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More details on T-Mobile-Costco arrangement are revealed

As a follow up to last week’s report that Costco will be running a pilot program that will sell T-Mobile’s products in its stores, an update has been released. The T-Mo Report revealed that the Un-carrier will be the exclusive wireless provider in 178 Costco stores.  The publication shared documents detailing this new move from the Un-carrier. The documents reveal that … [read full article]

Report: Costco to offer T-Mobile service directly in select stores

Back in December, Wireless Advocates shut down without warning. And as a result, this affected mobile sales in Costco, particularly T-Mobile service deals that were exclusively available in these stores. With this, Costco has decided to sell T-Mobile’s services directly in its stores.  This was reported today by The T-Mo Report. According to the report, select Costco stores around the country will be rolling out a … [read full article]