Its a bird…no its a plane…no its T-Mobile!

We have always been a fan of reading Business Week, and when we finally came across an article that resonates with this site, we got excited. Rachel Hinman posted an article yesterday afternoon discussing T-Mobile and how it can basically become the mobile carrier we’ve always wanted. Not that it wasn’t already! Still, she makes some excellent points and writes with good foresight into the future of the wireless industry.

As the first brave carrier to release an Android-powered phone, T-Mobile has paved the way in the wireless industry for Android to become the most-used open operating system. In the eyes of many, this is a large step forward from the depths of cell phone rules, regulations, and restrictions. With the wireless industry in the US nearing saturation, T-Mobile seems to be making their move.

From our unbiased perspective, T-Mobile has, and continues to be, the most liberal of the wireless carriers, with the release of Android only pushing that point further. With a push of open-sourced handsets, and a new developers program, T-Mobile seems to be raising this openness to another user-friendly level.

You may also be interested in a push from T-Mobile USA, to reflect handsets comparable to T-Mobile UK’s. For those that haven’t drooled over T-Mobile UK’s handsets, please do so here. Oh, and that original 1GB limit on data through the G1? After the blogs and angry users went on a viral rampage T-mobile responded and responded with effect. Rewording the data rules ever so slightly was a big victory across the blogosphere. T-mobile yet again proved its worthiness as champion for customer service by actually listening to what the customer wanted and taking it to heart. Few carriers can brag along those lines.

For too long now the industry has spiraled out of control with unnecessary fees, sms rate hikes that just won’t quit and contracts that won’t go away. The industry as a whole constantly ranks among the poorest in customer satisfaction and has almost complete autonomy over the customer experience. Can Android change all that? Will the ability to completely control the user experience prove to be to much for the average user or is this the beginning of things to come?

Only time will tell but for the moment, T-mobile is leaping over the competition by concentrating on putting customer service first and with Android taking them into the holiday season, it could pay off in a big way.

Read Rachel’s article here and show her some appreciation in the comments.


  • jdslim

    To T1.

    I am tired of your lies so many people don’t know what the heck they are talking and usally I am not the type of person that complains about it but you are wrong about your comment about the JD power awards. I just can’t sit here allowing people to think the only won 6 when they won 7.LoL

    T-mobile has not just won 6 in a row the won 7. T-mobile was the stand alone winner for 6 years in a row and in 2007 the chaired the top place with Verizon making it 7 wins in a row.

  • Mark

    first off, THE G1 SHOULD COME WITH AN ONSCREEN KEYBOARD!!! also, how come tmobile uk has tight phones and we have… only the g1?

  • Macho

    An actual keyboard to me is better then a on screen keyboard

  • dat chyk

    Yea, me too Macho. I don’t like the on-screen keyboard on my iPod Touch…too many typos. I like to type fast and the on-screen slows me down. I like the keyboard way better.

  • Macho

    Exactly dat chyk to its hands down

  • Jdslim

    It’s android should be simple enough for someone to come up with an on screen keyboard.

  • incrediboi

    Yes having a real keyboards is way better…but it be nice to have an option to use onscreen for short messages….

  • Mark

    yeah i agree with you guys on a keyboard is much better but an option to have an onscreen is way better and that means you can text during school/short messages and what not

  • Macho

    What i want is a flash plug in

  • T1 Connect

    @jdslim dude how could i be so wrong, im sorry. im loading my gun right now. id like to leave all my worldly possetions to dat chyk. goodbye world. im sorry mom

  • TI Connect

    I’ve decided to cut him some slack. Verizon is a great company, and they are every bit as deserving of praise as T-Mobile. Sorry duboochery.

  • dat chyk

    @T1 – LOL. Awe how sad, but so sweet of you! Please don’t leave us, I will miss you so much ;)

  • kazii

    lol..I looked at T-Mobile UK’s website for the first time just a couple days ago and YES I am shocked that they have such awesome phones.. I mean we in the US deserve them too!

  • Shawn

    Who knows the song “Why can’t we be friends?”

    Maybe we need that playing in the background of the blog when people are commenting. Lets try to play nice :-)

  • T1 Connect

    no more wars but heres the song

  • Macho

    Ok tmonews its been about 24hrs almost since we received anything g1 related please give me something!!!!

  • mark

    anyone who’s tried this phone can you tell me how well the travel of the keys are… As in can you type fast on the keyboard and not have to wait for the letters to lag behind?

  • Macho

    Good question i would also like to know

  • B.

    I didn’t have any problem with the typing lagging. I guess the 528 MHz processor’s doing its job :)

  • mrssherico

    When I switched from. the worst phone carrier (Sprint)to tmo I didn’t know how to act.I was like wow customer service reps with sense do actually exist.Tmo doesn’t have the coolest phones(yet), but what they lack in that area they more than make up in complete customer care.

  • mrssherico

    Slowly but surely tmo is on their way to becoming the #1 for mobile carriers.

  • Macho

    I agree tmo rules!!!

  • Macho

    Does anyone know if you can use a sling box with the g1 ? I hope so

  • Andréa

    @ LAWRENCE POLLOCK I got the SE Bella (aka TM506) and have been able to set everything up just fine, no problems. I have to agree that you are extremely hating and you really need to learn to breathe, statistically speaking you are putting yourself in the grave a lot earlier than you need to. To everyone b*tching about t-mo uk, they happen to have a better network, better network= better phones. You could bring over unlocked phones that would not work with t-mo usa. Also you can thank your government for t-mo usa not being able to use the frequencies that they paid hard cash for.

  • OLeG

    First off, I’d like to say that no matter how much T-mobile pays you to write this kind of crap it still never fails to inspire how deep one human being can stick a tongue up somebody’s behind for money.
    Second of all I’ve been a T-mobile customer for years, they are cheap, I agree, customer service is nearly amazing AND they are very liberal.


    The connection is really bad (in most places in PA it doesn’t even work period, no connection, try a zip code 18210), the phones are garbage (go on Att Wireless website, or any European carrier’s website, or any other company’s website period) and the famous AWS1700 has been in project since when, 2002? Meanwhile ATT and all other companies (Sprint, ahem, XOHM) are ready to deploy 4g. And T-mobile has what, 4 markets covered with AWS? Come on dude, T-mobile friggin SUCKS when it comes to technological advancement.
    I already pre-ordered the G1 and it really sucks to realize that no matter where I go, as soon as I leave New York I won’t have either 3g OR EDGE.
    I’m sure you won’t post this reply, since neither you nor T-mobile can take constructive criticism, but my advice to you-stop being this bittersweet T-mobile fan, you will get many more hits and visitors if you’ll stop writing stuff like “OMG THIS IS LIKE AWESOME, T-MOBILE IS LIKE CAPPING OUR BANDWITH THEY ARE SO AMAZING”.

    T-mobile is trying it’s best to become the “carrier we always wanted” but so is every other company. You know that T-mobile lost the JDpowers award this year to Verizon, right? Just saying…

  • christexaport

    something T-Mobile could do no one has mentioned is leverage manufacturers to install quadband WCDMA in all its retail devices. This way, the parent company can tout its global broadband network, OEM’s would have an order of scale large enough to include it in all unlocked devices, and we could roam on T-MobileUK and across the globe, and device choices would explode!