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With T-Mobile announcing the official pre-ordering date for the Cliq on the19th, it looks like the MotoBlur powered device has already landed in some T-Mobile subscribers hands. And if you still can’t decide whether you want the Motorola Cliq, maybe some  in-detail pics will help you decide? I have to admit this baby looks beautiful and very solid. If you’re a current T-Mobile subscriber feel free to pre-order the Cliq and receive it no later than November 2nd. And if your planning on switching over to T-Mobile (which is a GREAT idea) you guys will have to wait until the November 2nd release date. Hit the jump for some more snapshots (including box art) of the Motorola Cliq! Feel free to express your thoughts/opinions in the comments.













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  • Sarah

    I got my phone yesterday! Where do you go to get Aps?!

  • Kickstar13

    Hit menu and then go to the icon with the Android Marketplace.

  • Sarah


    Thanks for the info, do you think the G1 would have been better for like an older person around 20? The no flash is kind of a deal breaker. CRAP! Maybe I should have gotten the HTC. Too late to unorder now, should have did more research.

  • Kickstar13

    I’ve used both the G1 and MyTouch3G and I have to say this is the best Android phone on T-Mobile. The G1 feels a lot slower for some reason, compared to the Cliq. Also I like the keyboard on the Cliq rather than the G1. Even without flash it the 5MP camera is still pretty impressive on the Cliq. 50x better picture quality than the G1.

  • leslie

    I have to say since Thursday n I haven’t stopped playing with my moto blur. I’m using it right now n for my first Android I’m loving it. Is so easy to use n learn. I can’t believe how addicitve this little gadget is. I really dnt miss my blackberry at all cuz this little magic phone has so much to do n use. I LoVE IT!

  • Kickstar13

    Blur is very nice though major battery life killer.

  • Anthony

    I got mine Friday morning… my battery dies so quickly… I changed the brightness too and I am not connected to any networks… I use the browser for that… I don’t like all the notifications and being constantly connected… but the keyboard is awesome and thats why I got this phone! ;-)

  • Kickstar13

    I’m glad you are enjoying your new Motorola Cliq! :)

  • Marcel Silva

    This motorola cliq is an absolute delight. My girlfriend and are are absolutely hooked and thrilled by this lil gadget. We found our selves saying “and this is better than the g1” and this one too. The camera is amazing even in the relative dark.
    Surprised that Everythin on the phone is faster than g1 despite I read was same processor.
    Prettier phone ivons layout. The sound is spectuar thx quality! Much needed upgrade ovwe old spe.aler. Dpad on keyboard is good for emualtors and other games. I could go on and on. I thought would be just slight improvement. The best phone has gotten better. A must get . So far only negative is battery. May get extended batt like g1 which would fix that.

  • Kickstar13

    @Marcel Silva
    Agreed! Everything about this device is really nice. I really like it. Its the best android phone I have used (used both Mytouch3G and G1).

    I’m going to get an extended battery for this since I need it.

  • tinalooks808

    Maybe the batt life is bad because all of you can’t keep your paws off of it =) that’s how I was when I got my g1! I love android~ don’t think I coult ever go back to anything else!!!

  • jmack

    @kickstar 13. You don’t need the batteries yet…TMOBILE sugges that you just run the battery down 3 times to 0 or 1%. I felt the same way when I got it but my battery is ok now.

  • gurp13

    I got my Cliq on Friday. I love using it. I’m still trying to find out all the little things it can do and how best to use it. It’s very powerful in terms of messaging and sharing photos. I was taking pictures and sharing them on Facebook so easily that I have to be careful not to annoy people with too much! (too late?) :-) The battery life *did* seem short to me. @jmack, I’ve not heard that, in fact, I’ve always heard the opposite, that you don’t need to condition li-ion batteries and that, in fact, there’s no reason to because it’s pointless. Further, I’ve always heard that putting a li-ion battery through a full cycle like that is not a good idea.

    The 3G speeds are great. I actually forgot to put the phone on my Wifi network for most of yesterday while I was home.

  • ov1

    I’ve been very excited about this phone for a while but I believe I will to see what’s coming out next. The reason why is because I just bought my wife a rouge through vzn and I love the flash on her phone. Since I don’t really use facebook,myspace,blah,blah,blah. What’s other selling points other the instant connection and the 5mgpix. I’ve been with tmo for over 5 yrs and currently would have to pay about 400 for the phone since I’ve been a loyal customer and my next full upgrade is not availible til next aug. I know this is a stretch but has anyone heard what’s next for android and tmo

  • Rick intampa

    You know what? Everyone is saying how they are upset about the Cliq having no camera flash. Here’s my take. I don’t really think it needs one. This is a Motorola phone, and in my experience with Motorola phone cams, they have excellent picture quality in Low light. I noticed that in my former Motorola Sidekick Slide, whose camera was far superior to ‘any’ of the other Sidekicks even with their flash! (Similar to an iPhone camera which is also great in ‘low light’) I’m stoked to take pictures with this Cliq. From the picture examples i’ve seen online so far, they are great! Just google search samples. And lets face it, no cel phone with a flash will ever fully match the quality of a good point and shoot digital camera.. So why even bother?

  • Wicked1

    None of the Android phones have flash so that isn’t a knock on the Cliq. This isn’t a kids phones, people are always calling something a kids phone. It’s an Android phone, with slightly better hardware than the G1. If the Cliq is a kids phone then the the G1 is a kids phone. And last time I checked, adults were a big part of social networking and social networking sites. So people stop talking bullsh*t. If it isn’t to your liking, that’s fine, then don’t buy it.I’m way passed tired of people calling my phone a kids phone, coming from a Sidekick. I’d rather be a kid than a senior citizen, hahaha

  • Wicked1

    @ov1 The next Android phone coming to Tmobile with be the Samsung Behold 2, which should be coming out next month. But the specs aren’t out, only that it has one of those new kind of screens. T Mobile does have to step up it’s game on the phones though. Yes, they were the 1st carrier to release an android phone, but they didn’t follow it up with bringing the Hero to T Mobile, and they also made a mistake in not getting the Moto Droid, instead of the Cliq. The Hero would have brought in new customers and the Droid would have brought in yet more customers.

    All the T mobile android phones basically have the same specs/hardware, this shouldn’t be when its been over a year since the release of the G1 and the company has 3 soon to be 4 android phones. There should be improvements with each phone that is released. And T Mobile needs to learn how to advertise, they need to go to a new PR firm. Like for years there wasn’t any Sidekick commercials, when SK user are 1/3 their customers, well were, not anymore with the recent fiasco. They advertise the MT but I haven’t seen any Cliq commercials, and their should be some before it’s release.

  • Kickstar13

    Yup I condition all my phones and it definitely improves battery life.

    next up for T-Mobile Android phones is the Samsung Behold 2. Specs are unknown as of yet but we do know it comes with an AMOLED screen and is expected to release November 18th

    More info on the Samsung Behold 2 here:

  • John F.

    I got my Cliq last Thursday. The phone is a delight to use and is pretty speedy compared to the bloated G1 I used for the last year.
    My only beef is the the OS is 1.5 with no plans to go to 1.6. This basically sucks, especially when you hear that Motorola is releasing the Droid to Verizon at 2.0.

  • shhon75

    can you turn off BLUR?

  • Kickstar13

    Yes you can turn off MotoBlur anytime.

  • NiiDiddy

    I played with this phone extensively at the T-Mobile store. Nice phone, but I have never liked the “mechanics” on any slide-out keyboards out there. I am always texting, IM-ing and using data, which means sliding in and out the keyboard will consitute an eventual wear and tear…like the G1 was for me. SO for me, CLIQ is nothing special.

    However I will continue to enjoy my myTouch3G…until a new “out-of-the-world” Android phone drops exclusively at T-Mobile with a larger screen (3.5+) and no pysical keyboard.

    Peace out!

  • The Dude

    I went with the MT3G instead of this one. All I wanted was a phone with keyboard, didnt care about the blur and all that since I dont have facebook or myspace. I played with the MT3G and got used to the onscreen and got that instead. I might buy one later off ebay or something if the MT3G breaks or something.

  • Fatima

    I’m just curious I need help…I love how sleek The cliq looks but I think ok average when it comes to my social life. I have yahoo messaging and aim also twitted but I don’t be bothered with facebook or myspace,really don’t have the time I rather text. Do you think I should still get the cliq being that I only have those social networks and not facebook or myspace? Please help me

  • Fatima

    Please help me decide

  • Jenna

    Does anyone know if there is a way to take a picture of yourself, like other phones when you close them the camera switches to a view so you can take self pics. ??? It almost looks like there is a camera lens, but it may be a light sensor.

    Let me know if you have an idea…

  • JayJay

    My b-day is coming up and I dont whether I want the BB Bold 9700 or the Cliq. Somebody, help me lol, I’m coming from a SK3-SKLX user….should I just stick 2 my liking and get the LX 09 haha?

    • Kickstar13

      If you’re coming from a Sidekick device the Cliq will be a great upgrade for all your social networking needs.

  • Davho

    @Kickstar13, How do you turn off motoblur?


    • Kickstar13

      You have to drag each widget into the recycling bin. There is no way to turn all of it off at one time.

  • SusieDoll

    I currently have a Sidekick LX and I want to upgrade to something new. I had the BB 9700 and the Cliq in mind but i simply do not know which one to go with. I do HEAVY texting and love to take pics. I heard great thing from both phone but which one should i go with ?

  • carlitobigante

    I just got my Cliq 5 days ago, traded my Iphone 3g for it. Sinse my Iphone didn’t allow me to send mms videos I got rid of it.. I say if i’m going to pay top dollar for a phone it’s going to do everything I need it to. I love my Motorola Cliq

  • carlitobigante

    susie go for the cliq.. the youtube videos look real clear by clicking the option button you could turn all youtube videos into hd. Something my prior iphone was lacking. The CLIQ KICKS I LOVE IT:).