T-Mobile releases updated statement regarding Privacy Relay bug


In a surprising turn of events, the blocking of the new Private Relay feature on some Apple devices has already stirred controversy. After it was reportedly discovered to be blocking the feature on select phones, T-Mobile already came out with a statement refuting the claim. The Un-carrier also did some investigating and found that “some device settings default to the feature being toggled off” in the 15.2 iOS release. The carrier shared this discovery with Apple. 

And as it turns out, Apple is refuting the claim that the issue is caused by a bug. In a statement sent to 9to5Mac, Apple said:

“No changes were made to iCloud Private Relay in iOS 15.2 that would have toggled the feature off. Users are encouraged to check their Settings to see if Private Relay is enabled on their device or for a specific network.”

The iPhone manufacturer also said that none of their other carrier partners are blocking the new feature. 

With this, T-Mobile responded with a new statement that the issue could be related to the Limit IP Address feature.

“We wanted to update what we shared earlier. Apple doesn’t change customers’ settings when they update to iOS 15.2. Customers may see an error message if they previously toggled iCloud Private Relay or Limit IP Address Tracking off in their Cellular Data Options Settings. Apple has more details on their support page for this feature here.”

This hopefully puts a rest to things. If you are still having trouble using the new feature, you can visit Apple’s page to learn how you can fix the issue. 


Source: Ubergizmo

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