T-Mobile Reminds Customers of AutoPay Changes Via SMS

UPDATE (06/26/2023): A T-Mo representative reached out to us to clarify our earlier article.

As it turns out, the Un-carrier started implementing these changes “as early as May 2023.” There have not been any changes to its timeline since the announcement in February. But according to the representative, the dates will be different for each customer, based on their own bill cycle and payment date. So if you are getting a notification about the change in AutoPay discount with a different date mentioned, it’s likely because of these two factors and not because the deadline has been moved to July.

If in doubt, you can speak to T-Mobile customer service and ask when this change will take effect for your account.

Original article is below:

A few weeks ago, there were reports that T-Mobile sent out a notice to its customers about the upcoming changes it will be making to its AutoPay discount. This wasn’t the first time these changes were announced, but the report revealed that Un-carrier gave customers up to June 20 to make the necessary changes. Now, a new report shares that T-Mobile is extending this deadline to another date. 

According to a news report by 9to5Google, T-Mo sent out a new text message to customers today to make necessary changes if they wish to retain their AutoPay discount:

“T-Mobile: ACTION NEEDED by 07/25/2023. We’re making changes to the payment methods that qualify for AutoPay discounts. To continue receiving your $25.00 AutoPay discount, you must update your payment method to a debit card or a bank account. To keep your discount, please visit t-mo.co/AutoPay32 to update your payment method by 07/25/2023.”

The new deadline is revealed to be on July 25, 2023. 

T-Mobile is requiring its customers to use a debit card or a bank account to make a payment instead of a credit card, Google Pay, or Apple Pay. If you don’t make the necessary changes, you might lose the $5 discount.  

This is actually a good practice since it can safeguard yourself against getting hacked. Either way, if you wish to keep the discount, you have to change your AutoPay payment before that date. 

Source: 9to5Google