Android "unboxing" video…well sort of

Now hold on, watch the video before your excitement gets to far ahead of you. This comes from and their “cyberguy.” Really, its just the box and only a glimpse at that, still its worth the 3:48.

Here are some better shots of the box itself. Not sure how fond I am of the color scheme.



Video/Pics comes courtesy of

Thanks to kuragari!

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  • Coffeejolts

    I doubt that we will need to worry much about viruses, at least in the beginning. All Android apps run in the Dalvik VM, so they will be confined by whatever sandbox the VM provides.

    That is not to say that there won’t be malware- just not viruses, per se, until someone hacks their way out of the sandbox (if possible).

  • Caseybea

    Man, if I’m going to be checking this site EVERY FREAKING DAY like I have been- sure would be nice to get new “news” on the front page! The “unboxing” thing is old now.

    Seeing new information (or even not new- geez man, just make something up) – I’ll be happy :-)

  • sam

    Word. I’m freaking out, man.

  • Lanslyde


    yep u can use an 8GB SDHC card.

  • Cable Guy

    I agree give me any news idc what it is as long as its new!

  • Cable Guy

    What’s the likely hood that a flash plug in can be made for the G1?

  • tzoo

    i had the opportunity to hold the G1 for about a minute today. the photos really don’t do it justice. its not high gloss but the flat color (mine was black) has a very sophisticated, business look. the touch screen was set to the dial pad which was black, gray and white accents. it had almost a smokey look about it. the slide part works like a charm, and felt very solid both on sliding out and back in. the keyboard was a little too flush with the surface, for me anyway, but very easy to use. i can’t wait to get my own :)

  • Cable Guy

    @Tzoo so the black one looks the best above all? Even the white if the one isn’t glossy that ima just get the black one but i hate you for being able to hold it in your hands lol jk

  • A3

    @ Lanslyde: Thanks!
    Cant wait for the 22nd…

  • Sojizy

    The phone looks great. I did have a question though. Does this phone have an on-screen keyboard and an accelerometer. I really don’t want to have to open my phone for every single text entry and if I want a horizontal view would I have to slide the phone open?

  • tzoo

    @A3 – personally I think the black looks best. The brown also looked much better than the pics show but the white just didn’t seem right, for me anyway. It was fun holding it I just wish I had longer to check it out. Hopefully tomorrow I might.

  • buddymob

    I think this phone looks real cool!
    Yep There are fears for viruses but then what stops a developer to release a sort of anti-virus app on the android market!
    It’s all hypothetical anyways!

  • dat chyk

    @Sojizy – It seems like you have to slide the keyboard open to view horizintal when u r in camera mode, etc. But when u r in an app, I think it depends on if the developer added that feature where u can just view it horizontally without opening the keyboard. At least for now anyway. I could be wrong though, just judging off of what I’ve seen so far.

  • Joel

    Google isn’t jumping on the cell phone advertising bandwagon- they are creating and innovating it!