The breakdown of T-mobile 3G thus far


Since everyone always posts in the comments where oh where will 3G work for me, we decided to post this super easy breakdown for those of you who are still interested in what areas of the country T-mobile is rocking out with 3G.

List after the jump!

Update: I’m going to try and just say this one time, I DID NOT make this list so any areas not included or other errors that may appear should be forwarded to me so I can correct them.

  • · Austin –
  • · Atlanta
  • o Atlanta,
  • · Boston
  • o Boston, MA
  • o Cambridge, MA
  • o Lowell, MA
  • o Providence, RI
  • o Worcester, MA
  • · Birmingham
  • o Birmingham, AL
  • o Huntsville, AL
  • o Hoover, AL
  • o Tuscaloosa, AL
  • · Chicago
  • o Chicago, IL
  • o Elgin, IL
  • o Gary, IN
  • o Joliet, IL
  • · Dallas
  • o Dallas, TX
  • o Arlington, TX
  • o Carrolton, TX
  • o Fortworth, TX
  • o Garland, TX
  • o Grand Prairie, TX
  • o Irving, TX
  • o Mesquite, TX
  • o Plano, TX
  • o Richardson, TX
  • · Denver
  • o Denver, CO
  • o Thornton, CO
  • o Boulder, CO
  • o Westminster, CO
  • o Arvada, CO
  • · Detroit
  • o Detroit, MI
  • o Clinton, MI
  • o Livonia, MI
  • o Sterling Heights, MI
  • o Warren, MI
  • o Dearborn Heights, MI
  • o Royal Oak, MI
  • o St Clair Shores, MI
  • o Taylor, MI
  • o Southfield, MI
  • o Troy, MI
  • o Farmington Hills, MI
  • o Westland, MI
  • · Houston
  • o Houston, TX
  • o Pasadena, TX
  • · Kansas City
  • o Kansas City, MO
  • o Kansas City, KS
  • o Olathe, KS
  • o Overland Park, KS
  • o Lees Summit, MO
  • o Independence, MO
  • · Las Vegas
  • o Las Vegas, NV
  • o North Las Vegas, NV
  • o Paradise, NV
  • o Spring Valley, NV
  • o Sunrise Manor, NV
  • · Los Angeles
  • o Los Angeles, CA
  • o Anaheim, CA
  • o Burbank, CA
  • o East Los Angeles, CA
  • o Glendale, CA
  • o Irvine, CA
  • o Long Beach, CA
  • o Norwalk, CA
  • o Ontario, CA
  • o Pasadena, CA
  • o Pomona, CA
  • o Santa Ana, CA
  • · Memphis
  • o Memphis, TN
  • · Miami
  • o Miami, FL
  • o Coral Springs, FL
  • o Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • o Hialeah, FL
  • o Hollywood, FL
  • o Miramar, FL
  • o Pembroke Pines, FL
  • o West Palm Beach, FL
  • · Minneapolis
  • o Minneapolis, MN
  • · New Jersey
  • o Elizabeth, NJ
  • o Jersey City, NJ
  • o Long Branch, NJ
  • o New Brunswick, NJ
  • o Newark, NJ
  • · New York City
  • o New York City
  • · Orlando
  • o Orlando, FL
  • · Philadelphia
  • o Philadelphia, PA
  • o Atlantic City, NJ
  • o Trenton, NJ
  • o Wilmington, DE
  • · Phoenix
  • o Phoenix, AZ
  • o Chandler, AZ
  • o Gilbert, AZ
  • o Glendale, AZ
  • o Mesa, AZ
  • o Peoria, AZ
  • o Tempe, AZ
  • · Portland
  • o Portland, OR
  • o Vancouver, WA
  • · Sacramento
  • o Sacramento, CA
  • o Modesto, CA
  • o Roseville, CA
  • o Stockton, CA
  • · San Antonio
  • o San Antonio, TX
  • · San Diego
  • o San Diego, CA
  • o Chula Vista, CA
  • · San Francisco
  • o San Francisco, CA
  • o Berkeley, CA
  • o Concord, CA
  • o Daly City, CA
  • o Fremont, CA
  • o Hayward, CA
  • o Oakland, CA
  • o Richmond, CA
  • o San Jose, CA
  • o Santa Clara, CA
  • o Sunnyvale, CA
  • o Vallejo, CA
  • o Pleasanton, CA
  • · Seattle
  • o Seattle, WA
  • o Bellevue, WA
  • · Tampa
  • o Tampa, FL
  • o Clearwater, FL
  • · Washington DC
  • o Washington, DC
  • o Alexandria, VA
  • o Arlington, VA
  • o Baltimore, MD
  • o Gaithersburg, MD
  • o Washington, DC
  • o Alexandria, VA
  • o Arlington, VA
  • o Baltimore, MD

o Gaithersburg, MD


  • andrewm

    3g isn’t on in Kansas City or surrounding. Is this list the expected rollout or what?

  • ahh

    Ahhh, El Paso needs 3G’s grace.

  • Brandon from Cleveland…….. GO OBAMA

    Damn…… alright, gwilli!! Lol.

  • Omar

    Any news on when Ohio is getting some 3G?

  • diirtyboii

    Oh hell yeah so theirs 3G in modesto now? I’m getting a 3G phone now


    All are located around the DFW Metroplex.

  • SANTi.SiCKO™


  • Solrac924

    Possible rumor for now: Feb. 1 will be the target date for another “3G launch day”…and El Paso is among the cities!!!
    Can any field tesers confirm?

  • hitdog042

    Ohio is the 7th most populated state. Tmobile dropped the ball on how they did this roll out.

  • TeKKiE

    Why is everyone on the 3g bandwagon? Why not 4G?! T-mobile’s reason for building the network from the ground up was not only because of the issues with the feds not releasing the spectrum, but also because they built a 4G network, not just a 3G network. We’ll all be on 4G when other network providers are trying to upgrade their already congested 3G networks. Another benefit to T-Mobile’s 3G network? As stated before, we’re on a practically untouched spectrum, that doesn’t share with other providers. This could be a downside, but I see it mainly as an upside. You’re not sharing the backbone with other carriers because they can’t utilize the 1700MHz band. They of course see the 2100MHz band, but not the exact frequency spread that T-Mobile has secured. Less to share, more bandwidth and less saturation ;)

  • MWD

    F*** that :( Iowa is not on the list!!

  • Kubastank

    I’m in the San Diego East County area and have yet to see to hear about 3G. All of the rest of San Diego has the 3G blanket while I sit out in the cold…

  • Fastest Live Chat

    3g is not almost good in all cities.Still something to be done

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  • 6047786
  • 6047786
  • Sesli Sohbet

    Less to share, more bandwidth and less saturation

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