T-mobile Market Research Hints to "Sapphire" Naming?!

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Via a very lucky T-mobile customer who was selected at random to participate in a market survey from T-mobile, our tipster was able to take some snapshots of possible names for the codenamed: “Sapphire/Magic/Dream.” We have the above named “G3, myTouch 3G with Google, Genius 3G with Google, and Prism 3G with Google.” Not really sure how customers were selected or what else the market survey inquired about, but the above picture and those following the jump are very interesting indeed. So just chalk this up to further confirmation that this device will indeed be making its way to T-mobile, following the FCC post and the release date calender I think its pretty safe to keep calling this one on its way.

Unfortunately we only got 3 out of the 4 named shots but I’m guessing you guys will have a preference regardless. So whats your name choice, sound off in the comments?

Two more pics follow after the jump!











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