I've been wanting this moment for a while

For the uninformed, adobe flash is one of the most sought after “products” that has yet to become available for most mainstream popular cell phones, ie the G1 and the iPhone. While the wait for G1 owners has been significantly shorter than iPhone owners, G1 users may not have to wait much longer. As a recent “Adobe Max 2008” developer conference, Adobe showed off flash 10 running on Android and the G1. In laymens terms this basically means you will able to enjoy most websites in their desktop form, video’s, ad’s the whole shebang. Of course this also means you could endure the “congratulations, you’ve just won a free ipod nano” ad that has won soooo many fans over the years. Thank goodness for firefox and adblock but that’s neither here nor there.

Check out the video for a look at just how wonderful Adobe Flash is with the G1…

No release date was of course mentioned but the mere fact that its being demonstrated and available for public demonstration is just a positive sign and one I personally have been waiting for for quite sometime. Not having flash has been a hindrance on more than one occasion while web surfing for me which makes this is a much welcomed addition to the mobile world.


  • D

    your welcome and also under the article posted today about the 3.5mm adapter i posted some interesting information there bout the G1 so check out my comments.

  • flyyphone

    I’d take the g1 over a wing…the first wing looked like a big smurf, hope the design is improved

  • D

    The 1st wing may have been a big smurf but it could do everything from using slinplayer and streaming online radio to using skyfire browser which is way better right now than what the G1 can do no disrespect.I love my G1 but until Q1 it won’t be better than what the wing could do.I would say wing then G1 then iphone but the G1 will be better in janruary.

  • Snowy

    Thx cuz.
    If i get a chance to i will.
    I agree wit ya. Im not a winmo user, but for the moment G1 is only for early adoptier till more support, which is moving fast considering it being mobile OS. BUT one major advantage and difference at the moment for android(im goin to try an keep it simple) the java system being used. Its in some way common for pc coders making its widespread development easier an quicker. Bonus, no SUN licensing fee, disadvantage it does not incorporate the current JavaME supported by vast majority of mobile platforms, therefore no use of its vast repository.

  • Cindy

    Finally! I was wondering id G1 users now have to pay for it or will it be free from the market? I hope so!