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Patient TmoNews readers, may we present to you, the HTC Kila, errr we mean HTC Dream, or the G1, aka the first android handset ever! When we posted this rumor a couple days ago, we had our fingers crossed. Now with visual confirmations, this is all set in stone, give or take approval of the handset by the FCC. Keep in mind that the iPhone was approved 1 day before releasel. We have confirmed that the Android device will be available for current T-mobile customers online, for pre-sales, on September 17th. The Pre-sale will last for one week, with the device being delivered on October 13th, which happens to be the national public launch of the device. Get this, a “current” T-mobile customer only has to be a T-mobile customer for 24 hours to be eligible for the upgrade. This is where details get a little fuzzy; we cannot tell if the phone will sell for $149.99 to all customers, regardless of upgrade eligibility, or for $149.99 to those customers only eligible for a full upgrade (there is also the possibility it will sell for $99). Regardless, we do know that the HTC Kila will sell for $50 more then pre-sale price when it is released nationally on October 13th. You want more? Well the Kila will come with 2 data plan options: Unlimited data and 400 messages, or Unlimited data and unlimited messages. Prices will be in the $35 range, which seem more then fair to us, especially considering both plans will be free for the first week (pre-sale customers only). With multiple upcoming touchscreen phones, both with 3G AND Wifi, two 5 megapixal phones, the Kickstart, national 3G, and many more devices all being released by 2009, things have been definitely been looking up for the smallest national carrier in the U.S. (Quiet down Alltel, we said national ). Here are the specs on the HTC Kila:

· Touch Screen

· Full Qwerty keyboard

· 3G/ WiFi

· Full HTML internet capabilities

· Easy access to all Google applications (Gmail, Gtalk, search)

· Maps

· Street view

· YouTube

· Phone

· IM/Text

· Email

· Camera 3.0mp; no flash

· Video (playback only, no recording)

· Music player & 1GB memory card pre-loaded

· Applications, all available in Google marketplace (icon on the homescreen)

  • Rob

    Love the news. It seems though has a new image of the dream that I have not seen before. Looks photoshopped though.

  • drivethruboy168

    Okay… to take my comment back from a front facing camera…. that is not now that i am done rushing to get ready for work. It’s the speaker! lol! My bad everyone! Still have my fingers crossed and whoever found! Your the best!

  • Fbarkon

    I’m not really tech savvy (but improving thanks to Tmonews, you should see the conversations my bf can have now) so I need help understanding a few things. How will we be able to download our own applications to this phone (if that’s what open source means)? Or will all these applications be available for a price in the Google marketplace? Will we be able to tether with this phone? do you think a GPS application will be able to be downloaded for the Dream?(It seems to me as developers will still be innovating even at the products launch). The flash thing is killing me, with a 3mp camera will light be reflected better to make up for the lack of flash? Sorry about all the questions but I warned you. Thanks

  • Orlando Reyes

    Are you saying hint hint because you know something or are you trying to give a hint to T-Mobile?

  • SheShe

    lol hinting to t-mobile

  • Drew

    This phone is going to be hot. Be prepared to log on first thing and buy one. Their going to go quick.

    I think there will be GPS. Everything has to do with GPS, so many applications being developed for Android tout it. It wouldn’t make sense for the first Android powered device not to have it.

  • Armo

    i bought a sidekick slide like less then a month ago with unlimited messaging and data plus the insurance. it got stolen at the mall like a week after i bought it. so i was wondering if i should just get the sidekick slide with the insurance or get this or the samsung tocco? and could i use my sidekick data plan on the tocco and G1?

  • arm&hammer

    well im looking to being an android fanboy and lawlz at “phone” under specs

  • VooDooVixen

    arm&hammer: I thought that phone part was funny too. You know we forget about that high tech feature sometimes.

    I really want this phone, especially since this price point will be a fantastic deal. I’m hoping for the 2+ year incentive as well so I can finally replace my sad sad phone. I must admit that its not a beauty pageant winner, but something about the wording of it “matching up” (referring to the NY times article) makes me think that the dohickys are in the right place, but its not exactly the way it looks. HTC makes pretty phones, so I’m sure they hired the best designers for this.

    I hate the whole have to have a data plan thing too, but if I can tether with my laptop, the price will be right.

    Fingers crossed.

  • T1 Connect

    aaaaaaaaaaahhhh shit you tmonews stop calling it the htc kila and start calling it “the real iphone kill switch” ya motha fuckaz are da fuckin best.

  • timmyjoe42

    I did read it closely that it came with a preloaded 1gb card. It doesn’t give the max capacity of sd card accepted. Buying a larger card increases the overall cost that one needs to shell out to make it comparable to the iPhone. I’m not an iPhone lover, in fact, I am an apple hater, but t-Mobile needs to release phones with specs that are better than the competition, not just ones that are close and slightly less.

    Sandisk effectively competes with iPods, by releasing devices that are better than the ipod at lower costs.

  • Greg

    This may sound strange, but what may make or break this phone vs. iphone is 3.5″ headphone jack. I have had more HTC mini-usb combo jacks go bad than I care. At $150 and $35 for data I just don’t see this as being that much better than the iphone.

  • Chuong

    What the heck HTC is thinking if it leaves out GPS/aGPS and video recording. At least the iPhone 3G has aGPS.

    Yeah I’m hoping that the data plan is in the $20 range instead of $35.

  • John D

    Does any one know if it will have a 3.5mm jack for head phones?

  • Lewis

    Well hello there Mr. Android!!!! And welcome to the US.

    Okay now ya’ll people need to stop bitc**n. If I am right some blackberrys cam out with oue GPS,Video Rec,Ect and a lot I mean a lot of those phones were sold “Like the BlackBerry Pearl” so come on let’s just chilax and wait for the upcoming versions.

    P.S. Now back to the Samsung “Taco”or “Takko” Lmao

  • mingkee

    about the dedicated data service
    it’s actually total internet plus messaging
    even it’s $35, it’ll have total internet and unlimited messaging

  • d1ony5u5

    Anyone with any info or comments about how much of a toll the tmo branding will take on the OS? i had a feature phone a few years ago that was horribly crippled by tmo. I hope the Dream will scape that fate…

  • Greg

    iPhone/Dream shootout, the way I see it so far (just for fun).

    Feature Winner
    Design& Look: Iphone
    Interface/OS: Tie (user preference, both are slick!)
    Screen Quality: Iphone? (Brightness, Auto-dim, etc.)
    GPS: Dream (assuming gps, street view wins)
    Accelerometer: Iphone
    3.5″ HP Jack: Iphone (ipod docs, no stupid HTC jacks)
    Camera: Dream
    Keyboard: Dream
    Music Player: Iphone
    Video Player: Tie?
    Web Surfing: Dream (bit of a stretch here)
    Other Apps: Iphone (more out now, strong dev support)
    App Flexibility: Dream (potential to do more)
    Total Cost: Tie (~$35 data on each)

    Iphone: 6
    Dream : 5

    I need something to tip the scales in favor of dream.

  • wolf

    Soooo when does the suncom deal go through and will it be in time to be able to pre-order?

  • g_patrick15

    Not sure if im willing to dump my $9.99 unlimited messages to get this phone. cause there may not be another chance to get that plan back

  • tvphil

    As for no video, I wouldn’t worry too much. The developers at Qik ( have already said they will act quickly to offer there live video streaming app for the first android phone. They already have a video streaming app for the iphone, it was released just a week after the 3g iphone debuted, so they work quickly (hence their name).Qik also captures all streams to your account to VOD, so you don’t have to fill your phone’s memory with video. Best of all, Qik is free, hopefully they will soon have an android app for us to download.By the way, for those unfamiliar with Qik, it’s pronounced “quick”, even though they spell it Qik.

  • Technology1

    No Video recording on this device, the DREAM, that’s a nightmare, that’s a Dream I done want to have.Just think, you get caught in a situation where you need to cam an emergency, but your phone cannot record video, that’s a bad Dream, a nightmare…………!

  • laurence

    will the $99/$149 upgrade price apply for FlexPay customers as well?
    Contractual FlexPay plan that is.

  • Jason

    @rob its actually a pic from one of the android videos released in march i believe where the actually had a full view of the phone

  • PhineasJW

    Google has been using this phone for its demos for months, calling it an ‘engineering prototype’. If this really is THE Android phone, then not only will it have GPS, but it will have a built-in compass as well. (

  • Pecoy

    damn..its too long of a wait till september and then until october..damn..

  • asurroca

    What if you already have the Total Internet Plan with the 1-year contract? I’m paying $20/month right now and non-contract price is $30/month. So, if they’re talking $35, I would assume they have a cheaper 1-year contract price for the new data plan too…. Hopefully. I was going to get unlimited txt plan anyway, but still.

    Also, 1 month til Sep 17! ;)

  • Jessica

    I agree…it is a bit ugly, not sleek like the HTC Diamond. Of course, I’ve only seen this one pic of it and the Youtube video of the ghastly white one…fingers crossed. But if I’m required to pay an extra $35 a month for it I may say no to it after all – maybe. I’d love to have a sleek touchscreen :) .

  • Khris

    not impressed at all, I thought this phone was going 2 improve the Iphone or the Instinct, but its a step back.

  • TH3 GAM3

    I hope that’s not the phone because its ugly.

  • bm2685

    The HTC Dream was supposed to be the same as the HTC Omni. The Omni was supposed to be the next update to the HTC Universal (sold under several other names) which was a top-end clamshell form factor phone with a flip and twist LCD. Many people liked the Universal and were looking forward to the next revision. It appears that they might have piggy backed onto the interest in the Omni and then pulled a bait-and-switch. I have been following the stories [rumors] on the Omni and if this is it then I am very disappointed. However, to HTC’c credit, these were mostly [all] rumors and the name of the device changed so many times that I could not hold HTC responsible. I just hope that HTC eventually comes out with another clamshell phone…and this time with Android !!

  • lp894

    how is $35 too much when for the total internet add-on it costs 20 and unlimited messaging is 15? add them together and you get…wait…$35!

  • Victor

    Oh well, we have to remember that Samsung is also part of the OHA and Android would look pretty sweet on the Omnia or the F480.

  • compu1

    I have been hearing about tmobile having a apps store is it true?

  • Ken

    Can anyone tell me, the $35 data plan for the Kila, is this required? I mean People at t-mobile said I could order it for 1 month and then if I don’t like it cancel the data plan. They said that their contracts only require that you be with them for 1 year, but not what plan you’re on?

    So will the phone work without the data plan? I mean it will still have wifi and I could access the web that way?

    The other thing is the phone does look kinda ugly on picture. I’d have to see it in person to see if I like it? Course for preorder they may not allow you to do this. I just really need a new phone and I don’t want one with WinMob/Symbian or other crappy OS. I’m hoping Android will be better since its linux based.

  • Lewis

    Well hello there Mr. Android.

    Welcome to the US!!!

    Okay now you’ll people need to stop complaining. If I am right some Blackberrys came out without GPS,Video Rec ect” and a lot I mean a lot of those phones were sold “Like the BlackBerry Pearl” so come on let’s just chilax and wait for the upcoming phones. Cause you never knows what’s coming.

    P.S. Now back to the Samsung “Taco”or “Tacco”

  • Oreo

    It would be nice if all the apple iphone lovers would get off this page and go to att. This garbage of complaining of the phone is ridiculous. If you don’t like it go to another website. If you like tmobile but don’t like the phone than go discuss another phone somewhere else. This is suppose to be an area to discuss this phone and features of the phone. I would not be surprised that the many of you guys complaining about the phone don’t have a tmobile account.

  • Mike

    I would bet my left arm this is not the final product. My guess is the picture floating around is just what they said, a prototype. The final product WILL be sharper looking. It will probably look very similar, but with cleaner lines and not so “boxy”. Just my 2 cents.

  • Shader

    Quote- how is $35 too much when for the total internet add-on it costs 20 and unlimited messaging is 15? add them together and you get…wait…$35!

    It’s not too bad if it’s on one line but when you already have a family plan with unlimited txt for the whole plan you eat that $15 for a feature you already have.

  • timmyjoe42

    Oreo needs to chill out. The iPhone comparisons are unavoidable. If people love AT+T because of the iPhone they wouldn’t be at this website at all in the first place. I love the idea of the operating system for this phone, but if T-Mobile is thinking this phone is the iPhone killer and will attract a ton of new subscribers, they have sadly come up a little short. If T-mobile is just beginning to step up their game, than good for them. I’m still waiting for T-mobile to introduce a phone worthy of attracting my business.

  • Ken

    $35 is a lot when I don’t use web on the phone. I want it for GPS and cell phone stuff. I also want an OS that responds to my commands in real time, unlike Windows Mobile or Symbian.

  • Jay

    Hey one question does this phone have voice dialing or any kind of voice command features?

    Really handy to have especially now in California they have banned the use of cell phones in cars unless you have a handsfree device.

  • holley99

    will this phone be my favs capable?

  • justinhub2003

    so i dunno if this even pertains to the dream but i got this from, and some one mentioned that htc applieled for confidentiality pn one of its upcoming devices ad for it to last until august 31st. this was the link with letter but again it could be nt legit, but could also be an answer to why there isnt much info on the device and maybe a hope that september first we will get to see the official specs here’s the link. dont kill me if that has been already posted or is already false or un news worthy for that matter lol

  • lp894

    I disagree…you know how many people have been waiting in line to get an android phone? And with t-mobile being the ONLY carrier this year to have an android phone, and I don’t think any other carriers are lined up for android phone as SOON as the year starts. So it looks like t-mobile will be the only android phone provider for a good 4-6 months…that’ll mean business for them. Even if people aren’t getting contracts, I can already see people going into stores to buy the phone itself. So either way….mony in their pockets.

    F b-words…..get money….thats how t-mobile sees it LOLOL!!!

  • eemcee

    man I’m in desperate need of a phone upgrade and since I’ve been with tmo for 6+ years I’m hoping for a great price :D the presale only available online? or can we order on the phone too? hopefully it’ll be packed with great accessories

  • timmyjoe42

    People will not be lining up and camping out for the Android like they did for the iPhone. I would be happy if they do, but I don’t expect it. Sure people are waiting for it, but not the whole planet.

  • eemcee

    I’m in much need of a phone upgrade.. the dream will be a nice late birthday present (todays my 21st :D). Is the presale only online or can we order over the phone?

  • SheShe

    well timmyjoe there is gonna be the presale…There are lots of people saving their upgrades just for this phone

  • AJ

    How can we check if we’re eligible for an upgrade?