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Report: T-Mobile has a free line offer for pre-selected grandfathered accounts

T-Mobile customers on existing grandfathered plans are getting some good news.  As shared by The Mobile Report, select customers on such plans may soon be eligible for a 100% free line. This offer is exclusively for currently grandfathered plans like the following: Essentials Simple Choice Magenta ONE  Unfortunately, the offer comes with a caveat. In order to get the free line, you will need to … [read full article]

T-Mobile makes changes to some grandfathered promos


It’s common practice for plans to lose some features and promotions when they get grandfathered. This is why there are those who are hesitant to change their plan once they know their existing plan will be discontinued by their carrier. For this same reason, T-Mobile has made some changes to the way they discontinue their old plans.  This was initially shared on a Reddit post and was confirmed by … [read full article]