Ready for 3G Galore??


We’re holding this in the rumor column for now, as it appears to be a real screenshot sent our way but we’re still working toward 100% confirmation. We have, what appears to be a list of 3G cities going live this year for magenta. Its a pretty compiled list and is sure to please quite a few of you who are still oh so patiently waiting for the greenlight! While we want to reinforce the idea that we haven’t confirmed this list, it seems pretty legit and unless its a cruel joke from an AT&T fanboi who just wants to tease us, this should hopefully give those of you left waiting for 3G a better idea of what to expect this year. Did your city make the list??



  • Dave

    All you whining idiots that are CONSTANTLY complaining about T-Mobile not having 3G in your area yet and how AT&T and Sprint have 3G and how you are going to dump T-Mobile and go to them…please do us ALL a favour and GO! I am patient and I like T-mobile. I have been with them for 8 years. The grass is not always greener on the other side. Do your research. AT&T’s wonderful (NOT) 3G network has major capacity issues that are effecting customers…so much so they are going to route all voice calls to their 2G to free up space for 3G data users and their 3G is NOT that fast! They also do not have more bars in more places. And their “claim” that they have the best coverage worldwide is kinda misleading as they do not have a network outside of the USA! They just have ROAMING agreements with carriers in europe whereas T-Mobile, a German company, OWNS networks in several european countries. So just go to crappy AT&T or worse, Sprint with their spotty coverage and “tin can” voice quality and overpay for your bad service. I will stick with my beloved, GERMAN owned T-Mobile because as we all know, everything german is of the highest quality!

  • Patrick

    response to Dave:

    Agreed….slightly. Sprint’s COVERAGE is great in my opinion. I NEVER have coverage issues with Sprint…it’s their customer care that’s more like “Customers? I don’t care.” AT&T’s coverage isn’t any better than T-Mobile’s from what I’ve noticed. And their 3G(UMTS) actually ISN’T that fast as you stated. Their HSDPA is about 1.2Mpbs(which is what I get here in indy) but if you’re in an area that doesn’t have it(which is more than you’d believe) you only get 4-600 kbps on average….which is only about 2x the speeds I noticed I can get with my g1. and honestly…..25KB/s vs 40……..not that much of a difference. and DEFINITELY not worth paying the extra money for. I was getting 1Mbps in Chicago with my G1….EASILY. So does it SUCK MAJOR DOG TESTICLES that i have to WAIT cause Indianapolis isn’t “important enough”…yes. But I think I’d wait. Plus by the time the Touch Pro 2 comes out…it’ll be Q3 which is when i HEARD Indy is supposed to get 3g.

    (side note….on sprint or verizon, you can NOT use the phone and the internet at the same time. so if I ever DID switch…..AT&T it is lol)

  • Tsu

    Dave is wrong. Att has a much bigger network and faster 3g. And sprint beat t-mobile in voice quality in jd powers and pc mag. Nice try though

  • Saurabh

    Their is nothing like t-mobile’s network and customer service..they just need to add things on the sides..(3G network and 3G phones…….)

    T-mobile is the best..

  • YOUPeople

    ALBUQUERQUE SON! Forget all of you stupid whiners complaining that you’ve only had 3G in your big cities for a few months. And you other idiots complaining that you can drive 15mins from your house and you get 3G. We haven’t had 3G anywhere in our state whatsoever! Losers. T-Mobile is finally getting a little bit smarter… Only a little.

  • jinx10000

    Has this list panned out?

    Have the cities listed in April and May received 3g coverage?

  • CeasarT

    El Paso 3G!! El Paso 3G!! I can’t wait! I just got a G1!! Ahhhhhh