w/o data. Currently my mom, who is on my pricing plan, does not txt or go on the internet. It would be nice to add her, but not limit her to 200 mins.

  • Rob

    Sorry about the grammar on the above post. Just woke up.

  • allan…atwork

    We already have free mobile to mobile for all tmo customers.

  • rossi

    @ allan

    No one is denying that. Sprint’s plan is any mobile any network… free.

  • Mark

    My only question is this. I just extended my contract and got a subsidized G1 in August. Will I be able to switch to the no contract plan?