Project Dark, Again


Sunday is a big day in T-Mobileland, and while the company is trying to keep things from leaking, that is very hard to do in today’s world.  What we have here is further, clearer and more detailed confirmation of the rate plans accompanying Project Dark.  As it is, though, we are considering these rumors, so have your daily dose of salt.  Of course, maybe T-Mobile is trying to keep people in the dark by printing out false information sheets (we have our doubts that any company would do this, but what a genius move to keep people in the dark (if that is what they are trying to do)).  Either way, head on past the break for a full, and much easier to read, peak at the rate plans (including a family plan breakdown).  Leave your thoughts in the comments!



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  • Tyler

    Once again, failure

  • mlo

    ay dios mio

  • MishkaGreen

    I still don’t understand why I’m going to be punished for being a loyal customer. I know it has to deal with the subsidized phone costs and junk but even still. :-/

  • Pedro

    Ok, I understand the individual plans better now. Do we have to switch to these when they’re announced will we have to wait until our contracts expire?

  • Cerberus

    Well, talked to a T-Mo supervisor for almost 45 friggin minutes just because I wanted to change my plan. According to her, all of these leaks are not close to what is still to come and that is all she can tell me. So here is to hoping that she is not BS’ing me and there really is more to this.

  • faves

    I just don’t get this. As a current t-mobile sub, on a 1000 shared/myfaves family plan that costs 59$ a month, i can’t see anything that is better or even matches what i currently have.

  • TMCraver

    @cerberus I’d call back and change ur plan just in case if you really need something then if there are better prices then you can always change again.

  • rossi

    So I currently use ~600 whenever minutes and 3k+ myfaves minutes on 5 lines with unlimited texting. I currently pay ~$150 including taxes and fees. To even cover my minutes usage I am looking at $120+$120. Is it confirmed that myfaves plans will no longer be offered? If so, I’m sorry but these plans are atrocious.

  • rossi

    BTW I realize my current plan will be grandfathered… but WHAT ABOUT NEW CUSTOMERS!!

  • march7th

    Project FAIL

  • changez4me79

    I hope whoever leaked this is held accountable and possibly terminated. This is supposed to be confidential information.

  • OchoCinco

    Project terrible, I was excited about coming back to T-mobile, but this is really nothing good, especially when 1.) T-mobile 3G doesn’t work with an Iphone 2.) for roughly 10 dollars more you get better coverage with Verizon or even At&t.

  • Van Gok

    i, gote those booklets today, and as i understand the no more old plans as “myfaves” or any other. So the t-mobile came up with the new ones!!! i think the old customers still gonna have whenever they have now! but new customers will be benefit much more!

  • watbetch

    So –

    Individual Even More

    500 minutes – $39.99
    500 minutes & Text – $49.99
    500 minutes & Other Phone data – $49.99
    500 minutes & Smart Phone data – $59.99
    500 minutes & Text & Other Phone Data – $59.99
    500 minutes & Text & Smart Phone Data – $79.99

    1000 minutes – $39.99
    1000 minutes & Text – $49.99
    1000 minutes & Other Phone data – $49.99
    1000 minutes & Smart Phone data – $69.99
    1000 minutes & Text & Other Phone Data – $69.99
    1000 minutes & Text & Smart Phone Data – $89.99

    Unlimited Talk – $59.99
    Unlimited Talk & Text – $69.99
    Unlimited Talk & Other Phone Data – $69.99
    Unlimited Talk & Smart Phone Data – $89.99
    Unlimited Talk & Text & Other Phone data $79.99
    Unlimited Talk & Text & Smart Phone data $99.99

    Individual Even More Plus

    500 minutes – $29.99
    500 minutes & Text – $39.99
    500 minutes & Other Phone data – $39.99
    500 minutes & Smart Phone data – $54.99
    500 minutes & Text & Other Phone Data – $49.99
    500 minutes & Text & Smart Phone Data – $69.99

    1000 minutes – $39.99
    1000 minutes & Text – $49.99
    1000 minutes & Other Phone data – $49.99
    1000 minutes & Smart Phone data – $64.99
    1000 minutes & Text & Other Phone Data – $59.99
    1000 minutes & Text & Smart Phone Data – $69.99

    Unlimited Talk – $49.99
    Unlimited Talk & Text – $59.99
    Unlimited Talk & Other Phone Data – $59.99
    Unlimited Talk & Smart Phone Data – $74.99
    Unlimited Talk & Text & Other Phone data $69.99
    Unlimited Talk & Text & Smart Phone data $79.99

    — Right? Makes things a bit more clarified for people not sporting Smartphones.

  • Chuong

    Does the AAL price for talk/txt/web family plans include web usage so we don’t have to add data add-on for lines 3-5?

  • rossi


    I hope you’re terminated for collaborating with this garbage. hahaha, seriously though… I want one week of my life back in return for your secrecy. Dissappointing is an understatement.

  • rossi

    Was project dark codename for “for family users who use more than 1500 minutes let’s get rid of myfaves so they have to go unlimited and double their costs”

    That’ll attract new customers. I better make an appointment for sunday morning at my local tmo store…

  • dom

    i think id be losing out…i joined about 3 months ago and i currently have 300mins with unlim myfavs and unlimited text n data for about 70 a month about 100 including taxes….so im going to be actually spending more once they phaze out the myfavs plan…

  • The Observer

    im still stayin with my old pain. tmobile is retarded for this. doubt this plan would save 95% of current customers any money

  • Mega G

    You guys KNOW it’s a firing offense to open that collateral before Sunday.. right??

    And if you DO get caught (and the chances are good) you would probably be finding yourselves applying for seasonal work at WalMart…

  • Jacob

    Maybe I am wishing for too much, but here’s hoping that all these leaks have been planned, controlled leaks to get us all riled up, only to spring on us the brilliantly cheap plans we heard about a couple weeks ago. *cheers*

  • joel

    Oh yeah, we DEFINITELY don’t want those other providers to know about this. They’re supposed to be shaking in their boots about us really doing something groundbreaking in the industry. When the other providers see this, they’ll realize they have nothing to worry about :/

  • Yanks26+1

    So if I get 3 more people on my existing 2 line family plan, I’m potentially looking at unlimited everything for less than $50 per line ($140+30+30+30/5). To me that’s definitely a game changer. Even after taxes (where I live–NJ) and insurance, it will still be under $60 for each line. On top of that not having a contract is a huge bonus. I hope what we have seen so far is no BS and now all I want to see some documentation of how they plan to have us pay for handsets and what the retail prices will be on some of these new smartphones coming out. Hopefully they keeps thing reasonable in the $350-$450 range.

  • Rossi

    @ mega g…

    Yeah I’m sure they didn’t see the sticker on the package…. Thanks captain obvious

  • steven

    i called tmobile to cancel. or pretend to cancel. i told them i was switching over to sprint because of a 30% discount that i could receive. the CSR told me to wait until next week to make a final decision. i told her i was aware of the leaks and quoted some prices listed. she told me that the new pricing will be nothing like that. O_O

  • OchoCinco


    I wish that was true, but honestly, I don’t see it. I think what we see if what we get here.

  • Rossi

    Steven I hope that’s true I really don’t want to leave tmo! I’ve got 1 year of my contract left and i’ve seriously been thinking of paying the ETF to go to sprint… I’ll hold out a while longer…

  • Moblow

    Theres no way TmoUSA is that smart as to publish fake papers, then on announcement day change everything. They should call it “Project Dark Days to be a Tmo Subscriber”.
    I bet after the announcement, if u want to change something on your plan, they’ll make you change to one of these horrible plans. Since they wont offer the old plans anymore. So upgrade now and keep your good plan before you get the shaft!

  • newspeak

    i mean that strikes me as odd that a rep would say that…if anything it practically guarantees that you will cx when you find out the rep lied to you

    i really want to believe that there is something we are not seeing

    but if this is really whats in store then i am not sure what to think

  • Josh

    Okay, the 500+web+text will actually end up saving me money. About 15 bucks a month.

    Right now I have 300 minutes, weekends only.

    I should now be able to get 200 minutes more, and free nights, and free mobile to mobile. Not so bad after all.

  • Say-Low

    Isn’t it true that if somehow Tmobile decide to change all their plans we won’t have to pay for the ETF? Or does it only apply when they change something with the plan you currently got?

    I’m thinking about going to Verizon. =/

  • Matthew

    I love T-Mobile. Been with them for 7 years! I dont know what they were thinking when they came up with these lame plans! Guess we better find a comfortable position ’cause we are going to be in 4th place for a long time at this rate, sad to say…

  • control

    again nothing spectacular

  • Matthew

    No that doesnt apply becasue you have the option of keeping your current plan

  • Rob

    What does “200 (Only available with Unlimited Plan)” in the Family Plan additional line mean?

  • Matthew

    No, that doesnt apply here because you can keep your current plan.

  • watbetch

    200 must mean an additional line with only 200 minutes

  • TravMobile

    Looks like rate increases for anyone who intelligently made use of MyFaves. Glad I got grandfathered into my plan for the next year.

  • J

    Its is amazing how much everyone is missing. There is not a single plan in T-Mobiles current set-up that is more advantageous. Unlimited minutes for 79.99 for two lines is fantastic. Everyone is sharing what they have and then comparing to the unlimited talk text and web packages. If your not using a smartphone today then you are comparing pricing incorrectly. myFaves works great for some but would you rather have 600 minutes and myfaves for 49.99 or unlimited.

    The 200 minute idea for family is brilliant. You either add a line to the unlimited plan that gives you unlimited for 30 or you add 200 minutes for only 10. Some people have kids that don’t need unlimited minutes. Add them for cheaper. Wait till its all done and add up your costs today and then do even more plus. It will save you money. For sure. Its substantially cheaper than the other carriers.

  • hi!

    Project Flop!

    I feel like an idiot admitting it now but I was so exited when I first read about Project Flop weeks ago. I was checking this, and other, sites religiously just waiting to read the good news. I felt like my girlfriend might leave me cause I wouldn’t shut up about how awesome this was going to be and how the anticipation was building. Well, I doubt this could be worse. Remember all those literal articles people were writing about a $50 all you can eat plan?? Where the F is that. And read through everyone’s comments. There are well over 300 people very upset over this.

    At least all the idiots who kept posting, “maybe this isn’t it!” or, “maybe these are fake” or better yet, “maybe tmobile is purposely leaking fake info like a movie!!”, can finally shut up and realize how retarded they all sounded. We all (ALL!!!) knew this was true from the first leak and now we have to deal with the consequences of unexciting planes AND crap phones.

    I’ve LOVE to work for AT&T, Verizon, or especially Sprint right now. You know they heard all the rumors too and had to be at least a little frightened/curious. Now that all is the info is out they must be laughing all the way to the bank. TMobile will forever we fourth place and my time with them is extremely limited. Waiting for 100% confirmation of this garbage on the 25th and then it’s sweet phones/coverage here I come!!!

  • Anthony

    I just want T-Mobile to have better phones. I don’t believe I’ll ever leave them because of this but honestly I do get jealous of all the cool phones my friends have with ATT and Verizon. I could care less about Sprint… They have awesome phones with horrible customer service!

  • integlspwr

    wait so if i get a mytouch on sunday it will cost me monthly.

    500 minutes & Text & Smart Phone Data – $79.99
    vs if i got one today it would only be $75 is this right?

  • Pliablemoose

    Plans need to be renamed “FAIL” and “EVEN MORE FAIL”

    I can’t believe the prices.

  • emeryfan1988

    well i went into the store, and from what the manager told me. i his words ” we are going to put metro PCS out of business” so that means unlimited cheap…. but from these pics dont look that cheap at all! idk… i guess we’ll wait till Sunday

  • ryaninc

    Okay, so can anyone answer this…will smartphone users be required to add that $25/$30 web option to every plan or will the unlimited talk/text/web work for smartphones (there’s at least one up there that says, “only available on TALK plans”)

    If I’m doing the math right, best case scenario, I’m paying exactly what I pay now, but getting unlimited texts instead of 400. Worst case, I’d end up paying WAY more for exactly what I have now.

    Either way, this is far from game changing. I feel very let down.

  • mario

    wait if you currently have a family plan with tmobile,are you going to be made to change to these new plans?

  • craig

    Can someone tell me do you have to have a web plan for your Smartphone? I have 5 lines on my account and 3 on my lines have Smartphones. so having unlimited everything for 139 that’s for 2 lines?

  • Stan

    There must be more to it than this for no better reason that that there is nothing in these stated plans that could rightly be called a “Cricket killer” plan. When leakers spoke of T-mobile wanting to respond to the low-cost providers (Cricket, Straight Talk), it made so much intuitive sense from a business perspective to proactively recapture the budget position before it was lost forever, and to hobble the upstarts and make it difficult for them to gain a foothold in the market and become profitable.

    But there is no Cricket Killer in these stated plans. No truly budget-conscious user would select these plans over Cricket or Straight Talk. At best, these plans are a marketing ploy geared to getting Verizon/ATT users to give T-mobile a second look; there is no game-changer here.

    If anything, I’d imagine the switch will alienate current T-mobile subscribers who will resent having to give up current plans (which are grandfathered) and adopt more expensive plans, in order to make small changes (e.g. to add text or data).

  • sprinter

    There was an article on the web about how the stock of all the prepaid guys (Leap, Metro PCS) jumped on the leaks. It is obvious that T Mobile isn’t going after them…Cricket Killer I think it was called.

    I too admit to being super excited and telling all my friends to check this out…it is going to be huge etc. Now that reality hits I feel like an idiot. Not sure why anyone would have hyped this and made all those statements about going to number 3…or why would they even have a name for this project. it is just a rate adjustment and the elimination of the best feature T Mobile offers (the Faves) Guess they figured everyone would use google voice with the Faves and get unlimited for cheap….funny thing is sprint will still give you a favorite 5 if you call and ask!

    I think I will drop by the local T mobile store on Sunday and see if anyone is even there!

  • desirocker

    this is so lame…this isnt no game changer..they are just copying sprint..a game changer would be to lower down the prices till 60 max so they cant attract the metro pcs customers…i was actually looking forward for this but now naaa…tmobile is wack