October 22nd holds more secrets

That’s right T-mobile is in high gear for the 22nd of October, you know the day some G1 phone launches. Oh well, phones are all the same these days, right? Much more important however is some small overhauling to the Myfaves rate plans.

Magenta has done a little tweaking to the plans increasing them by $10 and making mobile 2 mobile standard on all myfaves plans. So really, its not “tweaking” per se, just making what was once an option now “included.”

The only REAL revamp here is the inclusion of a $69.99 myfaves 400 plan. No surprise really as that price point remains the common entry level for family plans on the big carriers. This does not affect any of the non-myfaves plans.

Anyways, not much else to tell but here’s a small graph because some of us just learn better with pictures.


Thanks to everyone who sent this in! 

  • notme

    69.99 isn’t bad for 400 min because everyone in the t-mobile network is included in m2m AND your 5 outside the network are included too.

    Of the people I talk to, 60% of them are on t-mobile, and the rest I can put as myfaves. As long as you don’t waste myfaves spots with t-mobile numbers then that 300 minutes you get from Sprint aint worth crap. I spend 95% of my talk time on t-mobile’s network and to the same 3 or 4 people off the network. Add in cheaper data and t-mobile wins hands-down.

    You’re only looking at minutes when there’s more to factor in.

  • SaDudE

    This is just the myfaves plans that have gone up…I still have a regular non-myfaves plan and never plan on going to myfaves. Everyone in my family and nearly all of my friends are tmobile so out of 700 minutes I have, I barely can use 200.

  • B.

    @center rep
    I know that’s what streamling said at one point. Believe me, no one was more excited than I was to get it early. But you above all should know that things change like crazy. The gm of my center also confirmed the 22nd of nov in our centers all senior meeting yesterday. I would doublecheck, I just don’t want anyone else getting their hopes up to be let down when it doesn’t happen.

  • T1 Connect

    @drivethruboy168 yo i want that data card ill add a line for that. the one they have now is edge trash.

  • TomCruise

    @drivethruboy168, i feel the other HTC phones on Tmobile will come only 2-3 months after G1 as it makes business sense for HTC & Tmobile.

  • drivethruboy168

    yea… Yea rumor has it Sony Ericsson is making another one for tmo, 3G and all!
    @tom cruise
    I just want to know what they are. I know with the G1 launch it will be next year till we see these HTC devices, but I’m curious as to what they are because it doesn’t day it’s a winmo device like the other coming soon one. I heard that the diamond was supposed to be heading our way, and with this touch HD it puts nice thoughts through my mind, even though some will say keep dreamin, but that’s why I ask!

  • tim

    this is a good thing because my wife and i share a my favs family plan and we have to add each other to the my favs. this way will free up at least 3 my favs on my phone. that will be worth sacrificing 300 hundred minutes.

  • T1 Connect

    @drivethruboy168 ive seen that phone i think its the z760w or something like that its coming at christmas time look it up if u cant find it go to google.co.uk and google it from there

  • T1 Connect

    @drivethruboy168 ive seen that phone i think its the z760w or something like that its coming at christmas time look it up if u cant find it go to google.co.uk and google it from there oh and were not getting the touch hd in the us period

  • TomCruise

    i was told, there’ll be one samsung winmo phone (one of the blackjacks)

  • iRoc

    2 more weeks till G1 time! hopefully.

  • Doble-A

    @ SaDudE

    I couldn’t have said it better myself.

    There’s no need for me to switch to a myFaves plan. I am on a regular FamilyTime plan. Everyone I know has T-Mobile so myFaves is useless for me.

  • Doble-A

    Besides, I get 700 Whenever Minutes to share between two phone lines, plus unlimited nights, weekends, and mobile-to-mobile calling for $59.99. Everyone I know has T-Mobile.

  • T1 Connect

    tried a myfavs plan 3mths ago didn’t like it switched back to my plan cause it wasn’t good for me at all everyone in the five boroughs has tmo anyway all my friends and fam i hardly crack 2000 mins anyway

  • encoreorv

    Hey guys keep your eyes open this holiday last year they offered 1500 min for 39.99. Now this didnt include free nights and weekends but a rep can give your minute break down for at least three months to see if this plan could benefit you. Ive been on this program for over four years and I just reactivated my contract since i purchased the g1. Has anyone notice if the g1 will have(documents to go). Hey me I was out of my contract for two yrs and paid month to month.

  • center rep

    @b in email today it says csr’s and rsr’s will have a chance to order on oct 22nd. guess your gm was wrong

  • dat chyk

    Ok, if someone already asked this then I’m sorry I missed it. BUT…I have MyFaves Family 700 for $69.99 without the m2m. When this new plan kicks in…are they going to add m2m to my account free? I don’t suspect they would, but, I’d like to know if someone knows for sure.

  • center rep

    dat chk only if I change plan to the 400 family plan or if u add for 10 bucks

  • dat chyk

    @center rep, thanks. I am seriously trying to determine if I should just change to the new 400 min plan for $69.99 because right now 3 of my 5 myfaves people are Tmo customers. So, if I change to the new plan…it seems like I will be winning because I will be able to clear 3 people out of my myfaves…still talk to them because they will be m2m…and I will still have 5 people on myfaves. What yall think?

  • SheShe

    @dat chyk its better since most of the ppl on ur faves has t mobile so i’d say switch to the one with m2m

  • dat chyk

    @SheShe sounds better to me too because although I will lose 300 minutes, I will be gaining unlimited minutes to 5 people.

    @everybody in the blog – I found this cool app that’s in the Android market place that allows you to video chat! Here is the link…check it out!!!


  • Doble-A

    Noone’s plan is going to change unless you request them to change it. If they change something on your account, they need to verify with the account holder first. So stop with these rumors talking about peoples plan is going to change automatically. Noones plan can change without verification from the account holder.

    @ dat chyk

    If you say 3 of your 5 myFaves are T-Mo customers, then why don’t you just get the the same plan that I have which is 700 Whenever Minutes to share between two phone lines, plus unlimited nights, weekends, and mobile-to-mobile calling for $59.99? You save $10.00, and you have M2M included already.

  • dat chyk

    @Doble-A – Sounds like a plan to me…because I feel like I am seriously losing here…with my current plan! Thanks…I need to save every dollar I can at this point. So…it’s not a my faves plan that u r talking about right?

  • dat chyk

    The only problem that I have with NOT having my faves is that without it (myfaves) I cannot call my folks in LA (Cali) until 9 p.m. The myfaves allows me to call them at any time…which I like.

  • dat chyk

    LOL, I’m confused. I need to know which plan I should choose at this point cause it seems like there is a benefit for me in each one. :( dayum!

  • TomCruise

    @dat chyk, get your folks a tmo cell, that way you can call them anytime m2m free!

  • g willi

    I so can’t wait until oct 22.

  • dat chyk

    @TomCruise – Seriously! LOL, its funny because I think I talked one into switching today! Her bill is the same price as mine and I have two lines…so she was a little pissed with AT&T! Haha…I will convince her more!

    @g willi – I am excited about October 22nd, 2008 too! Hopefully, we will get them BY (before) the 22nd… but either way, I am looking forward to the date too!

  • Doble-A

    @ dat chyk

    My plan is called “FamilyTime Basic”. You get 2 lines with the plan and get unlimited nationwide T-mobile-to-T-mobile calling and unlimited nights and weekends for $59.99.

    @ Everyone

    Also remember, when you refer anyone to T-Mobile, T-Mobile credits $25 to your bill for each customer you refer. It can be over the phone, or in a store.

    For more information about the referring someone, go to:


  • dat chyk

    @Doble-A, thanks.

  • Noreen

    I don’t live in a 3G network state (utah), should I still get the 3G plan or can I just stick with my $20 data plan that I use with my curve. Thanks, guys!!

  • youngmiss156

    Right now I have the Family Time 1000 min paln with unlim night and weeends, and unlim m2m included.

    I have 3 lines of service, most of the people I talk to have T-mobile. I thought about changing to this new myFaves I will have to think more on it.

    I also like the fact of having more minutes instead of going over minutes.

    For now I am sticking with my 1000 min plan…

  • angie

    those prices are very incorrect for the myfaves plans. tmobile does not offer a 400 minute plan for the families and neither do they offer it at those prices. its 700 myfaves 69.99, 1000 myfaves 79.99, 2000 myfaves 109.99 for families and for individuals its 300myfavs 39.99, 600 myfavs 49.99, 1000myfavs 59.99 and 1500 myfavs 69.99. The family plan does not come with m2m so it will need to be added for 9.99 a month. as for the unlimited calling to the 5 ppl on myfavs, totally worth it!!!

  • David

    @angie, are you serious, did you miss the title of the article?