Android Info Galore!


Patient TmoNews readers, may we present to you, the HTC Kila, errr we mean HTC Dream, or the G1, aka the first android handset ever! When we posted this rumor a couple days ago, we had our fingers crossed. Now with visual confirmations, this is all set in stone, give or take approval of the handset by the FCC. Keep in mind that the iPhone was approved 1 day before releasel. We have confirmed that the Android device will be available for current T-mobile customers online, for pre-sales, on September 17th. The Pre-sale will last for one week, with the device being delivered on October 13th, which happens to be the national public launch of the device. Get this, a “current” T-mobile customer only has to be a T-mobile customer for 24 hours to be eligible for the upgrade. This is where details get a little fuzzy; we cannot tell if the phone will sell for $149.99 to all customers, regardless of upgrade eligibility, or for $149.99 to those customers only eligible for a full upgrade (there is also the possibility it will sell for $99). Regardless, we do know that the HTC Kila will sell for $50 more then pre-sale price when it is released nationally on October 13th. You want more? Well the Kila will come with 2 data plan options: Unlimited data and 400 messages, or Unlimited data and unlimited messages. Prices will be in the $35 range, which seem more then fair to us, especially considering both plans will be free for the first week (pre-sale customers only). With multiple upcoming touchscreen phones, both with 3G AND Wifi, two 5 megapixal phones, the Kickstart, national 3G, and many more devices all being released by 2009, things have been definitely been looking up for the smallest national carrier in the U.S. (Quiet down Alltel, we said national ). Here are the specs on the HTC Kila:

· Touch Screen

· Full Qwerty keyboard

· 3G/ WiFi

· Full HTML internet capabilities

· Easy access to all Google applications (Gmail, Gtalk, search)

· Maps

· Street view

· YouTube

· Phone

· IM/Text

· Email

· Camera 3.0mp; no flash

· Video (playback only, no recording)

· Music player & 1GB memory card pre-loaded

· Applications, all available in Google marketplace (icon on the homescreen)

  • Nikolas

    Will they pull an att and MAKE you pay for the plan?

  • Orlando Reyes

    No video recording? I’m pretty sure someone will come up with a good video recording program.

  • Shader

    So how does this work on a family plan? Ass rapeage? And can’t wait to see the google marketplace.

  • Jimbo831

    Yes, like ATT and every other cell phone company, you must add the data plan to purchase the device. While I’m disappointed and surprised video won’t be included (why not an immediate leg up on the iPhone?) I’m sure someone will make an app that does it for you. If the central core functions of the phone are as accessible as Google has claimed, it shouldn’t be too difficult.

  • Spoklahoma

    Where’s the visual confirmation you mentioned?

  • goCubs

    darn it.. so no GPS? that’s a big bummer

  • Victor

    Kinda ugly, not in the same league as the HTC Touch Diamond.

  • Shawn

    We’re not sure that there isn’t GPS. There would definitely be some great apps to support GPS. In addition…T-mobile plans to have a lot of their upcoming phone support GPS so I wouldn’t be surprised if it did end up having it.

  • timmyjoe42

    Isn’t the AT+T data plan only $30?

    Does “T-mobile customers” include prepaid ones willing to sign a contract?

  • Javy

    are you serious no video recording or flash.And not GPS Its going to be just like the sidekick but for grown ups. (Sigh!!!!) None for me. not anymore. Thanks for keeping peple update TMONEWS.

  • Sunny

    So.. Is this the only news update.. Not saying I am not happy, But just wondering if there was something else.. are their any better pics

  • 35

    In the $35 range! I get the same thing, unlimited everything except voice, for only $19.99 on my Sidekick. Maybe cause its 3G it’ll cost more. No video recording is a surprise and no flash. All well. I can’t wait till the 17th

  • Kphil

    So I’m going to be extending my contract by 2 years if I change from my sk data plan to this? Well 35 isn’t bad. I don’t know if I should wait for the next sk or just go to this because they seem to make the sk a few years behind. But with the recent jump from id to 2008 I wonder what the jump from the lx will be like. Debating on waiting or going for this.

  • sunny

    I might pass on this phone..

  • Spoklahoma

    Also, did the visual confirmations you received confirm that the Black prototype handset is actually the final product?

  • timmyjoe42

    Oh, and does wifi mean UMA?

  • Jimbo831

    That list of specs isn’t necessarily every single spec the phone has. It may still have features like GPS and Flash. Google has made a huge deal of the GPS integration into Android and a ton of the top 50 programs use GPS so I would be very surprised if it doesn’t support GPS. Also, T-Mobile has promised this to be the best consumer web browsing experience and that would have to include flash in my opinion (although everyone’s favorite iPhone doesn’t have flash and I haven’t seen many complaints about their web browser.)

  • goCubs

    I will have to re-configure my current plan in order to make up for that hefty data plan but what the heck.. I’m in.

  • jake

    this phone sounds amazing! But will there be UMA/hotspot@home shawn?

  • ess

    gps is the deal breaker for me, so hopefully it does have it

  • Jimbo831

    @Timmyjoe, the ATT data plan includes NO text messaging. If you get unlimited text for that price that is a WAY better deal. Right now the T-Mobile plan is $20 for data and $15 for unlimited text, so it sounds like maybe their combinging to two into one package for this phone.

  • brian

    This phone looks ugly. I guess no upgrade for me this year. Hope Nokia will come up with some N series phone that supports AWS.

  • Oreo

    IT is going to have gps. The main part of all the google apps and conferences have been dealing with gps. Thanks tmonews for your work.

  • Shawn

    Wifi does mean UMA.

    First 3G UMA phone for T-mobile ever!

  • dave

    That’s really strange that it won’t be available for employees because what’s going to happen when customers come in with questions about the phone? Are we just gonna have to say “I don’t know.”?

  • Victor

    It must have GPS, otherwise Google Maps and Streetview are pointless.

  • Jimbo831

    The Presale isn’t available to employees Dave, but the people who order the phone during presale won’t be getting it until it launches nationally on 10/13. At that point us employees can go online and order it. Sure we’ll get it a few days later then people who preorder or buy at store on launch day, but that’s the same it’s always been unfortunately. I always wish they’d give us an upgrade option of going to the store and still getting our discount so we can get exciting phones like this at launch.

  • Orlando Reyes

    I was starting to be hesitant because a data plan with text messaging is a waste when I have the $9.99 family messaging plan but UMA is a real seller for me.

  • J

    About the GPS, I would tend to believe that ther will be GPS in almost all upcoming 3G phones. I took a internal T-Mobile course just last week (this is a course developed internally by T-Mobile for T-Mobile employees). In the course, it mentioned why we were only overlaying 3G coverage and not having areas with 3G only coverage. The reasoning is that we would not be E911 compliant because the emergency locating equipment is connected to our GSM network. The solution, as stated in the course, was that 3G would use A-GPS built internally on the handsets to overcome this issue. Thus, 3G phones should probably have GPS capabilities in the near future.

  • Godzilla

    I hope that the data with 400 text is $20, while unlimited messaging with data is $35. Or it could be that the data plan with 400 text is $25 (unlimited data = $20 and 400 texts = $5).

  • timmyjoe42

    only 1gb? Come on, the iPhone has 8 and 16gb. How do they expect to compete with such lower capacities?

  • goCubs

    Did I just hear that T-Mo customers who order the phone during the pre-sale event will NOT get the phones until national launch day?? I truly hope that’s wrong.

  • Orlando Reyes

    I can live with $25, maybe. $35, no. It took me a lot to get the $20 data plan (very broke college student).

  • Daniel

    GPS??? where is the GPS?

  • DaveW

    Hey guys, great to see your back up. The android info is awesome, i was wondering if you have any idea as to how much memory the phone will be able to support

  • Daniel

    ATT is $30 but does not include texting. $35 with 200 text. T-mobile will still be better at $35 with 400 text.

  • mingkee

    hopefully I just add any400 along with current VPN
    I wouldn’t let go of my current data in order to get G1

  • Victor

    It was rumored that this phone would be available unlocked a week after the US launch, do you guys know if this is true?

  • Jimbo831

    @Timmyjoe “only 1gb? Come on, the iPhone has 8 and 16gb. How do they expect to compete with such lower capacities?”

    After this second post, I get it now. You are an Apple fan trying to crash the part. Go read a little more carefully this time. It comes preloaded with a built in 1GB memory card. If you want to buy a larger one, you can end up with as much memory as you want.

    You will not receive it in the mail until the launch day as stated in the post. Sorry, but by preordering you get a better price, but don’t get the phone sooner then everyone else.

    It sounds to me like you would definitely need to change your data plan mingkee. When you purchase the phone, you are required to add the data feature set up specifically for this phone.

  • dennigir

    is that the actual picture of the phone?

  • Greg

    i think the no flash comments refer to the camera and not web flash support .

    almost 95 percent sure it hs gps, hopefully it wil have assistance (turn by turn nav)

    also got to agree its fugly compared to every other phone released/announced by anybody recently

  • Spike B

    So what’s the cheapest way to become a customer? Does a pay as you go phone count?

  • Kirk L

    As for the upgrade availability, if you only have to be a TMO customer for only 24 hours to get the upgrade price, I just bet that the longer you have been a customer the cheaper the price will be, and then they will just bump you up to a 2-year contract no matter how long you have left on your current contract.

    Also, glad you guys are back online, it’s great to have you up again!!

  • suhaib

    hey does anyone have any information on the resolution of the screen? could you imagine qvga? i wouldnt even accept whats on the blackberry bold and javelin 440×320

  • Jimbo831

    Pay as you go won’t count Spike. You will have to be a tmobile monthly contract customer to qualify for the presale. You may end up being correct about that Kirk, but right now it seems like the price is going to be the same regardless of how long you’ve been with T-Mobile or how long since you last upgraded. At least for the presale, it seems like they plan on just doing a set price for all existing customers. Outside of the presale, I imagine that T-Mobile would revert to their usual upgrade program, but they want to get as many of these preordered as possible to hype up the device and create a huge buzz around it.

  • dean

    any idea if it will support exchange server?

  • Michael

    So, to my understanding: the sale hasn’t been confirmed whether or not you need another upgrade to get the phone at $150, correct?

  • SheShe

    Im pretty sure it will have gps on it since theres mapys and streetview… im a little sad that theres no flash or video…:( but at least theres a memory card!! I still cant wait for it, it’ll be waaay better than my ancient sidekick 3!!

  • SheShe

    Oh yea and does anyone know if each person on the plan have to pay for the data plan?? i hope they have a cheaper one for families..hint hint…

  • mingkee

    if the special data service supports tethering (as well as G1 supports PAM) and provides ISP level service, I may go for it