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T-Mobile will be presenting at Oppenheimer 5G Summit


T-Mobile US Inc.’s President of Technology, Neville Ray, will be giving presenting at the upcoming Oppenheimer 5G Summit. He will be providing a business update in the event. If you are interested in joining the event, you can tune into the webcast on Tuesday, December 14th at 11:35 am ET.  During the virtual event, there will be a live webcast of Sievert’s talk. It will be available on this page.    Source: BusinessWire

T-Mobile shares low churn rate for Q2 2021


T-Mobile has a reason to celebrate and it’s doing so happily.  At yesterday’s Oppenheimer investor event, T-Mobile US EVP and CFO Peter Osvaldik talked about the low churn rate of the company. He credits this to the improved HD Voice feature that T-Mo was able to offer first among its rivals. Osvaldik shares that they have “always been hyper focused on this.”  By being able to offer HD Voice first, T-Mobile was able to gain high satisfaction … [read full article]