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Patient TmoNews readers, may we present to you, the HTC Kila, errr we mean HTC Dream, or the G1, aka the first android handset ever! When we posted this rumor a couple days ago, we had our fingers crossed. Now with visual confirmations, this is all set in stone, give or take approval of the handset by the FCC. Keep in mind that the iPhone was approved 1 day before releasel. We have confirmed that the Android device will be available for current T-mobile customers online, for pre-sales, on September 17th. The Pre-sale will last for one week, with the device being delivered on October 13th, which happens to be the national public launch of the device. Get this, a “current” T-mobile customer only has to be a T-mobile customer for 24 hours to be eligible for the upgrade. This is where details get a little fuzzy; we cannot tell if the phone will sell for $149.99 to all customers, regardless of upgrade eligibility, or for $149.99 to those customers only eligible for a full upgrade (there is also the possibility it will sell for $99). Regardless, we do know that the HTC Kila will sell for $50 more then pre-sale price when it is released nationally on October 13th. You want more? Well the Kila will come with 2 data plan options: Unlimited data and 400 messages, or Unlimited data and unlimited messages. Prices will be in the $35 range, which seem more then fair to us, especially considering both plans will be free for the first week (pre-sale customers only). With multiple upcoming touchscreen phones, both with 3G AND Wifi, two 5 megapixal phones, the Kickstart, national 3G, and many more devices all being released by 2009, things have been definitely been looking up for the smallest national carrier in the U.S. (Quiet down Alltel, we said national ). Here are the specs on the HTC Kila:

· Touch Screen

· Full Qwerty keyboard

· 3G/ WiFi

· Full HTML internet capabilities

· Easy access to all Google applications (Gmail, Gtalk, search)

· Maps

· Street view

· YouTube

· Phone

· IM/Text

· Email

· Camera 3.0mp; no flash

· Video (playback only, no recording)

· Music player & 1GB memory card pre-loaded

· Applications, all available in Google marketplace (icon on the homescreen)

  • dg

    Will it have bluetooth support?

  • goCubs

    Looks like this baby just got FCC approval!

  • SheShe

    AJ when u log on to my tmobile in the middle it says upgrade phone and then u go to another screen and click up grade ur phone and if it has with the 2 year extension ur eligible

  • nic08

    Very interesting, nice features too.


  • blehman

    Looks like this baby just got FCC approval!


  • Ricki

    I really really hope they let existing customers upgrade regardless of upgrade elibility for $99/$149, like mentioned above. God that would be sweet! (If I have to wait until my contract’s up, that would suck!)

  • mark

    What if you’re currently in a family plan with unlimited texts for the family for 20$.. Could I get the dream for the 150$ then still use my family plan and not pay extra? If I don’t want Internet or data or whatever

  • Alex

    I just saw that an “analyst” has said that the release date has been pushed back to November?! is that true?

  • aj

    Why would you want it if you don’t want internet/data.

  • Mags
  • Mags
  • mark

    Because i want it. Can you answer my question please?

  • bob smiff

    are you people believing this? none of this nonsense is confirmed. pre order is irrelevant cause there will be plenty to go around. who confirmed sep 17? and that price you say is confirmed is absurd. tmobile is going to get everyone for at least 250 for that phone. open your eyes people… look at the wing, still 300+ some years later. and good luck those without upgrade eligibility you will be paying 350+ use your brains people, when its too good to be true, it probably isn’t .

  • greg

    costs could be real… i got my wing for $99 when it first came out. just because the current online price for a wing is stupid does not mean the dream will be overpriced. also, one of the costs that the dream wont have is the OS cost… microsoft charges decent money for every copy of winmo… android is free.

  • Marino

    I’m very excited about the Android but as far as pricing goes…. Early adopters NEVER get the best price. Existing customers NEVER get a better deal than new customers. I remember when we went from Sidekick II to III . Early adopters paid $200 and when the “special” period was over they started offering $50 rebates for existing customers and $200 rebates to new customers.

  • Nick

    So I TAKE IT THERES NO REAL HUGE INTERNAL FLASH MEMORY FOR IT? No 8gb or 16gb. This isnt an iphone killer its more of a mobile internet killer. The iphone still has it beat hands down until the SSD’s get bigger in the HTC world. Too bad it dosent have 32 or 64gb….tooooo bad….

  • bojkic

    come oooonnnn! no gps…. that’s not an option! google have been talking that much about geotargeting that I cannot believe they would make that big mistake. Half of the apps made till now, no, 3/4 of apps are using gps and no one can make me belive that triangulation can make up for it. it’s not even close!
    And not being able to capture video. hahhaha this must be a joke! even every low end phone can do that(oh, yeah, just stupid IPhone can’t and it can’t sand mms, can’ reply to a message, can’t send same message to multiple numbers, and ppl laugh at it). I would never buy a phone if it cannot do some basic operations, because it gets to my nerves!
    Those are basic things and those are the problems with new platforms. They just need some time to catch up with everybody else. Nokia and SE would never make such mistakes! I remember when Samsung was trying to catch up with them looong time ago it had such problems too. Their phones could not vibrate and ring at the same time, when you hit the red button everything you typed in would be erased without saving to drafts,….
    IPhone has similar problems, and Ardoid will too.

    I just hoped it would not! And I still hope this spec is not complete or right.

  • Devilman676

    Man, you think some of you people would do a little research before you start pissin and moanin about what android doesn’t have. Here is the link to all of the approved apps already. This should shut most of you up…

  • Zac

    this isn’t a normal phone release folks, and therefore the normal economics surrounding early adopters and demand do not apply. this is a network grab, attempting to eat into competitor market share. tmo will make their money on this through an increase in market share and data contracts. thats the whole point of android right? the hardware and software are just vehicles for services. apple sold the second iphone for cheap, why wouldn’t tmobile follow suit?

  • Filippo Rossi

    But… What about europe?

  • Janstheman

    It looks cool, but how will it work? Can we hear out of the bloody thing? Seems alot of the 3G network is having small problems and is falling back (default) back to EDGE. It still will be awesome when it works.

  • writergirl

    With T-Mobile, the data plans are not required to make the purchase but may be required to use any mail in rebates. The T-Mobile Total Internet feature costs 19.99 and the 400 SMS/MMS feature is 4.99 but the internet feature is not required to make the purchase so don’t worry. This phone will be AMAZING!

  • Krzr dude

    I would tend to think that the potential pre-release and such is more Google’s idea and not tmo’s… think about it– it’s affordable, and easy to get a *TON* of these phones into the hands of existing tmo customers. Once that happens and the word spreads like wildfire how great these phones are, tmobile will have new customers lining up like people at a new star wars movie.

    Google tends to be forward thinking and innovative– cell companies are NOT innovative nor forward thinking. I have to think the prerelease was a required outcome of the tmo/google partnership.

    Anyway, I can hardly wait- This thing has POTENTIAL. And if the price rumors are true, I’ll be in line with many of you to grab the first one(s) off the assembly line…

  • kdee

    Do you guys have confirmation from T-nmoile on the pre-sale release date? When I call customer service, nobdoy knows anything at all and I called my local T-mobile store and nobody knows anything as well.

    I’d just like to have some type of verification when an actualy offical announcement will be made so I don’t miss anything.

  • kdee

    Also, $35 is no deal right now I pay $19.99 for total iinternet add-on plus $14.99 for unlimited messaging.

    IF they want to give us a deal. Make it $19.99 for unlimited EVERYTHING: email/messaging/internet like the sidekick unlimited plan.

  • BT

    Look, don’t -have- to get a internet plan on the phone, it’s just gonna cost you oodles if you don’t, due to connecting to the web or whatever else it may do.

  • Some Guy

    Ok, just to clear up a few things….

    The current tmobile total internet package is 19.99, unlimited messaging is 14.99 for a single line or 19.95 for a family plan. So you can already have unlimited messaging and data on a line for 35 dollars. That’s where the pricing is coming from. Adding a data package is not required for upgrade, but having a data package on the line is required to be eligible for a mail in rebate if one is offered. If you have the promo 9.99 unl messaging you would not lose the feature by getting this phone, you would just add the 19.99 total internet feature onto the line in addition to the current feature. features can be added and removed at any time, without penalty, so you can add the feature, get the mail in rebate from Young America, and then remove the feature if you so chose; however, I don’t see why someone would get a device like this if they didn’t intend to have any data services on it and, some phones, like the sidekick for example, are extremely limited in what they can do if they do not have a data connection available (depends on how the phone is designed). As for a combined unlimted data/sms package for 19.99 like the sidekick has I find that highly unlikely — all other data devices besides the sidekick have seperate messaging bundles — danger designed the sidekick for messaging and they include sms in their data coverage – but other manufactors do not. I do not see a reason that this HTC device would be any different from previously released ones. Either way considering that other services providers data packages range from 30 to 50 dollars a month for unlimited access and tmobile offers the same for 19.99, there isn’t really much to complain about.

    The upgrade program for tmobile works like this: you current contract does not determine your upgrade pricing — upgrade pricing is based on the time since the last upgrade on your line, and the length of the contract agreed to when you did that upgrade. If you upgraded with a 2 year contract then you will qualify for the full the full discount pricing 22 months from the day you upgraded, regardless of contract changes made after the handset purchase. If you upgraded with a 1 year service agreement for a lesser discount, then you qualify for the best discount pricing after 11 months. If you do not meet these qualifications, then you do not get the pricing that is being offered for new activations — that is the same pricing (generally speaking) as the full discounted handset with a 2 year contract for existing customers. If you are an existing customer that does not qualify for the full discount you always have the option of upgrading with a 2 year contract renewel and taking a partial discount on the phone. the partial discount varies by device and sometimes market area and is anywhere between 40 and 200 dollars off the retail cost of the handset. there is no 1 year contract option available with the partial discount — but you have an unlimted number of these available to you. keep in mind that if you are currently under contract tmobile will not extend the contract for 2 years, it will be an overlapping contract (ie 2 years from the day you did the upgrade regardless of your current contact end date)

    GPS — up until recently tmobile had no support for gps. any gps capable device required a gps puck and 3rd party provider to supply the service. the new sony ericson phone that’s coming out in a few days is the first to feature built in telenav gps navigation — so at this point it isn’t really clear whether the android will have gps — but it is entirely possible that the same feature being provided for the TM506 could allow the android to have a gps function (perhaps not the exact same feature, but at least it shows that tmobile is starting to support gps capabilites on their phones and will have the capability of doing so prior to the android’s release) I guess at this point we can only hope.

    wi-fi — hopefully the phone will support UMA calling. the best indicator of whether or not that will be the case is if the phone is dual-mode wi-fi capable, which is required for UMA calls to be placed. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like that specific of information is available yet so guess we’ll be waiting on that one too. if the phone ends up having the hardware capability, but not the software support, I’m sure someone will come up with something (kinda like they did for the Dash) to allow the phone to place UMA calls regardless of the original design.

    myfaves — tmobile would not release a new phone that was not myfaves capable — myfaves plans are one of the staples of tmobile’s service — the only phones you would find that did not have the feature are the phones that came out before myfaves. besides — I’m pretty sure I saw images of the phone on tmonews that showed the phone had the myfaves “pawprint” so that would make it absolutely for sure.

    unlocking the phone — barring an exception like the one that exists for sidekick devices — all tmobile phones can be unlocked, free of charge, as long as you meet a few qualifications — you have to have been an active tmobile customer for more than 90 days — the phone must be outside of its 14 day buyer’s remorse period (ie there must be 14 days of usage on a tmobile line in order to unlock the device), there can be no past due amounts on your account when the sim unlock request is processed, and you cannot have requested an unlock code on the same phone number within the last 90 days. Just call customer care and request the subsidy unlock code and generally within 24 hours the procedure to enter the code and the code itself will be emailed to you by the sim unlock team. if you have got another unlock code within the last 90 days and you have another line on the account, just tell the rep to file the request on that line and use the phone on the number for a few days so it registers some usage in the system and you won’t have a problem.

    all in all, even with a few pieces of information still up in the air, looks like an awesome phone. Can’t wait for it to come out.

  • Aaron

    how valid is the last bullet in this article stating that there will be a pushed back release date?????

  • kbaxter

    here is a short video clip of what appears to be the Dream in Black…

  • bbthut

    I have a dumb t-mobile question. My wife got a blackberry 8120 3 months ago and they didn’t make her sign up for a data plan. When does a smartphone require the purchase of a data plan and when can I get it w/o? $35/month is pretty steep when I am 100% covered by WiFi access in Minneapolis.

  • tmofan

    in response to the last post, just because you have a data device does not mean that you must purchase a data plan. You must have a data plan in order to get the mail in rebate and really what is the point of having a data device without the data feature? The data feature gives you access to all of the capabilities of the device. In short response to your question use whateveer phone you can – if you put your sim card in the phone and it makes calls then it works with or without the data plan. REmember that just because your phone says uma it does not mean that you are getting unlimited calling – you must have the unlimited hotspot calling feature to get that benefit of uma!!

  • bbthut

    tmofan- thanks for the reply. but i am confused, aren’t all the data features (street view, web browser, gmail, etc) available over WiFi as well as 3G?

  • R3ggi3

    I’d rather wait on the tocco…the features of this phone are great dont get me wrong but I jus wouldnt enjoy lookin at this hideous phone design in my hand!

  • John

    I just upgraded my handset with T-Mobile about a month ago with a new 2 year contract. Does that mean I won’t be able to get the phone at its cheapest when the presale starts?

    I’m still really confused about this part. Since I’m not eligible for an upgrade and just recently signed a new 2 year contract, will I have to pay full price for the phone?

  • Ronnie

    Here’s a dumb question: is it required to get a *voice* plan? I currently have one phone for data and one for voice (which I want and need to keep for voice). So, I would like to replace my data-only phone with this one.

  • Jasmine Dalton

    It makes me think of what the wise John William Ward said – “Today the man who is the real risk-taker is anonymous and nonheroic. He is the one trying to make institutions work.”.

  • Jah

    Just broke my Sidekick LX today and called up tmo and they are still saying that they have no info dispite the presale starts in ten days whats up with all the secrecy. Are we sure that the phone will be on sale in a couple days and when will it ship?

  • Nesse

    My sidekick Lx is having technical difficulties as well. I decided to contact T-mobile in regards to the new Google phone. All of the representatives are saying that they have no information on this particular phone. I am pretty sure T-mobile customer care representatives have been informed about the new phone. Apparently, they aren’t allowed to release any information until farther notice, meaning just in case something were to go wrong. Rumors are saying that the presale is on September 17th, but it hasn’t been confirmed or indefinite by T-mobile. I do like the tocco phone and the google phone. This will be a hard choice. I do want a new phone….lol

  • Nesse

    You all are so funny. I am having technical difficulties with my sidekick lx. So, I decided to call T-mobile in regards to the new HTC dream phone. All of the customer service representatives were actig like they had no idea about the phone. I inquired about the phone twice and resulted with the same answer. I believe T-mobile isn’t allowed to release any information just in case a problem was to occur.

    Farther more, why is the wing still 300 dollars???? The wing has been out for at least two years now.

    Brian- my question to you is> Why are you still using nokia? You seriously need to upgrade to a better phone model.

    I don’t think the phone is ugly at all. Pictures really don’t do any justice in my opinion.

    Those of you complaining most likely aren’t a T-mobile customer. You either are going to purchase the phone or not. If the phone isn’t to your liking then move on and find a better phone.

    One thing i can say T-mobile was smart about is letting every other service provider come out with touch screen phones so they can see what their competition is looking like.

    T-mobile and google is an excellant combination. Anything that googles come out with always has an excellant outcome and T-mobile is rising above their expectations.

    The iphone is a computer, ipod etc. It has too many applications and features that will crash the phone. Apple is having techinical difficulties with the new iphones.

    A data phone is not a phone without the data plan. That is just my opinion.

    Dont get me wrong, the Touch Diamond is a really nice phone. Its very sleek. I can’t wait until the G1/Htc dream phone is released. What is the actual name of the phone? I have hard sooooo many names.

  • Nesse

    Mistakes while typing…lol


  • emm333arrddd

    is anyone here at all concerned about google datamining our phone calls on a google branded device? serious implications here if they interfere on any level. what kind of agreements does TMo have with them or is it purely the Android part of the device? even then… how are we sure there’s no, well what you would you call it – spyware – ??!@! on the phone to start out with? not trying to start conspiracies or anything, but do you have to be a unix programmer to be able to hack the shell on this to find out? just wondering.

  • Cheryl

    I just wanted to say that I work for tmobile in there coustomer service department and the only thing we were told was a iphone competitive phone was coming by the holidays and that it was going to be big. My boss has been checking this site everyday for weeks now. We are in teh dark just as much you guys. Why? Have know idea. But I am excited and looking forward to it as well.

  • Neo

    Hello. I work for technical support for tmobile PDA’s and we don’t have any information at all on the G1. There was a listing that if someone calls and asks about it “refer them to a media connection”. LOL in tech support we weren’t told we got the Blackberry 8320 until a week after launch. I said “I know. I’ve been getting calls on it for 2 weeks now.”

  • kdee

    Yup, I agree with the last couple posters. I’m calling bullshit on the so- called “pre-sale launch date”

    Nobody at T-mobile store, corporate, or customer service knows anything. I am in a 3G market, and the mgr at the store said they let the stores know 2 WEEKS in advance about new devices coming down the pipeline.

    Also, if it really was coming out in 6 days, this is the single worst advertising campaign ever. Besides this site, and I have heard nothing ANYWHERE.

    Sorry, i’m not saying this phone is NOT Coming out, I just don’t think it’s coming out in T-munus 6 days.

  • Bespi

    They said the pre-order is in 6 days, not the actual phone learn how to read. The phone is still being kept secret because they probably don’t want people calling everyday about the phone since pre-orders will only be done online. But then again this can possibly turn out to be another rumor.

  • Ni ni

    Kdee… Tmobile probably will not notify the stores until two weeks before the phone is released, but the phone isn’t being released until October. The presale is in 6 days, which means you are just buying the phone at a good price, but not receiving it yet.

  • adam

    I think its odd that everyone is talking about the release of this phone, yet no one has any details in regards to the pre-sale, how it is going to take place? The only information provided is the date, but if you call T-mobile they have no information that can be provided in regards to a pre-sale on this phone. I, like every other T-mo customer out there is very excited about the release of this phone, however, if you are going to post information on your blog, you should either have some type of info that can back up your statements i.e. how this presale is going to take place, or not post it at all.

  • kdee


    So we’re supposed to pre-order/buy a “secret” phone we’ve never seen before, won’t be able to hold in your hand, and still have no official specs on and no official pictures from T-mobile??

    Also, where did you hear/see pre-orders will only be done online?

  • kdee

    Also, can anyone confirm will this phone be capapble of making UMA/WiFi calls?

  • rahul dang

    Hey guys, ya this seems really odd tho? I mean i want to really buy this phone, but im surprised nothing, zilch, NADA has been talked about for this phone meaning i would have expected t-mob or someone to actually publish something about the dream presale or not because it is just so huge….i dont understand why this is being kept so secret. someone help?