Samsung fans unite!

Usually when Samsung announces a T-mobile launch the world hardly takes notice. T-mobile fans yawn and hope for something better in the future, you know something that doesn’t have a VGA camera. Well sports fans, here we go, Samsung actually has something good in store for us. Not just good, great, its a T-mobile Samsung on steroids. Here she is the Samsung T919 aka “Tocco” aka “Roxy”:


It sports a 5 megapixel camera, GPS WITH voice command (think those annoying Sprint Instinct commercials), streaming video, 3G love, “awesome” video ringtones, capacitive touchscreen, POSSIBLE wifi but we are definitely NOT sure on this one, up to 16 gig memory (micro-sd), glossy black front or “fingerprint magnet” as we like to call it with a brushed aluminum back, streaming video and consumer email functionality built in. This IS a dumbphone folks, so smartphone lovers beware as it is one of the hottest dumbphones around.

Now we know questions will come because T-mobile UK has the same exact phone, however there are visual differences such as the T-mobile branding on the screen, the UK version does not have it, in addition to he lack of a front facing camera. We trust our eagle eyed tipster Brian that this is indeed the real deal, that Samsung has finally woken up on the right side of the bed and decided to give T-mobile stateside some touchscreen love.

Next up: More Sony Ericsson 3G goodness, 1 slider, 1 flip…oh yes, that’s coming too.

Once again thanks to Brian!

Questions about this phone? Visit our forums, where rumors about this phone were brought up over a week ago.







  • Orlando Reyes

    Great looking phone!

  • Nikolas

    If this doesn’t have a data plan that you have to purchase, this will be my next phone, not the G1.

  • Spoklahoma

    SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Price? Launch Date?

  • Yasin

    This looks great. T-Mo finally stepping up!!

  • Nikolas

    Just wondering, why do some people, Spoklahoma for example, have blue boxes around their comments?

  • Jimbo831

    Looks real nice. I hope the Android phone ends up looking as nice as this one as I don’t want to get a phone I can’t install my own apps on. This is quite exciting. Hopefully with the G1, this Samsung and the mysterious SE, we will have a great lineups of high end phones that rivals all the others.

  • Godzilla

    My speculation that this is the F480 is now confirmed. This should be a good seller. And this will be the best cameraphone T-Mobile has ever offered and best camera on any carrier.

  • Mystictrust

    @Nikolas: We used to have it set up so only us admins would have the surrounding blue boxes… once we set up subscribers, they technically count as part of the same program, so we technically have 800+ people who could get blue boxes if they signed in ;) Should be able to.

    It will be fixed in a future version of TmoNews.

    On topic, I love this phone, too bad it is not a smartphone, but with GPS and a 5mp cam i don’t think I can complain

  • ratchet

    seriously… TMONEWS IS AMAZING!!!
    forget the dream Im getting this!

  • goCubs

    any more exciting news coming up?? if we’re done, i would like to get some sleep…

  • Victor

    This is the Samsung F480. It is already for sale in Europe, it does not have Wifi. Video of it in action:

  • Victor
  • Spoklahoma

    Here’s the T-Mobile UK link to the European version of this phone:

  • Coco

    It looks nice, but with no qwerty ketboard it will be a no go for me.

  • iwantalexusrx

    ok, back to basics. i am asking this question only because its such a gray area.

    what’s the difference between a smartphone & a dumbphone?

    is it only the capability to install 3rd party apps? or something else/more?

  • Breathe T-Mobile

    YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!!! GIMME!!!!! I WANT THIS!!!!! NOW!!!!!!!!!

  • Al

    wow this is great great looking phone.

  • ratchet

    I think a dumbphone is a phone without a major OS.
    for example the samsung Omnia is smartphone but the samsung g600 is a dumbphone. omnia=windows mobile
    g600=regular samsung os

  • drivethruboy168

    Do you think this could possibly be some photoshop? It was done with th iPhone, and i’ve never seen a front facing camera with the trimming like that around it. They could have just took it off some other phone pasted on this phone put a T-Mobile logo on top and said WA LA!! A new T-Mobile phone! I’m hoping not because working for the company, T-Mobile really needs a phone like this in the line up to keep pleasing it’s customers. Yes they are reliable and I LOVE MY CURVE! But I can’t wait for my “Bold/ London” whatever it’s going to be called to come out. I don’t care about tochscreen all to much after having the iPhone it’s all about what the phone can do! Blackberry seems to do it for me, especially after reading the specs on the Bold. Seems to fit what i want! But theis HTC G1 seems to fit my profile as well. Open source, 3 meg camera, touch screen and a keyboard! I might just get one when employees are allowed to order one! But this phone looks DOPE AS HELL!! i hope we are getting it and then have a bunch of people come back to T-Mobile and have people switch over to finally wait in line for something that’s not a sidekick! Watch out Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and Alltell ( which Alltell is not too much to worry about right now) Here comes T-Mobile!!! And some SUPER FAST DATA!

  • drivethruboy168

    Oh and plus… this picture of the phone was taken at a retail store! How will any reps be able to get a hold of this phone at a retail store, unless someone super big in the comapny decided to drop by and show off a future phone and let someone take a picture of it on there camera phone and all the suddedn be posted on a website. This person would have probably gotten cought by now.I don’t know… But i”m still keepin my fingers crossed hoping this will be in our line up! It might just be T-Mobile UK samsung!

  • brian

    drivethruboy168… if i was that good at photoshop that would be awesome, but i’m not. a friend of mine found this t-919. laying on the ground at the airport. oops a daisy. (someone at samsung or t-mobile is in trouble for loosing a phone not on the market yet) and then i emailed tmonews right away. lol.

  • brian

    and no she is not a thief. samsung and t-mobile have been contacted and we are waiting for the right owner to give her a ring.

  • i knew it! nice find guys.. is the same pic i posted before.. good!
    i want that phone now

  • Shawn

    We’re not sharing the story behind where the pictures came from as it could get some people in trouble, but the story is not anything you would expect, and the phone did end up in a T-mobile store.

  • Kphil

    Talk about a leap in 1 day for tmo. First the dream, the one i want because of the keyboard, this. whats tomorrow? Come on 3g touch screen sidekick with 5mp camera and 1/4 inch thick!

  • J-Hop2o6

    So a “dumbphone” is a phone w/o a major OS (eg. Windows Mobile)??

  • J-Hop2o6

    oh yea, the battery life is horrible [stated on (UK)]

    Talk time (up to) 3 hr
    Standby time (up to) 250 hr
    Charge time (up to) 2 hr

    is there a way to buy a stronger battery?

  • ohmyshizzle

    Oo goodjob tmonews. Looks like my other source boygenius is falling behind

  • David

    @Marco, see thats what I thought as well, that it was the generic picture. This version has the T-mobile written above the screen and thats what makes all the difference.

  • phonecrazi

    IT lookd awsome bout time we gat an all touch phone. It will be sweet.

  • chimphappyhour

    I find it interesting that the US version has a front facing camera. (Upper left corner) At least, that would be my best guess as to what that is.

  • drivethruboy168

    Okay… to take my comment back from a front facing camera…. that is not now that i am done rushing to get ready for work. It’s the speaker! lol! My bad everyone! Still have my fingers crossed and whoever found! Your the best!


    i cant wait for this to come out
    this just made me not regret getting t-mobile….for once

  • J

    Chances are the phone belongs to the product development group rather than a single person. Someone is probably in a bit of hot water for losing it.

  • J

    On another note, sweet phone. I think this will be one of the free phones I get this year.

  • edwin

    dude! there are two things on the left side of the speaker…this probably is an ambient light sensor and a front facing camera or >>>2 light sensors<<<this doesnt make sense!
    so my guess is= ambient light senson and front facing cam for video calls!!
    IDK but i’m having second thoughts if the dream has its own data plan!

  • Jay

    Any word on when this will be out? IMO I doubt T-Mobile will release this sometime in 2008. They’ll probably wait a couple of months after the release of the Android device so as to not steal away Android’s thunder.

    @ j-hop2o6

    U think that’s long? I have a Sidekick 3 and it takes 4-5 hours to fully charge. The battery lasts me one full day but that’s it. Must be charged every night.

    Anyhoo glad to see you back up and running tmonews. We missed you!

  • mingkee

    something looks suspcious on the left of earpiece
    and it looks there’s 2 holes
    one is light sensor I think
    the other is…..?
    front cam?!

  • J-Hop2o6

    @ Jay

    i wasn’t pointing out the charge time.. i was talkin about the talk time.. 3 HOURS?!?!?!! wtf is that? I complain about my RAZR2 with about 6 hours of talk time.. My question is will the have a stonger battery available (for the Samsung)?

  • mingkee

    3G talk time is a lot shorter than 2G
    3 hours is pretty good

  • Rodrigo

    Hey so does anyone know if that ugly thing known as the G1 is the final or just prototype cause if its the final alot of ppl are just gonna wait for this samsung to come out…oh yeah and like edwin said if that is a camera on the front then it probably would be used for video calling or video voicemail and things like that

  • T1 Connect

    shawn about those sony ericsson phones why do you refer to them like that make us think its you know what could it be the x1

  • Technology1

    You got to be in the dummies club to buy this phone, you be better off going to Wal-Mart and just buying a 5MP camera, no wifi, no OS. Mr.T-Mobile, the people want the HTC Pro Raphael,Samsung Omnia i900, Sony Ericsson Xperia X1,don’t you know Mr. TMO,can you feel me baby, give the people what want the people want, like AT&T do. Now please send that phone back to England fast as you can, yeah{LOL)…….!

  • Tmobile2lyfe

    The site is back up!!(inside joke). I would love to have this phone!

  • timmyjoe42

    I’m guessing the dots next to the speaker are maybe a bluetooth light, and another.

    I too am a little unclear as to what a dumbphone is. Is it the lack of a full keyboard?

    I need something that can sync up with my outlook contacts, have a good camera(check), be an mp3 player (check), and have UMA.

  • mingkee

    marco confirmed a little hole is front cam

  • @migkee did i confirm it? i compared it with the uk version and the uk has it on the right side, this is the left..

  • J-Hop2o6

    @ Mingkey

    I knew 3G sucked more power, but DAMN! down to 3 HOURS?!! is there a stonger battery u can buy?

    also, is there any updates on the HTC Pro (aka Raphael) coming to TmoUSA?

  • mingkee

    under real 3G usage, you should be happy it has 3 hours
    even I have 1100mA/h extended battery for 3555, I get a little more than 2.5 hours
    even I only get nowhere near 2 hours using 6120c when using 3G in Hong Kong

  • PHug

    Have to say i don’t like this. Does not look as good as the iPhone or the Instinct. Would say it is equal to the Dare.

    Sure it looks better than the Dream/G1 pics we’ve seen but that has Android and Android trumps looks in my book.

    The Omnia is capable of putting T-mobile USA in the #1 spot.

  • SheShe

    hmm this phone doesnt excite me im sure its just like the instinct *gag* im goin for the dream!!

  • T1 Connect

    man the dream is a good phone but if it was to be delayed til next year some of us loyal to the g1 would get this phone because of the touch screen and because its new phone.

  • mingkee
  • Tmobile2lyfe

    Where is the myfaves logo

  • CoolCheeze

    WOW…I actually just got this phone unlocked about 3 days ago…The Phone rocks… i got it with the front facing cam in tact. Has an FM radio with amazing signal and the browser speed on the phone with T-mo is way fast i can image the speed increase once t-Mo’s 3G kicks in. Its fully touch screen has a micro SD card great head hones that come with it and the AWESOMEST part is that is comes with a battery cover / leather screen cover…..The Tocco rocks….TouchWIZ is awesome.

  • mr.gadget

    Looks sleek and sexy. Wish it was windows mobile.

  • TH3 GAM3

    I still think this is backwards. That phone is a good phone when you look at the spec sheet but its a dumb phone. This phone would be a real waste to get.

  • I really like this phone, I think i’m gonna get it

  • And I love dumphones. I just want it for the 3G, Camera, and cool touchscreen, it’s as good as mine.

  • Theicool

    I want it!

  • Lewis

    Woot Woot oh man you gotta love this sexy phone!! It looks awesome and I’m pretty sure it would be the first US touch phone from Tmo right?

  • Lewis

    Woot Woot oh man you gotta love this sexy phone!! It looks awesome and I’m pretty sure it would be the first US touch phone from Tmo right? Wait wasn’t the “Wind” or “Wing” touch screen? All I know it was running WM.

  • sunny

    When are we getting this phone!

  • ratchet

    um if t-mob picks up this phone and i choose to upgrade will I be able to keep my sidekick plan for this phone?

  • sophon chuon

    omg i just order this fone last week this fone is also call the samsung f480 or tocco i should of waited for tmobile to release it in the U.S damnit

  • Ran

    Soooo many people drool over the number of megapixels contained on phones and cameras, assuming that the more there are, the better. Do any of you know that, in general, the more pixels you squeeze onto the same size sensor, the WORSE the picture will be? There are more important things that determine picture quality than megapixels…ie…optics, the sensor, the processing engine, etc. This is what has destroyed the image quality of recent pocket digicams; Customers only ask how many pixels the camera has. Just my 2 cents.

  • ratchet


    This phone has been reviewed plenty of times and it has a great camera.

  • DR

    Everyone keeps saying the DREAM is an ugly phone (I am still waiting for OFFICIAL pictures for my opinion), but what if you put Android on this phone? Gorgeous phone + open source OS = iPhone killer for sure.

  • Irish

    just played around with this phone its amazing great screen rez and call quality

  • UHWarrior

    looks like samsung and TMo is finally moving to the future. wanted to know when if ever will it go on pre sale for existing customers? looks better than the Dream and a touch screen instead of slider. will i have to change my family plan to get this phone?

  • mark

    only 3.5 hours of talk time??? Are you kidding me

  • While this looks much like the F480 at first glance, the size is wrong. The aspect ratio of the screen and the phone itself don’t match up with the F480. This phone in the pics and the wireframe drawing in the FCC docs show a device that is almost exactly twice as tall as wide. The F480 is 1.8 times tall as wide, because it has a normal aspect ratio display. This device has a widescreen display, like the Omnia’s 400×240 display.