"Behold" the Samsung T919

We first got wind of this phone back in mid-August and it certainly has a lot of expectation as the first ALL-touch screen phone for T-mobile. Dubbed the “Behold” we’re still waiting on a detailed list of specs, but we know a 5mp camera,  Honestly, where do they come up with these names lately?! Well the good news is info leaking out shows a November 10th release date with a price of $149. No word on if that’s post rebate but I’d bet the last 12 dollars I have left in the stock market that it is. Specs are still a little vague and other than the 5 megapixel camera and “web2go” capability we don’t have confirmation of much so details are forthcoming. Enjoy:







Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

  • kookie

    is it true that this phone will be commin out in pink and if it is when will it come out :]

  • shiley

    I WANT THIS PHONE SO BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • shiely

    yes it is coming out in pink on Nov 10

  • Trudy

    Well…I got the G1 phone when it first came out and I LOVED it, except for the design and the camera quality sucked. So..I returned it. I just got the Samsung behold in a rose color and ABSOLUTELY love the design and camera quality. But…I miss my G1 apps. Hmm…what to do, what to do :(

  • Jean

    Just got the phone – really like it. Not set-up for Yahoo – won’t validate account. Even though it’s part of the internal programing. AOL works fine. What’s the deal??? Even T-Mobile can’t help me. Might have to return it.

  • abcyesn

    The Behold also provides quick and easy access to a customer’s favorite features through Samsung’s innovative TouchWiz™ user interface, which has specially designed widgets to customize and personalize your phone. The quick and simple ‘drag and drop’ feature allows users have instant access to their favorite functions, such as the clock, music player, instant messaging and photos and a custom widget for myFaves. There’s already a fans website named http://www.Samsung-Behold.com LOL

  • vick

    I just bought this phone its pretty good

  • ryverdaddy

    so….do i have to put a web browser or something on the phone when i get it?? or does it come with one??? if it does come with one is there a better one i can get?

  • zzTamiz

    I am using blackberry now and cant wait till blackberry touch will come to t mobile will this fone sync with my blackberry files?

  • http://www.UShopWireless.com Shelly Contino

    I’ve used a BlackBerry for pretty much the past decade and I love it. However, I’m ready for a change and gonna try the T-Mobile Samsung Behold. I found a great deal at UShop Wireless where its Free. I placed an order on Friday and should have it on Monday. Super excited to try out this new device. I will keep you posted if its as great as everyone is saying…

  • PEZ

    @TechnologyXDA No, the Experia WILL NOT work on Tmo’s 3G. And its an $800 phone – good luck affording that with your paper-route. Regardless, the X1 will be a dissapointment for most. The screen is about the size of the Sidekick (2.8 inches) and the UI is slow as hell.

    For those saying that “this is no G1” No kidding – The G1 is the G1. Just like the G1 isn’t an iphone, and just like this phone (Behold) isn’t the Eternity.

    Make sense when you post.

  • marine06

    the behold has expandable memory to 16Gb. G1’s network is too expensive and samsung uses regular tzone internet. and works just as good. phone is great…

  • viking4life

    How do videos look on the behold? Are they good quality maybe something similar to that of the Iphone’s

  • http://tmonews.com Carlos

    Yo imma get this phone in a couple of weeks u digg and its touch and it has a 5 mega pixxel cmera and u can watch videos on youtube in it kkkkkkkk LOL Im so exited PEACE TO YALL

  • Liz

    the G1 doesnt have video capability. it takes pictures but no video.

  • ryverdaddy

    expandable 16Gb memory??? how do i take advantage of that? ive got the phone…only complaint i have is the short battery life…other than that its awesome….ive got a 1Gb memory card in it now….how do i get that 16Gb your talking about?

  • yeaaa

    t-mobile hasn’t released any decent phones in AGES. can’t wait to get thiss =) is there a good amount of memory without using a memory card?

  • http://t-mobile betty

    behold rose was great for text only or tmobile g1 are news cellphone but bad used never work as mobile with laptop or pc desktop . only one does is sam beat t539 only way get internet with a cellphone works on laptop and pc desktop .

  • ana

    i have tmobile and i have t-zones on my phone… does anyone know if i will have to change my plan for the behold to work or will my current plan with t-zones carry over? thanks!

  • http://www.pbnation.com jason

    is anyones g1 have terrible battery life?

  • vd

    I want google maps on my behold and other apps. How do I do that?

  • tjgirl

    I got the behold yesterday. I find it very slow pulling up my email. I guess I got spoiled by the BlackBerry. I’m returning this phone. I need instant access to email!

  • http://yahoo.com vartys

    is the behold werth the buy or not?

  • http://yahoo.com vartys

    im getting it in january and i want to have a touch screen but not a G1

  • supp


  • missginger

    im choosing between G1 and behold, i was really into the behold but i really like the keypad on g1, im kinda worry about texting on behold cuz its all touchscreen..and also, g1 in white is going out and that will definitely be a plus cuz i LOVE white phones they are gorgeous, i saw the behold in brown and pink today they are nice and slim, but i still realyl really wanna see the white g1..lol oh and i dont plan to get internet service on either phone, does anyone know that if i dont plan to get internet access, id still be able to get g1? [or behold] thanks

  • The BIG Sexy

    I’ve had the blackberry 8120 and have s s blackberry 4 years and I bought the G1 and the flip up screen sucks the hinge that flips up came loose and and the base chiped I tossed it over the bridge and went and got the behold I love it it is better then all of my blackberrys and G1 it is fast and easy to work I went to a concert and took a vidio and it sounded great my 8120 BBs sound sucked well I’m a big fan and transfers to me Mac book are also fast and easier then my BB the wigets are easy this this phone should be called pda’s 4 dummies.if you can’t work this phone go back to 4 grade my son has the behole to and he’s 10 and he’s better then me lol HP GET 1

  • darndelion

    i have the pink behold and i LOVE it! it is easy to use, really accessible, and comes with many great features. i also think it looks and feels nicer than the G1. i highly recommend this phone but i do wish that it had more downloadable applicates like the iphone.

  • Zubo

    can u charge the phone threw the usb port??

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    Good Day Guru, I fell lucky that I located this post while browsing for ago hours minutes news yahoo music sports home stocks days. I am with you on the topic of “Behold” the Samsung T919. Ironically, I was just putting a lot of thought into this last Sunday.

  • sunnyboi

    i have the behold, the camera is okay, but doesnt taken pix like a 5mp sstill to this day the tmobile dash has the best pick quality even better than the behold. and for full html, thats a load of crap there r alot of websites througj tmobile epc.tmobile.com server, anyone know how to or wheeew if theres a fix for the internet???i

  • Epi

    hey….I now have the Tmobile wing…which I literally wanna zet it on fire…its sooooo sloooooow…any way…anybody coming from a pocket pc to the behold…I realize it won’t hv many of the features im used to…but it seems to hv all the features I need….does it have password protection?? copy paste?

  • Don D

    I got the Samsung Behold. I haven’t found any terrible glitches worth mentioning. Email does take a while to load. But it’s not an email phone. Mobile Youtube does work for it. It’s not a smartphone. It’s an average touch screen phone. It has a great camera, and it lets you save GIF images as your wallpaper, also full songs as your ringtone. If you’re used to a sidekick, you will have to adapt to the full keypad. Only thing I hate is the sounds when you type. I like the blackberry click sound. Also I hate the phone lock screen. You can’t change the image. Its a bunch of different ones, and one is flowers. It’s a good phone overall.

  • Amber

    THis fone looks so cool :)

  • Jordan


  • http://tmonews.com the samsung behold is questionable

    can u change the wallpaper on it? evrytime i c an advertisement the background is brown. grrr. and also does it take video andhows the internet on it. all i do is call text browse and video. how r thoes features???

  • Miguel

    Have had my T-Mobile Samsung Behold (T919) for a couple of weeks, and must say I’m VERY impressed! Viewed my website:


    and it looked pretty good!

  • Natalie

    I’ve had my behold for a while now and yes you can change the backgrounds. The brown is the default when you get the phone but it can be changed. I havent found out if it has copy and paste or not. Its a great phone over all.