OnePlus 8 5G receives Android 11 update


The latest Android device to get an update to Android 11 is the OnePlus 8 5G from T-Mobile. 

According to T-Mobile’s support page for the update, Android 11 improves a number of features for device users. The new update, known as version 11.01.1.IN55CB, brings general improvements and fixes as well as the Android security patch December 2020 upgrade. 

There are three main areas that have been updated by Google: connection, control, and security. 

With the new update, users will be able to see all conversations across multiple apps in one designated notification space. There is also an option to mark a conversation as priority so it always appears on top and notifications come through even when the phone is on Do Not Disturb mode. The conversation can also be turned into a floating Bubble that appears on top of the screen no matter what app is launched. There is also a built-in screen recorder so you can record your screen with sound.

As for its controls, the new update lets you quickly access and control your smart connected devices in one place. The update also brings improved media controls with an updated design and even resume playing outside the app. Autofill suggestions have also been improved to make better predictions. Lastly, the update now supports Android Auto devices.

In terms of security, the update gives one-time app permissions for microphone, camera, and location. Apps that you haven’t used in a while will automatically reset its permissions. The update also brings additional security and privacy fixes to make sure your device is protected. 

If you are using the OnePlus 8 5G, were you already able to update your device to Android 11? 


Thanks, Colin, Steve, and Michael!

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